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    BREAKING NEWS: I'm here to announce my availability as an offensive coordinator. I am not seeking a HC or AD job, nor will I accept such a responsibility. My one focus right now is to score points. Lots of points. Feel free to contact me in those #DMs. @TacticalHammer @Wally @HuddleHussy @Rockstar @Uphillmoss @LittleRiDog @evryday @cody73 @Latti @MMFLEX @AW13 @ANTISIMPLE @Nykonax @oilmandan @Wheaties @Jetsqb101
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    Hello all! We have one season in the books of our new tpe changes and well, I am here tonight to tell you that we’re making another change....BUT before you get up in arms, hear me out! With our experiment with TPE on the EFL and NCAA pick ems, we found out that this new way cut out a SUBSTANTIAL amount of tpe, and I mean substantial. I also did not like that the winners got the same amount of tpe are the second, and even third place finishers. Now, the goal to cut tpe was achieved, but this way was entirely too much. SO, with that said, for S17 we will be making another change to EFL and NCAA Pick Em.... Winner: 5 tpe Top 20% after that: 4 tpe 20% after that: 3 tpe 20% after that: 2 tpe Remaining: 1 tpe Okay, now tell me I suck.
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    EFL's All-Youth Team: Defense The EFL is a tricky little bugger. Spend a few seasons in the NCAA and the living is nice: you can be recognized in your first year as FotY, or in any 199+ season for positional or even MVP-style awards. Once you enter the EFL, you’re up for Rookie of the Year (offensive or defensive), which is a nice little tribute. But then you’re thrown to the wolves and left to fend against 1,000+ TPE players for awards over the rest of the season. Let’s give nods to some of the best young players in the EFL – this time without having to compare them to their much-more-seasoned veteran colleagues; we’ll be looking at players between 0-3 ‘Exp’ (i.e. years 1-4) in the EFL and ranking them at each position. This means it could be a cadre of exclusively fourth-year players… or a smattering of all four classes’ worth. We're going to construct this roster assuming a 3-4 defense with standard defensive back personnel, plus one or two reserves contingent on typical football packages. Please note that all stats listed are through seven games. Wait, that's not Clint Bobsky, that's Chris Jerich -- ohh, wait a minute. Linebackers (4 starting, 1 bench) (S13) Clint Bobsky @Tater_Tot, MEM (Michigan) (S13) Mike McBuckets @Garappogoat, NO (Michigan) (S13) Trustworthy Dan @AdamS, WIS (Notre Dame) (S16) Amina Gunner @HuddleHussy, SA (Miami) (S16) Tommy Cannon @11 Eleven, NO (Miami) These selections for top LBs might come as a bit of a surprise – after all, the list jumps straight from a selection of three S13 draftees into a duo of EFL neophytes in Amina Gunner and Tommy Cannon. But rest assured that each of these positions are well-deserved. We start at the top with Clint Bobsky and Mike McBuckets, players taken first and second overall (McBuckets first, Bobsky second), and their positions are just about neck-and-neck on this squad, too. Our third selection on this list, Trustworthy Dan, was selected just a few picks later at 5th overall. They've shown up on the stat sheet in spades: McBuckets leads the league in tackles (67 through 7 games) and is tied for fifth in tackles for a loss (4); Bobsky has fewer tackles (43, 12th among LBs) and TFLs (1), but also has an INT to his name; and Dan is the only of the trio to have a sack thus far. One of the youngest members on this list is the Wolves' Amina Gunner, Season 16's 1OA that actually has 48 tackles, 1 TFL, 2 sacks, and 2 PDs for the Wolves. She's certainly in the conversation for defensive Rookie of the Year. She's one of just two rookies on this entire list, and for good reason. On the other hand, later draftee Tommy Cannon has been lighting it up for the Kraken, notching 46 tackles, 4 TFLs, 1 FF + 1 FR, 2 INTs, and 3 PDs; frankly, if he keeps this pace, he'd be in the conversation for LBotY, to say nothing of DRotY. But if the award is predicated on team success, it might be just a