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  2. All contracts have been updated in the bank log, thx!
  3. They say patience is a virtue and Tyson Kelly certainly found out about patience in his freshman year at Alabama, with the talented high school back having to wait a while before receiving an NCAA offer and then being stuck behind star running back Femidas Picante for the lead back role. But the Brooklyn product says it’s still been a good start to his college career from his perspective. “Everyone has been asking me about not starting like it’s a massive deal, I’m just happy to have been given an opportunity to take my talents to the next level here at such a great program. I knew coming in that I’d need to be patient because we had an awesome feature runner in his final year that would be hard to usurp. I’m glad I was given the chance to contribute in other ways” Kelly said Kelly was given the chance to take some snaps at receiver and it was something he gladly accepted. While his numbers may not wow you, with 18 receptions for 188 yards and a TD, it was something Kelly was extremely happy to have done, as it gave him another string to add to his bow. Obviously, his crowning moment at receiver, and indeed for the whole freshman season, was his first NCAA TD, a 6-yard catch that sparked a furious comeback win against the eventual champions Texas. “It was a moment of enormous pride and joy for me, I couldn’t believe it at the time, but when I look back, it was really the culmination of all the hard yards I put in during high school and in training. For us to win the game as well just made it even more special” Kelly said of his first TD With Picante having graduated and seemingly destined for the EFL, Kelly will now have the chance to become the number one back at Alabama, something he is relishing doing after seeing very limited time at running back during his freshman year (with just 11 carries to his name) “I obviously wish Femidas all the best in the draft but I’m now ready to step into his role and take over where he left off. I want to prove to Alabama they were right to give me the chance and I want my patience to be rewarded. I’m putting in the work to get better every day and will continue to do so for the entire season and beyond. We were so close to the playoffs last season, just missed out. We all want to go one better this season and I want to be one of the men to lead us there” Kelly said
  4. POST HERE TO CLAIM 9 TPE. YOU ARE ALSO ELIGIBLE TO CLAIM 4 MORE TPE IF YOUR PLAYER'S ARCHETYPE MATCHES THE PHILOSOPHY LISTED BELOW: QB: Pocket Passer RB: One-Cut FB: Blocker WR: Deep Threat TE: Vertical Threat (new) OLB: Pass Rushing ILB: 3/4 Tackling FS: Run Support (locked) SS: Zone Cover (locked) CB: Man Cover K/P: Kicker ALL TPE EARNED HERE IS UNCAPPED @cody73 @Big Mac @Beerfridge @Matmenzinger @Splat @ANTISIMPLE @omgitshim @Sharkstrong @Jetsqb101 @chemicalfire @Higgo4
  5. With the curtains drawing on his freshman season, Oregon Strong Safety Hunter Higgins has reflected on his first year in college and whilst he is content with his debut season, he is determined to go even better in his sophomore campaign Higgins posted a solid freshman year, registering 67 tackles (4th best on the team), 2 forced fumbles (with one recovery), one sack, 3 pass defenses and a interception. Whilst these numbers are a bit of a far cry from the enormous years he had in high school, that was to be expected given the significant jump up to college ball "Certainly at first it took a little of getting used to and took me a little bit to find my feet and get settled at the college level but it was a great learning experience and I'm happy with the season I ended up having. It was every bit as challenging as I'd be expecting but I'm glad with how I was able to adapt and contribute and make plays for the team" Higgins said of the move up While the season initially started with promise for the Ducks, having just come off the back of an appearance in the National Championship game, things quickly fell apart for the team and the Ducks ended the season 6-8 and out of the playoffs. Whilst Higgins expressed his disappointment for how the season played out, there were still rays of sunshine to take away “Yeah obviously it’s not how we envisioned the season going and it’s unfortunate that we weren’t able to sustain a high enough level of play to make the playoffs and I’m as much a part of that as anyone else. But I also had some memorable moments that’ll be what I remember this season for, rather than how it turned out” Higgins said The memorable moments included playing back in Louisiana in front of family and friends (despite the result), a stunning win over eventual champion Texas in Week 2 and his career interception, also against Texas, this time at home in Week 5. The team also finished the year strongly with three straight wins, building some momentum for the season to come. Despite the turnover the team has gone through, including losing some key starters on both sides of the ball to the draft in addition to their athletic direction, Higgins is excited for the changes to come and the season ahead “I’m really looking forward to what will be a new-look team with our new athletic director and fresh faces on the team, particularly those joining me in the secondary and I’m optimistic for the year ahead. We’re in good hands and have a lot of talent still remaining despite the departures and I’m sure those we bring in will make immediate impacts. I’d like to think I speak for everyone when I say I’m hungry to atone for how the season panned out and want to do anything I can to help get us back in the playoffs and winning the nattie” Higgins said
  6. Wheaties


