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    Hey guys and gals, just a quick announcement to make on our affiliate partners. As you may have seen already in the SBA this morning, we are making a move, along with SCOR, and the VHL, to allow the members who have expanded roles and earn 12 TPE automatically for their contributions at all of these leagues to now allow that 12 points to be claimable across the partnered leagues. While this list is exclusively small, it still allows those members that do so much at one site, to be able to be afforded the opportunity to have players in these other leagues, where they might not have been able to find the time for before. If you are a presenter, or any other job where we award a point task plus job pay for your job, your 6 TPE is still eligible to be claimed for welfare at any partnered site, that is staying the same. With that, we are also making a move here that our Simmers, @Sharkstrong and @Wheaties will now be eligible for 12 TPE a week due to their contributions and dedication to the job that requires a handful of time every single week. A list of eligible names will be given to the update team so that they know how to proceed when someone claims 12. Thank you! And if you haven’t already, please give a huge thank you to Shark and Wheaties. They dedicate more time to this league than you may realize and they are a lifeline here!
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    Reddit recruiting results! We have had 18 unique registrations in the past month when we launched this, so keeping our tradition alive of 5 tpe per 10 registrations, that means everyone is allowed to collect 5 tpe as our thank you for upvoting and helping the newcomers out as they arrived. Keep a look out for new reddit announcements as recruiting is a never ending job! Link to this post for your 5 UNCAPPED TPE. Everyone is eligible to claim this, EFL and NCAA alike. IF you are currently under your NCAA cap of 199 you may claim this. If you are uncapping next season you may not claim it.
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    Better idea: Black Market. Buy steroids and PEDs that give you +3 to any attribute for one season. The following season you lose that +3 and suffer a 1% regression on all stats.
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    How bout we keep this thread to congratulating people and wishing them well. If we can't do that, don't post.
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    Pass. Pass. Pass. It has been a season of frustration... and not one because of Wisconsin's record, but because the lack of progression in the system. Quarterbacks are over-protected right now and it is leading to inflation beyond what is necessary. As a quarterback, I want to see the ball ran more. I want to see variety... and I'm ready to hang them up at the conclusion of this season due to a lack of it. I've thought over this long and hard... I've made sure there are options for Wisconsin at the conclusion of this season. This isn't a reflection on the Brigade franchise, but simply from a place within myself that just isn't finding the fun of the game at the EFL level right now. My passion is going to turn to developing players at the NCAA level and one day, should this level of play resemble that of variety paired with success, then perhaps I will see another player reach this level again. To @AdamS : Couldn't ask for a better GM. Sure we haven't been able to find the right formula, but with the players available, my replacement should suffice and the Brigade free up some cap space to go after bigger names. Love the relationship we have developed through this fam and wouldn't have had it any other way. To my teammates: It has been a rocky couple of season. But I appreciate the effort each and every one of you has put forth. @chemicalfire @Pandar @AdamS That EFL Championship offense will be one I won't ever forget. Let the next chapter begin. - TT
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    Your S15 Pro Bowl: East (MEM, MIA, NY, WIS) QB: Martin Isaac QB: Logan Crawford RB: David Moriarty RB: Asahel FB: A.A. Goat WR: DeAnderson Sabathia Jr. WR: Theremin McCracken WR: Brian Kowalski TE: Suspicious Dave TE: Stephen Loth LB: Ian Kelley LB: Demetrius Sharkstrong LB: Wizard Blanko LB: Clint Bobsky CB: Champagne Harlotte CB: Isaac Martin CB: Brian Strong S: Porom Mysidia S: Dee Fence K/P: Diana Gunner West (LA, NO, SA, SEA) QB: Drew McPewPewPew QB: Max Byrd RB: Danton Howlson RB: Marlon Grey FB: Thormund Jakobson WR: Dan Wilinsky WR: Patrick Kelley WR: Duke Starscream TE: Joplo Crittenden TE: Matt Saracen LB: Michael McBuckets LB: A'Brick Wall LB: BigHuge McLarge LB: Shaka Lawal CB: Bo Clerk CB: Chocolate Thunder CB: Brandon Blade S: Ongo Gablogian S: Ray Ray Foster K/P: Kasay Longwell
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    Edging the competition by a single vote, the winner is:
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    Ivan Zamora, CB After years of being close, Ivan Zamora becomes our first defensive back to reach the Hall of Fame! Zamora was the standard for Cornerbacks in the early years of the EFL. He won 3 Cornerback of the Year awards over 8 seasons, all with the Miami Neptune, and he was key in Miami's first two Championship runs. He saved the best for last, winning Defensive Player of the Year in his farewell season. Many players say they want to go out on top; Zamora actually achieved it. Stats: 576 Tackles (3 TFL), 1 Sack, 36 INT, 137 PD, 7 FF, 5 FR, 6 TD Awards: 2 Time EFL Champion 1 Defensive Player of the Year 3 Cornerback of the Year
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    Great presentation @PigSnout. Also we will be back next year @Jetsqb101 so I hope you can make it back again for a rematch. Also congrats.
