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  2. Jestery comment if you ask me. Also as Tact said we should just ignore it.
  3. Today
  4. I'm trying not to because technically it's "outside" the game.
  5. Also does anyone read anything into lat's messages in the #efl_discussion channel?
  6. This thing's been around forever, come give it a shot! And mark me as your recruiter if you don't mind
  7. I think he'd know, he just told us
  8. How would he even know that? If he was actually attacked we should know, right?
  9. whoa I lost so much. I'll try to read everything to see were at we at.
  10. "I was set to be attacked by the mafia on the first night, but got blocked by something"
  11. Why does Tater have night immunity? omg would tell us if he was attacked and survived, it's been like that in every game I've played. I might have missed it but I don't see anywhere that he said that?
  12. Also you can't be jester, since they don't have night immunity
  13. It doesn't matter now does it lol
  14. It obviously is, what jester would say that they are jester.
  15. *10-0 @TJH @Ty3 @JaysFan26 @brenstl
  16. He's claiming Jester. Could be a bluff though.
  17. I'll take my win and go get ready for the next game
  18. What's the use? You have 6 votes on me. No use in wasting my time trying lol
  19. I mean that half day was over the course of Saturday night haha. Agreed that it's a little odd. Maybe he hasn't been online?
  20. Seems weird @Tater_Tot isn't really defending himself. @OnMyWings were you saying you were also roleblocked n1? I'm just talking since it's been half a day since our last comment...
  21. TJH

    Bros to Pros?

  22. No one guessed the score! Better luck next week!
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