little tougher for Cannon to make his claim to fame this early on: the Kraken are just 2-5 and have the worst scoring defense in the league. Most teams run 3 linebackers (a question of supply vs. demand), but we're able to include Gunner and Cannon as a couple of the best up-and-comers. We're pretty sure this guy has air jets in his shoes. Cornerback (2 starters, Nickel, Dime, 1 bench) (S14) Casey Archer @Symmetrik, NY (Notre Dame) (S14) Lester McCorn @Cornholio, WIS (Miami) (S14) Jax Byrd @KGR, LA (Michigan) (S13) Djibril Kabore @Pandar, MIA (Notre Dame) (S16) Hiroki Renomitsu, NO (Oregon) As far as defensive backs in general are concerned, even the league's youngest are dominated by players in their third and fourth seasons. Casey Archer and Lester McCorn are two excellent options in spite of relatively sparse individual stat lines through 7 games (Archer 34 tkl, 1 INT, 6 PD; McCorn 42 tkl, 0 INT, 4 PD). It's worth noting that they can both serve as kick returner options, and McCorn is the top CB on the league's best pass defense in Wisconsin (283.3 yds allowed/game). Archer is probably the overall more talented on this list, but McCorn has a better team performance to this point. Also from the same class is Jax Byrd, who will be filling the nickel role on this squad. He hasn't had quite the same team success (2-5), but does have 18 tackles and 5 PDs to his name thus far. His team has struggled quite a bit through the season, with some unflattering score lines against some of the better teams. But that doesn't mean he individually would be a bad pick for this team. Bringing up the dime spot in our CB set is Djibril Kabore, our first Neptune player. He's shown starting CB level speed and hands, but more importantly is one of the most run-support-ready corners on our list (75 strength, 70 tackling). Hypothetically he'd be well-equipped to switch almost immediately into a strong safety-type role later in his career; he's even notched 2 TFLs thus far. On reserve is rookie Hiroki Renomitsu, the only Oregon alumnus on this list; he's mostly riding his college success in this listing, as his stat line (29 tackles, 1 INT, 7 PD) is a little uninspiring. One of our researchers searched for 2 hours before finding this high school track video still of Jacobs. And we made sure to take the still at the least flattering time possible. Free Safety (1 starter, 1 bench) (S15) Noah Jacobs @Nykonax, WIS (Texas) (S13) Jean Christophe @Enorama, NO (USC) Though this list might be a little surprising, Noah Jacobs's stat line is worthy of being a "best ___" starter in a lot of ways: with a roaming, Ed Reed-style build, Jacobs has 4 PDs, a whopping 42 tackles (4th among safeties), and 4 massively-important INTs (T-#2), one of which was returned for a touchdown. Were it not for Dee Fence's stellar year thus far (5 INT, 8 PD) I'd argue Jacobs would be the best safety statistically. Our next pick was between Memphis safety Lamarcus Oshiomogho and New Orleans's Jean Christophe, both of which have similar TPE totals. We'll give the nod to Christophe, as their pass and overall-defensive numbers are similar, but Christophe has a sack this season. Seriously though, how does Porom tackle anybody? Does she just spear them with her little white mage staff? Are you allowed to carry weapons onto the field? Strong Safety (1 starter, 1 bench) (S13) Morgan Pioveson @StamkosFan, WIS (USC) (S13) Porom Mysidia @diamond_ace, MIA (Miami) Among one of the less popular positions, strong safety still does have a couple of list-worthy players in Wisconsin's Pioveson and Miami's Mysidia. The fourth Wisconsin player on this list (but just the second USC alum), Pioveson has a well-rounded stat line at 1 TFL, 1 INT, and 2 PDs. Possibly more importantly, he's also a part of the league's best pass defense and second-overall defense by points against. Mysidia has a similar claim, but this tiny Lalafell has a team with considerably better overall run support (85.9 yds allowed/game, 2nd overall) - which she is no doubt a contributor to. With that, we've finished off our list of the top young defensive players (and my ranking for this season). What should I cover next? Do you agree with my lists?
