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    Howdy folks. Since starting my new job (once again thank you for annoying me with the awful updating systems to force me to learn to program to fix it) I've been kinda swamped and not super active here due to it. Unfortunately all goods things must come at the cost of another, so while I am super pumped for what I'm doing at work I no longer have the time to invest here as I used to. Pretty much everything I've done for this site has been on work time. Anyhu. I'm stepping down as EFL simmer for the time being until my work settles down, so @Turner will be taking over as the EFL simmer. To the GMs, any DCs and Strats need to go to Turner as he is taking over immediately. @Jetsqb101 @Wheaties @Symmetrik @AdamS @Alecbama @LattimoreIsland @OnMyWings @MMFLEX It's been a pleasure serving ya'll some kickass football games, and I'm sure I'll be back in the future to offer some more Captain Matticus out.
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    As previously mentioned, both @CptMatt and @Turner are going to be less involved in league operations in the immediate future. Because of this, we felt it was important to bring a pair of excellent contributors on board to help out in their absence. So without further ado, please welcome @TacticalHammer & @Sharkstrong to the BOD!
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    Over the years I have joked that I was leaving. I have taken some small vacations and spent a few days away, but this time I do not know when I will return. I have had some stuff come up this evening that requires my attention to focus on that and not on leagues. I do not want to just go cold turkey, so I will try to get a new simmer on board if I can, but my time here is sadly coming to an end. It has been an absolute pleasure spending time with you all these past two years, and while this is not a permanent goodbye, it is a goodbye for now.
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    For this article I decided to try and fill out a probowl roster with all-time NCAA players, and discovered that there were some real challenges in figuring out who to put in a few spots. There were definitely some great NCAA players that came before my time on this site that I tried to catch, but if you think that I missed anyone or overlooked a player who deserves to be on the list then lmk for sure. Here's what I came up with: QB: Martin Isaac @Jetsqb101 QB: Logan Crawford @Symmetrik Martin Isaac gets in for career stats and for his Heisman trophy winning year, and Logan Crawford gets the second spot for his Heisman winning season. These two are the QBs that have put up the most ridiculous stats in the NCAA in my opinion, and it would be tough to displace either of them moving forward without another super team being formed. RB: Quin'darius Furdge @Jogn RB: Cameron Millwall @stevo Furdge was the Heisman in S6 and S7,and he was about the only one who could have stopped Millwall from having all of the awards as Millwall went down with the most rushing yards and rushing TDs in NCAA history. There have been a lot of great RBs in the NCAA and some that have won the Heisman and were before my time, but these two are the quintessential NCAA RBs I thought of when making this team. FB: A.A. Goat @omgitshim Find me another FB who got 1st team AA three times, I don't know how else to fill this spot at all. TE: Joplo Crittendon @Crittenden TE: Johnny Bravo @duckberg Joplo was a legit S6 Heisman candidate imo and is the most impressive season I've season from an NCAA TE, while Bravo was able to bring home the TE of the year award twice. Sachimo Zoidberg also tied Bravo in that with 2 TE-OTY awards, but Bravo had better career stats. WR: Lance Swift IV @Wally WR: Patrick Kelley @Patdatass WR: Travis James @ANTISIMPLE Lance Swift broke the sim back in S1 and S2 and ended up being #4 in career TDs despite only playing 2 seasons in the NCAA. Kelley and James have similar arguments with fantastic career numbers and one WR-OTY award, which is the highest award that any WR can claim as a WR has never won Heisman or even OPOTY before. LB: Shaka Lawal @Shaka LB: Boris Bonecrusher @PigSnout LB: Michael McBuckets @Garappogoat LB: Jonathan James @Michael Houston Shaka was an easy call for me with the career sack record and his role on the Alabama dynasty despite his lack of award history (one top LBOTY award). Boris Bonec rusher was thee LBOTY for seasons 2-3 and the DPOTY for season 3-4 so his spot is locked in. After that I filled out the last two spots with the only two other LBs to win DPOTY, with A'Brick Wall being the LB that was left out due to his lack of award history. CB: Isaac Martin @Jetsqb101 CB: Chocolate Thunder @Turner CB: Michael Raine @street Pretty much an automatic name for me, Isaac Martin leads most of the important defensive categories for single season and career NCAA records among CBs and Chocolate Thunder and Michael Raine are former Heismans at the position. SS: Samson Steiner @Evans SS: Matt Hunter @CptMatt Probably the position I had the most difficulty filling this position for this article. Samson Steiner's claim to the list comes from his S10 DPOTY award, but after that finding a worthy player for the 2nd spot was difficult as there isn't anyone else with a strong award history. I went for Hunter as he had a worthy season to win awards in S2 but lost out to Leonard Lawson, but Jack Smith and Porom Mysidiaa were close to grabbing this spot for me as well. FS: Ben Faeger @Benni FS: Leonard Lawson @CloudyDay I chose these two pretty quickly as Faeger looks great in career records and was S7 DPOTY while Leonard Lawson won DPOTY back to back in seasons 1 and 2 for the league. K/P: Sir Ernesto/Adam Winesorcery @Holst I don't know if Ernesto is cheating here, but I feel like he has a claim to greatest kicker in NCAA history. If not him then I'll go for Holst with McKickie McKickmoare being another candidate. KR: Hudson Abbott @Bushito I'll give this one to Abbott, who had an elite year as a returner in S9 and is the only NCAA player with 2 KR TDs to their name