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    Good luck @ANTISIMPLE & @Jetsqb101! May the best team lose on a kick off return with no time left.
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    0:37 3rd and 12MIA - 25Pass by Osbourne, M., to Gesicki, B.. INTERCEPTION by Zouzouambe, A. at the MIA - 31 yard line and returned for 2 yards. Osbourne looks off Colt and tosses one to Gesicki's outstretched hands. He can't get the handle on it and Zouzoumabe takes it and falls down with time running out on the clock
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    Am... am I supposed to be happy Miami won? @HuddleHussy is one step closer to a national championship so I guess this was a good result
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    Texas Longhorn scaring any other AD away from this recruit, stylized (2019)
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    I like this podcast. Really good insight on awards, and given the benefit of hindsight, playoff talk wasn't too far off. @LittleRiDog Vince getting some awards love!
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    Not just you, pal. My offensive recreate is going to be a TE.
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    Wow wow wow wow. Hell of a game from Vince after a hiccup early @LittleRiDog. Vorschlag, Silver, and Longfingers all had great games too @jhatty8 @Tate. Clutch touchdown early as well for @OscarDaSwagDude. Defense was lights-out as usual. Sacks for West and Stiffland (plus a forced fumble), PDs for West and Carswell, and those clutch INTs from Hamilton, Thornforg, Chong, and ZOUZOUAMBE TO WIN THE GAME. @Tate @jhatty8 @okochastar @Snussu @BigZouzou @LittleRiDog And of course Lionel Bands with ice in his veins to win the game. @goat like meat And the scariest thing guys? We're going to be better next season.
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    15:00MIA - 30Vinatieri, S. kicks off. 15:00The kick sails into the endzone. 15:00Vorschlaghammer, T. takes it out of the endzone! 15:00---TEX - 22Kickoff of 71 yards. Returned by Vorschlaghammer, T. for 22 yards. 14:55 1st and 10TEX - 22Rush by Chi, K. for 5 yds. Tackle by Fuego, E.. 14:34 2nd and 5TEX - 27Rush by Jebaseelan, O. for 7 yds. Tackle by Fuego, E.. 14:06 1st and 10TEX - 34Pass by Carswell, V., complete to Silver, K. for 8 yds. Tackle by Osbourne, K.. 13:27 2nd and 7TEX - 37Longhorns Penalty on Vorschlaghammer, T.: Illegal Substitution 13:27 2nd and 7TEX - 37Pass by Carswell, V., complete to Chi, K. for 5 yds. Tackle by Claus, S.. 12:43 3rd and 2TEX - 42Rush by Chi, K. for 11 yds. Tackle by Claus, S.. 12:04 1st and 10MIA - 46Pass by Carswell, V., complete to Silver, K. for 10 yds. Tackle by von Muir, E.. 11:29 1st and 10MIA - 36Pass by Carswell, V., complete to Jebaseelan, O. for 8 yds. Tackle by Fuego, E.. 10:35 2nd and 2MIA - 28Pass by Carswell, V., complete to Vorschlaghammer, T. for 28 yds. 9:40TOUCHDOWN! (Bands kick good) The teams regroup at half and Texas gets the ball 1st. Carswell continues slinging with power and mixing in the run too. Vorschlaghammer takes the screen on the right side and busts down the sideline untouched to retake the lead for the West Champs 21 17
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    do you have anywhere to be? I'm doing this in between being swarmed by my dogs. It's amazing I can stay upright
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    Careers are fleeting. Championships are forever. Today, you have the opportunity to become legends. Seize it. @LittleRiDog @BigZouzou @OscarDaSwagDude @jhatty8 @Matmenzinger @K1NG LINUS @Tate @goat like meat @Snussu @Beerfridge @okochastar @Bhughes39
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    Great article @MMFLEX@Renomitsu@Snussu@HuddleHussy@okochastar@SnapTackleDrop@cody73, I like getting to see the more personal side of you guys that I don't usually get to see in draft pms
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    Media week is officially starting on Monday moving forward instead of Tuesday night. As a reminder, media/playoff week point tasks must be playoffs, championship game(s), the coming free agency, or the coming draft related and then will be eligible for 12 TPE instead of your regular 6. Nothing else is doubled, just your point task. Welfare is not eligible to be doubled.
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    Day 2 Results The Town agrees that @Nykonax was caught in a lie. As he's brought to the gallows, various bugs, wires, and a dvd of Goldeneye fall to the ground. As he climbs the stairs, a picture frame and other knickknacks fall out of his coat. As he takes his last breath, he turns to the crowd and smiles. The Jester will get his revenge from the grave! Night actions due by 7 AM EST!
