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    I cannot decide on game of the week. VOTE BELOW! For New York Herd (2-2) @ (2-2) Memphis Mambas react For San Antonio Wolfpack (1-3) @ (1-3) Miami Neptune react For New Orleans Kraken (0-4) @ (4-0) Seattle Predators react For Wisconsin Brigade (4--0) @ (2-2) L.A. Reign react For R-R-R-REEEEEDZOOOONE pester ChemicalFire because he's presenting.
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    As a bit of back story here, I went straight into being a GM of an EFL team without any AD experience on a sim site before. The stars aligned a bit where expansion was happening and I think the BoD was impressed by my buy-in to the Alabama dynasty at the NCAA level (much love to my Bama boys, those four years were amazing), and I got a pm asking me if I'd be willing to run an expansion team. So far it's been a great decision to say yes to that. I think that a lot of the users on this site have been wonderful people to get to know, and a lot of the truly amazing work to make this site what it is is done by people who are doing their work behind the scenes or by people who are choosing to go the extra mile. You're all probably aware that @CptMatt has been working constantly on a sim engine that makes this site more appealing and gives us some legitimacy that we plan to stick around. @Symmetrik has been keeping track of key numbers for GMs to make sure that players are being paid the correct minimum salaries and keeping GMs informed of when contracts are up and need to be re-negotiated. @PigSnout writes wonderful articles detailing what is currently happening in the sim with all of our players at the EFL level, turning the simulation into a reality where the highlight players and stories get real praise and become something close to reality. @Sharkstrong does test sims where he allows us to vote on what attribute or out-of-position player difference we want him to test, and comes back with results that can actually sway all of us with how we want to build our players. That's on top of doing record-book work and doing updating previously, where @omgitshim has quite a few people who are working to make sure that all of us are being legitimate with what we claim every week. OMG runs the EFL Fantasy too by the way, which is no joke of a commitment. As for the presenters, that was the first job I had on this site which I still do on occasion and I've got to say that the standard for them has gone up tremendously. We have tremendous presenters at the moment, and the job that they do is much more than copy-paste work in trying to keep everything entertaining and clean. That's a bit of a ramble, but what I do mean by it is that this website is awesome because it has people that are coming here to try and make it a great place. And if you're enjoying your time here, then I would suggest getting as involved as you can and seeing where it leads you. I'm going to start this actual rankings article with a disclaimer that being an AD or a GM is hard. The #1 thing that prepared me for being a GM was making my QB in college, Martin Isaac. That's because playing QB for a team in this sim was stressful for me, because your bad games are magnified intensely. As a GM you've got to be ready to take blame for the bad things, and I think that my QB really did help me to learn the lesson that some times you just have to accept the loss and move onto the next sim. But there are some amazing parts about being an AD or a GM too. So let's get to the actual rankings here: 5) The Expansion Draft One thing to know if you're inheriting an expansion team in the NCAA or the EFL: The cupboard is bare. You have to really put in some work to compete with other users, most of which are already well into their plans for how they're planning to build a contender. What Memphis was given in order to build our roster was an expansion draft, where other teams had to give up their rights to ~4 players each and me and @LattimoreIsland took turns drafting them to try and add to our rosters. The first nice part about the expansion draft was that I was able to take my two guys in it without having to spend a draft pick on them. After that it was about finding value, and there were some key pieces in there that remain really important to our team. @stevo's guy Cameron Millwall was available and I took him with the first pick I could, and he's been a core piece of our offense in these first 2 seasons and remains so moving forward. @DonCutta190 has become our star LB and the guy that I need to build around, and I was lucky to get him because I had no idea how active he truly was. I think that both of these guys were feeling like their players didn't really have a place where they were wanted in the EFL, and seeing them both be given a chance to headline our team in Memphis is an awesome part of the job because they've both been damn good players for us. On top of those 2, we got some filler players who have stayed active in our discord and made key plays for us in games. @124715 's WR Respect caught the game-winning TD in our first win ever, and I learned that numbers is a really cool dude who also likes holding me to an impossibly high standard as a GM. @omgitshim 's FB A.A. Goat was a target for me because omg was a reason why I loved this league in the first place when I joined Bama, and because he puts up with me whenever I do stupid shit like try to claim Fantasy results from 2 seasons ago while uncapping. @PigSnout's dude doesn't see too much playing time in honesty, but he's versatile and PigSnout is a legend who doesn't yell at me for continuing to tag him in every gameday thread when I'm notifying the squad. I didn't think I'd get much out of the expansion draft in honesty, but I got a lot. 4) The Season 12 draft This one's low for me comparatively because we only ended up having one pick in the first 2 rounds and I wasn't able to do the pre-draft work I would have liked to do. For the S11 draft I was sending out PMs to players to get a feel for who they were as a user, but I was also in between jobs when the S11 draft happened haha. This point does need to be included though because it represents me adding a really solid defensive piece to our secondary with @Rockstar's guy who's already making plays and made me really happy by immediately sharing how pumped he was for the season when he joined our discord, and because it featured a trade that was a month in the making. Trades are a great part of GMing just because we all get so much experience talking with each other, that finding a way that we can help each other out is incredibly rewarding. I like to think I've been pretty aggressive in trying to make this team legitimate as quickly as I can, and I walked away from this draft feeling like I made our defense better while also giving us some more ammo for the future. I guess time will tell whether it was right or not, but I think me and @Wheaties are both still pretty happy about the decision we made after all of those talks. 