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    From the heat of Texas to the cold air of Wisconsin winters, the former General Manager of the Wisconsin Brigade, and still reigning EFL Champions, continues to ponder his next steps in his career. ...and the phone rings. "NCAA commissioners called... They are looking to fill the Athletic Director position for USC. Interesting." Doak Grizzly mentions to his small contingent of assistants gathered under a warming, Wisconsin summer breeze. "You look at their record and there is much work to do... But considering their history, success is attainable. When you consider players like Nathan Lee... Gale Grey... Dyrus Stone... Lance Swift IV... Carmichael Kersey... Nnamdi Okolocha... Sack Thomas... Cameron Jordan... King Death... Shawn Guy... Theo Silva... and then the great leadership of Vontae Peterson Sr... There is rich, rich history. What you have to do is re-ignite the excitement within the base of a brand. USC was once a place where great recruits committed to a team plan that not only represented immediate success, but wanted to be a part of a long term plan following graduation. Willing to work the recruiting trail long past their days of donning the maroon and yellow." Announced recently, Doak Grizzly has accepted the position as the Athletic Director of the USC Trojans, which will be effective immediately. Former Texas Longhorn AD, played an important role in swinging the Longhorns to the forefront of the NCAA world. Following his season out of football for family reasons, Grizzly took the helm of the then Memphis Bandits. After six seasons, with the now know Brigade, Grizzly amassed five playoff appearances, two conference championships and one EFL Championship. There was always an empty spot that continued to surface. "I missed the recruiting trail. The excitement of those incoming freshman who are staring right at a golden opportunity that they don't understand the value of. It is your responsibility to show them that this is their chance... To not lose the opportunity of a life time. To create that family atmosphere and shape their success. Veterans in the EFL, it is a business... They are established. No one to improve." Currently the Trojans sit in the cellar of the West Division, starting the season 0-4. Just to add water to the flames already struggling, in the first four games the Trojans have been outscored 0-160. An unprecedented start that has the Trojan contingent reeling, but that doesn't come with a lack of effort. "No one starts a season thinking about what happens with this outcome. This isn't any one person's fault. Wisconsin was rolling at 6-1 before rattling off a massive losing streak and almost missed the playoffs. When you are in moments like this you have to find the positives and focus on those, even if there are very few.... The point is that there are some and it is my job to specifically exploit those and continue to build around them. I have seen the lows of lows... You have to start somewhere. We will start here. We will go to the league with a plan... We will reach out to our alumni for help... and we will lean on the current players who have made a commitment to be even greater than they had been being. USC will reach the mountain top again... We are Trojans and we will fight." #StayFocused @Sova@VanCanWin@PigSnout@Fizzy@124715@ccecilletsplay@okochastar@Deity of Ice@Radcow@Rockstar@Cooltruth20@SingingHades@Anthony Ouellet@Ptyrell@Enorama Mentions: @GoodLeftUndone @124715 @evryday @omgitshim @Shaka @TheLastOlympian @MWHazard @DeathOnReddit @sleepyvato
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    I have unilaterally decided to promote @omgitshim to a site admin, with myself having less time for the site since the new job and Turner having to take a step back for a while the site would be left with two inconsistent administrators. So I just picked one of our BOD to be promoted. Congratulations omg. We'll see what will come in the future but I'm sure you'll all agree I made a good decision. Carry on.
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    Alright, you fuckers... Pretend my OP night phase recap included that Tater had and IV hanging out of his arm, carrying a heart rate monitor, stethoscope, and a thermometer. That should clear it up. From now on if something needs to explicitly be stated I will explicitly state it - like a role reveal upon a death.
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    With the 3rd overall pick, ALSO FROM THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, The San Antonio Wolfpack select........
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    User: @CptMatt Despite having issues with many of the staff members during my run on being banned, CptMatt was still a solid dude. His devotion and passion for the AD job was amazing. Win or lose, he always showed heart out there and it was really impressive. The came in, knew what he wanted and proceeded to handle his business in the best way possible. He brought us super star players in Colt Cream who was a running back but played wide receiver and Matt Hunter who was probably one of the best strong safeties to ever suit up. Then he brought us the EFL Manager which has been nothing short of amazing for the website. It has made updating easier for both parties involved and it's a lot cleaner. He has worked tirelessly on the thing and it has done so much good for the league as a whole and it has helped modernize the league to bring it up to par with other leagues who did so. Despite all the hard work he has put in into the league with the EFL Manager, he gave us something to enjoy. It's uncertain what superstars we will see next from the CptMatt agency but I for one can't wait to see. I know his work ethic is top notch and he keeps his head down. He isn't the kind of person who is a diva about things and he just let's his players playing do all the talking. Also he will surely be keeping at it with the EFL Manager and I am certain we will be seeing a lot more interesting things added to it. I just hope that this breather that he gets will allow him to come back refreshed and ready to bless us with more of the same work that we have grown accustomed to seeing from him.
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    So who else is refreshing this page every 30 seconds?
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    Offseason is over and we're back to business! Excited to see the new look defense out there, and hoping to see the same dominant offense that we displayed last year. It was fun to surprise everyone and get a playoff berth last year, but that also means that we don't get to claim any moral victories this season. We were close to being a championship team last year and with the additions we've made this year we're primed to take the next step and bring Memphis it's first championship. @omgitshim@Wally@J.G.10@DonCutta190@stevo@Quik@evryday@Rockstar@Tater_Tot@brenstl@124715 : Expecting a big year from you all!
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    "I've been waiting 2 months to make this pick." -GM Lattimore With the 1st overall selection in the S13 Draft, from the University of Michigan, the New Orleans Kraken Select.....