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    Note: Due to length, I'm using this as both my weekly article and rankings article. I have posted in both spots It’s championship week again for all you football fans out there. While everyone is getting ready and previewing the NCAA Championship game between LSU and Texas and the EFL Championship game between Memphis and Seattle, we here at Sports Illustrated are again diving into Championship game history. The past two seasons, we have looked at the history of the EFL Championship games and the MVP performers on both sides of the ball (offense and defense) from each of the proceeding seasons of the EFL’s existence. Two years ago we determined that Los Angeles’ John Smith had the most impressive Offensive MVP performance of the first 13 Super Bowl games when he led the Los Angeles Reign to a championship in S13. Last year we settled on Lamar Williams’s impressive performance for Los Angeles in S5 as the best Defensive MVP performance of the first 14 Super Bowls. Over the next two years we will turn our attention to the College game (since the creation of the EFL) and its MVP performances. Before watching the big game between LSU and Texas, we are going to give you a breakdown of our top 5 Offensive MVP performances from S1-S15. Some of these players went on to shine in the EFL and some fizzled out with a solid NCAA career and defining moment to remember. It is a true mixed bag of legends and players who stepped up and shined on the biggest collegiate stage. As in articles past, before we give you our top 5, we’d like to highlight some interesting facts about the 15 NCAA Championship games’ Offensive MVPs: In the EFL, we noticed that offensive performances got better as the years went on. However, the NCAA performances from our Offensive MVPs don’t have the same correlation. In fact many that make up our top 5 list come from the earlier seasons. Overall, I’d say our performances are much more balanced which made picking the back end of the top 5 very difficult. Only 2 positions have ever taken the Offensive MVP trophy. Our 15 championship games have produced 10 running back winners and 5 quarterback winners. It will be interesting to see if a receiver or tight end steps up and wins the award in the coming years. As with the EFL, there were cases where a losing player took home the Offensive MVP. In fact, it occurred 4 times over the first 15 seasons with the most recent occurrence happening in S12. That year Michigan RB Ricky Razor put up 163 yards and a touchdown on 35 carries to go along with 38 receiving yards in a 21-20 loss to Notre Dame. Unfortunately none of our losers made the top 5 list, but Razor was probably the closest. It is hard to take home multiple MVP honors, because college careers only last 1-4 years. That’s why we were shocked to see a multiple time winner on our list. David Moriarty is the only player to win multiple Championship Game Offensive MVP awards when he won two straight in S7 and S8. Both games were wins for Alabama over Oregon. In S7 he took home the honor in a 35-28 win by producing 147 yards on 36 carries. The very next year he repeated as the winner with 27 carries for 119 yards and 2 TDs during a 31-24 Alabama win. Neither of these games were good enough to make out Top 5 list, but as you’ll see in our next note Moriarty loves to produce in the big game. We discovered that there are four players that have won the College Championship Offensive MVP and later have gone on to win EFL Championship Offensive MVP honors. This list includes some definite future hall of famers. Tugg Bote won it in college for Miami in S3 and the later in the EFL in S10 for San Antonio. The aforementioned David Moriarty added an EFL trophy, to go along with his two college ones, in S11 for Miami (#5 on our top 5 EFL list from two years ago). Seattle QB Drew McPewPewPew won the award in the EFL in S14 as a loser and won it in college for Oregon in S11. Finally there is the great Martin Isaac who won the award for Memphis last year (S15) in an incredible performance after winning it for Alabama in S10. Speaking of Isaac, he is where we start our Top 5 list at number 5. 5. S9 – Alabama 40 vs Oregon 20: Alabama QB Martin Isaac @Jetsqb101 – 29/50, 314 yards, 4 TDs, 1 INT, and a 94.9 QBR: Alabama and Oregon were facing each other in their third straight championship game with Alabama squeaking by in the first two by a touchdown or less. This one was a totally different story with Alabama coming out and putting their foot on Oregon in the first half. Isaac was brilliant with 3 first half touchdowns to give Alabama a 30-3 lead heading into the halftime locker room. Bama played it much more conservative in the third and let Oregon back into the game, but Isaac iced it in the 4th with a TD pass to stretch Alabama’s lead to 37-20. The Alabama QB actually threw more TDs, an NCAA record 5, in the S7 game but didn’t win MVP honors because of his low passing yardage. His and Alabama’s overall dominance in this game is what earned him the number 5 spot. 4. S3 – Miami 17 vs USC 14: Miami RB Tugg Bote @TacticalHammer – 32 carries, 144 yards, 2 TDs: The bruising running back will be remembered for his long and incredibly impressive EFL career that will someday get him into the hall, but before he became one of the faces of the league, he was a force at Miami. The S3 championship game was a low scoring slugfest between Miami and USC, and Bote scored the only 2 touchdowns for the Hurricanes. He took it from 7 yards out on Miami’s second possession of the game to put them up 7-0. Then he tied it up from 2 yards out in the 2nd quarter. Jerimiah Johnson would end up hitting a 31 yard FG in the 3rd that would be the winning score, but Tugg Bote’s workhorse production is what won this game for Miami. 