3) Signing DeAnderson Sabathia Jr. Omg made my day with this one. I came in 2nd in a FA bid last season when we were trying to get @chemicalfire's LB, which feels nice to beat out other teams but still does suck. @Turner gave me props for my pitch to Dr. Toboggan this offseason but I've got no blame for him joining Wisconsin, especially since he was talking about retiring if the team he joined missed the playoffs (god I hope we get there over @Wally's team lmao, good game week one though!). I don't really talk much bullshit in these talks because tricking a player into joining our team isn't a good long-term strategy, so when omg asked me how we were going to fix the defense I didn't really know how to answer it since we weren't going to be able to do it in one offseason (although I do really love our secondary rn). I think I'm a bigger fan of Sabathia Jr. than omg is at this point, but when I saw he was committed to joining Memphis it made my day. Idk how it compares to an AD signing their first recruit, but I imagine it's a similar feeling that you were able to sell your message and get a player that you really wanted. It's awesome, and I'll accept all of the confused reactions that are bound to come with it in the future. 2) The Season 11 draft class This one is special to me because it was such rapid building of a franchise. I decided before the draft that even though Kelley was and is a special player that I needed to focus on the defensive side of the ball with my first pick, and with that I got @J.G.10's safety/cornerback and have watched him rapidly improve ever since. In the second round I got lucky and was able to add Emery Park and TFC @evryday@Quik to give our offense weapons for the future, and guys that really set the identity of our offense moving forward. The most important part of all of it was that I added these users to my team, because I wanted to have people on my team who would help me to represent Memphis on the forums and in our discord. This draft class meant a lot to me because they were all accepting of their roles on an expansion team, and they've been building their players to help us build towards becoming a real threat in the league. When Memphis is the team that people are upset to see that they have to play this week, these three users are going to be a large reason for why we arrived at that day, and I was lucky to be able to add all three of them in one draft class. 1) Creating a culture I think it's debatable to say whether Memphis has a culture in the league yet, because we're still pretty much just an expansion team, but leading this team has opened me up to talking with new people who I didn't know too much about before. I've got a user with a player on my team that suffers through liking the Knicks with me. I've got a user who has AD experience and was willing to tell me when they thought my strats could be better. I've got users who have things that they want to accomplish with their players and I have users who tell me that they'll do whatever I'd like with their player as long as we win (I swear I'm trying lol). Working with people on this site to try and make their players a part of something big is pretty special, and I would expect that every GM would say that it's the best part of the job. So yeah. Memphis is awesome. This website is awesome. Y'all are awesome. Looking forward to competing with and against you all in a football sim that drives us all crazy for many seasons to come
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    Few things here folks, but simple enough: @AndrewWarren13 has expressed interest in stepping away from Seattle’s GM spot this offseason, and as a result, @MMFLEX will be stepping up to the plate to take over. Obviously that opens up Oregon’s AD spot again, so why not keep it in the family as we promote @oilmandan to the job! Please give a round of applause to these two fine gentlemen and wish them luck in their new positions. We thank Andrew for his hard work and dedication to the job for the couple seasons he was a GM and as the AD of Oregon. This will give each of these guys to learn from each other for the next couple weeks until they officially take over.
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    I was told to be less sexual. I was told to not be mean. Go Wisconsin. @CptMatt @Turner @hedgehog337 @Pandar @chemicalfire @cosbornballboy @AdamS @SwagSloth @ADwyer87 @Dangles13 @street @124715 #FullBattleRattle
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    0:08 1st and Goal MEM - 4 Pass by Taggert, T., complete to Butler, B. for 4 yds. 0:00 TOUCHDOWN! Taggert hits Butler in the endzone for 4 yards with time expired! The Brigade are 2 points away from tying this game up!
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    Hello everyone! I have had the chance to give this article and event much thought and while it does make me sad, it also gives me hopefulness and joy. Now for those that know me, as a user, know that I am a GM pretty much wherever I go. I currently am a GM in 5 different leagues though they do have varying levels in my participation! I don't think it is too much, people have league jobs in a lot of places, and my preferred job is GM, it is what I like to do, it is my dream job in real life. However, there are times when things can get frustrating or overwhelming and dealing with multiple instances is never fun but manageable. Why am I saying all this? Well, at the end of this season in the EFL, I will effectively be stepping down as GM of the Seattle Predators. Why you ask? Well, it's both simple and not simple. The simple answer is because I GM everywhere and don't want to GM everywhere. That's not really the truth 100% though. The real not so simple answer is that I don't want to GM in the EFL right now. Let me explain. I joined the EFL about a year ago, and it was my first Sim league ever, ADing at Oregon was my first Sim league job ever and I had a blast! Before that, I got the chance to be recruited, be scouted, and all the fun stuff there is with being a player in the EFL. I still consider EFL as my main league, though I don't consider it my main GMing league because I don't do too much as a GM here. It sucks but it is true and it was never my intention. I have put together great teams in Seattle and managed caps just fine, something that a GM needs to do. I submit strategies and do all that, well...sometimes but I try to. I love GMing, I love teams building, but being a player and having that experience was what made me love the EFL from the first day when Faak-Nahd Gabba roamed the streets of Baton Rouge on signing day! I love my team I have in Seattle and have loved competing with all these other GMs in the EFL. It is time for me to contribute to the EFL as a player and possibly in a different light, maybe even ADing again one day, though I wouldn't try and sign my own players each time! Thank you for all people I have interacted with in the EFL so far. It has been great and thank you to the league higher ups for giving me the chance to GM here. It's time to win a championship in Seattle and go out on top, or I guess, have them win next year after I leave just like what happened with Oregon. One thing is for sure, just like Oregon, I will always be a fan of the team, even with my tenure ending as leader of the program.
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    Up and down our season goes, but today we make Michigan suck their first L because they’re a bunch of hoes. @TheLastOlympian @Bullethead @Alecbama @Tater_Tot @brenstl @Symmetrik @TJH @Pandar@evryday @Anthony Ouellet @Snussu@JuOSu@Bengals1fan @11 Eleven @xsjack I regret nothing about this.
