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    "What's Kraken" So it's a giant octopus. Yeah we've got nothin' to fear. Beat your whole franchise's win total in our down year. Your one dull Blade can't stop our modern run n shoot. JBL will rip you apart and then we'll cook you in our soup. You've been putting in jabs while we've been putting in work. Make me laugh so hard it makes Mysidias hurt. Saint-Sebastian's like a kid held back. He can't pass. I'm sorry Miss Jackson. We had to whip your son's ass. We're gonna stroll right past you to the endzone casually. Your offense is bad and your defense is a Tragedy. Your LB is spineless and we're drop you like a mob hit. Taggert with the dagger to Crack and Dave, you can't stop it. Our Hunter's lookin' for the threat and it just can't be seen. Hell, even in Pirates you got killed offscreen. Ursula won't return your calls and you're doomed to celibacy. You ain't a fucking monster. You're just a delicacy. @Wally@ADwyer87@SwagSloth@124715@brenstl@solas@Cornholio@CptMatt@Dangles13@Pandar@chemicalfire@hedgehog337@JaysFan26
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    "And with the loss, the Memphis Mambas have been eliminated from postseason contention," explains EFL announcer Tom Heyman. A local radio host raises his voice in exceeding frustration, "And here we are again, on the outside looking in, second class in the EFL. How much more can we take?!" "I put this on me," the voice of Mambas quarterback Martin Isaac is heard in a post-game press conference, addressing the disappointing season. "It's on all of us as a team, but I can promise this isn't the end. This is just the start." "We'll keep fighting to do right by this city." Watch The Full Episode On SSN.com
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    @Bushito has been granted an appeal and allowed back into the league under the circumstances that he knows this is the last straw. Any conduct that the BOD feels is detrimental to the league and or its members, will result in an immediate permanent ban. With that, any member caught baiting him into any kind of illicit response will also be dealt with accordingly to the leagues policies and rulebook.
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    SEASON 13 CHAMPIONS - TEXAS LONGHORNS 2nd championship, 3rd finals appearance Regular Season Record: 12-2 Defeated ORE in Western Conference Finals 49-21 Defeated ALA in National Championship 31-17 Athletic Director: Richard "Dick" Bote @TacticalHammer Matt Saracen @jmoney Tachyon Lumonisity @Gilgamesh Waffler Goodpancake @Sharkstrong Jebediah Cromwell @K1NG LINUS Noah Hartmann III @Noah Terry Fitzgerald-Cruz @Quik TJ Hendrix @TJH Khobe Karter @Ty3 Luke Cafferty @jmoney Riley Carswell @LittleRiDog Richaun Hamilton @okochastar Lee Chong @Snussu Jackson Gser @Ty3 Ekong Okafor @JaysFan26 Steven Stiffland @jhatty8 Noah Jacobs @Nykonax Safety Guy @Esso2264 Johnny Greg @brenstl
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    @Cornholio and @11 Eleven unfortunately you posted week 1 guesses after the games had started so you did not get credit for any of those games. Please see results below: 2 TPE: @MMFLEX @SnapTackleDrop @Jeff @HuddleHussy 1 TPE: @oilmandan @Symmetrik @KGR @TacticalHammer @Enorama @Tate @Turner @PigSnout @Sharkstrong @Tater_Tot @Patdatass@Alecbama @jmoney @DWill @Jetsqb101 @Tanner0512 @LattimoreIsland
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    GODFATHER: omgitshin MAFIOSO: jhatty8 DISGUISER: Enorama CONSIG: TacticalHammer ASSASSIN: PigSnout WITCH: Tanner EXECUTIONER: Sharkstrong MAYOR: goat like meat MEDIUM: TheLastOlympian VETERAN: Nykonax RETRIBUTIONIST: Psanchez55 DOCTOR: DonCutta LOOKOUT: Symmetrik JAILOR: Wheaties VIGILANTE: Uphillmoss INVESTIGATOR: LattimoreIsland I think... Thanks @MMFLEX for running this game!
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    Ban this user @Turner
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    There's a new trend in the Discord lately. Everyone is changing his nickname to pay tribute to @TacticalHammer, everyone but @MMFLEX that is just messing with him, probably. I don't know how this thing started but MM and omg where the ones I saw do it first, maybe they can enlighten us. Ok so lets go down to business. Lets rank them from worse to best. LAST PLACE @TacticalHammer Tactical? Really? I feel like I have seen this before. I think it's not very original and honestly it looks weird. I think we all agree that only a dummy would call himself "Tactical". "Excusatio non petita, accusatio manifesta", maybe he isn't that much tactical. Even he agreed to this when I confronted him about it. Just see the snapshot I took. He also said he roots for Oregon irl. PENULTIMATE PLACE @Renomitsu What else can you say. Well played. You tried. What is a mitsu. Explain yourself buddy. VOTE RENOMITSU. I still applaud you for joining the trend tho, it takes a lot of courage to change your name to Hammermitsu. Joking bro I luv u. LAST TO LAST PLACE @Uphillmoss Are you? I mean you're not last because Hammerhill converts to Hamill if you remove the right letters, and that made me think about Star Wars. That's enough for me. Uphillmoss converted to Hammerhill? Dude you only kept 40% of your letters. That's ok, I kept 0%, but I was honest with that. All or nothing bro. THE ONE THAT GOES AFTER UPHILL PLACE @omgitshim D Here's omg with some wise words. This is why we have him in such a high position, because he is a wise hammer. He knows what is good. Another reason I like his name is because I can't say it without getting hyped. It just reads very emotional. We need more hype in life, and more hammers. But specially more Hummers. 3rd PLACE I THINK @HuddleHussy Sheesh guys, someone slide into the DMs. This is why we struggle with retention. 1 TPE to everyone that DMs HH today. Send ducks. I said ducks , she loves them, but behave. I love that HH applies for both HuddleHussy and HammerHussy, that way you can call her Blade anyways. NOT THE BEST PLACE @MMFLEX Heh. Hehe. Hehe. I like it because it was the first one I saw, although I would have prefered HAMMERFLEX. Actually I don't like it at all, consider yourself disqualified from the competition MMFLEX. MAGNIFICENT SPECIMEN PLACE @Sharkstrong Whoa it fits like a glove. Also it looks like this user has a good... hammer... head. I don't really need any other excuse, this is my ranking and I always mess with my rankings. I'm a strong and independent Hammer and I don't need any Tactical to look for me. Honorable mentions to some names I've seen thrown but not claimed like: Hammerdatass @Patdatass TactainMatt @CptMatt Alechamma @Alecbama Enorhamma @Enorama TacticalTanner0512 @Tanner0512 I think the Hammerdatass is the best one for obvious reasons but any of those would fit nicely.