3. S5 – Michigan 27 vs Notre Dame 21: Michigan QB Duke Hazard @Tanner0512 – 33/53, 381 yards, 3 TDs, 1 Int, and a 94.9 QBR: Hazard didn’t do much after college, playing one season in the EFL as a WR, but man was the S5 NCAA season special for him. He led Michigan to a NCAA best 13-1 record while winning the QB of the Year award. He then was impressive in a 40 to 7 drubbing of Miami to begin the playoffs but saved his best for last when they face Notre Dame for all the marbles. He threw three big TD passes in this close game. One to tie the game up in the 2nd, one to take a 14-7 lead on the next possession, and then one to extend the lead to 24-14 at the beginning of the 4th. If that wasn’t enough, his 381 passing yards are an NCAA Championship record. Even though he didn’t go on to star in the EFL, Hazard will always be remembered for leading Michigan to their 2nd straight title with an amazing championship game performance in S5. 2. S1 – USC 20 vs Ohio St 14: USC RB Gale Grey @OnMyWings – 27 carries, 174 yards, and 2 TDs: Gale Grey put the revitalized NCAA on the map in S1 with his Heisman season for the Trojans. He capped it all off with an unbelievable offensive performance in the first ever NCAA Championship which was a classic 15 years ago. The game was all knotted up late in the third quarter when Grey found some room down the sideline and took off for a 52 yard touchdown to put USC ahead 14-7. Ohio State QB Zane Battle would latter tie the game back up in the fourth with a 21 yard TD pass to Eezee Catches which would force the game into overtime. The Trojans would win the overtime toss and elect to receive, hoping to score a TD and end the game without an Ohio State possession. They ended up doing just that riding Grey for 9 rushes on the last possession. This included the last 6 plays which ended with a 1 yard Grey stuff on 1st and goal to win the championship 20-14. Grey’s play catapulted football to new popularity in the U.S. and helped ensure the success of the newly formed EFL and the recreated NCAA. Grey went on to an impressive EFL career but will always be remembered for his NCAA Championship game performance in S1. 1. S6 – Texas 35 vs LSU 21: Texas RB Cameron Millwall @stevo – 36 carries, 206 yards, 3 TDs, 1 reception for 3 yards, and 4 kick/punt returns for 86 yards including a 72 yard punt return TD: There wasn’t much argument for number one on our list as Cameron Millwall put together an absolutely dominating performance for the Longhorns in their win against LSU in S6. He single handedly accounted for 28 of Texas’ 35 points. Texas entered the 2nd quarter trailing 7-0, but Millwall led them on 3 straight TD drives scoring on all of them with rushes of 1, 6, and 8 yards. The Millwall dominated 2nd quarter was good enough to put the Longhorns up 21-7 at the half. Then with 9:55 left in the 4th LSU punter Travis Koskowitz kicked one deep with LSU down 28-14. Millwall dazzled making many people miss on his 72 yard punt return that put LSU away and gave Texas a 35-14 lead that they would not relinquish. Millwall’s 206 rushing yards and 3 rushing TDs are both still NCAA Championship records. The Texas RB went on to have a decent EFL career, but it will take a spectacular performance if anyone ever wants to unseat him for the best offensive game in NCAA Championship history.
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    For a second season in a row, the USC Trojans and the Texas Longhorns are set to fight for a spot in the National Championship, as they'll play each other in the NCAA Western Conference Finals. Last season, Texas won with the home-advantage and moved on to win the National Championship against the Miami Hurricanes. This time around, USC will have the benefit of playing on their own turf. History of the Western Conference Finals rivalry Two of the most successful NCAA teams in its 16-season history, USC and Texas have now participated in the Western Conference Finals a combined 21 times, as this will be the Longhorns' 11th presence and the Trojans' 10th, leaving only 11 more WCF spots to be shared between Oregon and Notre Dame. There hasn't been a single WCF in 16 years where neither teams played. USC mostly found success in the early years of the league, winning the first four Western Finals, including two against their Texan rivals. Out of these four appearances in the National Championship, the squad from the city of angels won on two occasions, in Seasons 1 and 2. Since then, things have looked a bit more bleak for the Trojans, as they were limited to five participations in the WCF in the next 11 seasons, which they all lost. Texas' progression was the exact opposite. After losing three semifinals in their first five seasons, they've gone 4 and 3 in this specific game, including two wins against their Californian rivals in Seasons 6 and 15. Both times, they went on to win the National Championship. They added another banner in Season 13, meaning they have won two of the last three. This Western Conference Finals appearance will be their 4th in a row, the longest streak of the sort in the history of the college. A fifth chapter in the rivalry Monday's game represents the third matchup between the two best teams in the Western Conference in around a month. A scheduling mishap made it so they faced in both Weeks 12 and 13 of the 14-week season. Both teams entered their Week 