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    @Bushito has been granted an appeal and allowed back into the league under the circumstances that he knows this is the last straw. Any conduct that the BOD feels is detrimental to the league and or its members, will result in an immediate permanent ban. With that, any member caught baiting him into any kind of illicit response will also be dealt with accordingly to the leagues policies and rulebook.
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    Final numbers are in: Your GOAT, the one and only Tugg Bote Yards TDs CAR/REC Yards per touch Rushing 12,339 148 2,954 4.18 Receiving 4,141 25 433 9.56 Total 16,480 173 3,387 4.87 @TacticalHammer
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    ¡Bienvenido a Miami! Hoy tenemos un juego entre tu ciudad natal, Neptune, y los Snake Boys visitantes. Si bien la clasificación de la conferencia es final, este juego tiene implicaciones para la ventaja de local en el campeonato, por lo que los equipos no se dan por vencidos. ¡Vamonos!
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    Tough loss for L.A., but we'll bounce back! Hell of a game for Tugg to go out on in front of the home fans, feels good.
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    Bote finds a whole in the line. He's going! Breaks a tackle at the 35 and it's an open field from here! 25, 15, 5, Touchdown! Wolfpack fans are going wild!
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    Thanks for attending and I hope everyone enjoyed the presentation! Have a good evening!
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    *OMW will remember this
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    So @Turner posted an August Extra Lottery Entry question asking which school's alumni will win Offensive Player of the Game in the EFL Championship. So, let's try to break down those odds! To start with, going through every game this season, a QB or RB was the winner of Offensive Player of the Game every time except for once, where Seattle's Adam Winesorcery took the honors as a Kicker. This means we can already narrow our results down to those two positions (with a slight nod to the kicker who might go down as the greatest in EFL history). Next, I went through each of the playoff teams and found out who won the honors in each of their games this season. Starting in the East, Memphis went 10-4 and earned the award 11 times. Every single time it was Martin Isaac (Alabama alum), and it was for all 10 wins and the fluke Week 10 loss to New Orleans. For Miami, they also outdid their prediction with 10 awards over 9 wins, though they did not get it in every win. Harlon Connecticut (Oregon alum) got the honor 6 times, all in wins, while David Moriarty (Alabama alum) earned it 4 times, twice in victory, and twice in losses (ironically to both Seattle and Los Angeles). Shifting to the West, we have a much more surprising result. For Los Angeles, despite going 11-3, they only earned 8 awards this season. Both John Smith and Charlie Hudson are Michigan alums, so who actually wins it for the Reign is irrelevant, but for posterity's sake, Smith had 5 and Hudson had 3. Finally we have Seattle. With a 10-4 record, they earned 8 honors, but only in 6 of their wins and 2 of their losses. Drew McPewPewPew (Oregon alum) won 6 of those, 2 in losses to Los Angeles and San Antonio. Reginald Sharkstrong (Texas alum) and Adam Winesorcery (LSU alum) each earned 1 a piece. So now that we have that out of the way, we need to figure out how likely each Championship game matchup even is. In the East, Memphis is 5-2 at home (losses to Los Angeles and Seattle) while Miami is 4-3 on the road (victories against Wisconsin, New York, New Orleans, and San Antonio). They split the season series, both teams winning at home. Memphis averaged 38.5 points this season and scored 42 in both games against Miami. Miami averaged 35.3 points this season and scored 27 & 52 in both games against Memphis (39.5 average). Memphis seems to have a good advantage here, and using my scientific method, we will give Memphis a 70% chance to win this game. In the West we have a similar scenario. Los Angeles was 6-1 at home (loss to Memphis) while Seattle was 4-3 on the road (victories against (victories against Memphis, Miami, New Orleans, and Wisconsin). Los Angeles averaged 33.4 points this season but scored just 31 & 10 against Seattle for an average of 20.5. Seattle averaged 31.6 points with 30 & 26 against Los Angeles for an average of 28. Still, they split the season series, both teams winning at home. Thus, I still have to give the edge to Los Angeles here, but it's closer than you'd think. 