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    Your S15 Pro Bowl: East (MEM, MIA, NY, WIS) QB: Martin Isaac QB: Logan Crawford RB: David Moriarty RB: Asahel FB: A.A. Goat WR: DeAnderson Sabathia Jr. WR: Theremin McCracken WR: Brian Kowalski TE: Suspicious Dave TE: Stephen Loth LB: Ian Kelley LB: Demetrius Sharkstrong LB: Wizard Blanko LB: Clint Bobsky CB: Champagne Harlotte CB: Isaac Martin CB: Brian Strong S: Porom Mysidia S: Dee Fence K/P: Diana Gunner West (LA, NO, SA, SEA) QB: Drew McPewPewPew QB: Max Byrd RB: Danton Howlson RB: Marlon Grey FB: Thormund Jakobson WR: Dan Wilinsky WR: Patrick Kelley WR: Duke Starscream TE: Joplo Crittenden TE: Matt Saracen LB: Michael McBuckets LB: A'Brick Wall LB: BigHuge McLarge LB: Shaka Lawal CB: Bo Clerk CB: Chocolate Thunder CB: Brandon Blade S: Ongo Gablogian S: Ray Ray Foster K/P: Kasay Longwell
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    Edging the competition by a single vote, the winner is:
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    Ivan Zamora, CB After years of being close, Ivan Zamora becomes our first defensive back to reach the Hall of Fame! Zamora was the standard for Cornerbacks in the early years of the EFL. He won 3 Cornerback of the Year awards over 8 seasons, all with the Miami Neptune, and he was key in Miami's first two Championship runs. He saved the best for last, winning Defensive Player of the Year in his farewell season. Many players say they want to go out on top; Zamora actually achieved it. Stats: 576 Tackles (3 TFL), 1 Sack, 36 INT, 137 PD, 7 FF, 5 FR, 6 TD Awards: 2 Time EFL Champion 1 Defensive Player of the Year 3 Cornerback of the Year
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    Texas Longhorn scaring any other AD away from this recruit, stylized (2019)
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    Possibly an upset in this one? A tight race between two of our nominees, your Season 14 Heisman Trophy Winner is...
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    The trip from his dorm to the practice facility is short.
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    Welcome to all the new Reign! @Snussu @SixersFan594 @aCrypticPancake
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    Congratulations @HuddleHussy. We knew you would be number one!!!!
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    Season 16 Seattle Predators Training Camp +4 TPE to all players matching team archetype chosen Quarterback: Gunslinger @MMFLEX Running back: Scat Back  @Sharkstrong @evryday Fullback: Runner Wide Receiver: Deep Threat @Tater_Tot @Garappogoat (Locked until S18) Tight End: Vertical Threat @Crittenden Inside Linebacker: Balanced Outside Linebacker: Pass Rushing @Shaka Cornerback: Man Cover @Turner @DWill @Abaddon Free Safety: Man Cover Strong Safety: Run Support @MMFLEX @StamkosFan @Evans Kicker: Kicker @okochastar Team Coaches (TPE Gained per position): Head Coach: Maximus K. Melon Offensive Coordinator: Pete Carroll (+12 WRs) Defensive Coordinator: Richard Sherman (+12 CBs) QB Coach: Matt Hasselbeck (+9 QBs) RB Coach: Shaun Alexander (+9 RBs) TE Coach: Mike Tice (+6 TEs) OL Coach: Walter Jones (+6 OL) DL Coach: Cortez Kennedy (+6 DL) LB Coach: Bobby Wagner (+ 6 LBs) S Coach: Kam Chancellor (+9 S) ST Coach: Jon Ryan (+6 K/P)
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    S15 NCAA and EFL Kicker of the Year Awards Breakdown Hello everyone, friendly neighborhood kicker here to give my take on the kicker awards, who should have won and who should have been nominated. Let's get to it. EFL Kicker of the Year Nominees: Kasay Longwell, Johnny Greg, Diana Gunner The top three listed here are all conveniently top 3 in field goal percentage in the league, although in inverse order of what is listed here. They each missed a combined 3 kicks, with both Greg and Gunner missing a 50+ yard field goal and 2 extra points, while Longwell missed 2 field goals and an extra point. When you look at punting, you would see the same trio at the top for yards per punt, albeit with Adam Winesorcery at second and Greg and Longwell slid down one. Altogether, clearly people at the top of their craft. One notable absence to the nomination list is Winesorcery. I find his absence from this list particularly odd given that he led all kickers in least kicks missed. He did miss two field goals from the 40-49 yard range, but was perfect on extra points. While this is not the greatest resume of the field, it does seem worthwhile. His punting stats make this most confusing, however. He was second in the league in yards per