12 game with a 10-1 record, but USC won the two parts of the back-to-back, putting them over Texas in the standings and giving them the home-field advantage today. The two teams have a very different approach when it comes to offense. Texas is going with an all-out air game, led by quarterback Vince Carswell, the NCAA leaders in passing yards, passing percentage, touchdown passes and QB rating. His two favourite targets throughout the seasons were wide receiver Taktischer Vorschlaghammer and tight end Kip Silver. While the latter led the team in receptions and was the best TE in the league in all categories, the former led all pass catchers in yardage, yards per reception and touchdown. On defense, Richaun Hamilton has been lights out for them with 4 interceptions, 13 pass deflections, 2 sacks and a defensive touchdown. On the other side of the field, the USC Trojans can count on a tandem of running backs to walk through the field. Jimmy Numbers and Clap Trap carried the ball a total of 592 times, advancing 3,113 yards. They combined for 34 touchdowns, with Numbers getting the majority of them with a ridiculous haul of 26 scores, the most in the league. Quarterback Handsome Jack is serviceable, though not involved much, as he ranks 7th among all NCAA QBs in both passing yards and passing touchdowns. Their defense can count on a pair of linebackers with more than 99 tackles each, Rayz Funk and Shawn Taylor. While they combined for 3 sacks, Taylor was also able to pick up an interception. It's tough to decide who's the favourite as, on paper, both teams got what it takes to play in the National Championship game tomorrow, so it all comes down to who wants it more tonight. Can Texas win the most important game of the season and eliminate the team that beat them twice in the past three weeks? Can USC overcome their historical struggles and win their first playoff game since Season 4? Players mentionned: @LittleRiDog @TacticalHammer @Tate @okochastar @124715 @Beowoof @emidas @Rayzor_7 @TheLastOlympian
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    With both of my players’ time in college coming to an end following this upcoming season and attention turning to which EFL team (if any) they will land with, I decided to have a look ahead at the eight cities of those teams and rank which ones I would most like to live in if I was a physical specimen paid millions of dollars to either run and catch an oval ball or prevent others from running and catching an oval ball. For this ranking, I’m purely going to be focusing on what it would be like to live in the city and disregarding things like the actual team in that city, as well as cost of living and housing prices, mostly because I’ll be a millionaire and that stuff won’t matter so much (a sound financial planner I am not) Remember, this is coming from an Australian’s perspective. I have only briefly visited two of the cities that house EFL teams, the rest is purely on what I know about the city/what Google tells me about the city. Finally, if you actually live in these places and you get angry at my ranking of your city, I do apologize and will gladly buy you a beer to make up for it, provided you fly the fifteen or so hours to Melbourne 8. Wisconsin Fun Fact 1: I hate the cold Fun Fact 2: Wisconsin’s average winter temperature: 4.9C/40F Any further questions? 7. Seattle So, remember literally four lines ago when I said I hate the cold? I’m not rain’s biggest fan either and which city is notorious for being rainy? That coupled with the lack of a professional basketball team, which means I’d be stuck watching the shivers Mariners in my spare time means not even the presence of the Space Needle can save Seattle 6. Memphis The home of Graceland so, as someone who enjoys The King’s work, living in the same city that he rests in is certainly a pro plus there’s a giant Bass Shops Pyramid for all my essential camping, hunting and fishing needs. But, when I typed in “crime memphis” to Google and the first thing that popped up was “The overall crime rate in Memphis is 202% higher than the national average” and “In Memphis you have a 1 in 13 chance of becoming a victim of any crime”, you can see why I’d be a bit hesitant to live there 5. New Orleans This is one of the two cities that I’ve actually visited and stayed in for a short time and whilst I did enjoy my time there, not sure it’s exactly the kind of place I’d want to live in all the time (he says whilst claiming his player spent the first eighteen years of his life living there). The French Quarter and Bourbon Street are definite high points but of course as a “responsible professional athlete” I’d be staying away from those establishments 4. San Antonio Not going to lie, I didn’t expect San Antonio to be this high, but here we are. Haven’t read too many negative things about San Antonio and it seems like a nice place. If it was good enough for Tim Duncan for his whole twenty-year career, it’s good enough for me 3. LA I’d be pretty close to Hollywood, so if I ever wanted to go the LeBron James route, that is becoming one of the greatest players in the sport then appear in a “comedy” starring Amy Schumer, I’d be in the right spot. It’s on the East Coast, so perfect weather year-round is a big bonus, but I’ve heard of the notorious LA traffic and that’s not something I’d want my chauffer enduring 2. Miami The risk of running into a “Florida Man” is one I’m willing to take to live on the ocean in South Beach. Would probably have to learn Spanish, but that’s not a problem either. I think I’ve been seduced by the Heat’s Miami Vice jerseys 1. NY Remember this doesn’t take any of the responsible financing stuff into account, so this was the obvious no.1 for me. The second of the two cities I’ve actually visited and what a place it was. Frank Sinatra’s song was good enough of a reason for me, but actually experiencing the place, even for a short while was the cherry on top. “But I thought you hated the cold and NY can get pretty frosty in winter” Cmon man, it’s New York