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    Take that Seattle! Harlon enacting Clerk's revenge!!!
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    Battle for 1st in the West for the Preds. And should be an easy week for the Herd. Not often you get to play a college team
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    In S8 Harlon Connecticut walked onto the Oregon campus for the first time and proceeded to change the way the Ducks passed the football. He quickly became a household name, not just in Eugene, but in stadiums around the NCAA. It only took 3 seasons for Connecticut to rewrite the passing record books in college history, both in single season and career marks. Harlon led the Ducks to the playoffs every season as well as made 2 appearances in the national final. Along with Patrick Kelley, he remains the benchmark for success in Oregon school history Career stats 971-1583 11,355 yards 83 touchdowns 49 interceptions 32-10 win-loss record S8 Lance Swift IV Award - Top Freshman S8,S10 Second Team All-American S9 First Team All-American @AndrewWarren13
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    Congratulations @HuddleHussy. We knew you would be number one!!!!
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    Isaac Martin you beautiful man
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    award voting is just for regular season stats/results, but there is a playoff mvp award and i'm sure y'all just boosted your cases for the Texas Ring of Honor
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    All of that happened in the first quarter... insane.
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    The NCAA and returns of -3 to 5 yards. Name a more iconic duo.
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    Once again looking for someone to handle this. Since this draft is more than likely to extend into the third round, your point task pass will be used for your brand and Point task throughout S16. We will need you to start this week, and you will need to be finished by next Thursday morning(10/17). Your point task pass will be as follows: Week of 10/12: You will get job pay of 3 and a brand worth 3. If you have not done your media week PT yet, you will then get an additional 12. Week of 10/19: 12 TPE (PT, Brand, Job Pay) Week of 10/26: 9 TPE(PT, Brand) Week of 11/2: 9 TPE Week of 11/9: 9 TPE Week of 11/16: 9 TPE Week of 11/23: 9 TPE Week of 11/30: 15 TPE(doubled PT, Brand) This is welfare eligible. Apply within.
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    Congrats to @ANTISIMPLE and the rest of the Reign . Tough way to end the year for the Preds
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    Millwall with #2 of the day @stevo !
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    shoutout to @MMFLEX and the rest of the Preds on a great season!
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    For my next TD, can I get a Patriots GIF?
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    Predators come before Reign in the alphabet and they will be ahead for all this game too
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    15:001st and 10MEM - 44Pass by Connecticut, H. to Kowalski, B. is incomplete. Broken up by Martin, I.. 14:552nd and 10MEM - 44Pass by Connecticut, H., complete to Isola, J. for 9 yds. Tackle by Saint Sebastian, A.. 14:213rd and 1MEM - 35Rush by Connecticut, H. for 1 yds. Tackle by Bobsky, C.. 13:541st and 15MEM - 39Neptune Penalty on Isola, J.: Illegal Formation. 13:541st and 15MEM - 39Pass by Connecticut, H., complete to Kowalski, B. for 9 yds. Tackle by Martin, I.. 13:152nd and 6MEM - 30Pass by Connecticut, H., complete to Isola, J. for 18 yds. Tackle by Martin, I.. 12:341st and 10MEM - 12Pass by Connecticut, H., complete to Kowalski, B. for 12 yds. 12:10TOUCHDOWN! (Gunner kick good) 13 - 14
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    Notre Dame rally up. We are in playoffs if we win last two games. @Turner dont try to say anything i got photo evidence. So lets get this dub for all the Irish watching from Scotland.
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    0:521st and 10WIS - 33Rush by Helmsley, T. for 10 yds. Tackle by Hunter, M.. 0:521st and 10WIS - 23Memphis Mambas : Timeout Looks like they'll only get one shot as they bring out the kicking team to end off the half 0:311st and 10WIS - 23Rush by Cameron Millwall for 23 yds. 0:00TOUCHDOWN! (Chong kick good) But they fake it!!! Millwall takes the snap directly and runs it all the way to the house as time expires! WIS 17 - 28 MEM
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    0:34 1st and 10 LSU - 32 Rush by Schwaibold, D. for a short gain. Tackle by DT 19, B.. 0:34 2nd and 10 LSU - 32 LSU Tigers : Timeout 0:29 2nd and 10 LSU - 32 Rush by Quick, D. for 3 yds. Tackle by Bertier, G.. 0:29 3rd and 7 LSU - 35 LSU Tigers : Timeout 0:17 3rd and 7 LSU - 35 Rush by Quick, D. for 5 yds. Tackle by Chondrichthyes, S.. And there's our 1st half here, folks..... LSU leads this one, 10-7. As for everybody else here: 21 6 The Longhorns continue to destroy everybody in sight..... poor Irish. Are they about to go winless on the year? 13 7 And there's the Hurricanes we know! 17 3 And we are on upset alert here.... Can Oregon hold on and actually beat the Trojans?
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