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    Ill present this in ~40 minutes
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    Dude is talking trash. Something funny that rhymes with trash. ....trash Is what they are. I'm bad at this help. @CptMatt @11 Eleven @HuddleHussy @DilIsPickle @Abaddon @OnMyWings @AndrewWarren13 @Wheaties @solas @Cornholio @Jetsqb101 @chemicalfire @diamond_ace @Jmgia64 @DeathOnReddit @hedgehog337
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    Welcome back to EFL as Eternal! In this edition, we've got one new mechanic (or rather, a twist on a mechanic that was previously covered back in episode 7), and a handful of new interactions that have be added or expanded upon in the most recent set. Let's get right into it! Previous Episodes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, Championship Special, 8, Freshman Rankings Special As mentioned in the teaser, we have a new twist on an old mechanic! To review, Merchants (which I've thematically called General Managers here) allow you to trade a card from your hand for one in your Market (called Locker Room here) that corresponds to the influence of the merchant (i.e. a fire merchant can only get fire cards). As you can see here, Doak Grizzly has both fire and shadow influence, so he can trade for either a fire or a shadow card (and it doesn't have to be a single influence card; a card with say both shadow and time influence would be eligible). The catch here though is that the dual influence of the Merchant (General Manager) means that your Market (Locker Room) is changed to a Black Market (Practice Squad). The difference is that none of the cards in your Practice Squad can be in your main deck at all. You gain the versatility of drawing from 2 different influences at the cost of not being able to run the cards in your main deck. Given the number of cards that are now in the game, it's not a huge drawback for a lot of decks, though there are some that would opt to stick with the single influence ones. While trying to figure out new things to bring to these articles, I noticed a new trend that had some cards that were stronger than their costs indicate, but with a significant drawback. Matthew Stanton here is an example of this. A 3/3 for 2 cost (especially for a single influence) is already quite strong, and flying on top of that is very strong. The downside here is that without a Quarterback on the field, Stanton can't attack. Now a 3/3 flyer in the early game is still useful as a blocker if nothing else, but you're really going to want to push that tempo advantage while you have it, which makes Stanton a bit difficult to use. Much like his EFL counterpart, Stanton is a great talent, but as a receiver he still lives or dies on the strength of his Quarterback. If a 2 cost 3/3 with a single influence is strong, then it follows that a 3 cost 2/2 with double influence would be weak, no? Well not exactly. Once again, Flying is a good boost to value, and Warp can give you a bit of card advantage when you can play Dewey Jackson off the top of your deck. The important line here is his ability to buff other units, which shows how Jackson's presence makes his team better around him. Alone Jackson isn't anything special, but with a good set of teammates, he can give you a big return on the value. Another theme I've noticed recently is units that have alternate forms of removal evasion. Teppei Renomitsu here has a complete immunity to any spells or curses directly played on him by the enemy, which is similar to having an Aegis that never goes away. Of course, it's not quite the same since he can still be effected by full board effect spells as well as any effects from an enemy unit. Still, much like in the EFL, Renomitsu is one tough player to take down. Finally, we come to one of the biggest things to come from this set: triple faction support. While there were a handful of 3+ faction cards before, this set really start pushing tri-factions as a standard. Theremin McCracken fits the bill here as a top end finisher. Although he's a base 3/3, it's effectively 4/4 given that he plays a curse upon summon. Flying and Aegis alone make it tough to stop him if you don't have a Flying unit yourself, and Lifesteal on top of that means that even if you do, McCracken is going to help stabilize your health regardless. Some cheap curses would help boost McCracken and other units to high stat levels in a hurry, and Poor Practice Facilities in itself is not insignificant either. If you can't stop McCracken right away, the game can get out of hand in a hurry. Champaign Harlotte is McCracken's teammate on the Brigade, and here he is with a cheap curse to help further his agenda. With the push for tri-factions, we got a line of cheap cards from each faction that grant influence from a pair of other factions (in this case, we have a primal card that can provide either justice or shadow influence when played). This makes the card useful in the early game as a form of fixing, and when you get to the end game, you can play this after McCracken hits the board to trigger his effects. As for the curse itself, giving an opposing unit Reckless is nice since you can force a unit that may not have wanted to attack into swinging into a situation where it gets blocked and killed. It's not perfect for every situation, but 1-cost psuedo-removal is nothing to sneeze at. It's also representative of how Harlotte can lure an opponent into thinking his man has him beat before coming out of nowhere to shut the pass down. Like usual, we end on a spell, this time featuring the twins Porom and Palom Mysidia. It's a fairly straight forward board sweeper, dealing 2 damage to all units on the board. The twist is that you can spend an extra 2 and exhaust a pair of units (thematically, the "twins" casting the spell) to boost the damage against the enemies. While simple, the versatility of this sweeper makes it very good as a way to stabilize against aggro decks, especially token based ones. @Wally @Sonnet @Tater_Tot @Renomitsu @chemicalfire @SwagSloth @diamond_ace
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    EFL EFL Season 12 Midseason Review __________ PigSnout | @PigSnout 04.16.19 The Mambas are in a close playoff race as they hope to make their first playoff appearance in franchise history. __________ No Clear Favorite This is looking to be a pretty balanced season at the top of the EFL. There are currently five top teams all within two games of each other. The Seattle Predators are at the top of the pack right now with a 6-1 record, but the Los Angeles Reign are in close pursuit of them in the Western Conference as they have won five straight after an 0-2 start. The New York Herd have a similar streak going in the Eastern Conference as they have risen to the top of the conference with their current four game winning streak. The Wisconsin Brigade are currently struggling with a three game losing streak, but they showed that they have the potential to be contenders with their 4-0 start to the season. The Memphis Mambas are also a threat in the Eastern Conference as their league best offense has propelled them to a 4-3 record and they recently handed the previously unbeaten Predators their first loss of the season. It looks like any of these teams could be a legitimate threat to win the championship this season. There are going to be some close playoff races in the second half of the season as home field advantage could be crucial in the playoffs this year with how many strong teams there are. There doesn't seem to be a clear cut favorite right now and it will be interesting to see who rises to the top in the second half of the season. __________ Shift In Power With the number of strong teams in the league this season, two teams who are surprisingly not in the playoff picture right now