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    Have you ever looked around the league and thought to yourself, “I wonder where they came up with that username?” That’s me constantly. I think that with most users. Some names are just flat out obvious. Yes, okay, that guy’s name must be Tanner. This rankings article will be my most curious case of usernames, and maybe if I’m lucky they’ll share how it was derived. I’ll start with my username. It all dates back to a high school nickname. You guys remember Funkmaster Flex? The homies just replaced funk with my name. I shortened it to MMFLEX for gaming purposes. 12. @TacticalHammer Sounds pretty bad ass. Is hammer referring to what’s below the belt? Is there some tactics involved with it? I gotta know where this bad boy come from. 11. @Sharkstrong I just recently learned of all your player names having to do with sharks. But what’s the fascination with sharks? Are you a marine biologist or something? Does your family own Loro Parque? And why the strong at the end? 10. @Wheaties Alright, bro you couldn’t have named yourself after a fucking box of cereal, right? Nothing unique about this one to me. I just need to know you didn’t name yourself after some plain ass cereal. 9. @Symmetrik This one I think could have some cleverness to it. Does the k have anything to do with anything? Is there anything to do with the actual meaning of symmetric? 8. @ANTISIMPLE Is it really as simple as it not being simple? Is your true username an antonym of simple? So, you’re actually complex or elaborate? Tell me more. 7. @OnMyWings Maybe one of the usernames I ponder the most. Is this anything related to text talk omw? Were you dumb and thought omw meant on my wings? I mean we all know it means on my wang. You text the ladies that all the time, right? 6. @Snussu What the fuck is this? 5. @KGR Maybe nothing fancy. Could just be your initials. Could be something fantastic too. I need to know. 4. @Shaka The first name I ever saw when joining the league. Honestly, the name itself is something I’ll always relate back to the EFL now. I see Shaka Smart on the sidelines coaching and I think of the EFL. What’s so special about Shaka? 3. @aCrypticPancake Probably the most unique username on my list. Are you like me and think there is something mysterious about every fucking pancake you order from IHOP? Is it cryptic because it’s actually a waffle disguised as a pancake? French toast, perhaps? 2. @Nykonax I’m curious about this username’s meaning. I’m curious about the pronunciation. I’m curious about what you prefer to be called, because I’ve seen people shorten it to “Nyk” and “Nyko.” I’m just curious. 1. @124715 There has got to be a reason behind the numbers, numbers. Is it part of your SSN? If so, can I have the missing digits, your date of birth, and your mother’s maiden name? I could go on and list 90% of the users in this league, but these are some of the more recently active users that I often ponder the meaning of their name. Also, word count mumbo jumbo to wrap up.
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    MMFlex making an entire rankings article just to try to steal Numbers' identity smh
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    EFL EFL Season 13 Week 2 Team Storylines __________ PigSnout | @PigSnout 05.30.19 After struggling last season, the Neptune may be poised to return to championship contention this season after a strong start. __________ Will the Defense Hold Up? After a playoff run last season, the Mambas entered this season with championship aspirations. Last season, they had the highest scoring offense in the league but were held back by a defense that ranked in the bottom half of the league. So far this season, they appear to be in the same situation as they lead the league in points scored but rank sixth in terms of points allowed. They have more defensive talent than they did last season as their offseason moves largely focused on upgrading the defense, but the increased talent hasn't translated to their results so far in the first two weeks. It may take a few weeks for the new pieces to gel together and for the defense to reach its full potential.The Mambas have a championship caliber offense, but their ceiling will be determined by whether they can put things together on defense. __________ Ready to Contend Again? The Neptune looked poised for a potential rebuild after their Season 11 Championship run as they finished 4-10 in Season 12. However, it looks like they may be ready to cut the rebuild short and become contenders again this season. They're off to an impressive start with a 2-0 record and the best point differential in the league so far. They made some big investments in their defense over the offseason as they spent three picks in the first two rounds of the draft on defensive players and it has payed off so far as their defense has allowed the lowest amount of points through the first two games of the season after finishing seventh in points allowed last season. If their early play continues, the Neptune may be ready to make another championship this season. __________ Tough Competition The Herd have gotten off to a pretty good start so far with a 1-1 record and a +17 point differential. However, in a tough Eastern Conference, this currently has them in fourth place. This will bring back memories of the Herd missing the playoffs last season despite a 9-5 record due to tough competition within the conference. They look like they will be a strong team again this season, but they aren't going to have much margin for error as all four Eastern Conference teams are looking like potential contenders at this point in the season. The Herd have three road games against conference rivals coming up in their next four games, which will present them with a chance to establish themselves as one of the top teams in the Eastern Conference early on if they can get a couple of wins in that stretch. It will be a tough race to make the playoffs in the Eastern Conference this season, but the Herd look like they will be ready for the challenge. __________ Ready to Repeat? The Brigade came in to the season hoping for a big year to follow up last season's championship win and they are off to a great start so far. They are one of three undefeated teams remaining after a 2-0 start. Their offense is one of the best in the league just like last season as they have scored the second most points so far and quarterback Trent Taggert is currently on a historic pace with a 141.6 passer rating. This season's Brigade team may even be better than last season's as they won the championship last season in spite of their sixth ranked defense but currently rank in the upper half defensively this season as they are third in points allowed so far. The Brigade could be on track to repeat as champions as they look like the league's most complete team at this point in the season. __________ No Running Game, No Problem The Reign have the least balanced offense in the league so far this season as they have only attempted 5 rushes in comparison to 103 passing attempts. However, this has not caused any issues for them so far. Their offense is rolling as they rank third in the league with 69 points scored. The Reign are off to a great start as they are 2-0 while every other Western Conference team sits at 0-2. The all out passing attack has been getting great results for the Reign so far and it will be interesting to see if they keep it up over the course of the season or if they try to get a running game going later on. If this strategy continues to work for the Reign, other teams around the league may even try to replicate it later in the season. __________ When Will the First Win Come? Two games into the season, the Kraken are in the midst of a 20 game losing streak dating back to Season 11. They are a much more talented team than they were last season after a strong draft class and their biggest question is when that new talent will translate into a win to break their losing streak. Both of their games so far have been blowout losses, but they will have the chance to turn around their fortune soon as four of their next five games are at home. They will have the chance to benefit from home field advantage several times in their next few games, which means they may be able to break out of their losing streak sooner rather than later. The Kraken are still struggling to find their identity right now, but could catch a few teams off guard this season if their young talent gets up to speed quickly. __________ Can the Wolfpack Get Back on Track? The Wolfpack have had a good run of success in recent years, but it looks like age may be