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  2. Great stuff. Can't wait to watch your own revenge tour
  3. Eugene, Oregon - “LSU’s defense makes one more stop, and the Tigers will hold on to win!” Under bright lights and blistering heat, one Oregon quarterback made the decision to dump off to a short, open option rather than heaving a deep prayer. Through just over a dozen games at his current position, Teppei had met and exceeded expectations, stepping up to each and every new challenge the NCAA could throw at him. Receiver progressions, zone and blitz schemes, and improvisation all seemed to come naturally to him, especially since he’d had his fair share of receiving and blocking. Even in the Western Championship Game he was up to the challenge. No light was too bright – at least not until he had to face his old team in LSU, with their star running back Asahel. He saw old teammates finally settling a score – not in a brutish, uncouth way. No, they chose to beat Oregon with clean football – just three penalties each per team. Teppei’s stat line at the end of the game: 24/45, 279 yards, zero touchdowns. As much as he’d received praise in the regular season, the championship was suddenly too big a stage for the tight-end-turned-quarterback. He failed to convert any drive into a real scoring opportunity and had only himself to blame. He was safe throughout the entire game. The line didn’t allow a single sack – and he didn’t feel tremendous pressure from the defensive line. This game carried the pressure of expectations and some small degree of revenge – at least for a player or two at LSU. Teppei had made the decision to leave LSU for Oregon in the offseason, ostensibly a decision made to fill a need for an active quarterback, and a chance to reunite with his brother. He rationalized the decision by suggesting that it’d be easier for his family, as they’d only have to attend one game a week, and Hiro, mom, and dad could all be at the same venue on the same day. Oregon was also closer to home, and Louisiana was quite a bit different than Palos Verdes. The only reason to stay at LSU, as far as he could tell, would be his old teammates and providing consistency to his new Athletic Director. But he eventually decided to leave, and there was no going back on that decision once the transfer was complete. After the game – after exchanging pleasantries and congratulations with his old Tiger teammates, cameras focused in on a defeated Teppei Renomitsu in the Oregon locker room. His twin Hiroki was disappointed, but not inconsolable. For a time, Teppei stared down at the bottom of his locker in equal parts disbelief and shame, processing thoughts of blame before re-assuming his mantle as a leader on offense. “We had a real opportunity today to seal another landmark in Ducks football,” he commented at a podium some ten minutes later. “When it came down to it, I didn’t step things up the way I needed to. The defense played a great game. Danton did everything I could want from a back: that’s easy enough to see from the stat line alone, and he was even more impressive than that. My guys out wide got open more times than I could knock down the right throws, and I must take that responsibility. Today wasn’t my best game, and I know I disappointed my friends and family in Eugene.” “But my brother and I are going to return next season. We have one more year to grow closer to the ideals Oregon puts forth, and in that same year I’ll make our fans proud.” [Being used for Media Week - additional +6]
  4. Eyes on the future: Cannon-ball heading for S15 impact. Tommy Cannon, the Miami Hurricane linebacker out of Australia, has his eyes firmly set on the Season 15 EFL Draft. The former rugby convert known as the Cannonball for his speed and bone-shattering hits has always been followed by speculation. Numerous Rugby players have tried to make it big in Football only to fail to make rosters, and even fail to make training squads. Cannon looks to buck that trend by officially entering himself in the Season 15 EFL Draft. A latecomer to the game of football, Cannon has had to work twice as hard as any other draftee to simply learn the ins and outs of a game his peers have played since childhood. This has meant added film sessions, individual training with defensive coordinators and hours in the gym to convert his body to a football frame. His work ethic is second to none, and that alone has some EFL teams salivating. "I'm excited to say I'm officially entering my name into the Season 15 EFL Draft. I can't wait to begin the process and prove that this Aussie can hang with the rest in a game that was foreign to him just five years ago. Firstly I need to thank the Miami Hurricanes for their trust and patience with me, teaching me the game and literally building me from the ground up. It speaks to their priority in player development on and off the field that I'm standing here today announcing that I'm heading for the draft." "My teammates have become my second family while living a world away from most of my family and friends. It wasn't easy for me to be stressed learning football at 18 and be so far away from my family and support network. So many teammates have helped me learn the game, as well as being a secondary family for a lonely kid." "Miami -- you've been an amazing city and fanbase. The weather and the humidity reminds me of home, and your kindness has made Miami a place that will always hold a special place in my heart. I can't wait to run out in front of you all this season and return the love you've given me."