are the Miami Neptune and the San Antonio Wolfpack. Both teams finished at the top of their respective conferences last season and have been very successful over the last few years as those teams account for five of the EFL's last six champions. However, both teams will need to come on strong in the second half of the season to even make the playoffs this year as they both have a 2-5 record at this point in the season. The Wolfpack's defense is still playing strong this season as they rank second in the league in points allowed, but their offense has taken a big step back as they rank seventh in the league in points scored. The Neptune have been struggling on both sides of the ball as they rank sixth in the league in both points scored and points allowed. Both teams were able to mostly keep their teams intact from last season, so they still have the talent to get back on track this season if they can turn things around quickly and have a strong second half. However, the struggles of the traditional powers also opens the door for some new blood to win the championship this season. Teams like the Brigade and the Mambas may have the chance to win their franchise's first championship this season if they make the playoffs. Other teams have the chance to break long droughts such as the Herd, who have the chance to win their first championship since Season 4, and the Predators, who have the chance to win their first championship since Season 1. The Reign are the only team currently in the playoff picture that has won a championship within the last seven seasons. If the current trends keep up over the second half of the season, we could see some fresh faces in the championship game this year with the chance to see a new champion. __________ Passing Explosion One of the interesting story lines to follow this season is the success of passing attacks around the league. There are currently four quarterbacks in the league with a passer rating of 100 or better. Season 11 was the only time in EFL history that more than one quarterback finished with a passer rating of 100 or better, and even then, only two did. Passing numbers around the league have been great as seven of the league's eight quarterbacks have a passer rating of 92 or better. One of the main factors in this is the developing young quarterback talent around the league. The last few drafts have been loaded with quarterback talent and it is starting to show as these quarterbacks are beginning to develop. Of the league's starting quarterbacks, seven of them are only in their third year or younger. This trend of big passing numbers is likely to only continue over the next few years as the young quarterbacks develop further and reach their primes. It will be interesting to see if these passing numbers continue over the second half of the season as it could be a historic offensive season for the EFL. __________ Another Kind of History On the other side of the spectrum, the New Orleans Kraken are looking to avoid making history this season. After starting the season 0-7, they are looking to avoid becoming the first EFL team to finish a season winless. It's been a rough season for them as they rank last in the league in both points scored and points allowed and six of their seven losses have been by double digits. There is light at the end of the tunnel as they will be able to rebuild quickly with four first round picks and two second round picks in the upcoming draft, but for now their focus is on trying to turn this season around. Despite their struggles, they've still shown some fight this season as they fell just 1 point short of the undefeated Predators on the road in Week 5. They're still eager to get their first win and they have the potential to shake the playoff picture up a bit if they pull off an upset or two. It will be interesting to see if the Kraken can turn things around during the second half of the season and break out of this winless streak before the season is over. __________ COMMENT BELOW
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    17 - 28 30 - 14 17 - 13
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    EFL WORKSHOP  QB Intelligence (Robotic nasal voice) Welcome everyone to my another After Effects tutorial... Nah, I wish. You'll have stop staring at the backup generator pictured above and settle with this QB intelligence episode. First of all I have to thank @timeconsumer for his advice. I've been toying with new methods to test the sim and it's helped a lot. For this episode (10th!!) I've simmed 5 sets of 400 games, each one of them with 200 home games and 200 away games. The file that has been used sets an environment where every team is equally good. It's been mentioned in other chapters. In the first set the QB had an intelligence of just 35, our base attribute. I can come forward that has not gone well. After that I've simmed with 55 and 70 intelligence. I chose 70 because it's a common plateau for NCAA capped players. The last two blocks have been simulated with 90 and 100 intelligence points to have a better glance at archetype caps. So let's jump to the results: 35 intelligence: 13 pass attempts per game, unable complete a single one. Reminiscences of Jack Smith. Sacked an average of 16 times per game. Dude literally died on the field. Great personality, team leader. Hot girlfriend, big self confidence. Would draft If I was the Wolfpack. 55 Intelligence: Played all the 400 games. Availability is the biggest ability. 32 passes per game, 53.9 completion %. 0.82 Touchdowns per Interceptions. Pros: Throws the ball. Cons: Throws the ball. 70 Intelligence: Okolocha 2.0? Running attempts have jumped a whole 0.2 rushes per game. Grants you 42 extra yards when upgrading from v55.0. Completion percentage still below 100%. The new Curry Peripheral Contact Lenses™ allow him to differentiate his teammates from the other team very well. 1,30958231TDs per Int. 90 Intelligence: Only 0.46 times sacked per game but still 0 sacks per game. Sacks received per sack provided = indeterminate. 60,73574576 completion percentage, 2,258714446% better than Mr.70IQ. Lacks field position awareness, TD/INT ratio lowered to 1,289276808. Has big PP. 100 Intelligence: Mr. I'm-Too-Good-to-Call-or-Write-My-Fans. Not that I'm mad or anything but... I don't deserve it? I created you. 63.27 pass completion %. Sacked 0.35 times per game. 1.62 TDs per Interception thrown. And all I wanted was a lousy letter or a call... Small PP. Intelligence helps greatly to avoid sacks, increases pass completion % steadily and that makes for a better TD/INT ratio. As always I recommend you to hop to the spreadsheet and have a better look. Oh and please share your ideas to future workshops in the comments. --------------------------------------------------------------  All stats are available here. All episodes available here.
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    People are always gunna tune in for their teams games regardless of the quality of the presentation, but I think as a league we pride ourselves on how impressive some of the guys make their presentations. If we're using Live Presentations as a selling point for the league we had better be making sure they're the best they can be, not to mention the impact ya'll have on retention rates - a newbie watching their first PBP can have a big impact on whether or not they decide they're interested in the league. I'd much rather have your fun personalities adding some humour and character to the presentations than just posting blocks of text with nothing else to it. At that point we might as well not bother with pbp posts and just post the boxscores. Of course I understand our presenters can't always pull out all the stops every week due to RL time constraints and the likes but the better our presentations are the better the league is imo.
