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    EFL S17 Week 2

    We were 4-0 last season to start, and then ran into the machine that is the Kraken and it derailed our whole season. I’ll wait to crown us the best team until we avenge that loss
  3. Yeah, I believe it’s AW also. Vote AW
  4. Not Alec, but if you're wanting to get something posted today for this week's update then I'd say go for it. Media Crew articles are posted in the EFL Network subforum so post it there. It should be relevant to the league and not focus on a particular player. Alec can follow up with you and go through your article afterwards. You'd claim +3 for job pay and +6 for an article increasing your weekly cap to 12.
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  6. N5 vision: AW13, Nyko, Wheaties 1 of these 3 is evil. Nyko is confirmed good from my vision a couple nights ago. Wheaties cast a vote, AW didn’t so I’m inclined to think that Wheaties is more likely a townie. Vote @AW13 @Alecbama @Nykonax @Wheaties @Rayzor_7 6 players left, so we need 4 votes.
  7. @Alecbama Any word on if I made the cut for this job? I'd like to get started on my first article by the next update and I already got an idea Lol

    NCAA Post Mortems

    This was actually really entertaining.
  9. Night 5 Results @DonCutta190 was found dead in his home last night. He was killed by Clark Griswold the Crusader. He was Gizmo the Vampire Hunter. Last Will: Day ends at 10 PM EST, 4 votes needed for lynch.
  10. He invented that move. Acutally he invented move of the moves.
  11. I'm back and I'm here to share the only thing the Vikings have taught me about football: losing and negativity. Let's link a boxscore from some losses I picked out and make some observations. Preseason Loss: LSU Tigers fall to the USC Trojans, 21 to 80 First off, I would like to thank the Tigers for setting an almost impossibly high standard for future blowout losses to aspire to. The Tigers managed to go 6 of 33 in the air with 6 picks, 4 of which were TAINTs (Touchdown After INTerception). Needless to say, that's not winning football. Aside from the score the striking about this game is the way the sheer talent of USC's defensive backfield and the youth of LSU's players really highlighted one of the "interesting" quirks of this sim engine and EFL attribute scaling. For better or for worse it's a lot easier to get a running back off the ground than a quarterback in this league, and the difference is marked enough that it can easily erase all the advantages we normally would consider inherent in the passing game, such as a higher overall yards per attempt. This is well demonstrated by the fact that despite the talent gap between the two teams LSU had Dale Cooper and the running game going at a good clip despite the fact that Dale has no more TPE than beleaguered quarterback Jimothy Johnson. Stat of the Game: Oh, god there is so many choices. Let's go with the USC scoring 80 points on less than 400 yards of offense. I can't even. My Favorite Sequence: Again, there's a plethora to choose from, but let's go with this one since it happened while the Tigers were still actually in the game: 1:49 1st and 10 LSU - 32 Pass by Johnson, J., complete to Twerk, K. for 7 yds. Tackle by 2 Dope, M.. 1:16 2nd and 18 LSU - 24 Tigers Penalty on Tyree, P.: Chop Block. 1:03 2nd and 23 LSU - 19 Tigers Penalty on Twerk, K.: Too many men on the field. 1:03 2nd and 23 LSU - 19 Pass by Johnson, J., complete to Pancakes, F. for 3 yds. Tackle by Winters, M.. 0:42 3rd and 25 LSU - 17 Tigers Penalty on OG 4, B.: Too many men on the field. 0:42 3rd and 25 LSU - 17 Pass by Johnson, J. to Tyree, P. was dropped! Incomplete. 