60% odds will be given here. Now we come to the potential championship games. The most likely game (at 42%) is Los Angeles and Memphis. Ironically, they split the season series, but it was the road team that won each time (and it was the Reign's only road loss all season). The Reign won their game 51-41 while Memphis won their game 37-31 in overtime. Home field means quite a bit in the sim, so we'll give Los Angeles the nod here with 60%. The offensive player of the game was won by the winning team in each matchup, so we'll give Michigan all 60% of Los Angeles' odds while Alabama gets 39% of the Memphis odds and Texas can get the last 1% in case Memphis does some tricky stuff and utilizes Cameron Millwall in an unexpected run heavy attack (which they won't because @Jetsqb101 knows I'll probably set him on fire if that happened). Next we have Seattle and Memphis at 28%. Once again, the season was split with both teams winning on the road. Seattle won 30-27 while Memphis won 30-17. I'm not entirely sure which team would get home field in this scenario, but I think it would be Memphis. Once again, home field is powerful, so we'll give Memphis a 65% chance here. Memphis once again will be all Alabama with a 1% chance for Texas, while Seattle will be a bit more varied. Harlon Connecticut won in their victory against Memphis, and with 6 of their 8 total awards, we'll give him an 28% chance of earning Oregon the honors. Sharkstrong represents 6% for Texas, and a token 1% will be given to Winesorcery (though with Memphis' high scoring attack, a kicker winning this one is highly unlikely). After that we have the 18% game of Los Angeles and Miami. Los Angeles won both matchups this season, and going back to last season, Los Angeles won all 3 matchups (including last season's championship), so we can pretty safely give Los Angeles an 80% chance of winning here (with Miami hoping that their advantage in points for and points against this season means something). ironically, Moriarty won one of the player of the game awards this season in their matchups, although at home, so we'll let him steal 10% of Los Angeles' win chance for Alabama. The other 70% will go to Michigan. If Miami wins, that 20% will be split 15% for Oregon and 5% for Alabama. Finally the double underdog Seattle and Miami matchup clocks in at 12%. Seattle gets home field here, and once again they swept the season series. Once again, Moriarty stole one of those player of the games, and the other one went to none other than Winesorcery himself. Seattle seems slightly less threatening than Los Angeles, so we'll only give them 70% here, with Moriarty once again stealing 10% of the player of the game chance from them. McPewPewPew will take 45%, Sharkstrong will get 10% and we'll give Winesorcery a full 5% given that this was the matchup he got his lone one this season. The Miami win scenario will get the same split ratio as before, with 22% for Connecticut and 8% for Moriarty. Finally with all that done, we can get to the actual ranking part of this rankings article. 8.) USC - 0% As far as I know, there is no offensive player from USC in the playoffs this season. 7.) Miami - 0% Michael Houston is a Miami alum for the Memphis Mambas. He had 0 catches in a game in which 94 total points were scored. The fact that he's on a team is why Miami is above USC in these rankings. 6.) Notre Dame - 0.01% There was no one in my analysis that hailed from Notre Dame, but Duke Starscream has had some nice games for Los Angeles this season, and their kicker Kasay Longwell also is an alum, so they get a non-zero chance here. 5.) LSU - 0.87% It's less than 1%, but Adam Winesorcery does have one offensive player of the game this season, so it's not impossible. Receivers never get any love, so while Sunshine Titan is also around, he has no real chance of earning it. 4.) Texas - 3.58% I honestly thought Texas would have a greater chance when I went into this, but I underestimated just how quarterback dominant the player of the game has been this season. Still, Reginald Sharkstrong has a decent claim for it if Seattle can manage to both get into and win the Championship game. There's also the non-zero chance that a Memphis running back somehow does enough work to steal it away from Martin Isaac. 3.) Oregon - 18.58% Our first true contender, Oregon comes in a clear 3rd place here. The advantage here is that they have two quarterback candidates in Drew McPewPewPew and Harlon Connecticut. Unfortunately, they are both the underdogs in the conference championships. If either Seattle or Miami makes the Championship, their chances shoot up quite a bit, though ironically when the two of them played this season, neither took home the honors. 2.) Michigan - 37.8% This could very well be 1b rather than a true number 2 all things considered. Michigan has a lot of prominent offensive alumni in the playoffs, but the two that are most relevant are the Los Angeles duo of John Smith and Charlie Hudson. Basically, if you think the Reign are going to win it all, Michigan should be your pick. 1.) Alabama - 39.16% With a slight edge over Michigan, Alabama pulls into first place here. The main reason for going with Alabama would be if you think Memphis will win it all, as Martin Isaac has been such a dominant force all season. If he was alone, it wouldn't quite live up to Michigan, but he's got backup in the form of Miami running back David Moriarty. Moriarty got just 40% of Miami's player of the games this season, but the key factor here is that two of them came in losses to both Los Angeles and Seattle, Miami's two potential opponents in the finals. So regardless of who comes out of the East, Alabama has a decent shot of taking home the whole thing.