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    Big Boy Charlie Hudson Has Got Game! The news about Charlie Hudson and Diana Gunner’s new addition to their family has EFL fans in a tizzy to say the least. The media has been frenzied about Preston Gunner-Hudson and it should surprise no one that they that been aggressive when trying to obtain information on this future EFL prodigy. A long time EFL scout mentioned “If he has even an ounce of the dedication his parents have for the sport, he will be worth taking as a first rounder. You can’t put a price on living and learning from talent like Charlie and Diana, this kid has the potential to be something special and we all know it.” If you thought the media couldn’t get crazier over the Gunner-Hudson baby, you were wrong! A private conversation was leaked to the media before the LA Reign and New York Herd game. To say that fans went wild after reading it is kind of an understatement. HotMamaGunner I am trying to get Preston ready for the game. I put him in the Miami Neptune jersey @Wheaties gave us and he won’t stop crying!! BigDaddyCharlie So let me get this right you are bringing him to cheer me on in you team Jersey. What are you thinking Diana? You trying to embarrass poor Preston after that 14 to 19 loss to the Predators! HotMamaGunner There is nothing wrong with having him match me when we go see you play. This is not a laughing matter, he is balling his eyes out and he won’t stop… I’ve tried everything and it can’t be the jersey because that is ridiculous! BigDaddyCharlie I bet I can get him to stop crying HotMamaGunner What make you so sure you can get him to stop? At this point I’m willing to try anything. BigDaddyCharlie If I am right you have to come to the game decked out in Reign gear I bought you! You are going look so good in gold babe HotMamaGunner There is no way in hell it is going down like that Charlie, at this point Preston is just probably tired and nothing but a nap will make him happy… BigDaddyCharlie Do you accept or not? HotMamaGunner Fine, what did you want me to try? BigDaddyCharlie If you go in Preston’s closet you will see the Reign Jersey and a little Lion plush that @Alecbama gave us, just show them to Preston and I bet he brightens right up HotMamaGunner Charlie what the hell did you do to my son? He stopped crying but I feel like you have something to do with his reaction to my Miami jersey! BigDaddyCharlie I can’t help it if our son has good taste HotMamaGunner I can literally see you smirking from here… BigDaddyCharlie You both are going to look so good in your Reign gear HotMamaGunner You’re lucky I love you... BigDaddyCharlie Don’t be like that babe. Now wish me good luck and I’ll see you both we wreck New York in this game! HotMamaGunner Good luck, I know you got this babe The authenticity of this conversation was in question until HotMamaGunner did in fact show up to the Reign game decked out from head to toe in LA gear. Baby Preston was also dressed to match his mom and was at one point seen snuggling an LA Lion plush with a football pacifier in his mouth. Looks Like BigBoyCharlie is showing that he has game both on and off the field. The LA Reign were able to bring in another win finishing the game 31 to 17 over the New York Herd. Charlie was overheard saying, “Today was going to be a big win for me regardless, I had all the pieces here I needed to have an amazing day.”