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    Sean enters his favorite classroom in Butler High, his history teacher/football coach's class, which helped him through many hard times. Filled to the brim with reporters, Sparky feels sweat start to fun down his face. He's fine when it comes to throwing around the pigskin surrounded by scouts, but put a few media members in front of him and he stutters to no end. As he sits at the long table, three hats lie in front of him: a bright Orange U surrounded by green, the marks of the Miami Hurricanes @jhatty8, the new hat is mainly maroon, a Roman solider proudly standing guard with a big SC in the background, logo of the USC Trojans @Wally, and finally he sets his eyes upon a cute lil Ducky, choice of the Oregon Ducks @HuddleHussy. As he picks up the Oregon hat, he finally begins to talk. "Oregon is a great football team and school. @HuddleHussy is an amazing leader, she has all the confidence in the world. If you spent a day in their locker room, you would think they went 10 - 4 instead of 4 - 10 last year. And it seems that it rubs off on the players as well, they're so nice and always in a good mood. I talked a little to Baker Blade, one of my good friends I met in some showcase tournaments. He said going to Oregon was one of the best choices he's ever made in his life. However, I didn't want to move so far from home. Eugene is, like, a 10 hour flight from here or something. Too far." With that, he throws the hat behind him. "Both of these schools gave me great offers and it took me a lot of time and thinking before choosing where I'm going to college. With USC, I've had some great talks with @Wally and he seemed very excited about the play he saw from me, the potential he sees, and how I would fit in with his team. The Trojans already made it to the Western Conference finals, so Wally knows how to win. USC even managed to win 2 games against Texas this year despite having a less talented team. My main problem is that like, like Oregon, it's too far away and I wouldn't be able to start immediately. I wanna be able to make a real impact wherever I go." "With that said, I have to decided to take my talents to South Beach. I am going to become a Miami Hurricane! I mean, they are everything you look for in a team. @LittleRiDog was a welcoming, friendly, and overall terrific guy when I got the chance to sit down and talk to him. Players on the team like @MMFLEX and @Jeff were awesome guys to talk to when I got to go tour the facility during some of my visits to Miami. Also, the girls down here are total babes. I have no doubts that Mami is the place for me."
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    Week 6 Trivia is posted! Week 5 Claim For question 1, seven pairs of players owned by the same user have the same last name: the Obamas, Bands(es?), Pee Es, Carswells, Jebaseelans, Funks, and Wolfes are all part of the NCAA. Unfortunately, it seems as though the Wolfes could have been added after I submitted the question, as they signed on the 13th (but I don't have them listed from when I wrote the question), so we'll let this one slide for those of you who picked six. I'm not really sure what I was thinking when writing this question, as the answer obviously can change over the course of the week. For question 2, NCAA redshirts must wait at least 24 (not 12) hours before being recruited per the rulebook. Please remember that you DO NOT claim weekly TPE from this post The following got both questions right, +1 Leaderboard Point: @AW13 @BMillz @Frostbite @Higgo4 @HuddleHussy @Jetsqb101 @Latti @McWolf @MMFLEX @oilmandan @okochastar @omgitshim @Patdatass @PigSnout @Sharkstrong @Siddhus @SnapTackleDrop @Snussu @TacticalHammer @Tate @Wolfe The following got one question right, +0.5 Leaderboard Point: @Rayzor_7 @TheNano74
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    Poor Oregon, drew the short straw of facing a pissed-off Texas team. Jebaseelan and Chi went OFF today. I can't wait to see them carry the offense next season @BigZouzou @Playoff Lonzo/ Vince was efficient and deadly, and even had a nice run @LittleRiDog! Lionel perfect through 9 games, damn @goat like meat @Beerfridge come back, McAvoy had the game of his life! West also with a few key stops, and Jackie forced a fumble! Hamilton quietly had a nice game too @okochastar @Tate @goat like meat
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    I'm facing my own players, so who do i cheer for . I guess let's go Miami!!!! ADs over players all day!! @Cornholio @denns @diamond_ace @DilIsPickle @evryday @Fizzy @Goliathus @HarDRaiL @Jeff @MattyLive3k @oilmandan @OscarDaSwagDude @Robotastic @Symmetrik @TheLastOlympian @TheTad @tzrock @Wheaties
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    @TacticalHammerWe back together baby
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    @Molholt I dare you come to the Neptune and I'll show you to where your ass belongs...the bench. Diana is the GOAT hun, you don't give up the deluxe banana split for a single scoop. Get to the back of the line muffin, there are real kickers who have already taken care of business!