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    LSU vs. USC Miami vs. Alabama Oregon vs. Notre Dame Michigan vs. Texas
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    500k winners: Virginia Tech: @Anthony Ouellet LSU: @KGR @HuddleHussy FSU: @CptMatt @DWill Michigan: @AndrewWarren13 @Wheaties Oregon: @MMFLEX Tennessee: @PigSnout North Carolina: @Bushito Houston: @Snussu
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    Crazy to think we have all these scheduling options now and y’all still got stuck with a week 1 bye
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    Don't Break. Well, those of you who have read my content before know how this goes. I get a little too into a spreadsheet and all of a sudden we've got a long-form article on our hands. It's defense. It's almost always defense - and this is no exception for either of these guidelines. Some information, like the points-per-game and player stats I was too lazy to update manually, will be current up to week 11. Everything else (rushing and passing yards per attempt (YPA), record) was calculated by spreadsheet. I won't belabor the point: let's rank ourselves some college defenses. #1 – Texas Longhorns (5-7) 15.2 ppg (#1 as of wk. 11) | Rush YPA – 4.1 (T#2) | Pass YPA – 6 (#1) Standouts LB Ekong Okafor @JaysFan26 – 68 tackles, 5 TFL, 2 sacks, 1 INT, 6 PD LB Gser @Ty3– 67 tackles, 4 TFL, 1 FF, 4 sacks, 1 INT, 3 PD FS Sanchez @Quik – 56 tackles, 3 FF/2FR (#2), 4 PD The Longhorns’ heartbreaking loss to Miami earlier today left most Texas fans with a bitter taste in their mouths; they’re just one game behind the Trojans (6-6), but a three game deficit to the Fighting Irish (8-4) saps any hope they have of winning the conference. Rest assured however, that the Texas defense will do its job. Led by a hard-hitting, grounded linebacking and safety corps, Texas pretty safely takes our first spot in the S12 NCAA defensive rankings. They had a few marquee performances this season, suffocating Miami’s offense in Week 5 by holding them to just 119 passing yards; SS Skipper Williams @ManningTypeAim picked off Jordan Jones for a touchdown, but it proved to be for naught as Miami won, 13-12. Unfortunately, this seemed to be the M.O. for the Longhorns, who suffered tight losses to Michigan [14-10, twice], Oregon [16-7], and their most recent game at Miami [20-19]. One significant blip that works against them is a strangely-awful loss to USC in Week 7, where they allowed QB Anderson Muller to hit a 124.2 QB rating with 4 passing touchdowns. Texas allowed a whopping 45 points in that game, but have very slowly returned to form over the following four weeks. They’ve managed to hold potent offenses to under 14 points multiple times this season – but inopportune turnovers and less-than-ideal offensive performances at the wrong times produced losses, especially early in the season. The Longhorns’ pass defense was a bit shaky in a Week 11 game against LSU, but for now they occupy the #1 spot for the season overall. #2 – Miami Hurricanes (9-3) 17.1 ppg (#2 as of wk. 11) | Rush YPA – 4.1 (T#2) | Pass YPA – 6.2 (T#2) Standouts LB Marques Hampton-Hill @solas – 82 tackles (#5), 8 TFL (#4), 1 sack, 2 INT, 4 PD CB McCorn @Cornholio – 57 tackles, 1 TFL, 2 INT, 14 PD (#1) It almost seems a little cruel to stick Miami right after the Longhorns – but it’s pretty hard to drop them much lower than second in the league for defense. They had a stretch of three excellent performances between weeks 9 to 11 – they allowed under 150 yards passing in each game over that stretch, in fact holding star WR Palom Mysidia to just 57 yards in a game against USC. In spite of being upset by Oregon in week 11, they held QB Hingle McCringleberry to a miserable 127 yards, 0 TDs, 2 INTs, and a 36 QB rating. Beyond that, they held Oregon RB and offensive star Jan Karol Chodkiewicz under 100 yards on 29 attempts. As heartbreaking as the week 12 Miami victory was for Texas, it was a pretty poor performance for a typically-staunch Miami defense. In fact, it was their worst run and pass defensive performance all season – they let through 5.3 yards per carry on the ground, and 8.6 yards per attempt (not completion!) through the air. QB Matt Saracen had an incredibly efficient game (20/27 for 231 yds, 1 TD) and hit TJ Hendrix for 102 yards on just 6 receptions. If Miami has another average or below-average performance this week, it’s likely they’ll drop in these rankings – but for now, one anomaly isn’t enough for me to force them down. #3 – Oregon Ducks (6-6) 17.8 ppg (#3 as of wk. 11) | Rush YPA – 4.1 (T#2) | Pass YPA – 6.9 (#5) Standouts LB Cooper Irwin @Patdatass – 78 tackles, 8 TFL (T#4), 1 FF, 5 sacks (T#6) LB Vincent van Boom @Kirby – 75 tackles, 4 TFL, 6 sacks (#4), 2 PD LB Roman Sanguszko @majesiu– 62 tackles, 8 TFL (T#4), 3 sacks, 5 PD, 1 safety With their recent winning streak, Oregon has a real shot at making the playoffs in spite of starting 0-5 – frankly, it may come down to their week 13 game at USC. On both offense and defense, Oregon’s rankings particularly benefit from their last three games – which include upset victories over Michigan and Miami. But let’s not suggest that Oregon’s wins against these two teams were complete surprises – Oregon lost to Miami in week 8 by just 1 point [20-19], and their defense held ND to just 10 points in spite of that week 9 loss. They held picked off Miami QB Jordan Jones three times in week 11 off of an immaculate performance by Tyroil Smoochie-Wallace @Homeskillet (8 tk, 2 PD, 2 INT). Their win over LSU was consistent with their improving defense, holding the ailing Tigers to just 7 points off of 221 yards of offense. Because we’re near the middle of the rankings, however, I’ll point out that Oregon’s pass defense is a little below-average, and they’ve had rushing defense lapses too. They may have held Michigan RB Ricky Razor to 91 yards in week 10 – but that doesn’t excuse that the Wolverines ran for 5.1 yards/carry; nor does it excuse the Ducks’ eyesore 8.4 yards/pass against Notre Dame in week 9. Oregon’s defense is a little above average overall, has an excellent linebacking corps, and benefits from recency bias to an extent – but it still has exploitable weaknesses and a young-ish secondary. #4 – USC Trojans (6-6) 18.6 ppg (#4 as of wk. 11) | Rush YPA – 4.9 (#5) | Pass YPA – 6.2 (T#2) Standouts LB Lukas Cold @Sova – 85 tackles, 2 TFL, 1 FF, 3 sacks, 8 PD (T#6) FS Jean Christophe @Enorama – 55 tackles, 1 FR, 6 INT (T#1), 8 PD (T#6), 1 TD FS Will Austin @Cooltruth20 – 48 tackles, 1 sack, 5 INT (T#3), 5 PD Well, the Trojans are pretty terrifying up the middle, huh? Like the Ducks, the Trojans benefit from some promising recent weeks’ performances – and even have a similar Jordan Jones 3-pick game – except it was in week 10 as opposed to week 11. They also held a potent Michigan offense to just 13 points in week 11, with Lukas Cold tacking on 9 tk, 3 PDs, and 1 forced fumble; they also forced an uncharacteristically poor performance from Notre Dame QB Shawn Brady (17/26, 224 yds, 2 TD/2 INT). The Trojans showed obvious improvement from their week 8 loss to Michigan [31-21], but didn’t do as great a job preventing large volume stats in the aforementioned Notre Dame game. While the top two defenses seemed relatively clear-cut, you