0:38 4th and 25 USC - 17 Punt by BOT, B. of 33 yards. No es bueno. Loss of Week 1: Oregon Ducks Lose To The Miami Hurricanes 14 to 16. I decided to highlight this one because it demonstrates that super annoying Ls can come in flavors other than blowouts. Statistically, Oregon looked like the better team throughout most categories. So why did they lose? Well, that lost fumble certainly didn't help, since it gave Miami great field position and led directly to a touchdown but more generally I'd like to emphasize that football's 4 down structure and long fields means that sequence of events can be far more important than raw stat totals. A 3 yard gain may be may be worth 3 times as much as a 1 yard gain to the simplest approximation, but if it doesn't get you to a new set of downs or the endzone then all you are buying is a bit of field position rather than truly increasing your chance at winning. Simply having having a better completion percentage than your opponent matters shockingly little when you're averaging less than 8 yards per pass attempt and that's why the game was decided by a turnover and a blocked punt despite Oregon being "better" on paper. Stat of the Game: Oregon's 1 Lost Fumble This Game In A Nutshell: 12:49 MIA - 30 McKicking, K. kicks off. 12:49 --- ORE - 21 Kickoff of 65 yards. Returned by Bush, I. for 16 yards. 12:46 1st and 20 ORE - 11 Ducks Penalty on Choybuk, T.: Tripping. 12:29 1st and 20 ORE - 11 Pass by Barnes, Q., complete to Choybuk, T. for 11 yds. Tackle by Fleck, J.. 11:16 2nd and 9 ORE - 22 Rush by McIntyre, C. for 4 yds. Tackle by IsShort, D.. 10:48 1st and 10 ORE - 36 Hurricanes Penalty on IsShort, D.: Tripping. 10:36 1st and 10 ORE - 36 Rush by Bush, I. for 0 yds. Tackle by IsShort, D.. 10:01 2nd and 10 ORE - 36 Rush by Barnes, Q. for 1 yds. Tackle by DE 16, B.. 9:14 3rd and 4 ORE - 42 Hurricanes Penalty on IsShort, D.: Encroachment. 9:14 3rd and 4 ORE - 42 Pass by Barnes, Q., complete to Wolfe, D. for 6 yds. Tackle by Fleck, J.. 8:24 1st and 10 ORE - 48 Rush by Bush, I. for 5 yds. Tackle by IsShort, D.. 7:49 2nd and 5 MIA - 47 Pass by Barnes, Q. to Griffintown, H. is incomplete. Broken up by IsShort, D.. 7:42 3rd and 5 MIA - 47 Pass by Barnes, Q. to Choybuk, T. falls incomplete. 7:36 4th and 5 ORE - 47 Punt by Squarepants, S. of 34 yards. 7:36 Returned by Gesicki, B. for 6 yards. 7:26 1st and 10 MIA - 19 Rush by Gesicki, B. for 11 yds. Tackle by Blade, B.. 6:57 1st and 10 MIA - 30 Pass by Sparks, S., complete to Allen, A. for 4 yds. Tackle by Smith, T.. 6:09 2nd and 6 MIA - 34 Pass by Sparks, S., complete to E, A. for 5 yds. Tackle by Harris, V.. 5:34 3rd and 1 MIA - 39 Rush by Gesicki, B. for 9 yds. Tackle by Smith, T.. 4:49 1st and 10 MIA - 48 Rush by Gesicki, B. for 2 yds. Tackle by Harris, V.. 4:30 2nd and 8 MIA - 50 Rush by Sparks, S. for 1 yds. Tackle by Wolfe, D.. 3:49 3rd and 7 ORE - 49 Pass by Sparks, S., complete to Pierre-Creek, J. for 7 yds. Tackle by Harris, V.. 3:13 1st and 10 ORE - 42 Rush by Gesicki, B. for a short gain. Tackle by DT 32, B.. 3:01 2nd and 10 ORE - 42 Rush by Sparks, S. for 0 yds. Tackle by Smith, T.. 2:19 3rd and 10 ORE - 42 Pass by Sparks, S. to Pierre-Creek, J. is incomplete. Broken up by Harris, V.. 2:16 4th and 10 MIA - 42 Punt by McKicking, K. of 42 yards. Touchback. Football, like life, is a tale told by an idiot. Loss of Week 2: Sarvepally & Co. Keeps Murdering My Fantasy Team Seriously guys, get your shit together. I need that TPE to help turn around the Ducks. I am dejected here. Joking aside, the real issue here is that the Wolverines just plain handed out a whuppin' on the ground. Stat of the Game: MSU's 286 rushing yards on 5.8 yards per attempt This Game in a Nutshell: 14:54 1st and 10 MICH - 17 Rush by Devine Jr., D. for 1 yds. Tackle by DT 6, B.. 14:39 2nd and 9 MICH - 18 Rush by Linbaugh, B. for 6 yds. Tackle by Lanier, H.. 14:05 3rd and 3 MICH - 24 Rush by Devine Jr., D. for 5 yds. Tackle by Luck, J.. 13:45 1st and 10 MICH - 29 Rush by Devine Jr., D. for 6 yds. Tackle by BOT., P.. 13:13 2nd and 4 MICH - 35 Rush by Devine Jr., D. for 13 yds. Tackle by Rivera, L.. 12:46 1st and 10 MICH - 48 Rush by Linbaugh, B. for 8 yds. Tackle by Rivera, L.. 12:12 2nd and 2 ND - 44 Rush by Linbaugh, B. for 6 yds. Tackle by Coleman, K.. 11:39 1st and 10 ND - 38 Rush by Devine Jr., D. for 5 yds. Tackle by Saint Sebastian, A.. 11:09 2nd and 5 ND - 33 Rush by Linbaugh, B. for 14 yds. Tackle by Saint Sebastian, A.. 10:31 1st and 10 ND - 19 Rush by Linbaugh, B. for 2 yds. Tackle by Lanier, H.. 10:13 2nd and 8 ND - 17 Rush by Devine Jr., D. for 3 yds. Tackle by Luck, J.. 9:48 3rd and 5 ND - 14 Pass by Terrafrom, J. to Foz, D. was dropped! Incomplete. 9:45 4th and 5 ND - 14 31 yard FG by Boot, A. is good. Balanced offense!