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    A bit late on this one, but you all know the drill by now: Most Points $40 2635 Smith, J. $5 511.1 Moriarty, D. $6 349.4 Sabathia Jr., D. $6 355.3 Kelley, P. $5 323.9 Cream, C. $4 295.8 James, T. $3 294.2 Loth, S. $5 275.8 Winesorcery, A. $3 100 Seattle $3 129.5 Not many surprises on the most points list as this was pretty much everyone who won awards at their positions. You can see just how hard Los Angeles @Alecbama went into their all passing scheme as not just their quarterback @J.G.10 but top three receivers @Patdatass @CptMatt @ANTISIMPLE all ended up on this list. Many wondered how Seattle @MMFLEX remained so good despite not having much of a passing attack and Reginald Sharkstrong averaging under 4 yards per carry, but the story is in the special teams @Holst and defense. This team put up 2,635 points, way more than @Sharkstrong's leading score of 2,328.5. The problem of course is that it took $40 to do so. That's not gonna fly so let's look into how we can trim this down. John Smith's record setting year at quarterback gave him such a big lead on the other quarterbacks (and the ones that were closest all cost the same or more) so he's pretty much a lock for the team. Travis James is also pretty much a lock given the low price tag for his production. David Moriarty @Benni lapped the competition at running back, and we'd have to lose quite a bit of points if we had to shift down to Cameron Millwall @stevo (who was third at the position despite only costing $3, but at 248.1 points, it'd be quite a drop). That leaves us with a bunch of receivers and the less glamorous positions to cull from. Kicker is always the first stop when doing this, and Rencis Basais's @hedgehog337 88 points for $1 makes him a shoe-in for our first swap. Defense is usually the next spot I look, but there's actually a better value at the moment: getting rookie of the year winner Dewey Jackson @Tater_Tot on board. Both DeAnderson Sabathia Jr. and Patrick Kelley have significant leads on the rest of the receiver pack, and while we may need to revisit them later, for now we'll take out Colt Cream, saving us $3 for less than 30 points lost. Now to go back to the defenses, we only lose 16 points to go down to Miami @Wheaties, so we'll save another $1 there. That's now $6 saved, but we got $4 to go. Our best $1 defense in New York @Symmetrik would cost us a whopping 32 points, so we'll hang tight for now. We gotta turn back to Sabathia Jr. and Kelley. Our next slide in is the very underrated Julius Isola @Dangles13, who takes over for Kelley at a cost of 44.9 points to save $2. That's a lot, but the 22.45 points per dollar is the best we can do now. And we still have $2 is burn. We haven't looked at tight ends yet, but the downgrade from Stephen Loth @SwagSloth to Suspicious Dave @AdamS costs 35.2 points and only nets us $1. Combined with going from Miami down to New York, that would get us back down to $30 at the cost of 67.2 points. Sounds ok, right? The drop from Sabathia Jr. to Brian Kowalski would cost us 67.3, so that's slightly worse, but we're forgetting one thing: we can put Colt Cream back on the team. Dropping Sabathia Jr. for Cream only costs us 59.5 points, and while that's quite a bit, it is the best remaining value. That gives us a best possible team of: Best Team $30 2475.1 Smith, J. $5 511.1 Moriarty, D. $6 349.4 Cream, C. $4 295.8 Isola, J. $3 279 Jackson, D. $1 268.3 James, T. $3 294.2 Loth, S. $5 275.8 Basais, R. $1 88 Miami $2 113.5
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    Boris Bonecrusher has announced that he will retire at the conclusion of Season 14. A full press release can be found here. I had a fun time with Boris. When the league first started, I wanted to experience the NCAA, so I decided to have my defensive player play in the NCAA first before heading to the EFL. I enjoyed getting to have the college experience and play with Ohio State for four years even though we were ultimately unable to win the championship during that time. Coming in to the EFL, I was excited to get drafted by the Wolfpack since they had my favorite branding in the league and I had always wanted to play for them some day. It was a pretty cool experience to get to join a team that had never won a playoff game before and stick with them as they grew to become back to back champions. It was a pleasure to be able to remain a part of the Wolfpack for my entire career with Boris and I am excited that Gavin Rose was drafted there too so I will be able to stay with them after Boris's retirement. Boris never really put up flashy numbers in the EFL and never won an award, but I like to think he still played an important role in the Wolfpack's turnaround as a solid piece on the dominant defense that helped them win their championships and one of the first core members of those championship teams to join the team. Also it looks like he will retire with the current record for TPE earned in a career and had a streak of several seasons as the highest APE player in the league, which was pretty cool to accomplish with him. It's been a fun time with Boris Bonecrusher, but I'm ready to bring his story to an end and get working on my next defensive player. Carryover: 2173 TPE * 0.07 = 152.11 = 152 TPE (Player Coach Purchase)
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    Damn what a way to end the streak. Congrats @Wally!
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    "You Can't Make It Here" D King was accidentally on your team before the season start Now he's where he belongs and you're Pride Rock. Left with Scar. You really think you're a threat to stop the return of the Brigade? You're lion to yourself or Drinkin too much of your koolaid. You were at home in the playoffs and got nutmegged by the Neptune. Bypassing New York with Connecticut just like most smart people do. Got Reigned on last week by a back that couldn't get 3 yards. Levesque gonna lewreque you like hurricanes in shipyards. You couldn't even survive the Hudson and we just conquered the ocean. Our whole squad gonna blow by you like you're movin in slow motion. Your team was Bush league before and it ain't much better now. We're the Wisconsin Brigade. You're just a homeless looking cow. Here come the zombie soldiers in a hoard to thin the Herd. Your whole team built on a crawfish. Excuse me, I mean a Crawford. Yeah he's got an arm like a cannon throwing automatic first downs. But the one pass he still can't make is gettin past the 1st round. @Wally@ADwyer87@SwagSloth@124715@brenstl@solas@Cornholio@CptMatt@Dangles13@Pandar@chemicalfire@hedgehog337@JaysFan26
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    New Season. New Faces. Same Goal. S14 begins right now!
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    #MempHISS We're back at it! Week one puts us on the road @ San Antonio and after this one we get to stay home for the next four. That gives us a great chance to start off strong, and it all starts here! Excited to see what we're able to pull off this season, let's make the s great @omgitshim@Wally@DonCutta190@Rockstar@stevo@J.G.10@Tanner0512@Tater_Tot@Cornholio@evryday@brenstl@Ty3@Sharkstrong
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    Thanks for the warm welcome! I'm Denns, 21 years old from Portugal. Got to know this league through the SBA as I have a player there and I'm also part of their grader team! I will be creating my players. A wide-receiver and a linebacker, hopefully I don't change my mind. Look forward to my time here!
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    So I'm really sorry everyone, but I was just told to go home and start my long weekend, and I'm not staying late in the office for this. The pbp will resume when i get home! (in about 45 minutes)
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    Gg Texas. If you wanna crown them, then crown their asses! They are who we thought they were and we let em off the hook.