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    Around the Grounds Norte Dame 0 - Texas 14 LSU 7 - Bama 7 Oregon 10 - USC 0
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    Huge roadie in Seattle. Let's put these purple kitties down @Symmetrik @omgitshim @Alecbama @chemicalfire @majesiu @Anthony Ouellet
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    FAMILIAR WATERS "First off, I'd like to thank all of my family, friends, coaches and former teammates for all of the support going into where I plan on taking my football talents going forward. I think that it's only right that I not only play in a place where I feel comfortable but also a place where I can fit into a system that can use the most of my abilities. With that said, I've made the decision to sign a scholarship with the Miami Hurricanes!" After a stellar stint in high school as the lead running back, where he wanted to play was an easy choice. Although it was between Alabama and Miami, Apollo felt that he loved the state of Florida too much to leave it right now. Whether it was a matter of being spoiled by the beaches, sun or the familiarity really didn't matter. He knew when the Miami Athletic Director contacted him that it was the right thing to do for him. It's a decision that he'll never regret going forward and he's positive that he'd do it again if given the chance. Apollo loves him some Florida and there's no doubt that the state of Florida along with the fans of Hurricane football will love him back by the time his time at the University of Miami ends. ------------------------------ NEW PATH TO GREATNESS "I have all of the respect in the world for everyone that gave me and my brother all of the support during my time playing football, all the way from PeeWee league to where I am now. After speaking with my brother, I've decided that I want to lead my own team. I believe I have that it's time for a change of pace. I want a chance to compete against Apollo. If there's anyone that can tackle him and slow him down, it's me. I know this because I've been practicing with this man for more than 15 years. Competition makes me grow as an individual. That's why I've elected to move to the Lone Star state and in the Texas Longhorns!! HOOK EM!" Clinton wants nothing more than to play the best. He knows what he has in his brother and he knows that it will only be a matter of time before he's leading the Miami backfield. Just like it'll be a matter of time before Clinton will be starting on the defensive side of the field. It's a clash that he's looking forward to come to in the near future. While he is making this leap to play for a different college than his twin brother, Clinton has not ruled out the possibility of playing on the same team when they both make it to the EFL. It's almost time for him to get adjusted to Texas where he will definitely get plenty of the BBQ that the state is known for. He love BBQ chicken and will get plenty of chances to eat off the field and on the field when he wears the burnt orange with pride.
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    @okochastar, @Rayzor_7, @Uphillmoss welcome to the Kraken! @jhatty8 and @PigSnout welcome to Wisconsin!
  20. 2 points
    Congrats to my boi Jeff, you finna be a steal my man! We will miss you at Miami
  21. 2 points
    Longhorns 3 picks in a row. Adoring this so far.
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    I really wish i could make a matching filler named Lill' Poundcake atm... lol I love the name
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    My pick for the next dynasty is whoever drafts the Vorschlag.
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    4:33 1st and 10 SEA - 20 Rush by Park, E. for 0 yds. Tackle by Dobbs, T.. 4:07 2nd and 10 SEA - 20 Pass by McPewPewPew, D., complete to Park, E. for 11 yds. Tackle by Martin, I.. 3:31 1st and 10 SEA - 31 Rush by Park, E. for 1 yds. Tackle by Friedman, C.. 3:12 2nd and 9 SEA - 32 Rush by Sharkstrong, R. for 9 yds. Tackle by Gser, J.. 2:36 1st and 10 SEA - 41 Rush by Sharkstrong, R. for 3 yds. Tackle by LeBlanc, C.. 2:15 2nd and 7 SEA - 44 Pass by McPewPewPew, D., complete to Sharkstrong, R. for 31 yds. Tackle by Martin, I.. 2:15 1st and 10 MEM - 25 Seattle Predators : Timeout 1:19 1st and 10 MEM - 25 Pass by McPewPewPew, D., complete to Sharkstrong, R. for 2 yds. Tackle by LeBlanc, C.. 1:19 2nd and 8 MEM - 23 Seattle Predators : Timeout 0:55 2nd and 8 MEM - 23 Pass by McPewPewPew, D. to Jackson, D. falls incomplete. 0:51 3rd and 18 MEM - 33 Predators Penalty on Callahan, R.: Offensive Pass Interference What.... wait, the Predators are bringing out Marion? It's 3 & 18.... and this is a 50 yarder. I'm baffled, but let's see if he can make it.... kick is up... 0:23 3rd and 18 MEM - 33 50 yard FG by Marion, D. is NO good. And the answer to that is NO. The Predators can't catch a break here.