  12. I have a feeling Harry Raines is one of those guys who catches the ball then dives after already securing it to make it look like he made a top play
  13. Player Name: Brian Kowalski Player Position: WR Filler: N Player Name: Brian Strong Player Position: CB Filler: N Player Name: Brian Gesicki Player Position: RB Filler:
  14. Okay, I know I said you didn’t have to name the player this after our bet, but god damn am I happy you decided to stick with it.
  15. Just messing around a bit @Siddhus @Molholt @Trifecta @HuddleHussy @KC15 @Frostbite
  16. Name: Mecha Steiner Pos.: Linebacker/Defensive End Team: Oak Park Knights Hometown: Detroit, Michigan KayfabeSports Composite Rating: 0.9941, 5 Star Recruit Verified Results 40 Time: 4.65 Seconds Shuttle: 4.28 Vertical: 34 inches Strengths Factory Specs: GMC didn't want us to discuss its curb weight or clearance height just yet but after seeing it in person we're confident that it can live up to the hype. It appears to be tireless in the weight room and routinely mauled high school player opponents during testing. Workrate: Mecha Steiner purportedly gets excellent gas mileage for a diesel fueled combat football android and due to its unusual product category it is also grandfathered into street legal status in the state of California despite ever tightening emission standards. Durability: Mecha Steiner's brushed aluminum chassis is nothing new in today's electronics market but it still feels like a premium product thanks to the bezel-free AMOLED touch screen interface. Made in the USA. Not Constrained by Aasimov's Laws of Robotics: Mecha Steiner relentlessly pursues ball carriers and doesn't shy away from contact. It is fully dedicated to football and can be trusted to eliminate any and all "outside distractions." Weaknesses Availability: Mecha Steiner will only be offered in carrier-locked versions exclusive to AT&T and Best Buy which is pretty weird because nobody is getting this thing primarily for the calling features. Eligibility Concerns: Mecha Steiner is notoriously bad at rudimentary arithmetic despite being an android. Tweener: Despite Mecha Steiner's powerful frame it is best suited to playing the 1 gap technique as a dedicated pass rusher due to its limited recognition skills. This will hopefully be addressed in a future update to Android 11 because we'd love to what its big body could handle as a 2 gap lineman. Unreliable Fingerprint Scanner: It's going to be 2020 soon and Mecha Steiner's unlock options feel positively archaic. This scout is by no means an Apple fan boy but at some point more companies just need to take their medicine and copy or even try to license Face ID. Summary: The partnership between Google and GMC caught many industry observers by surprise but I am pleased to say that in many ways they have developed the ideal football player. It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it will absolutely not stop, ever, until the whistle has blown. With that said, it does have limitations that won't fit every use case. Mecha Steiner just isn't the sort of linebacker you want roaming around in coverage. The speed is there but his recognition skills are limited despite the high price tag and ultimately it would just be a waste of its many other strengths. We're hoping early adopters embrace this lovable tackling machine and make it a first round selection because the innovation here is off the charts.