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    There is ample history between the two teams that face for the game of the week. None runs thicker than with Doak Grizzly, the conductor behind the Longhorns S6 NCAA Championship. While taking a step back to prepare for life in the EFL, Grizzly pieced together what turned out to be the Longhorns first national championship and the Uncle of one of the greatest Longhorns to ever play linebacker, Carl Lemington. Now Grizzly will look across the sidelines as the enemy to the school he helped achieve their goal with the same mission on hand at USC. "It has been a ride already. Taking over during the tumultuous season last year... We just put our heads down and started recruiting. Turning over rocks... getting commitments. That is all you can do at the end of the day. We have three more wins than we did last season and we are trending upwards." Grizzly professed. "It is about taking the next step and being competitive. The wins will come. Hard work will earn them. They have to being in the West. Between Texas and Oregon... We are the underdogs and we are a young squad. Today will serve as a stepping stone, win or loss... If we are in the game, we in. Much like last week against Oregon. Losing 10-7, means more positive for us than many think. Our turn is coming." @TheLastOlympian @124715 @TotallyNotGus @Rayzor_7 @Jogn @OnMyWings @stevo @okochastar @Turner @ccecilletsplay @PigSnout @Fizzy
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    I've said it before and I'll say it again, nobody, and I mean NOBODY, takes us to 0-6
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    NVM. I decided. Early sim boys and girls! 10am EST.
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    Horns up boys! Let's eat! @LittleRiDog @Gilgamesh @Tate @K1NG LINUS @Quik @jhatty8 @goat like meat @Snussu @Beerfridge @okochastar @Nykonax @Esso2264
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    Spoiler to wet your whistles. This week, not one, but two teams break the 50 point barrier!
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    Come to LA looking to scrap? Playing us is the only way you bums can get on the map Wisconsin Brigade? More like Wisconsin Rite-Aid That’s where you’ll take shelter tonight After we kick that ass so hard that you’ll surely take flight Come out the tunnel and the Pride starts to sour The REIGN faithful bloodthirsty for the team we’ll devour Not my finest, but it’ll suffice for a short prologue
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    The EFL Universe is no stranger to controversy. Hurricane Kendrick, Punkhippie fixing World Cup games, MULTIGATE and now… THIS. Late in the fourth quarter of the S14 week 4 matchup against the University of Alabama and the University of Notre Dame @Rockstar, a situation occurred that is, at the very least, quite suspect. The favored Crimson Tide found themselves down, on the road, to a young Fighting Irish team, but with time on the clock, they weren’t out of it yet. Junior linebacker Derek Bigblack @timeconsumer angrily took a kickoff return of 100+ yards to the house for what many thought would be the game sealing score. The extra point team was brought out, the extra point was made, and the two teams prepared for another kickoff. However, NCAA referee Shitti Copypasta (pictured here) turned his mic on to announce to the stadium that “Because it's under 2 minutes and it's a scoring play all reviews must come from the booth. [I’m] going under the hood.” This is where things get “MMurky”. Since the extra point had been attempted and made, a booth review should have never been allowed. Alabama AD Major Key immediately contested this ruling of the booth review, as can be heard by on field microphones. What may be the most surprising and outrageous moment of the entire ordeal is referee Shitti Copypasata’s rebuttal to Key’s pretest. “You know [us] refs… [we’re] only looking for hunnies!” he yelled, as he sprinted to the referee locker room following the game's controversial ending. Referee Shitti Copypasta was unavailable for comments after the game, but resent reports have surfaced that raise suspicions that something more than just a fudging of the rule book took place. Pictures of Copypasta and Seattle Predator GM Maximus K. Melon @MMFLEX have been leaked to the media, suggesting that these two may have put together some type of scheme in an effort to forward their own agenda. But what? What does either of these two have to gain from a point shaving scheme? Does Melon have something against Major Key and the University of Alabama? Were the “hunnies” Copypasta was referring to actually hundred dollar bills he is receiving from Melon under the table? Could it be something more… an elaborate prostitute scheme involving "hunnies", drugs, sports, gambling, and shitty internet trolling? Probably not.. BUT MAYBE. There are still many questions left to be answered, as Maximus K. Melon has yet to speak on the situation publicly. In a FaceTime interview with the EFL Network, Alabama AD Major Key, who is never short on words, had this to say about Copypasta, Melon, and the entire controversy surrounding week 4: "Tell them to jump in the ocean. Salt water, get healed." While it remains to be seen if Shitti Copypasta or Maximus K. Melon will be investigated on suspicion of point shaving or any other wrong doing, the season must go on. The Crimson Tide will take on the Michigan Wolverines @Uphillmoss in an effort to right the ship, while the Fighting Irish will look to continue their upward trend against USC. @Wally @chemicalfire @cody73 @Splat @timeconsumer @Big Mac @SixersFan594 @OGSteele @Alecbama @ANTISIMPLE @Jetsqb101 @omgitshim @Sharkstrong @Rockstar @Beerfridge @KGR