could certainly make an argument for the Trojans to be in the top 3, especially with reasonable defensive performances over the past 4 weeks. Similar to the Ducks, they were gouged by Michigan’s rushing attack in week 8, allowing Ricky Razor to run wild (163 yds). We can’t exactly discount the fact that Oregon’s defense has held opponents to 10 or fewer points the last 4 weeks, so they get the very slight nod over USC. #5 – Michigan Wolverines (10-2) 19.6 ppg (#6 as of wk. 11) | Rush YPA – 4.0 (#1) | Pass YPA – 7.5 (#7) Standouts CB Jax Byrd @KGR – 63 tackles, 4 INT (#5), 11 PD (#2), 2 TD (#1) SS Shawn Polamalu @TheLastOlympian – 92 tackles (#1), 3 TFL, 3 INT, 3 PD, 2 FF, 1 FR LB Mike McBuckets @Garappogoat – 70 tackles, 7 TFL, 12 sacks (#1), 3 PD On the other end of recency bias is the Wolverines, who suffered two uncharacteristic losses to the Ducks [20-9] and Trojans [51-13] in weeks 10 and 11 before manhandling Alabama [31-7] in week 12. Now, don’t get me wrong – Michigan has an excellent offense that readily competes for top two in the league, and there’s a good reason why they have 10 wins. Their defense is a little below average, however, and the 51-13 blowout at the hands of USC QB Anderson Muller kind of makes it hard to say otherwise. Do-It-All SS Shawn Polamalu seems to glue the defense together, leading the league in tackles in addition to a nice chunk of fumble and interception involvement – but fellow DB Jax Byrd is the only player in the league with two defensive TDs. In spite of their standouts coming in the secondary, however, the Wolverines aren’t great at defending the pass overall: they’ve allowed several receivers, like Alabama wideouts Trotzki and Karter, to catch for over 100 yards. Offensive standards like USC’s Palom Mysidia and Notre Dame’s Dewey Jackson are regular offenders, and ultimately Michigan’s pass defense has led to some closer-than-expected wins over their 9-game win streak starting in week 2. Where the Michigan defense excels is in the box, where they’ve allowed barely more than 100 rushing yards a game for a league-leading 4 yards per rush. That’s thanks in large part to Mike McBuckets, who has a startling 12 sacks and 7 TFLs – it’s clear he gets into the backfield more-or-less at will, and is a big contributor to the league-best rushing defense. If the Wolverines make it to the championship game, it’ll be because of a high-quality, consistent offense and a staunch run defense with plenty of chances for turnovers. #6 – Notre Dame Fighting Irish (8-4) 18.7 ppg (#5 as of wk. 11) | Rush YPA – 5.1 (#8) | Pass YPA – 6.8 (#4) Standouts FS Lamarcus Oshiomogho @brenstl– 85 tackles, 1 FF, 2 sacks, 6 INT (T#1), 6 PD, 1 TD CB Djibril Kabore @Pandar– 68 tackles, 2 FF/1 FR, 1 sack, 5 INT (T#3), 9 PD (T#4) Like Michigan, Notre Dame’s standouts are at defensive back positions – but these two defenses couldn’t be different enough from a rushing defense standpoint. It’s not unusual to see backs run for >5.5 yds/carry against Notre Dame – in fact, it’s happened in a third of the Fighting Irish’s games thus far. Strangely, it hasn’t led to many losses (victories vs. USC, Miami, Oregon in weeks 5, 7, and 9, respectively) – so the coach seems content to follow a ‘bend but don’t break’ philosophy to defense. The two above standouts – Oshiomogho and Kabore – are the biggest defensive contributors to Notre Dame’s record, and they’re the reason why the team led the NCAA in interceptions (16) through 11 weeks. The Fighting Irish are ostensibly the league’s best turnover machines in general, as they’ve forced and recovered (9 and 8, respectively) more fumbles than anyone in the league and have the most overall passes deflected of any defense in the league, too. This team’s yardage numbers aren’t great all around – as they’re third in passing and a paltry seventh in rushing on offense – but the turnover game seems to be what clinches Notre Dame’s wins. An anomalous 34-31 loss to LSU in week 10 was a big cause for concern – especially provided the Tigers’ offensive struggles this season – but the Notre Dame defense is just volatile and unpredictable enough to give them what they need. They’ll need to step it up against the Trojans – who have the best pass offense in the league – and the Hurricanes if they want any momentum going into the playoffs. #7 – LSU Tigers (3-9) 26.3 ppg (#7 up to wk. 11) | Rush YPA – 4.9 (#5) | Pass YPA – 7.0 (#6) Standouts LB Lawrence King @ShouldHaveRanIt– 79 tackles, 7 TFLs (T#7), 2 FF, 1 FR, 1 INT, 1 PD CB David Marino @TheNano74 – 63 tackles, 3 INT, 9 PD (T#3), 1 TD CB Ja’fron Judge @Wally – 56 tackles, 3 TFL, 3 FF/3 FR (#1), 1 INT, 1 PD, 1 TD There’s a legitimate argument for the Tigers’ defense to be a spot or two higher, but a lack of consistency ultimately dooms this defensive unit to the seventh spot. There was a five-week stretch where LSU allowed a 100-yard rusher, broken only by USC’s runningback-by-committee approach in week 9. They’ve also allowed multiple games with 100+ QB rating, including outings by Notre Dame’s Shawn Brady and USC’s Anderson Muller. Oregon RB Jan Karol Chodkiewicz ran amok in both LSU-Oregon games, hitting 125 yards in one game and 160 in this week’s game. There are some glimpses of excellence in the Tigers’ defense – particularly Marino’s 6 tackle, 2 PD, 2 INT game with a pick-six in the close loss to Notre Dame, and a penchant for turnovers similar to Notre Dame’s defense. But unfortunately, LSU’s defense is most certainly in the bottom half of the league; this leaves only… #8 – Alabama Crimson Tide (1-11) 27.0 ppg (#8 up to wk. 11) | Rush YPA – 5.0 (#7) | Pass YPA – 8.0 (#8) Standouts LB Trustworthy Dan @AdamS– 65 tackles, 5 TFL, 8 sacks (#2) CB D’Quez Farquaad @KG21 – 68 tackles, 1 FF, 1 INT, 9 PD (T#3) Well, someone’s got to bring up the rear – and this season, Alabama seems to be the league’s whipping boy. The Tide have a few players to be excited about going pro this season – and the top among them might very well be aptly-named Trustworthy Dan, as well as the Lord himself D’Quez Farquaad – who may very well go in the first couple of rounds in the draft. Unfortunately, defense is very much a team effort, and as a unit, the Tide just haven’t performed. They were basically eaten alive by Michigan back Ricky Razor (178 yds) in Week 5, allowed 40 points with 5 pass TDs against USC in week 6, and allowed over 10 yards per attempt from Texas QB Matt Saracen – not completion, attempt. It’s pretty hard to be inspired by a defense that ranks dead-last or second-to-last in pass and rush defense, and that’s why they occupy the bottom of our ranking here today. So, did I get it right? NCAA ADs - how offended are you by your defense's spot in the rankings? Let me know down below. [Claiming as ranking + MS]
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    Today's the day we get back to even Today's the day we smack our demons Let's take it to these kitty cubs And end the day with titty rubs! @Bushito @Homeskillet @JaysFan26 @majesiu @Patdatass @Sonnet @Kirby @Renomitsu @Smarch @DilIsPickle @duckberg @LattimoreIsland @xsjack @DonCutta190 @deadshot @Esso2264 @HarDRaiL @oilmandan
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    Most homo-erotic team in the EFL confirmed. No wonder, we're just made of BONES and PIRACY.