starting to catch up to them as they missed the playoffs with a 6-8 record last season and are off to an 0-2 star this year. They've lost some of their key contributors due to old age and have seen others start to lose a step due to regression. They've also been adding some young talent in attempt to counteract those losses, but the question is whether that will be enough for them this season. Though the Wolfpack haven't gotten off to a great start so far, they currently hold a playoff spot as three Western Conference teams are currently tied with 0-2 records. Of those teams, the Wolfpack currently have the best point differential which could mean they have looked the best so far out of those three teams. If their young talent can find its groove this season, the Wolfpack may still be able to compete for a playoff spot even if they aren't as strong as they were in previous years. __________ Passing Game Woes The Predators were hoping to return to the championship game this season but are off to a rough start as they have lost both of their first two games by double digits. One of their most obvious issues right now is the fact that they haven't been able to get their passing game going. Drew McPewPewPew has struggled so far as he has just a 62.4 passer rating so far. However, the issue doesn't seem to be McPewPewPew himself but rather the lack of weapons around him as the Predators only have one wide receiver with greater than 200 TPE. McPewPewPew is talented enough to improve his play in the coming weeks, but the Predators' passing attack is going to have a limited ceiling this season without more weapons. If the Predators hope to make a playoff run this season, they will need to be able to rely on their rushing attack and they will need their defense to return to the higher level it played at last season. __________ COMMENT BELOW
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    Kicker - Bryce Larkin @Green When you talk about kicking, punting, or special teams, usually the name Bryce Larkin comes up. He is a Hall of Famer now by the way! Congratulations to him! A lot of people don't realize the importance of a reliable kicker so some may not realize Larkin is one of the top EFL players of all time. Yeah, I said it, all-time! Larkin spent his whole career kicking for the Miami Neptune and the Neptune always had a kicker or a punter that they could count on. When Miami was in a close game, you were always nervous for the other team due to Larkin's ability to not only kick clutch field goals, but to also flip field position in an instant and with some of Miami's defenses over the years, that was enough to seal the game itself a few of the times. When you look back at Larkin's numbers and records, I don't think they will hold up. We have a ton of kickers coming through the ranks and kickers, if managed right, can last an extremely long time, but they weren't the first guy to do it. Larkin holds the distinction of being THE guy of his era in terms of special teams and while we see guys like Adam Winesorcery challenging for top kicker each year, he won't be looked at in the same manner of Larking, at least not in my opinion. Larkin finished his career with 264 field goals on 293 attempts, good enough for a 90.1% success rate on field goal attempts. He also finished with a 99.1% success rate on extra points and was pretty much automatic when it came to making the easy kicks. Most notable, Larkin helped lead the Miami Neptune to 3 EFL Championships, including the final game of his career in which he kicked a game-winning field goal to win the championship for the Neptune in overtime! He was a perennial candidate for kicker of the year and will go down as the true pioneer of kicking in the EFL. As mentioned before, his records may be broken by multiple kickers in the coming years, but his legacy will never be broken.
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    I’m preliminarily thinking Lat on the sole basis that he’s posting in here and not presenting EFL right now
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    Most Likely to Date a Gunner Ok guys, If you are not aware of this now we have a lady among us, so no more cursing in the game threads, keep your trash talking civil and… got you, she is more like Arya than Sansa. Just put the toilet seat back down. @HuddleHussy players are kicker Diana Gunner and linebacker Amina Gunner. Let’s keep this real, we all know half the NCAA is going after this two beauties, and that’s because the other half is gay. But who has the biggest chance to date one of them? Let's find out. DIANA GUNNER 71 inches (180 cm to real people) and 190 lbs (86 Kg) of pure cuteness. Look at that profile pic. Look at that upper body. Now look again at her height and weight. You know what that means? She has to be 乇乂丅尺卂 丅卄工匚匚. Just let your imagination fly. The young player of the Michigan Wolverines is destined to play in the EFL for many years, but she has not had much contact with the professional world yet. Enough with the intro, let’s see who can hold (for) this warrior princess: 3- Mr. Cornholio @Cornholio. Mr. Cornholio was a junior already when Diana came into the league and has been one of the most proficient WRs of the league. Now that he is going to enter his fourth year he feels extra confident, ready to bet in himself, and as teammates they will see each other every day. I do not think he will resist inviting Diana to some Gatorades after practice. 2- Evenging Chong @Snussu. Chong and Diana came into the league in the same year and to play the same position. They share the same passion, to kick balls, and that could bring them together. They have been seen together at the annual EFL Kicking Convention, where Chong holded the balls to Diana, who kicked them really really hard. You could see the glint in Chong's gaze. 1- Adam Winesorcery @Holst. Guess who else was at the convention? While Chong was looking with loving eyes to Diana her sight was on Adam. The real OG. The GOAT. What a man, oh mama, I’d turn gay for him. Bad mouths say that he is kinda “inactive”, but he is still efficient. He would never miss a shot like this. Honorable mention to Old Man John @Fizzy because he is handsome as fuck and has old man sexiness. AMINA GUNNER 74 inches (188 cm). 220 lbs (100 Kg). Smart jokes. And look at that smile. Too much of a woman for an ordinary man. She plays for the Miami Hurricanes AKA The Filler Army, but I don’t think anyone will be able to fill… her… void… in the locker room when she gets drafted in the future. Phew. 3- Demetrius Sharkstrong @me. What did you think? This is my ranking. I’m being conservative here. Amina spelled backwards is "Anima", and "Anima" is a word in my regional language, Valencian (Catalan if you wish), and not a regular word. “Anima” means “soul”. That is destiny right there. I refuse to believe that’s just a mere coincidence. Oh also Demetrius is a EFL star playing in Miami as well. He has a weird face but that adds to his personality. Soul Gunner is already a thing. 2- Harlon Connecticut @AndrewWarren13. You know this jokes comes from VHL but it still stands here because Amina, as a good LB, likes to kill QBs, and there’s not a QB that likes to be choked as hard as Harlon Connecticut. Harlon also plays in Miami and is a superstahahaha. Harlon lives in Miami. He has been seen with Brick Wahl and Revvy, hockey players that are also represented by the HH agency. Just connect the dots. 1- Bartholomew Blojo @CptMatt. Look at that beauty. If there is something more pleasing to the eye than the gunner girls doing their job is to see Blojo B. evaluating an offense. He looks right, he looks left, and suddenly his eyes stop in Amina’s booty, right in front of his doing a squat while she gets ready to kill someone. He completely loses his alignment and concedes an easy touchdown, but that’s worth it because the young Gunner has a kind heart and goes to comfort him with a pat on the ass. Now he is deeply in love. This is a match made in heaven. Comments below
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    Michigan laughs at your feeble attempt to handicap this game and wins this bet handily. Extra entries are awarded to: Everyone not named @Wally. Which are: @TJH @bemetsz @oilmandan @Acydburn @jhatty8 @Cornholio @HuddleHussy @LattimoreIsland @PigSnout @K1NG LINUS @Symmetrik @AndrewWarren13 @Moosecop @TacticalHammer @Patdatass @xsjack @Enorama @Wheaties @MMFLEX @Sharkstrong @chemicalfire @Snussu @Jetsqb101
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    Do you guys prefer the spread out score updates, or do you just want quarterly? Fire react for spread out, Football react for quarterly.