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    The Early Hall of Fame Case for Bo Clerk Sure, it is pretty early to be talking about these things, especially with around half of his career still left to play but this analyst is wondering, "Is Bo Clerk on track to be a hall of fame player?" I still don't know if there is a definitive yes or no to this question yet, but I know personally, even with bias aside, I would say yes, that he is at least on that path or on track to be a hall of famer. Bo Clerk, a cornerback who played collegiately at both USC and the University of Oregon, was drafted 1st overall by the San Antonio Wolfpack in the Season 8 EFL Draft after proving himself on and off the field during his time in college, even playing for two schools. Clerk only played two years of college football before deciding it was time to make the leap to the pros and pro scouts did not see any issue with this as he was ready physically and mentally for the pro game. While San Antonio did not suddenly change overnight with the selection of Bo Clerk, the feeling around the city and the football team was more electric than ever with Clerk coining the phrase '#HowlGang' and instantly becoming a fan favorite. Bo Clerk was the Defensive Rookie of the Year in Season 8 for the Wolfpack and defense is where San Antonio would continue to grow around Clerk and a few other standouts on the roster. The next season, with Clerk's help in recruiting, the team brought in a bunch of star players in Chocolate Thunder, Tugg Bote, and Colt Cream and ended up winning the EFL championship that season. For anyone that was trying to count Clerk out due to not having a ring, Bo has one from that Season 9 Championship. After the season, Clerk's representation took base in Seattle and it ended up having Clerk traded to the Seattle Predators for Jackson Hothands in a blockbuster deal. Clerk would go on in Seattle and experience success, though his San Antonio teammates experienced another title win in Season 10 as Clerk was out in Seattle watching from his couch. He has a cornerback of the year award in Seattle and has made it to another championship, losing to Wisconsin in a thrilling overtime game in Season 12. Clerk has the accolades and the team accomplishments to back up a solid case. The Reasons Why: For Bo Clerk to make it into the hall of fame, I believe he just needs to continue his statistical trend and remain good to elite for the next couple seasons. Bo Clerk, as mentioned before, has a ring that he got when he helped lead the San Antonio Wolfpack to the title in Season 9. Statistically, he is one of the top corners to play in the EFL to this point also and his career still has a few years left. 31 Career Interceptions (Tied for 6th all-time) 102 Career Passes Defended (Tied for 6th all-time) 4 Career Defensive Touchdowns (Tied for 6th all-time) 3742 Career Kick Return Yards (11th all-time) Clerk has put up some numbers and while 6th may not look great, he is behind 4 of the top 5 in games played, only beating Sherman Richard in terms of games played as the top five in interceptions in terms of games played are: 114, 126, 112, 70, 126. Clerk has a chance to be in the top two all-time in interceptions before he hits his 100th game as he currently sits at 86 games played and has 31 interceptions while number two all-time, Bryant, has 39 which he did in 126 games played and runner-up corner Ivan Zamora has 36 in 112 games played. Clerk is doing it in a position that has not had a ton of great players come through the ranks and that could help him solidify his case as one of the first recognizable corners in the game, with the stats to match. The Reasons Why Not: The stats and the accolades are there and some may say he needs another corner of the year award or a defensive player of the year award but I don't believe so. I think honestly, the biggest knock on Clerk is that for every year but 2 seasons, he has played alongside surefire hall of fame cornerback, Chocolate Thunder. While it should not necessarily be a big knock on Clerk, playing with Thunder means one side of the field is accounted for and that you always are not guarding the first options on offense which can be a bit of a knock even if it is not 100% proven. Clerk won a cornerback of the year award while playing with Thunder, one-upping his teammate for a year which, who knows? Maybe it was because he faced lesser talent for a lot of the games but it is hard to say. Maybe Thunder is so good because Clerk takes one-half of the field away the other way, it is definitely something to look at. He also has not had much playoff success, winning only the one championship which could hurt his case if he can't win another in his career. The Verdict: While yes, I will have some bias, I try to remain as unbiased as possible when thinking about this and think about it from the perspective of someone else looking in. I try to look at all the times Clerk was top 3 in voting for some of the corner of the year awards he didn't win by a close vote and the fact that he has been on many successful teams in his career. I think the Thunder thing is a legit reason some may vote against him but I do also think that he will statistically be the 2nd best corner of all-time when he retires. I think there is every reason to believe Clerk will be an EFL Hall of Famer especially if he continues on his statistical trend. I think that along with another Championship Ring or two and you can lock him in but for now, we will say he is on the fringe, but on track.
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    HOME OPENER. LET'S ROLL. @cody73 @Splat @timeconsumer @Big Mac @SixersFan594 @OGSteele @Alecbama @ANTISIMPLE @Jetsqb101 @omgitshim @Sharkstrong @Rockstar @Beerfridge @KGR
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    Can the streak end?! Cmon boys! @TheLastOlympian @124715 @TotallyNotGus @Rayzor_7 @Jogn @OnMyWings @stevo @okochastar @Turner @ccecilletsplay @PigSnout @Fizzy
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    Final numbers are in: Your GOAT, the one and only Tugg Bote Yards TDs CAR/REC Yards per touch Rushing 12,339 148 2,954 4.18 Receiving 4,141 25 433 9.56 Total 16,480 173 3,387 4.87 @TacticalHammer
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    ¡Bienvenido a Miami! Hoy tenemos un juego entre tu ciudad natal, Neptune, y los Snake Boys visitantes. Si bien la clasificación de la conferencia es final, este juego tiene implicaciones para la ventaja de local en el campeonato, por lo que los equipos no se dan por vencidos. ¡Vamonos!
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    Bote finds a whole in the line. He's going! Breaks a tackle at the 35 and it's an open field from here! 25, 15, 5, Touchdown! Wolfpack fans are going wild!