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    We conquered the sea, now come to land Theremin still stands... Dick in his hand. He summons the Doctor... and the Champagne, it flows. So give us your Trident and grab your toes... We bout to show you how this really goes. @CptMatt @Turner @hedgehog337 @Pandar @chemicalfire @cosbornballboy @AdamS @SwagSloth @ADwyer87 @Dangles13 @street @124715 #FullBattleRattle
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    I am sure that some of you remember this game, not because of the result had great implications, but because of the circumstances in which it ended. For those who do not remember or were not around at the time I will tell you that this game ended in the fourth overtime with a punt return touchdown by Hudson Abbot for 87 yards. Yes, you haven't misread that, four overtimes. The starting presenter had to be replaced because the match was too long. @Alecbama replaced him and gave his all to troll us as only he knows. As you can imagine after playing during what would normally be two encounters some of the statistics were absurd, especially those of Harlon Connecticut, which ended the game with 92 pass attempts, 52 completed passes and 649 yards, all league records. We have a joke around the league in where someone says that Harlon has a robotic arm, maybe you have heard that. Well, that's the beginning. If that day Connecticut did not torn his labrum he will never do it. Tagger also had throw the ball a good amount of times, maybe too much for a 65 intelligence, 60 accuracy and 50 arm QB. But what can you do when the game spans during 2 hours? Sharkstrong was the primary offensive weapon for the Longhorns during that season, as it was his uncapping year, and he tried to carry his team with his 54 rushing attempts. Unfortunately for him and the Longhorns his carries in the overtime periods where worse than bad, either because he was exhausted or because he lacks that clutch gene that makes you better in the final moments. Anyway, if we have to talk about performances that were not up to par, we have to mention, unfortunately, Patrick Kelley. The talented receiver of the Reign and multiple record holder of the NCAA and the Oregon Ducks was magnificent during the first two quarters of the game, but he barely had any participation afterwards, disappearing completely during the overtimes. At that time the offensive coordinator of the Ducks was criticized for ignoring Kelley in what could have been the final moments of the match. Defensively there were good performances but none memorable. Surely the most outstanding player was Abbott, but not for his defensive efforts, but for sealing the game with a victory for his team. As you can see it was a great match that remains in the memory of those who were there to witness it. But now, what should have happened? Was that game meant to last so long? Where the S9 Ducks and the S9 Longhorns the two most equal teams the league has ever seen? To answer all these questions I asked those who were GM of the teams at that time if they could find the strats and depth charts of their teams for that game. I have to thank both @AndrewWarren13 and @TacticalHammer for helping me to make this more accurate and realistic. After recreating the two teams and establishing the strategies chosen by the GMs I have simmed one thousand games between those conference rivals, analyzing the statistics of the teams as well as those of the individual players that were most decisive. Of the 1000 matches, only 54 went to the added time, 48 of which ended in the first overtime. Of the remaining 6, 4 of them finished in the second one and the last 2 in the third. None of the games went into the fourth overtime so we deduce that this circumstance had a probability lower than 0.1%. Although Oregon ended up taking the game Texas had a 55.7% win probability, which kinda matches the probability of winning of a local team against a team of a similar level. The average result of the encounters also suggests that they were two very evenly matched teams. Oregon 19 - 21 Texas. The offensive player of the match was practically assured for Reginald Sharkstrong, with a 95.3% chance, however the great performance of Harlon Connecticut got him the award, despite only having a 3.2% probability. The other three winners of the award were Jan Karol Chodkiewicz (13 times) and Theremin McCraken and Patrick Kelley in one occasion. The prize for the defensive player of the game was much more close, having been distributed during the thousand games between 23 players. The player most likely to win it was Demetrius Sharkstrong, with a 23.9%, followed by Hudson Abbott with an 11.8% and an amazing Trip Wiggly with 8.1%. The player who finally ended up being named as best defender, Jumbo Danzig, only had a 6.3% chance to do so. You can also find the individual average performances for Harlon Connecticut, Reginald Sharkstrong, Jan Karol Chodkiewicz, Demetrius Sharkstrong, Hudson Abbott and Jumbo Danzig in the spreadsheet. Obviously the biggest outlier is Harlon's performance, although it's probably due more to volume than to an increase in performance. --------------------------------------------------------------  All stats are available here.  All episodes available here
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    6:18 1st and 10 WIS - 15 Isaac, M. SACKED by Carl Lemington - LB for -4 yds.  5:47 2nd and 14 WIS - 19 Pass by Isaac, M., complete to Respect, J. for 18 yds. Tackle by Hunter, M.. 4:45 1st and Goal WIS - 1 Pass by Isaac, M., complete to Fitzgerald-Cruz, T. for 1 yds. 4:28 TOUCHDOWN! (Johnson kick good) AND THE MEMPHIS MAMBAS HAVE TAKEN THE LEAD FROM THE BRIGADE! After a slow and long slog to the finish line, we have a game in for us with just under 5 minutes to go in this game! 34 - 33
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    14:03 1st and 10 MEM - 20 Pass by Isaac, M., complete to Millwall, C. for 29 yds. Tackle by Zuberi, B.. 13:01 1st and 10 MEM - 49 Pass by Isaac, M., complete to Sabathia Jr., D. for 51 yds. 11:54 TOUCHDOWN! (Johnson kick good)  The Sabathia show is officially in swing as Isaac hits Sabathia for a HUGE 51 yard touchdown to make this a THREE point game! 27 - 30
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    It’s time for the Kings of the Jungle to put down an upstart challenger to the throne @J.G.10 @SwagSloth @Patdatass @ANTISIMPLE @DWill @ADwyer87 @TacticalHammer @chemicalfire @evryday @Anthony Ouellet @Benni
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    A better sim we wish we had. Unfortunately due to the uselessness of the DDS:PF16 (and it's inability to behave correctly when importing data from the Manager) we have been forced to start this season with a new save file for both the EFL and NCAA. We will be starting from a fresh save file every season going forward unless the developers get back to me about finding a way to disable some of the games functionality that is interfering with what we want to do! This means that the index career totals and records will no longer be tracked in the index - however Sym has spent a long time today updating our manual records, so fear not you will still be able to see how your player stands up against the rest of the league. I can assure you all that I will be working towards implementing a better version of the career, season and game records into the manager for the future without labour intensive data entry. I hope you'll stick with us while we work to rectify this problem!