  5. HKJ looks to make a splash in his final season at Notre Dame. To the surprise of few, Harry King Jr fronted the media today to make himself draft eligible for the Season 15 EFL entry draft. Many had considered King Jr to make this announcement after receiving the winning touchdown in last year's championship game, considering the amount of momentum the young wide-receiver had garnered from the national spotlight. His naysayers however were common, with many citing his late switch from quarterback to wide receiver in his senior year at high school. This inexperience and public scrutiny were the driving factors behind King Jr deciding to stay all four seasons at Notre Dame. It had been an extremely tough season for the Irish last year, finishing dead last in the nation with an abysmal 2-12 record. It was to be expected however, coming off a championship season and massive player turnover, to struggle. Yet the fans and the players never expected to pick up just two wins on the season. King Jr himself had a solid junior campaign, registering 4th in the nation in receiving yards and collecting an average of 14 years per reception. "I promised my athletic director when I signed that I would be a four year player, and I'm proud to say I honoured that promise and stuck with the team. We reached the mountain top with the National Championship in just my second season. We've seen the very worst, with just two wins last year. I believe these experiences have made me a better ball player, and I'm excited to say I am officially declaring for the S15 EFL entry draft. I'm thankful for my coaches, family and teammates that have allowed me to get to this point." "While it's something to continue to work towards, I want to reiterate that my main focus this season is improving the Irish from within and growing individually as a player. Notre Dame has been my home for three seasons now and we have the goal of returning to the playoffs. I'm here to play my backside off for this program -- I'm going to miss the fans, but I promise them that I will leave everything out on the field in my final season."
  6. Tbh I think Sharkstrong has a much stronger argument than Sharkstrong.
  7. Here are your candidates for the playoff MVP vote! Please be sure to visit this link: http://www.easypolls.net/poll.html?p=5d620f09e4b027365670a58c to vote. Do not share your vote on the site or on public discord channels please! The winner will be revealed next week during the awards show! McPewPewPew: 56/84, 862 yards, 7 TDs, 3 INTs R. Sharkstrong: 10 Receptions, 255 yards, 5 TDs, 6 Kick Returns, 256 yards, 1 TD Connecticut: 59/87, 657 yards, 5 TDs, 0 INTs, 2 rushes 21 yards Gunner: 4/5 EPs, 3/3(20-29), 1/1(30-39), 1/1(40-49), 45.3 punt avg, Inside 20: 7 Death: 6 TKLs, 2 Sacks, 2 Pds D. Sharkstrong: 11 TKLs, 1 TFL, 1 Sack
  8. GG LSU. Obviously this hurts a little for Teppei, but Oregon will be back even stronger next year!
  9. Purchasing some TPE since I made an error and previous purchase didn't work! Name: Teppei Renomitsu Team: Oregon Ducks Workout Name: +6 TPE Cost of Workout: $2,500,000 Cash you Have: $3,000,000 Cash Left: $500,000 Name: Hiroki Renomitsu Team: Oregon Ducks Workout Name: +2 TPE x 2 Cost of Workout: $1,000,000 x 2 Cash you Have: $2,000,000 Cash Left: $0
  10. VHL Article +6, claim 1/4
  11. @PigSnout This is correct. Sorry about the confusion!
  12. No one won a single tpe this season. Sad faces.
  13. *All dates are tentative and subject to change* 8/25: Teams may begin to talk with pending free agents, but MAY NOT post any contracts until FA opens. Players with options for S15 that can still be used are NOT free agents until they decide to use an option. *Due to the cap being published a little later than expected, this day has been moved back by 1 day than the Norm*  8/25: Offseason Begins 12:01AM PST At this time any retirements posted will allow the player to play out S14, but they cannot be updated.  8/26: Training Camps and Spring Training Opens at 12:01am central 8/27: Free Agency Opens at 12:01 AM Central  8/27: S14 NCAA Signing Day opens 12:00 PM Central  8/29: Season 14 Draft: Time: TBD 8/30-8/31: NCAA and EFL Awards Shows: Time: TDB 8/31: Free Agency Closes at 11:59PM Central  8/31: Training Camps and Spring Training close at Update Deadline 9/1: Move player pages and finalize rosters 9/1-9/3: File Work  9/4: NCAA & EFL Preseason  9/5: NCAA & EFL Week 1  9/6: NCAA & EFL Week 2