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    Please claim below. I will put up playoff pickem shortly: 1 TPE @Cornholio 2 TPE @Sharkstrong @oilmandan @TacticalHammer @LittleRiDog @HuddleHussy @Jeff @Green @Rayzor_7 @omgitshim @Turner @MMFLEX @PigSnout @Patdatass
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    So another regular season has come and gone and it feels like it’s been a whirlwind. Blink, and it’s gone. We have had plenty of healthy competition on the leaderboards for our rookies and each has made a name for themselves moving forward in the EFL and have earned the respect of their peers. A handful have become house hold names over night and will help the game continue to grow domestically and internationally. Let’s take a look at the ending numbers. Diana Gunner, Kicker @HuddleHussy Season Stats: 59 extra points, 1<20, 6 20-29, 6 30-39, 6 40-49, 0 50+=84.5 fantasy points Pos. Rank: 2nd/9 As predicted, Gunner was an absolute gem this season for Miami. While to start the season she wasn’t seeing the volume of field goal attempts we would have liked to see, Miami kept churning on offense, evident by her league leading 59 made extra points, and as the season grinded on, her field goal attempts started to tick up and when she was called on, she usually delivered sporting, again a league leading, 95% made percentage. Gunner should be on your fantasy radar for many seasons to come after this brilliant rookie campaign. Johnny Greg, Kicker @brenstl Season Stats: 44 extra points, 0 <20, 5 20-29, 4 30-39, 4 40-49, 1 50+=65 fantasy points Pos. Rank: 5th/9 From a team standpoint(Memphis utilized two kickers this season), Greg was the victim of the second to worst number of attempts as well as the second to worst on number of makes. Where Greg made up for it was with extra points. Greg wasn’t bad by any means, he just didn’t get many opportunities to showcase what he could do and failed to see any kind of consistency. He will be just fine moving forward though, so let’s chalk this up as an anomaly. TJ Hendrix, Wide Receiver @TJH Stats: 40 receptions, 577 yards, 6 Touchdowns=133.7 fantasy points Pos. Rank: 21st/27 Hendrix had a little explosion towards the end of the season to boost his numbers a bit, but ultimately it only led to no net gain, or loss for that matter, on the leaderboard as he climbed two spots, but we also had two more wide outs record stats. It’s a forgettable rookie season for TJ, but a nice offseason training program and getting more reps with Rose will certainly help him moving forward. Matthew Stanton, Wide Receiver @Sonnet Stats: 51 receptions, 569 yards, 4 touchdowns=131.9 fantasy points Pos. Rank: 22nd/27 Down the stretch Stanton showed us why he was a prospect everyone was high on coming out of college. Unfortunately it was too little too late to do any real damage in terms of fantasy numbers, but this definitely bodes well for him moving forward into next season and beyond. Duke Starscream, Wide Receiver @Turner Stats: 66 receptions, 1,115 yards, 16 touchdowns=273.5 fantasy points Pos. Rank: 9th/27 Starscream dropped off a little from our first couple articles due to a couple games without a touchdown down the stretch, but even with that, he finishes the season with 16 of them(good for second best in the league) That’s impressive for a rookie, even if he does benefit from playing in a pass heavy offense. Mister Cornholio, Wide Receiver @Cornholio Stats: 89 receptions, 1,164 yards, 12 touchdowns=277.4 fantasy points Pos. Rank: 8th/27 Cornholio’s opportunities absolutely skyrocketed in the closing weeks of the season and he made the best of those opportunities closing the season out with an impressive 89 receptions, which was good enough to be second in the league. He also ticked up His touchdown numbers and as a result, creeped by Starscream on the leaderboard. Boaty McBoatface, Wide Receiver @Enorama Stats: 62 receptions, 929 yards, 6 touchdowns=190.9 fantasy points Pos. Rank: 16th/27 McBoatface was looking to turn in a thousand yard campaign in his