  17. Life in the shadows is pretty cool...until you step out of it. Vorschlaghammer Fitzgerald-Crews Hendrix Lorrence Longfingers is officially declaring for the draft, and he's ready for his time to shine. He's always been second-fiddle to a star receiver, and while he respects them as they're his former teammates, he feels contempt for them stealing his thunder. His time is here. It's his turn to EXPLODE on Texas and bring GMs a tough decision come draft day. He gave this statement about the upcoming draft recently: "GMs should know what the right choice is. I've been working hard for 4 seasons and I won't let my ride die. I'm ready for my next chapter and I'm willing to make it a long one. Draft me and you have a player for his career." Lorrence, although excited about the draft, is focusing on his final season at Texas. Despite the school being known as a historically good ground-and-pound team, he has big shoes to fill with a recent string of successful WRs leaving their mark. Through his first few games, his elite size and catch radius has finally come to fruition, catching touchdowns in the redzone and snagging balls from downtown. He has also had an amazing rapport with the new quarterback Ja LongArm. The two appear to spend a ton of time watching film and practicing together, which will only improve Longfingers' draft stock. Speaking of his draft stock, Lorrence is arguably the best WR in the class, but he isn't ranked as high as the other future draftees. Some scouts speculate that GMs find his development is not at the same rate as others, but Longfingers plans to work with a renowned trainer who prepares athletes for the draft. His former teammate and friend, Steven Stiffland, was drafted by Wisconsin and he is considering joining him someday. Finally, a thank you to @TacticalHammer. I can't believe it's already time...5th season of a Jhatty player on Texas and then it's gonna be a while. Time flies eh? I'll address all my emotions in a later post. But for now, let's go get Texas another chip!
  18. "Byrd takes the snap from the 48 yard line. It's a screen play for Asahel. He makes one miss, and bolts for the sideline. He's at the 40, the 35, the 30, the 25, the 20, 1 man to beat, 15, 10, brought down at the 1 yard line. A 51 yard scamper for Asahel." The Reign would go on to lose the game, but Asahel was spectacular in his WR debut. He made the most of his 5 catches, totaling 115 yards and 1 TD. Maybe the Wolfpack @AW13 should have paid more attention to the film... The next game, Asahel did it again. He took a sceen pass through the defense for another 51 yards... Except, he scored this time. He sliced through the Wolfpack defense for 113 yards on 5 catches, and scored 2 touchdowns. He was asked after the game what is the cause of this sudden offensive outburst. "Well, it's amazing what happens when you give a guy like me the ball... I know what to do with it. They couldn't stop me at LSU, and they aren't going to stop me here. I'm here to establish myself as one of the best offensive threats in the league... That's regardless of if I line up in the backfield, or split out wide. It's time for the league to take notice."
  19. Big W today guys!!! We showed LSU who the better team was in that 4th Quarter. We are showing the entire league that we are a force! Now let's get on to the Standout Players of the Game. Offensive Standout Player of the Game: Brian Gesicki @Wheaties This one seems fairly obvious to me as Gesicki had 162 Yards and a Touchdown. He averaged a great 7.4 Yards per carry, and led this offense. Defensive Standout Player of the Game: Jalen Fleck @denns This one was very tough to choose between Fleck and Claus. Ultimately I chose Fleck because I value 1 more Pass Deflection and 1 more Interception more than I value 4 more tackles. Fleck had a great game, and he showed why he is a beast!
  20. Nice win by Michigan in the Game of the Week!
  21. PigSnout

    EFL S17 Week 2

    On one hand, I'm glad to see the Brigade get their first win of the season, but on the other hand, I'm upset to see the Neptune lose like that.
  22. I'm not gonna do your job for you...
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