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    Come on Texas, this is a lot of players last games!!!!! We need to #DoItforMiami
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    FLECK'S FAVORITE EFL LANDING LOCATIONS. We have talked with Jalen’s agent and the rest of his team and asked him a couple of questions since his freshman year is on the books and he started looking forward for a great sophomore year and consequently a great draft night for him. Jalen Fleck has been starting to have a bigger impact in the defense of the Miami Hurricanes and making a name for himself in the NCAA in order to create a good draft stock for him. Although it’s been said by the agents of Jalen that he has some teams in mind that he would like to play in the big league: 1. Seattle Predators @MMFLEX According to Jalen’s team, Seattle is the favorite place that Jalen could be in. He has been to their games and he fell in love with the atmosphere and the passion that the fans. Their general manager is also a factor. It has been told that Jalen is a big fan of Maximus K. Melon’s work and would love to be in touch and working with him. We are not sure that the CB is a need in the team but Jalen will for sure be a great pick. And by the way, he loves the purple color. 2. Miami Neptune @Wheaties Jalen is starting to be loved in Miami by playing their University and this is a huge factor that would make him want to stay in Miami. He feels that he needs to give that love back. Jalen feels that Miami is also a good place to stay as his family loves it. The team’s success and history also is an attraction to Jalen as he feels that being a player under Wheaties would be a great experience. The three time General Manager of the year sure doesn’t lack experience and could help Jalen be great among the greats. As it’s still a while for Jalen to get drafted let’s see how the team needs of Miami go. 3. Los Angeles Reign @ANTISIMPLE Jalen being a Los Angeles native and having most of his family sitting there would love to be in LA. That’s a no brainer in our opinion. Jalen is seen in LA games as well most of times when he has time available so I feel like he has a love for the team even though he never commented on it. Los Angeles is his birth land and he wants to defend it and provide some great happiness for the supporters. It’s been seen how passionate fans can be for the LA teams. In the SBA, the Los Angeles Rush are always backed by their fans love and that’s a great feeling. To be in a city where you feel loved. This are the three favorite landing spots for Jalen according to his personal team. Of course you can’t choose where you land in the draft and it all depends on your quality and team needs but we can’t put bad quality and Jalen in the same sentence. This is a cornerback who has a great passion for the game inside him and is doing everything to become one of the greats in the league. Whoever lands Jalen when he declares for the draft will have a great player in their hands to mold the way they want him to be. Oh, and yeah, an A grade thrash talker.
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    Boxscore: https://postimg.cc/gallery/3b1ywb7ey/
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    Jeff Downey Declares for Draft Ann Arbor, Michigan - Michigan Wolverines wide receiver Jeff Downey has come out and made it public that he will be declaring for the upcoming EFL draft. The junior wide receiver is coming off of his best year for the Wolverines and even though the team did struggle he should be in contention for this year’s top wide receiver award. The Canadian wide receiver came to the Wolverines with middling expectations from nationwide scouts but has no doubt exceeded those expectations and continues to develop into what should be a top-end EFL wide receiver. Throughout his career at Michigan he has steadily continued to develop into what could be considered a top flight wide receiver today. In his freshman year he managed to grab 49 catches for 600 yards and two touchdowns after missing the first two games of the season. In his second year he upped his game by catching four fewer balls but upping his total yardage to 769 yards with a single touchdown. In what is now known to be his final year at Michigan he finished third in the nation with 1021 yards on 66 catches. He also managed to haul in a career high eight touchdowns, good for second in the nation. Unfortunately despite his personal achievements the Wolverines never had much team success while he was there. Downey projects into the EFL as a true red zone threat at the wide receiver position. His hulking 6’4 220 lbs. frame should see him towering over most anyone that will be covering him and should make him nearly impossible to cover as his team gets close to the end zone. Not only does he have the size to impress but he sports great burst off the line and his straight line speed is nothing to scoff at. While he may not be as polished as other potential draft prospects there is a chance you could see his name called in the first round as a general manager may want to see if he can reach his sky-high ceiling. The risk is always that he could bust as scouts have concerns about his work ethic in the training facility.
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    Hello, I am Maasa if you don’t know from the SBA or VHL I am relatively new so you really shouldn’t and to this whole society, but my real name is Ian so if you want just call me that. Just wanted to introduce myself to you all and I am glad to be here and to contribute as a player and down the line as a part of the staff.
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    At some point relatively recently, we lost font selection for posts. Would be nice to have that back.
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    I expected nothing and still find myself dissapointed
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    The moment of truth
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    Could the Herd try winning this time?
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    My dreams of PATRICK becoming the all time receiving yards leader are going out the door. Sorry for whoever drafted him in fantasy.
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    I would like to apply I am a good presenter in sba and have experience and need to get a job here as im uncapping next week you can confirm with @Beowoof
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    Accept. Glad to be back
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    Let's Get Quackin' Team! We are game of the week, this will be fun. Regardless line Tweaks The RBs will run! Best wishes to miami, We're not holding back we'll hit them with a whammie Our Defense knows how to sack! AD @HuddleHussy Oregon Ducks Roster @BMillz @SnapTackleDrop @Bushito @Latti @Sullvino @DollarAndADream @Wolfe @MMFLEX @KG21 @Trifecta @Siddhus @rjfryman @jcole194 @Higgo4 @McWolf @J.G.10
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    Look, I'm not one for making threats, but you dead Michigan. You ded.
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    Well deserved @Wally and @MMFLEX
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    Had to get prepared so I could edit for records as soon as I get the wins/losses and then get to bed. Want these posted the night before, but we've got a very late presentation and Thursday/Friday are back-to-back games.
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