rookie season, but the late season trade of Park seemed to push him back on the depth chart as McPewPewPew felt safer with Park as his security blanket versus looking McBoatface’s way. If you have him in fantasy, for his dollar salary, he still turned in great numbers for the value, and moving forward into next season and beyond he will be just fine. Khobe Carter, Wide Receiver @Ty3 Stats: 45 receptions, 647 yards, 2 touchdowns=121.7 fantasy points Pos. Rank: 22nd/27 While Carter did haul in 45 balls and finished just under 650 yards, he failed to do anything memorable in the touchdown department only snagging two. With another offseason under his belt coming up, we will look for Carter to improve on these numbers for his Sophomore campaign. Offensive Rookie of the Year So with that all laid out, who do I think is going to take home the title of our offensive rookie of the year...? While it is hard to not be a complete homer here, it’s also hard to look past Starscream for that honor, but Cornholio and Gunner both make cases for their name to be called. While I ultimately think it comes down to Cornholio and Starscream, Gunner could sneak in some of the second and first team votes to take the award home. With 89 receptions, Cornholio Beats out Starscream’s 66, and at 1,164 yards, Cornholio also beats out Starscream’s 1,115, but with 23 less receptions and only 49 less yards, Starscream’s average is much higher at 16.9 versus 13.1. Starscream also outproduced Cornholio with 16 touchdowns to 12. Cornholio had 14 drops to Duke’s 12, and Cornholio also fumbled, and lost it, whereas Duke did not record a fumble all season. This is an extremely close race and it will be interesting to see how the voters decide this one. I would not be surprised if we A. See a tie on this one, or B. The winner is only decided by a point or two.
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    Tss... amateurs. Reginald can beat your career sack numbers in a single season.
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    5:321st and 10USC - 25Rush by Numbers, J. for 9 yds. Tackle by Jacobs, N.. 4:552nd and 1USC - 34 Pass by LeSiege, M., to Funk, F.. INTERCEPTION by Jacobs, N. at the USC - 38 yard line and returned for 11 yards. And literally seconds later, USC turns it back over with no built tension at all.
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    Después de un refrigerio de medio tiempo de queso y galletas, porque no estoy haciendo estereotipos, vamos a conformarnos con la segunda mitad ... 10:41MIA - 30Gunner, D. kicks off. 10:41Martin, I. takes it down the middle. 10:41Martin, I. cuts across the field. 10:41A 49 yard return. 10:341st and 10MIA - 48Pass by Isaac, M., complete to Goodpancake, W. for 35 yds. Tackle by Strong, B.. 9:181st and 10MIA - 13Pass by Isaac, M., complete to Sabathia Jr., D. for 13 yds. 8:54TOUCHDOWN! (Stillinmahbewt kick good) ¡Chips sagrados y guacamole que sucedieron rápido! ¡Séptimo cambio principal del día! 35 - 31
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    6:511st and 10MEM - 48Pass by Connecticut, H., complete to Karter, K. for 7 yds. Tackle by Martin, I.. 6:231st and 10MEM - 31Mambas Penalty on Friedman, C.: Tripping. 6:151st and 10MEM - 31Rush by Moriarty, D. for 1 yds. Tackle by Ferraro, G.. 5:522nd and 9MEM - 30Pass by Connecticut, H., complete to Isola, J. for 11 yds. Tackle by Saint Sebastian, A.. 5:261st and 10MEM - 19Rush by Moriarty, D. for 4 yds. Tackle by Smith, J.. 5:012nd and 6MEM - 15Pass by Connecticut, H., complete to Moriarty, D. for 4 yds. Tackle by Gser, J.. 4:163rd and 2MEM - 11Rush by Moriarty, D. for a short gain. Tackle by Bobsky, C.. 3:534th and 2MEM - 1128 yard FG by Gunner, D. is good. ¡Nuestro Neptuno hace lo mejor! ¡El Artillero de la coqueta (@HuddleHussy) hace la patada! 10 - 7
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    That's what an octogenarian super polite grandma would say in front of her 4 years old grandchild lmao
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    Another Wolfpack victory!