    Miami Neptune Trades CB - Michael Raine New Orleans Trades S16 3rd Round Draft Pick @Latti to accept!!!
  7. Miami Neptune S16 Finances Salary Cap Info Salary Cap: $53,500,000 Salary Spent: $50,500,000 Finances Key+ (M) = mutual option (T) = team option (P) = player option (NT) = no trade clause(NM) = no movement clause --------------------------------------------------- Active Contracts QB - Gavin Rose @PigSnout Season 16: $6,000,000 Season 17: $7,000,000 RB - David C. Moriarty @Benni Season 16: $3,250,000 TE - Stephen Loth @SwagSloth Season 16: $4,500,000 Season 17: $4,500,000 WR - Brian Kowalski @Wheaties Season 16: $2,750,000 WR - Khobe Karter @Ty3 Season 16: $2,500,000 Season 17: $2,500,000 LB - Ian Kelley @Patdatass Season 16: $6,750,000 LB - Demetrius Sharkstrong @Sharkstrong Season 16: $7,000,000 Season 17: $6,000,000 LB - Marques Hampton-Hill @solas Season 16: $2,000,000 Season 17: $2,000,000 CB - Brian Strong @Wheaties Season 16: $4,500,000 CB - Champagne Harlotte @SwagSloth Season 16: $2,750,000 Season 17: Minimum CB - Djibril Kabore @Pandar Season 16: $3,500,000 Season 17: $3,000,000 SS - Porom Mysidia @diamond_ace Season 16: $2,500,000 Season 17: $2,000,000 K - Diana Gunner @HuddleHussy Season 16: $2,500,000 Season 17: $2,500,000 Season 18: $2,5000,000
  8. wow i love lsu and tpe, this is pefect
  9. SEASON 16 SPRING TRAINING All players are awarded 9 TPE, unless you fit the team philosophy in which case you will get 13 TPE. QB: GUNSLINGER WR: DEEP THREAT RB: ONE-CUT TE: VERTICAL THREAT OLB: BALANCED ILB: 3/4 TACKLING CB: MAN COVERAGE SS: MAN COVERAGE FS: MAN COVERAGE K: KICKER 9 TPE @Splat @LargeTuna 13 TPE @fonziGG(BOTH) @Nykonax @Moosecop(BOTH) @Psanchez55 @Motzaburger(BOTH) @Beaviss @Zachary @DWill @Patpou22 @hedgehog337 @FANH00D @Latti
  10. I'll whip them up tomorrow, No payment necessary since I am 199 capped for the next 3 seasons
  11. KC15

    S15 Trivia

    So, do we get Week 6 and Season End or is Season End just a compilation of all the TPE we gained over the season?
  12. Hey so we could use some new ON THE CLOCK graphics. They don’t need to be anything special, but if you’re interested if you could 8 of them, 1 for each team, we will give you a Brand Pass where you’ll get an auto 3 for your brand for this coming season. Let me know if that interests you.
  13. Nykonax


    Sad to see you leave Wisconsin but I hope you can win a championship with the Neptune @SwagSloth. I'll be looking at your recreate for sure
  14. Nykonax


    Wisconsin Receives: S16 MIA 2nd Miami Receives: Champagne Harlotte @Wheaties
  15. AW13


    Accepted. Would have really loved to have the opportunity to have you as our QB @PigSnout good luck in Miami! @Wheaties thanks for a great time!


    Accept. Pleasure doing business with you @Jetsqb101 thanks @JaysFan26 for your time in LA!
  17. Do not adjust your viewscreen, this is not a test, this is the real deal. Greetings, and welcome to the personal branding emporium for Reegsman enterprises. When you think Kevin Reegsman, what do you think? Is he the scrappy tenacious kicker with the hard luck story from the backwoods of Minnesota? Maybe you've heard about the young defenseman playing down in the desert for the Aces and growing with every practice. Maybe, just maybe, you go all the way back to the Kiwi born phenom, whose Buckeyes are about to enter their second consecutive post season tournament. Regardless of how you know the name, do not be fooled by imitators! Kevin Reegsman, currently residing on campus in South Bend, Indiana is already making plans for his impact next season with the Irish. When we reached out to him recently to discuss the disappointing winless season he just participate in, he had this to say. "I wasnt with the team the whole year. I came to school late in the semester. I'm not saying it would have been different with me here all year, but it couldnt have hurt to have a more consistent special teams game, right? Next season, i hope im scoring just as many points a game as i was this year, but all in single points. That's the goal, kicking for one every time up." The outlook in the Notre Dame locker room has been generally positive. Many of the players have demonstrated their confidence in the program to eventually turn the corner as they grow together as a team. Reegsman's thoughts echoed these sentiments. "Just because a team sticks together, that's no guarantee of success, but we seem to have a very confident group of players here who all know their roles and do their part to be ready each game. I'm not sure that every team can boast as confident and connected a bunch as we are. I think that this is a team that i can help make some clutch kicks to push us over the top at least a couple times given the chance, and i think we will have a lot more chances in a lot more close games next season."
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