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    We're still a long way out from the S14 draft, but with the S13 draft concluded, why not take a look at who teams are tanking for next season? The draft declarers are just getting themselves prepared for another season. This will be the most pressure packed seasons of their careers, no matter what they've done before. This is make or break time for the entire future of their EFL careers. Some players will be able to handle the long grind in the spotlight of their draft season. Some won't. We'll take a look at the expected top 8 prospects. #8 - Luke Cafferty - @jmoney - CB, Texas Longhorns Cafferty is part of a strong Texas draft class. There's a ton of Texas prospects, but Cafferty is their only defensive back in the draft. He'll definitely be tasked with controlling the air, and that will be a lot of pressure for him. With the rest of their strong class though, any mistakes from Cafferty I think wouldn't be a huge burden. It should really help take a lot of the pressure off him, and definitely a lot of the spotlight. EFL loves defensive backs and so they'll be keeping an eye on Cafferty #7 - Jax Byrd - @KGR - CB, Michigan Wolverines Byrd is part of a small but pretty strong Wolverines class. He's going to have to make a big impact all over the defensive side of the ball, as Michigan lost 2 dominant linebackers to the S13 draft. He'll have some offensive help thanks to his fellow draftees, but he and he alone will be the one to control the defense. As I said for Cafferty, the EFL's got their eyes out for defensive backs. His past reputation might haunt him a bit, he might be a risky pick, but on the field I think he'll show that he'd pay some strong dividends. He shouldn't have an issue with the pressure on the field, but the pressure off the field is another story. #6 - JJ Hendrix - @TJH - CB, Notre Dame Fighting Irish JJ and his brother TJ are both in this draft. Both should be excellent players in the EFL, but as I said for both the previous prospects, the EFL scouts have their eyes on defensive backs. JJ is an extremely rare sophomore declaration. It's been quite possibly since season 2 we last saw a sophomore declare for the draft. Hendrix will definitely have the spotlight on him declaring so young, but he'll be helped out pretty well by the rest of a strong Notre Dame draft class. He's got 2 fellow defensive back in the draft, and some strong offensive support with both a QB and RB in the draft. When the scouts are watching, Hendrix will definitely have some bright stars to help hide any mistakes. #5 - Boaty McBoatface - @Enorama - RB, Alabama Crimson Tide McBoatface is a very lonely Alabama draftee. The only member of the Crimson Tide in the draft, he's going to have a hack of a time. Running back are usually in the best position to perform under pressure, and in this scenario I expect McBoatface to absolutely dominate. He dominated as a junior, and now he'll get the opportunity to completely run this Alabama offense. Everything should run through him and he should be more than capable of handling it. Running back spots in the EFL are limited but McBoatface will be a special player to watch. #4 - Mr. Cornholio - @Cornholio - WR, Michigan Wolverines Cornholio joins Jax & his brother Max Byrd in the Michigan draft class. Scouts have been waiting for the day when Cornholio decided to declare for the draft, many thought & hoped it may have been earlier than it was. Cornholio will get to be front and center alongside Max Byrd (Quarterback) in the Michigan offense, and there is nothing better for a WR draftee than to be playing alongside a QB draftee. Cornholio will be in an outstanding position to shine this season. He's been in the shadows of some big draft classes at Michigan over the last few seasons, and he's got all the experience that he needs to succeed. EFL scouts will love to see a star wide receiver. #3 - Lester McCorn - @Cornholio - CB, Miami Hurricanes Miami will be interesting this season. McCorn will absolutely the face of their team, offense or defense, he is the guy in Miami. He has already shown dominance at the NCAA level, even as an underclassman. He won the Jim Thorpe and Chuck Bednarik awards as a sophomore. He should easily finish 3rd in NCAA history for interceptions, and probably 2nd for passes defended. Even without being a draftee, he's been a star with all the world watching, and he should have no issues. A defensive back with a strong history of on field performance? Yeah, the EFL scouts love that. #2 - Duke Starscream - @Turner - RB, Notre Dame Fighting Irish Starscream will be a great prospect out of Notre Dame, he's in the great position of having a fellow draftee QB, but that QB has no wide receiver to pair with in the draft. That makes Starscream his go to. He'll get all kinds of touches, and will be able to dominate with them. The big knock on him is that he spent more time so far as a backup/WR than as at his natural RB position, but I don't think that will effect him. He comes from a great agency with EFL history and you can be sure they've prepared him well. EFL scouts may not be watching RBs all that much, but they certainly watch for superstar talent. The only knock against him at the EFL level may be that as prolific as his agency is, they have a tendency to retire early, especially on the offensive side of the ball. #1 Casey Archer - @Symmetrik - CB, Notre Dame Fighting Irish Archer leads an elite defensive back draft class for both Notre Dame and the NCAA as a whole. He's been rather average in his 2 seasons in the NCAA so far, but he's got everything you want to see out of a prospect. He's going to be great and Notre Dame is known for making their defensive backs look pretty damn good. He's got everything that EFL scouts look for - notably, he's a defensive back - and he comes from a strong agency that's produced some prolific EFL players. Honourable Mentions Ok this is a pretty strong draft class. Only so many can end up being 1st round picks, but there's a long list of strong prospects. There's no QB spots in the EFL, but there's some strong QBs in this class such as Max Byrd, Matt Saracen, Jake Luck, and Shawn Brady. You've also got some strong receivers like TJ Hendrix, Matthew Stanton, and Khobe Karter. Hassan Halafula is a rare tight end draftee, and Johnny Greg and Diana Gunner headline the kickers of the class. Shawn Polamalu is another notable DB in the class. That does it for this.