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    2nd Quarter Scores! 14-28 7-13 7-13 14-21
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    Oh this makes me so happy. Thank you sim gods!
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    All-time great Kraken Tugg Bote. In seriousness, it sucks to see Tugg go out, especially since the league is going so pass heavy right now anyway. Definitely feels like an end of an era
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    New Orleans Kraken (2-10) @ (3-9) San Antonio Wolfpack Welcome to San Antonio, where today will be one of the saddest days for Wolfpack fans as beloved RB and face of the franchise Tugg Bote will play his 2nd last game of his career. The RB announced his retirement earlier in the season at a press conference where fans immediately broke out a "1 more year" chant which has been going at every game this season. Unfortunately it seems as though Bote won't be going 1 more year, but will rather be relaxing on a nice beach. Should be an exciting but also sad matchup coming up. The Wolfpack have chosen to kick first.
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    Aww yeah basement bowl! Edit: I just realized - this will almost certainly be the final GotW of Tugg's career
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    Out of Town Scores: 0 - 41 20 - 3 20 - 6
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    I try to follow everything so I get the groove of how things are working!
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    Nope, gotw is Seattle @ Wisconsin but I'll be giving everyone score updates in real time as we go through the presentation. Aiming to go live ~ 11 AM Eastern
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    Ranking EFL GMs Asahel is preparing to enter the EFL. As a user, I have been focused primarily on the NCAA as an AD and player. I had better start paying a little more attention to the EFL. I will start by ranking the EFL GMs on whatever criteria I feel like. As a big disclaimer, I really want Asahel to be drafted 1OA... And, of course, have nothing against any of these users, or teams. So take this all with a grain of salt. #8. OnMyWings I don't know much about him besides that he occasionally plays mafia. He is the manager of the lone Texas team, so that's a positive. Otherwise, he's an unknown and that pushes him down the list. #7. JetsQB101 Another GM I haven't had much interaction with, JetsQB101 is ranked over OMW only because his players success. Isaac Martin and Martin Isaac were apparently greats at the NCAA level. He coaches the Mambas in this league, and I coach the Pythons in another league. So there is that. #6. Alecbama If I recall correctly, Alecbama was the AD of the recent Alebama dynasty. Besides that, the LA Reign have been strong. Somehow he still manages to be ranked 6th. That's how you know this ranking is quite meaningless. #5. Symmetrik I've seen this user around from the moment I started SIM leagues. He probably approved my PBE player. Other than that, I haven't had to much interaction with him. Well., besides the fact that we're both in a ton of leagues. #4. Wheaties He's the NCAA simmer, as well as a GM? That's impressive. Also, as NCAA simmer, i don't want to be on his bad side. LSU needs wins... Other than that, I don't know to much about him either, but that alone elevates him up the list. #3. MMFlex This guy brought mafia to the EFL. He also was one of the only GMs to inquire about Arceneaux. So there's been a little more interaction with him than these other guys. #2. AdamS I've played werewolf with Adam. And they have been discord games. So we've interacted quite a lot. The interactions were not always friendly, there may have been plenty of suspicion between us. Aside from that, we were SBA ADs together, and our NSFL players were drafted in the same draft. As an actual GM, it remains to be seen what he can do. But remember, that doesn't actually matter here. #1. LattimoreIsland Sure, the Kraken struggle just a bit... I feel it's a meme to mock LattimoreIsland's GMing. I don't know enough to know what he's doing in his job as a GM. But, he basically recruited himself to LSU for me. Now LSU is the favorite to win their division. Besides that, Latt has been great in the locker room and whatnot. That is why he gets the number 1 spot in this very official ranking. Thank you for reading this 500 word spew. I need every TPE I can get I guess.