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    Alright, here are our leagues! We have 26 sign-ups total, so we'll be running 3 leagues of 10, 8, and 8 members respectively. I tried to sort people based on league preference as much as possible. Your commissioners will message you to get you into the leagues. As per the poll, we'll be using standard scoring (https://www.espn.com/fantasy/football/ffl/story?page=fflrulesstandardscoring), with the following rosters: QB1 QB2 RB1 RB2 WR1 WR2 WR3 TE FLEX (RB, WR, TE) Kicker Defense Bench x 7 Yahoo @TacticalHammer (Commissioner) @MMFLEX @HuddleHussy @Wheaties @Jetsqb101 @Enorama @Tate @omgitshim @Beerfridge @KGR ESPN1 @Turner (Commissioner) @jhatty8 @okochastar @oilmandan @Patdatass @LittleRiDog @Wally @TheLastOlympian ESPN2 @ANTISIMPLE (Commissioner) @Nykonax @xsjack @Shaka @Jeff @LattimoreIsland @Alecbama @Sharkstrong
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    EFL KOTY Race Also Interesting After 8 Weeks @cody73 had a good idea, so im gonna steal it, kek So, kicker of the year is going to be a hard thing to judge. There are many things to consider with both kicking and punting. To my knowledge there are only 6 user kickers who have stats this season, but seeing as how Inca Comit has seemingly been cut by Memphis, i dont think they will be getting the award. So lets look at our 5 contenders: Diana Gunner @HuddleHussy, Kasay Longwell @me, Adam Winesorcery @Holst, Johnny Greg @brenstl, and Rencis Basais @hedgehog337 So, the first thing to look at is extra points. Here Basais has the clear advantage, making all 29 of his attempts so far. After that, we get Winsorcery with only one miss in his 30 attempts, and Longwell leads the league with 33 makes and two misses. Johnny Greg and Diana Gunner comes in last, both with 3 misses. Overall, this is just a minor difference, and extra points are a minor item in kicker valuing, but this is still worth noting. Now, field goals are the rock of judging kickers, and this judgement brings a very flipped analysis than extra points. Basais, perfect on extra points, is last in the league in field goal percentage. Meanwhile Diana Gunner and Johnny Greg are both perfect so far this season. Winesorcery has one miss on the season, and Longwell has two. What is interesting is how volume and length will play into how voters value these pure counting stats. Sure, Winesorcery is not perfect, but his 19 attempts is equal to the total of Gunner and Greg, and 18 makes leads the league by a wide margin. Gunner is a perfect 10 for 10, but her longest field goal was only of 42 yards. Misses can also be subjective. Winesorcery's lone gaff was from 55 yards, Longwell's misses have been from 47 and 50 yards, and Basais' misses were from 43 and 51 yards, all no chip shots. Looking at these stats, I think everyone is close, but Winesorcery has been the best field goal kicker of the bunch Lastly we go to punting, where the name of the game is yardage. This goes for both how far you kick it, and how much room you give the opposing team. For that reason it's important to analyze both pins inside the 20 and average yards per punt. If we look at pure yards per punt, Gunner has the clear advantage, holding nearly 2 yards per attempt over the next active punter, and also holding the longest punt of the season with an insane 77 yard boomer. Another important thing to look at is pins inside the 20. While Basais does have a very pointed lead in this category, he also leads in punt attempts, so this can be just a volume dependent stat. For that reason, I'm gonna look at how many punts per pin each kicker gets, to try and take volume out of the equation: Punts / Pins inside 20 Basais - 3.89 Longwell - 5.4 Gunner - 6 Winesorcery - 6.25 Greg - 8.75 Looking at this, it seems like we have a clear winner and loser. Basais is still far ahead of the competition, and Greg is far in the back of the pack. The middle of the pack is pretty close together, and doesnt give too much info to make a serious differentiation. From this list, I think the clear top 2 is Winesorcery and Basais. I would give the edge to Winesorcery on this one, just because Basais' 6 for 8 field goal clip is too ugly of an eyesore to overlook. Gunner is in the third position. If she can either make some longer field goals, or pin more punts inside the 20, she could work her way into a serious conversation for the award
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    15:001st and 10WIS - 20Pass by Taggert, T., to King, D.. INTERCEPTION by Strong, B. at the WIS - 27 yard line and returned for 27 yards. 14:35TOUCHDOWN! (Gunner kick good) First play of the game and Touchdown Taggert throw a touchdown! TO THE OTHER TEAM! 7-0
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    Last call for signups! We currently have: @TacticalHammer @MMFLEX @ANTISIMPLE @Sharkstrong @Wheaties @jhatty8 @HuddleHussy @okochastar @Jetsqb101 @oilmandan @Patdatass @LittleRiDog @Enorama @Tate @omgitshim @Turner @Alecbama @Beerfridge @Nykonax @KGR @xsjack @TheLastOlympian @Jeff @Shaka @LattimoreIsland We currently have 25 signups, which is an... awkward number. My plan right now if we get no more sign-ups is to do two 8-team leagues and a 10-team league, and I'll play in two leagues to even out the numbers. Either way, I'll need 1-2 volunteers to serve as Commissioner in the other league(s). Let me know if you're interested!
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    Week 1 TPE Claim For question 1, the team with the most finals appearances is the L.A. Reign with 6. For question 2, Commander Warsmoke held the EFL receptions season record at the end of Season 4 with 99 catches. See our claims below. @oilmandan +2. Also take an extra +1 for giving me a question this week! @MMFLEX +2 @Beerfridge +1 @TacticalHammer +2 @Tate +2 @HuddleHussy +2 @Sharkstrong +2 @okochastar +2 @Tanner0512 +1 @Snussu +2 @Turner +2 @Patdatass +2 @PigSnout +2 @Symmetrik +2 @ADwyer87 +2 @Jetsqb101 +2 Week 2 Trivia is up!