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    Welcome to the pack, rooks! @PigSnout @solas @Jmgia64
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    With the 11th overall selection from the University of Southern California, the San Antonio Wolfpack select.....
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    With the 2nd overall pick, also from the University of Michigan, the Memphis Mambas Select....
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    Los Angeles, CA - It has been a long season for the Trojans as they continue on without a win to show for it, 0-10 to be exact. Many knew coming in to the S13 season that it would be a bit of a rebuilding season, but no one expected what has unfolded to this point. With stagnant offense and a porous defense, things in Southern California could look much more bleak than they already are... but is that a bad thing? "We have had alot of change. A new system... a new Athletic Director... and a batch of freshman new to this speed of play. It will take time... and that we have. We have time... We have pieces in place... and we have a plan." Doak Grizzly explained to local boosters. "The team is developing and each of the players finding their identities as they become an asset to this storied program. In order to succeed we must re-establish a work ethic and an understanding that we aren't given championships. Those aren't just signed... they are fought for... they are won. Our resurgence will take this freshman class wanting to be leaders and most of all, wanting to instill consistency." With thirteen out of the eighteen scholarships in the hands of freshman, it isn't a surprise to see the young squad struggling so early on. With youth, comes the need to develop and as long as improvement is present the future is bright. With red shirt season upon us, we also are starting to hear about the next class of incoming freshman taking shape. But with only one graduating senior, there isn't much space on the ever growing roster. "We want to be known for our hard work... We want to be rewarded for buying into a plan and sticking to it. No shortcuts. We aren't after players who only want a one- or two-year experience. We are after the pedigree of loyalty that will construct long term success and season after season competitiveness. We not only want to win games... But we want to win titles. As I said... It will just take time." Some wonder if the Trojans will be able to end this daunting streak this season. With only four games remaining, we can take a look at the possibilities: Week 11: Home vs. Miami Week 12: Home vs. Alabama Week 13: Away at Notre Dame Week 14: Home vs. LSU While many look at the schedule and see three out of four at home, the Trojans are on the short end of a combined score of 180-16 against the same four teams earlier this season. With home field advantage, it may be a possibility that lightning could strike... but fans aren't holding their breath. "All we continue to push for is improvement... Score... Win a quarter... Win your battles. These lessons learned will make bigger goals that much more enjoyable. In many seasons we will look back and remember this as a learning experience. In order to have sustained greatness you need a plan to allow for it... What we have now is a destiny. Those who believe will be rewarded." @PigSnout@Fizzy@124715@ccecilletsplay@okochastar@Deity of Ice@Radcow@Rockstar@Cooltruth20@SingingHades@Anthony Ouellet@Ptyrell@TotallyNotGus @Rayzor_7
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    S13: The Year of the Quarterback Yes, it has been spoken about time after time and will probably to continue to be a main focal point for years to come, but there has never been the quarterback talent that we are seeing in the EFL right now. I wrote about the changes in some of the teams' quarterback situations here and outlined the next quarterback up for that team, I now think that I won't be writing any of those articles for awhile until potential talks of expansion are here. Each and every team in the EFL right now has a quarterback with enough talent to win a lot of games for that franchise and at this point, it is hard to decipher them all or say one stands above the rest. It comes down to building the team around those signal callers now and whichever team does that the best, should come out on top in the end. Let's look at the overall numbers amongst all passers right now in our league, about to head into week 10 in both the NCAA and EFL today. LAST SEASON: THIS SEASON (Through 9 Games): Pass Attempts (Per Game): 4233 (37.79) 2749 (38.18) Pass Completions (Per Game): 2619 (23.38) 1786 (24.8) Completion Percentage: 61.87% 64.969% Passing Yards (Per Game): 32853 (293.33) 23161 (321.68) Yards Per Completion: 12.544 12.968 Passing Touchdowns (Per Game): 224 (2) 187 (2.597) Interceptions (Per Game): 92 (.8214) 62 (.8611) Let's also look at the numbers this season, when dividing by 8 to give us a QB average: Pass Attempts: 343.625 Pass Completions: 223.25 Completion Percentage: 64.969% Passing Yards: 2895.125 Yards Per Completion: 12.968 Passing Touchdowns: 23.375 Passing Interceptions: 7.75 LET'S ANALYZE! The league appears to be trending up in terms of overall passing statistics and while some could be skewed, mostly from people looking at things and saying people are passing too much. If we look, however, there is only about a half a pass more on average in the league right now than there was last season. Where we see our more telling results is the Completions and Completion Percentage, because only increasing the pass attempts by .5 or even less than that, we have an extra 1.5 completions per game and a 3% raise in our completion percentage as a league. We are seeing the QBs throw it about the same amount of times but are doing so more efficiently now and interceptions, while up a bit, have not raised by much, only increasing in .04 more interceptions per game. We also are just 9 games through so things could definitely change but the trend is up in almost every passing category so far, and while Los Angeles has pretty much abandoned the running game, they definitely help skew the numbers a little bit, but, without them, we actually might be seeing less attempts per game than we did last season in terms of league total and league average. In terms of per QB numbers, it is pretty impressive, as to be considered above average at this point you need to complete around 65% of your passes, throw for almost 3,000 yards and 24 touchdowns, and only have 8 interceptions to your name at most, the standards are extremely high right now in the EFL passing game. Let's look at the QBs and who hits or misses the mark in terms of QB average statistics and try and come up with which QBs are average, or