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    Who's ready for some NCAA action today? Let's say approximate start time around 11:30 to 11:45 EST
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    Don't worry @OnMyWings I'm here with u bb
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    NCAA All-Underclassmen Offensive Team I have decided that I should try to branch out a little and cover some NCAA stuff as well. It's normal to look at the guys who are about to end their NCAA careers and start on the road to EFL glory, but it's perhaps a little less common to look at the young freshman and sophomores that are lighting up the league already. Its no telling how these players go. They could become elite talent, or they could fade into obscurity, but for now they are campus legends. Lets look at the best of the youngsters. QB - Vince Carswell - Texas - @LittleRiDog Its a tight race for who the best freshman QB in the league is right now, but the edge goes to Vince Carswell. After missing the college football playoffs last season, Texas is right on track with an 8-2 record, thanks in no small part to their new QB. Carswell has the best passer rating outside of the LSU quarterback duo, and currently paces the league with 15 touchdown passes. Runner Up: Dropstar Fromtable, LSU RB - Asahel - LSU - @Psanchez55 The man with only one name, its a little odd that the NCAA folks didn't set his player in the sim with his one name as his last name. Anyways, Asahel is a force to be reckoned with as a second year starter. As one half of the most lethal rushing attack in college football, Asahel has already amassed over 3000 rushing yards in his short career. He looks to enter the draft this season, and could very well be a top draft pick given his production. Runner Up: Devin Schwaibold, LSU WR - Calle Colt - Miami - @SnapTackleDrop You might think of this one as an odd choice, given that there is another sophomore wide receiver leading the league in receptions, but let me explain my choice. Colt has very impressive numbers per catch. His 15 yards per catch are second among players with 20+ receptions. His 6 touchdowns are also no small feat, tying him for second place there as well. He is a consistent and efficient producer in the pass game, despite being in a Miami offense that has the second lowest pass/rush attempt ratio. That is impressive, and it is what pushes Colt over the top for me Runner Up: Frank Funk, USC TE - Alex Adler - Michigan - @aCrypticPancake Tight end is often a rather thankless and much less flashy position. However, sophomore TE Alex Adler deserves some recognition for his work so far. He leads the nation in receiving yards among tight ends, and also is an exceptional blocker. He averages both 11 yards per catch, and has tallied 11 pancakes all season, all while not allowing any sacks. Runner Up: Jordan Sterling, LSU K - Lionel Bands - Texas - @goat like meat When I say kicker, I'm purely looking at kicking. If I do a defensive team, I will address punting there. With kicking, the best young face seems to be Lionel Bands. In his freshman season he has gotten a lot of work in, making the second most extra points and the most field goals among all kickers. What really sets him apart is his distance, however. He has attempted the most field goals from 40+ yards among his peers, and remains the only kicker with one form 50+ yards out, draining a 53 yarder Runner Up: Cody Smith, Alabama
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    As football season starts, every team’s dream of making a championship run is alive. The season commences and slowly the playoff picture comes into focus. Well the season has now ended, and the playoff teams are set. We are going to look at the one key (matchup, stat, player, etc.) in each of the two NCAA Playoff Games. I haven’t had an NCAA player in a while so I thought it would be neat to do some research into the 4 playoff teams and come up with something that I believe will affect the outcome of each game. In the East Miami will travel to LSU in the Eastern Conference Championship game pitting two big time rushing attacks. In the West, Oregon and Texas will renew the NCAAs biggest rivalry in Eugene for the Western Conference Championship. We get into our analysis below: NCAA Eastern Conference Championship – Miami Hurricanes at LSU Tigers Key: Which Quarterback will Step Up? Due to the fact that the EFL is loaded with QBs for the next few years, the NCAA has become a ground and pound league. No two teams emphasize this more than the LSU Tigers and the Miami Hurricanes, who are first and second in the NCAA in rushing yards respectively. LSU has a dynamic duo in Asahel and Devin Schwaibold and Miami has the slightly less impressive Bonzo Luellen and Bellamy Blake. However, despite the two teams impressive running attacks, I believe this game could be determined by which QB controls the game better. LSU plays two QBs in Dropstar Fromtable and Hingle McCringleberry with Fromtable getting most of the snaps lately. Miami offense is run by Jordan Jones. Neither team passes the ball much (LSU in particular), but these quarterbacks will be key in keeping their offenses on the field and not turning the ball over. My opinion is that the quarterback that can hold on to the ball and play the better game manager will give his team a big advantage. We’ll see which one is more effective this Saturday. NCAA Western Conference Championship – Texas Longhorns at Oregon Ducks Key: Oregon’s 43 Sacks, 3 Safeties, and 2 Blocked Kicks, or More Importantly, Oregon’s Pressure Over the past 6-8 years the Oregon Ducks and Texas Longhorns have been battling it out in the West without much resistance from ND and USC. This year is no exception as the teams share the league’s best record at 11-3. Both teams are similar in their balanced offensive attack and have the top two defenses in the league when looking at points allowed. Texas it does it by limiting yardage in both the passing and rushing game. Oregon does it by putting constant pressure on the QB. How much pressure they can put on Texas QB Vince Carswell and how the Longhorns handle this pressure is key. The Ducks will give up some big plays, but they almost double the next team in sacks with 43 (Alabama is 2nd with 24). This has led to 18 interceptions (3rd in the league – Texas is first) and a league leading 3 safeties and 2 blocked kicks. If Texas can handle the Oregon pressure there is some opportunities for big plays down the field, but if the Ducks can do what they’ve been doing all year long, Texas will be facing a lot of 2nd and 3rd and longs. I believe that whether or not the Ducks can get consistent pressure in the Texas backfield will go a long way in determining this game.