  14. Rip LSU not making up their mind on QB....
  15. Options: as inactive, LA exercises John Smith's player option for him. Patrick Kelly @Patdatass has a player option A'Brick Wall @ANTISIMPLE has a player option You have until tomorrow (Sunday) night to use these.
  16. That’s why I said maybe three times and threw in a possible! I wouldn’t want this to expand past what it currently is, not to the major awards at least. No sir. If this goes well then it will probably return for next season. Maybe.
  17. How has the transition to the EFL been? What has been your favorite moment of your career? How do you feel about your draft destinations? Where have you gone?
  18. In football, the home field is a big deal. There's only 7 home games per season for each crowd in the EFL, and if you're really lucky you get 2 playoff games. So the fans in the building are always hungry to see their team. The power in the stadium sparks the home team. So how did every playoff game end with that rabid crowd silenced? For Seattle, the went in to Los Angeles and pulled an LA on LA. Seattle ran for 1000 yards total this season, 250 attempts. It's not all that much, but it's a fairly decent amount compared to some other teams, and compared to what LA did last season. Well, they walked into LA for the Western final and ran the ball only twice. And it wasn't even Sharkstrong, who was switched to a wideout for the game. LA came back and ran the ball 17 times - quite successfully though, at 4.9 YPC. Drew McPewPewPew threw for 458 yards, and 5 TDs, with 4 of those going to his new favourite wideout in Sharkstrong. Smith threw for 350 yards and just the 1 TD. There were some other factors, like Sharkstrong's great kick returning day, but it mostly boiled down to Seattle playing LA like LA played everyone else last year. And it worked wonders. For Miami, they needed to somehow figure out how to stop Memphis from scoring almost 40 points per game. Martin Isaac carried the Mambas to 62 touchdowns this season. Miami relied on their defense to step up, and Harlon Connecticut to perform at his best. The Neptune lead the league in passes defended last season, and they came up big in the game against the Mambas too. They defended 7 passes, 3 for FA acquisition Michael Raine. They played coverage, with no sacks, no TFL, and with no more than 5 tackles for any 1 player. And Martin Isaac threw right at it. It helped that the Neptune were ultra disciplined, with the exception of a DPI call to Kabore. With his 58 yard penalty not included, Miami took 7 penalties for just 35 yards - which is less than the 4 for 40 that Memphis had. Harlon was what Miami needed him to be, with 392 yards and 4 TDs, and just 7 incomplete passes. And then they met in the finals. Seattle didn't run a single time. Drew McPewPewPew threw for 404 yards. But Miami won the game. How? Miami got some excellent punting, and David Moriarty was able to control the clock. Miami played a completely uneventful game - the perfect road game - scoring 1 TD and 4 FGs to win 19-17. There was not a single score in the 4th quarter. Diana Gunner put 3 punts inside the 20, in the same game, including forcing Seattle to start from their own 19 on their final drive. So there you have it. By some incredible series of events, the road team came in and won 3 playoff games, the Miami Neptune celebrating their victory in Seattle. It's a rare enough occurrence for it to happen once, maybe it's happened twice before. But not 3 times in a single postseason.
  19. 1. @Symmetrik1901.28 +6 TPE 2. @Enorama 1866.78 +5 TPE 3. @OnMyWings 1693.98 +4 TPE 4. @Turner 1667.28 +3 TPE 5. @MMFLEX 1648.52 +2 TPE
  20. 1. @Patdatass2038.3 +6 tpe 2. @omgitshim 2023.1 +5 tpe 3. @PigSnout 1909.42 +4 tpe 4. @Tater_Tot 1693.98 +3 tpe 5. @DWill 1693.98 +2 tpe 6. @Psanchez551464.78 +1 tpe
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