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    Top 4 Teams That Had No Business Winning A Championship; An Opinion Piece by Turner. Tonight I am going to take a look at the teams in the EFL, and NCAA, that never should have won the title. Over the course of thirteen seasons, many of our teams are deserving, and some are not. Some will argue if you win the championship then you’re absolutely deserving, but I beg to differ. Between shear luck, or the sim doing sim things, or even glitches in the system, these are the top five teams that had no business winning a championship. 4. Season 7 Miami Neptune 7-7. That was Miami’s regular season record. I don’t even have to say anything else....but I will. Because I need the words. It took a last second field goal against a pesky Bandits team to sneak into the championship game, and some fluky bad luck from the Reign to allow the Neptune to go back to back. Actually, I’ll just chalk this one up to the Bushito curse in that the teams his players signed with that offseason would go on to lose the championship. 3. Season 12 Notre Dame Fighting Irish This one stings. As the AD of this team, I am beyond ecstatic and extremely proud that this team won Notre Dames first NCAA Championship, but I feel we got lucky. We had a good team built up and the right pieces and solid game planning, but a shockingly down year from Texas ultimately paved the way for this team to shine in the West. In the playoffs many thought that the Irish could handle the Trojans, but would get handled by whoever they played in the championship, the Hurricanes or the Wolverines. The sim had other ideas as the Irish would channel the luck of the Irish and find a way to win the title. 2. Season 1 USC Trojans Okay, to be fair, back then we didn’t know about the Dual Threat QB at WR glitch, but we surely did after that season. The great* Lance Swift IV would nab 17 touchdowns on the season, in what could only now be described as an extreme doping scandal. He would even score a touchdown in the national championship game against Ohio State that helped propel them to the win. It’s a season that will forever be shrouded in the controversy around this glitch and I, for one, think that because of it, USC had no business being the champions that season, and I strongly feel that Ohio State would have been the champions without it. 1. Season 4 Michigan Wolverines I was a part of this team, and it hurts to say this, but we should not have won a championship in Season 4. This was only the second season in Michigan’s history, and while Miami(fresh off their first ncaa championship) had a mediocre season by their standards(clouded by AD issues), they still had a superhuman being in Tugg Bote, and had won the division and would be hosting the Eastern Conference Championship game. On the other side, Michigan had been fairly lucky down the stretch and closed the gap to make the division race interesting, but experts and fans alike all thought that Miami was a shoe in for this game. They were wrong. Michigan would score 18 unanswered points in the fourth quarter to win the game 24-17. In the championship they would face the powerhouse USC Trojans, who would be making their fourth straight NCAA Championship appearance, with two titles to their name. Again, experts and fans alike thought USC was going to wipe the field with the Wolverines. In a rather boring game, the Wolverines would win 10-7 to secure their first championship. At the time, many thought that I was the reason that Michigan won this title as I was the simmer at the time, but haters gonna hate. There was no wrong doing on my end, it was just a lot of dumb luck with the sim.
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    The EFL's most prominent power couple, Chunky Charlie Hudson and Diana Gunner @HuddleHussy have made an important personal decision and are opening up to the world this morning via Instagram, with the star RB and Kicker posting a pic of their newly adopted baby boy, Preston Gunner-Hudson. Word on the street is that scouts are already salivating over the idea of getting Preston in the freshman class of S21. Congratulations to Hudson and Gunner on becoming first-time parents!
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    Welcome to this week's GAME OF THE WEEK!!!! Our matchup features the 1-1 Michigan Wolverines and the undefeated Oregon Ducks! Both teams are chomping to at the bit to get underway! Michigan wins the toss and elects to receive
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    What’s up with the Herd? A year after finishing with the EFL’s best record in S13 at 11-3 and being picked by many as the favorites to bring home the S14 EFL championship, the New York Herd have a big goose egg in the win column after 2 games. In week 1 they lost a nail bitter at the defending champion Los Angeles Reign by a score of 34-31 and in week 2 they lost at home to the Wisconsin Brigade 35-25. It has definitely been a disappointing start for the Herd, but they still are getting massive production from MVP favorite Logan Crawford and their passing game and have a strong rushing defense with the addition of LB Wall. However, the loss of RB Mcdonald and CB Junior to retirement this offseason have hurt their run game and passing defense. It is important for Herd fans to remain patient though. Their two losses have come to two of the three undefeated teams in the league and both games were undecided until late in the fourth quarter. The season is early and there still is plenty of opportunity to move up and regain the Eastern crown. With that said the East looks strong this year with the EFL runner up Miami Neptune continuing to improve, the Brigade undefeated, and the Memphis Mambas dangerous as usual. The Herd definitely can’t afford to dig themselves a deeper hole. The Reign are Running? Last year the Reign had media members and opposing EFL teams miffed with their almost 100% passing attack. The numbers last year – 38 rushing attempts compared to 730 passing attempts. That computes to the offensive game plan being 95% pass to 5% run. All year long opponents knew the pass was coming, but that didn’t stop John Smith and company from amassing a 10-4 regular season record and winning the EFL Championship. Most people would say, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, but the Reign and their evil genius GM @Alecbama have gone off the rails and changed their strategy through two games this year. They have already surpassed last year’s rushing attempt number with 62 rushes through 2 weeks this year to go along with their 62 passing attempts. That means they have gone from 95/5 to 50/50 passing verse rushing. It hasn’t hurt the results on the field as the Reign have started 2-0 with wins over the Herd and Mambas. Have opposing teams been caught off guard by this new strategy or are the Reign and their tactician just too good to lose? We’ll get and answer to that and witness any adjustments the Reign or their opponents make in the coming weeks. The Great, the Ok, and the Ugly It is hard to gather a ton from 2 games of a season, but so far based on record the EFL has 3 great teams, 2 ok teams, and 3 bad teams. The Seattle Predators have used a balanced attack on the way to a 2-0 record, but have had the luxury of playing both their games at home. Wisconsin after a disappointing 4-10 campaign in S13 have received strong play from the Taggert/McCracken duo on their way to a 2-0 start. And as mentioned above, the Reign have used their championship momentum and a change of strategy to start the season undefeated. Meanwhile, both Memphis and Miami have started the season 1-1. Miami lost a nail bitter on the road to Seattle and then blew out New Orleans at home and looks to be as good as the team that reached the EFL finals last year despite their .500 start. Memphis looked fantastic in their spanking of the Wolfpack in San Antonio, but looked pretty pedestrian in a one sided loss to L.A. at home. Martin Issac looks like a legit MVP candidate so far, but the Mambas face the same inconsistency issues they had last year. That brings us to the 3 winless teams – the New York Herd, the San Antonio Wolfpack, and the New Orleans Kraken. The Herd as chronicled above have been hurt by the departure of some veterans, but the statistics say they should turn it around. Unfortunately the Wolfpack and Kraken don’t look like they have made enough improvements to contend in the West. In EFL legend Tugg Bote’s final year the Wolfpack don’t look to have the same fire power of the Reign and the Predators. 2nd year signal caller Gavin Rose has been good so far and has a promising future, but hasn’t yet reached the level of the EFL elites. If things go right, there is a chance they can challenge Seattle. The same can’t be said for the Kraken, who continue to improve slowly, but don’t have the pieces yet to make any significant noise. It will be interesting to see when they stop stockpiling draft assets and actually use them. They may be looking for a window when the Reign and Predators age and take a step back. Anything is still up in the air and I think we’ll have our most competitive EFL season yet.