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    3rd Quarter Scores! 14-38 10-13 21-20 17-34
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    Hate everything about this lol
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    "Rome wasn't built in a day" - Alex's motto, his motivation and his goal. Every day after a hard workout or a practice this is what he reminds himself. To reach your end goal you must suffer. Pain is good, pain is progress, pain is success. As the famous saying goes, "no pain, no gain". Alex made huge strides in his high school career, mostly due to his hard work on the field and in the gym. In fact, he didn't even make his school's varsity team until his junior year. Alex started playing football as a wide receiver. He had great hands and was quick on his feet. Unfortunately for him, his school was filled with talented football players, especially at the wide receiver position. So, he was moved to linebacker for his freshman year. This year was particularly uneventful. He was learning a new position and had only recently started taking football seriously. His interest in football had only recently compelled him to tryout for his highschool team. When he was younger he played mostly soccer and basketball. His parents were hesitant to allow there son to play a sport with so much contract. Sophomore he took a jump, still on junior varsity, his coaches started to notice Alex's talent as he adjusted to playing on the defensive side of the ball. This season he played a plethora of defensive positions from his old position of linebacker to safety to cornerback. Junior year is where he truly started to blossom. After playing nearly every defensive position Alex, came to realize that he truly enjoyed and excelled at safety. He liked being able to watch plays as they unfolded and to read the offense from his position. He led his team in interceptions and passes defended. His school made it to the state championship but fell to their northside rivals. But, senior year is where Zouzouambe's wings spread. He was the defensive captain for his team and held down the secondary. He led a notoriously bad defensive school to their best year in recent history. He led the team in interceptions, tackles, passes defended, forced fumbles and essentially every defensive stat. He up ended leading his team to a state title. Coming out of highschool Alex was a four star recruit, touted as one of the best safeties in his class. He has since committed to the Texas Longhorns and is excitedly awaiting the upcoming season.
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    Rough one but 5 pancakes for Big Saracen!
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    I feel the need to point at Reginald's 0 fumbles and 0 drops with 59 catches. Just don't look at Demetrius.
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    15:00 - Second Quarter 15:003rd and 10WIS - 19Pass by McPewPewPew, D., complete to McBoatface, B. for 19 yds. 14:23TOUCHDOWN! (Winesorcery kick good) And that’s a huge conversion! Wisconsin falls for the fake curl route on 3rd down, and the rookie McBoatface easily finds the endzone to put Seattle back on top! 14 - 7
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    when he punts, he will quite literally be dropkick murphy
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    I'm gonna put this right out there and hope we have an active jailor. I was trying to make a hint as a jail me last night with my Day 1 comment so that we could form an alliance. I am the Crusader. Jailor is our most important role early on, and so I want to make sure I know who it is so I can protect you. Crusader is a shitty role in the way that I can also kill town randomly if they visit my target, but our priority should be keeping the jailor alive. Jail me tonight so we can work through the details and you will have protection as long as I'm alive. I will do my best to protect your name from the public as well. Yes... I realize this is a big risk I'm taking.
  47. 2 points
    @TacticalHammer and after all my work to help you win your division.
  48. 2 points
    7:073rd and GoalLSU - 2Rush by BOT, C. for 1 yds. Tackle by Samuel, T.. The LSU D comes up with a huge goal line stand as they hold Bot to one yard rush
  49. 2 points
    well in that case vote Jhatty
  50. 2 points
    @MMFLEX @oilmandan
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