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    Offseason's over boys, let's show this league how much we've improved! @omgitshim@J.G.10@Quik@evryday@DonCutta190@Rockstar@stevo@hedgehog337@124715@PigSnout *If we lose to NO imma have some words with DDSPF ppl*
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    Last season we rolled out our inaugural Hall of Fame class (congratulations once again to Marcus Johnson, Trey Masters, and Tyler Barabash!), and this season we have a new batch of hopefuls looking to join them! New to the nominations this time around is the Special Teams candidate. We decided that Kickers would never really compare to other offensive players favorably, so in order to give them a fair shake at immortality we added a separate category for Special Teams. Now let's take a look at the nominees! Offense: QB Mike Boss @Boss Mike Boss was the original super star quarterback. Despite being an 11th round pick in the inaugural draft (the 8th quarterback off the board), Boss blew the doors off the entire league by leading the league in everything in season 1 (most yards, highest completion percentage, most touchdowns, & fewest interceptions) en route to winning league MVP and an EFL Championship. His 31 touchdown passes that season was an EFL record during his entire 5 season career, and he won 4 consecutive Quarterback of the Year awards to start his career. QB Nnamdi Okolocha @evryday Another quarterback who stepped away from the game in his prime, Nnamdi Okolocha is the current record holder for most passing yards (5,218) and most passing touchdowns (51) in a single season. A 3 time Quarterback of the Year winner, Okolocha ranks top 3 all time in career passing yards, passing touchdowns, and completions. He also left the game in style, setting that passing touchdowns record in his final season and winning his only MVP award in the process. WR Brady Stropko @Bushito Brady Stropko was one of the EFL's first premier receivers. Stropko was the first player to reach 10,000 career receiving yards, and at the time of his retirement, was the career leader in both receiving yards and receiving touchdowns. While he could never quite win a championship, Stropko won a Wide Receiver of the Year award in his 7th season thanks to a career high 1,585 receiving yards and a then EFL record 16 receiving touchdowns. Defense: LB Quentin Harrison @MWHazard Quentin Harrison may go down as the most decorated linebacker of all time. He is the only player to win 3 Linebacker of the Year & Defensive Player of the Year awards, and he also won 3 EFL Championships in the process. Harrison is the career leader in total sacks with 138, and he also holds the record for most in one season with 31. DB Vontae Peterson Jr. @GoodLeftUndone Vontae Peterson Jr. was the first defensive player ever drafted in the EFL, and his versatility in the secondary was unmatched. VPJ started his career by co-winning the EFL's first Cornerback of the Year award, then became the first secondary player to win a Defensive Player of the Year award in his 5th season, where he won his first of two Safety of the Year awards. With his time split between Los Angeles and Miami, VPJ won an incredible 4 EFL Championships over his 9 year career. CB Ivan Zamora @evryday Ivan Zamora was the standard for Cornerbacks in the early years of the EFL. Zamora won 3 Cornerback of the Year awards over 8 seasons, all with the Miami Neptune, and he was key in both of Miami's Championship runs. He saved the best for last, winning Defensive Player of the Year in his farewell season. Many players say they want to go out on top; Zamora actually achieved it. Special Teams: K Bryce Larkin @Green Bryce Larkin was the long time offensive backbone of the Miami Neptune. He is the career leader in just about every kicking counting stat, and he won 4 consecutive Kicker of the Year awards. Larkin was a 3 time EFL Champion, with the final one coming thanks to Larkin kicking a game winning field goal in overtime on the last game he would ever play. Please give all our nominees a big round of applause, and watch out at the end of the season to find out who is joining the Hall of Fame!
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    2:054th and 9USC - 33Rush by McBoatface, B. for 3 yds. Tackle by Cold, L.. 2:054th and 6USC - 30Turnover on downs.
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    I really like when the presentations are more in depth. As if I was watching on TV. It's hard for me to do that with my current laptop, but I'm planning on getting a new one soon and I'll be going more in depth with mine. Having personal opinion and feedback on what's going on is nice as opposed to just seeing plays
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    Please note this index is only for roster checks. Strats and D/C for the preseason sim will be done tomorrow. I encourage all to comb this over and post any mistakes below. Also please note again that this file will not include any players you haven’t moved to your team in the EFL Manager. If you have to move a player at this point please tag @Wheaties in this thread with the names that you have moved so that I can get them done in file. Again, they will not play until you do this.  @ANTISIMPLE @Tanner0512 @CptMatt @J.G.10 @Turner @MMFLEX @TacticalHammer @Sova
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