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    In a press conference today, Boris Bonecrusher announced that this will be his final season in the EFL and that he will retire at the conclusion of Season 14. This will be his tenth season in the EFL and he will retire as a member of the San Antonio Wolfpack for his entire EFL career. Before entering the EFL, Bonecrusher played four seasons as a member of the now defunct Ohio State Buckeyes. In total his career will span 14 years when it comes to a close. Bonecrusher entered the NCAA as a highly touted recruit during the NCAA's first season of operation. He was able to step in and start on the Buckeyes' defense immediately in his first season. Ohio State finished second place in their conference that season but was able to upset Miami on the road in the first round of the playoffs and took a 13-1 USC to overtime on the road in the championship game before ultimately falling short. The Buckeyes would bounce back the following season by finishing first place in their conference and returning to the championship game, though once again falling short against USC. Boris took a step forward individually that year as he would win the Linebacker of the Year award at the end of the season. In the following two seasons, Bonecrusher went on to win Defensive Player of the Year and Linebacker of the Year both seasons but Ohio State failed to qualify for the playoffs both years and Boris never got another taste of NCAA postseason action. Boris Bonecrusher was one of the NCAA's first four year players and is one of the most decorated players in NCAA history with 3 Linebacker of the Year Awards and 2 Defensive Player of the Year Awards, but despite his strong individual resume, he was never able to get over the top and win a championship. With the team closing down operations shortly after his graduation, Boris Bonecrusher may be remembered as one of Ohio State's greatest players and one of the best EFL players to come out of Ohio State. Boris Bonecrusher entered the EFL when the San Antonio Wolfpack selected him with the #3 overall pick in the Season 5 draft. The Wolfpack had not been a successful team up to that point and did not have much history of success as they were the only EFL team that had yet to make a playoff appearance. However, Boris hoped to help change that and help the Wolfpack become a winning time. In his rookie season, the Wolfpack made their first playoff appearance despite having a losing record and finishing 5-9. The Wolfpack would return to the playoffs the following year with a 6-8 record. While they had broken their playoff drought, the Wolfpack had yet to truly be a serious contender in the playoffs. They went back to missing the playoffs as they failed to qualify for the postseason in back to back seasons in Season 7 and Season 8. However, Season 9 was the year that everything came together. The Wolfpack finshed with the best record in the league that season as they roared to a 12-2 record behind an offense that was tied for most points scored in the league and a defense that allowed the least points in the league by a wide margin after never finishing with a winning record in their first eight seasons of existence. They would go on to win their first championship 34-28 against the New York Herd in an overtime thriller after tying the game up with 13 seconds left in regulation. However, the Wolfpack weren't done yet as they would once again finish with the league's best record in Season 10 and would repeat as champions with a dominant 49-17 win over the Brigade in the championship game. The Wolfpack finished on top of their conference again in Season 11, but lost in the first round of the playoffs and have not been able to return to the playoffs since then. Boris hopes to cap his career off with one final playoff run in Season 14. Overall it's been a good EFL career for Boris Bonecrusher. He hasn't had a lot of individual success as he never won an award during his EFL career, but is part of a special group of EFL players to have won back to back championships and he was a core player of the Wolfpack as they grew from the least successful team in the league's early years into a powerhouse that won two championships. He is also one of the few players able to say that he played 10 seasons with the same team and will always be fondly remembered by the Wolfpack fans for sticking with the team throughout his career. In the end, it was a fun ride for Boris Bonecrusher. However it is time for him to call it quits as he has already accomplished his goal of bringing a championship to San Antonio and is starting to feel the effects of old age. Bonecrusher hopes to stay strong in his final year and to end his career on a high note with one more good season.
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    Let's goooooo!! For the first time since I joined the league more than a year ago I'll be rooting for a team that's not Texas. It's going to be weird!! GO BAMA!!
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    Rough start, but we'll bounce back! Very thin silver lining - with this game, Tugg Bote is officially the EFL's all-time leading rusher!
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