either better or worse than, using Yards, Completion %, Total Passing Touchdowns, and Touchdowns to Interception Ration which will be around 3.016 right now: IN THE EAST! Martin Isaac (MEM): 2953 yards (+), 67.2% completions (+), 32 TDs (+), 4.57 TD/INT% (+) = ++++ Trent Taggert (WIS): 2897 yards (+), 66.1% completions (+), 23 TDs (-), 4.6 TD/INT% (+) = ++ Logan Crawford (NYH): 3630 yards (+), 69.7% completions (+), 32 TDS (+), 2.46 TD/INT% (-) = ++ Harlon Connecticut (MIA): 3048 yards (+), 63.6% completions (-), 24 TDS (+), 4 TD/INT% (+) = ++ IN THE WEST! John Smith (LAR): 3718 yards (+), 66.8% completions (+), 37 TDs (+), 7.4 TD/INT% (+) = ++++ Drew McPewPewPew (SEA): 1929 yards (-), 64.8% completions (-), 13 TDs (-), 2.6 TD/INT% (-) = ---- Gavin Rose (SAN): 2670 yards (-), 59.4% completions (-), 15 TDs (-), 1.36 TD/INT% (-) = ---- Alexander Saint-Sebastien (NOK): 2316 yards (-), 60.7% completions (-), 11 TDs (-), 1.1 TD/INT% (-) = ---- Crazy right? Well, maybe. It is not a perfect science and some of the teams in the west are much more adept to running rather than passing as well as having the 4 lowest TPE quarterbacks as well currently in the EFL. It also does not take into affect the quality of the secondaries in the game also which you could debate that the West is usually the more defensive conference. That being said, it does seem like the top 2 are easy here in Isaac and Smith and while Smith is aided by the Air Raid attack from Los Angeles, you can't fault him on 66.8% completions and a massive 7.4 in Touchdown to Interception Ratio. Taggert, Crawford, and Connecticut all miss out barely on a few stats which brings them down a little but are still above average. McPewPewPew is hurt by the Seattle rushing attack in his yards and total touchdowns but JUST missed out on completion percentage. Rose is a rookie so it is hard to fault him on a rebuilding San Antonio Wolfpack and Sebastien players for the Kraken, who are very young and once their weapons develop more, he should also improve with them. While it is hard to look into it too much because we can't factor in weapons, gameplans or opposing secondaries, I think we do see into potential QB of the Year races which Smith and Isaac are currently the guys to beat based on these preliminary findings. Hope you all enjoyed ~~PLEASE COMMENT BELOW~~
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    This is good timing. It'll be nice to occasionally have some simulation football to distract us on our Mafia game site.
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    I interrupt this game to declare TOWN the winners. @Sharkstrong the Seer has shot @Enorama the Serial Killer! Great game everyone. I had fun.
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    So I thought about doing an article on another legend by the name of Quin'darius Furdge. Unlike the previous inactive RB I wrote about, Furdge blew the doors off the NCAA, breaking records and winning Heismans like no tomorrow. Then I realized that was kinda boring since I just wrote a well researched article on another legend, so I thought I would change things up a bit. The problem? I didn't know what to do. I thought I might spoil an uncapped TPE opportunity that will be coming up very soon, but the mystery of it is half the fun! I guess this tease is a bit of a spoiler in itself though. We've also had a very active game pop up this week that I am unable to talk about at the moment. If you missed out on that, well, given that it seems to be a hit, we may make it a regular thing each season (possibly as an off-season event to help keep people entertained while we do the behind the scenes work). Side note, while the Draft Combine I did was fun, it was quite a bit more work than I anticipated, so if someone would be interested in taking the reins on that next season, let me know and I'll give you the info on how I did it. That also reminds me on some other stuff I should get ready this weekend... But enough rambling, let's get to the EFL news. Both undefeated teams lost at home today, so we now have half the league tied at 3-1. Los Angeles is in good shape because San Antonio is trying so hard to make Tugg Bote useless that they are almost as bad as New Orleans. The East is a huge dog fight now, and I think my New York Herd are in first now, though my Mambas are in last with a 2-2 record. C'mon @Jetsqb101 git gud. Passing has been insane this season. Smith is averaging over 400 yards and 4 TDs a game thanks to Los Angeles running all of 10 rushing plays all season. That is not a typo. 10 attempts over 4 games. Damn it @Alecbama why did you not try to recruit DeAnderson? Connecticut also was on the 400 yards per game pace until he got bullied by New York. Throwing a pick six to a filler linebacker? You need to step yo game up. Crawford's performance in that game has him teetering just outside the 400 yards per game mark too, which almost makes you wonder if we need to think about tinkering with the sliders a bit. Obviously 4 games is a small sample size, but 3 players on pace to break the single season passing record is a lot. Then again, we've never had such a high concentration of talent at the QB position before. Hell I haven't even talked about those scrubs Isaac and Taggert who are "only" averaging 300+ yards and 3+ touchdowns a game. Add in Rose who is having rookie pains, ASS who is starting to come along now that he's got some receivers that are worth a damn, and McPewPewPew who needs some receivers who are worth a damn, and in a couple seasons I don't think running backs will even exist anymore. Aside from Sharkstrong of course but maybe Seattle should just have him be their receivers. Like all of them. Clone Sharkstrong and put 5 of him on the field. Levesque has been solid as well, though he still hasn't figured out this whole "scoring" thing. Might be a fad he should get in on. Speaking of people who get yards but don't score, Kowalski is putting up numbers again this season. He wasted all his touchdowns in Season 11 and now he's got none. Sabathia Jr. hasn't been getting the yards like last season, but I've been excited about his 6 touchdowns, at least until I saw James also had 6. Serious @Alecbama, plz. Although I'm glad James is getting them instead of Kelley. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I can leave the EFL in good hands with Kelley as the league's top diva (is he even a diva? I've been so out of touch these days.) I feel a little bad that he stole James' top spot though. As someone who had to go through the terror that is Mantis, I feel for you @ANTISIMPLE. It feels a bit weird coming towards the end of a career, as none of the sim leagues I've ever been a part of before ever lasted long enough for that to happen, but I'm glad that I will leave as #2 in receiving touchdowns and top 3 in receiving yards when all is said and done (damn you Cream and you're forever being good). Hell I'll probably sneak into the top 10 in receptions by the end of this season too! (spoilers: I already have.) Serious question though: @MMFLEX what have you done to my boy @Crittenden? Did you secretly pick Loth in fantasy and now making the rest of us pay? I think I'm on pace to pass him for 9th on the receptions list as well. That probably won't stick, but top 10 should for at least one season after I retire. Taking a look at defense, I see Chando is leading the league in sacks. Hell yeah! Once again though it's a Kelley that's trying to cramp his style. 3 sacks today to tie me? @Patdatass you need to chill son. I was gonna do an NCAA breakdown too but this has gotten way too long by now. I'm still very annoyed that East and West is switched for the second season in a row. Also there's 3 undefeated teams and USC hasn't scored a point yet. Max Byrd has transitioned very well to the QB role, and on the other end, LeSiege will eventually throw a touchdown. As probably the only serious thing I'll write in this article, we've all been there @Fizzy. Keep up the hard work and good things will come! Your attitude has been great and I can see LeSiege being an EFL star some day. As someone who was part of an 0-14 team, it will get better. Anyway, I've come this far, screw it let's do the rest. Like usually NCAA rushing is high. I have McBoatface, Starscream, and Von Vanmort on my fantasy team. Money well spent. Cornholio is lapping the other receivers right now, though Hendrix won't go down without a fight. Nothing super out of the norm on defense so I'll go to kickers. @Benni bruh how you 1/6 on field goals? Even Matt Prayter managed to make more than half of them on that terrible 0-14 Alabama team. @omgitshim out.
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    Night Phase #2 The town's folk gather at the fire again on this cold morning. It's very apparent that two noticeable faces have not shown up. The villagers are concerned and first head to @Alecbama's house. It's not good. You can smell the rotting body walking up the path. Blood covers the walls. The body has been butchered. It's a very disturbing scene. Alecbama was the Amnesiac. Feeling depressed the villagers know they need to check in on @Nykonax. He's laying on the bed as the villagers call his name. No movement. One brave villager creeps closer and notices he's been shot in the noggin. Nykonax was the Lookout. Remember... Dead people can't talk. Cuz you ded.
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    Good Evening Folks! Welcome to another day and another game of College Football. ! Here at Autzen Stadium... It's the Oregon Ducks! Verses... The Notre Dame Irish! A brawl is surely brewing here in the stadium as the crowd roars for their Ducks! So without further ado... IT'S ON! V.
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    Welp... Looks I'm gonna be the hero of today.
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    Patrick Kelley - WR @Patdatass S7 - S10 56 Games, 320 Receptions, 4,947 Yards, 39 Touchdowns, 15.46 YPC, Longest Catch of 63 Yards Patrick Kelley came into the NCAA with the Oregon Ducks back in S7. At the time, Oregon was starting their rise up the standings toward prominence. During his freshman season (Oregon 8-6, 2nd in West), Kelley immediately played a big role as the leading receiver on the team with nearly 1,000 receiving yards. Kelley also helped the Ducks defeat the favored Trojans of USC to make it to the NCAA Championship game, where they'd end up falling short to Alabama. Sophomore season saw improvements from Kelley and Oregon as a whole - Kelley caught over 1,100 yards and 12 touchdowns as the team improved to 11-3, yet had to go on the road for the Western Crown. The Ducks would end up defeating Texas where Kelley scored a touchdown... they would end up meeting Alabama once again in the championship game, and fell short for the second year in a row. Oregon would finally earn Western Conference regular season supremacy with another 11-3 campaign and Kelley added over 1,300 yards and 6 touchdowns. The postseason would see more of the same results with Oregon advancing to the National Title game, meet Alabama and fall short. This was bitter disappointment for a team that had really come together and wanted to dethrone Alabama. Senior season was the year. With quarterback Harlon Connecticut and Kelley uncapping, this was going to be a season for the ages. Kelley posted 1,523 receiving yards and 13 touchdowns and was virtually unstoppable at times. But they faced an unexpected challenge from Texas, who would end up stealing the West with identical 10-4 records during the regular season. In the postseason, Kelley had 5 receptions for 104 yards and Connecticut threw for 358 yards... but the turnovers did the Ducks in and their streak of Western Conference supremacy came to an end here. I think that Patrick Kelley is an NCAA receiving legend just because he owns all three major receiving career records (receptions, yards, touchdowns). The Oregon team he was on had immense success all four years and while the fourth year could have gone a lot better, these Ducks were an unfortunate victim of a Texas team that also had a lot of great players on both sides of the ball. Mr. Cornholio stayed all four years because he wanted to have a chance of breaking Kelley's records. I think receptions is within Cornholio's reach while yards and touchdowns are probably unbreakable (for the time being).
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    I don’t see a “nurse” role, which he/she would have done those things and not the doctor...
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    I won an award? legit?
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    With the 15th overall selection, from the University of Miami, the San Antonio Wolfpack select.... FOR FUTURE REFERENCE, HIS NAME IS IAQUINTA, NOT LAQUINTA LIKE I TOLD KGR
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    With the 10th overall pick, from the University of Miami, the Miami Neptune select....
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    With the 7th overall pick, from the University of Southern Cal, the New Orleans Kraken select.........
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    With the 6th overall pick, from the University of Southern California, the New Orleans Kraken select.........
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    Ladies and gentlemen, we got him... Lat may have been waiting 2 months for his pick but i've been waiting 3 seasons for mine. Welcome back! @PigSnout
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