punt, as mentioned before, and he also led the league in punts inside the 20. To me, Winesorcery seems like he has the best punting resume in the league this season, which should warrant at least a nomination Winner: Diana Gunner This is a pretty no brainer vote, and the committee thought so too, with Gunner getting a unanimous vote. Breaking the longest field goal record, sinking 3 50+ yarders, and leading the league in yards per punt, Gunner is well deserving of this second kicker of the year in a row. NCAA Kicker of the Year Nominees: Cody Smith, Shawn Vinatieri, Bruce Brucie These guys have also lay claim to the top 3 field goal percentages. Smith and Brucie each missed 3 field goals, and Vinatieri missed 4. However, extra points tell a very different story, with Brucie and Vinatieri missed one, and Smith having a significantly larger 3 misses. In punting, these guys are second through fourth in yards per punt, with just over a yard separating all three. All 3 has punt amounts in the 70s, but Cody Smith comes out on top with a league leading 10 punts inside the 20 One guy who i think could have earned a nomination is DeShaun Marion. He was right behind this trio in punt average, but also tied the league lead for 10 punts inside the 20. His kicking wasn't ideal, with 6 missed field goals and 4 extra points, but he also went a perfect 2/2 on kicks outside the 50, while the 3 nominees made no kicks from 50 out. Maybe not an ideal candidate, but still an intriguing guy. Winner: Bruce Brucie I'm not sure i agree with this decision. I think Cody Smith is the more deserving guy. While he did miss in the extra point category, he was noticeably better in the punting game, and I think that is worth noting. Not to say Brucie is not worthy, all these guys did very well. I just think Smith was the best among equals. I think all of this makes me wonder how much stock the committee puts into punting stats when voting for kicker of the year awards. I think these should be taken into account more when voting for these awards, or we should add a punter of the year trophy. That is just my thoughts.
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    1. I got a good list. Jebaseelan, the Bands' bros, Riley and Vince, Chi, and can't forget about my boy Taktischer. 2. I believe so, I think my playstyle will work on almost, if not every EFL team. 3. Miami 4. I've been working with my cousin Tee Pee E., he'll be a freshman linebacker this coming season. 1. I'm not entirely sure, but I know the feisty Ducks will bounce back sooner rather than later. 2. No one in particular. My playstyle is a bit "basic" but I believe that my aggression and passion is unmatched. 3. We're always gunning for that National Championship at Texas. Luckily, we just achieved that goal once again. 4. 100% nope. Both Stiffland and Longfingers plan on staying all 4 years.
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    Good write-up, excited to try and get Texas another natty!
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    how about letting me know
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    Kind of stunned Choybuk didn't win that one tbh. Had one of the most impressive freshman seasons I've ever seen.
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    General Manager of the Year is always a tough choice, as you're considering users instead of players. There are guys who win championships, guys who make big moves, and guys who turn their teams around in a single season. Our nominees this season check all those boxes. Nominees: @Jetsqb101 @MMFLEX @Symmetrik
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    Now one of the positions most difficult to judge. Safeties don't always put up the numbers, but they're the glue of the defense, and the contribution they make in preventing big plays doesn't always show up in the stats. Nominees: Ray Ray Foster @Alecbama Ongo Gablogian @evryday Porom Mysidia @diamond_ace
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    HAHAHAHAHAHA! I literally thought of that scene when I looked at this thread.
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    I'll release those videos of you with the "ladies" of the prison
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    accept! L.A. wishes Chunky Charlie the best in NY! @Alecbama @Psanchez55 lets do it!
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    Lets go boys! I can’t wait to see where my wolverines go. @Abaddon better go real high, #bestncaaRB
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    Name: Drue Tranquill jr team: Texas workout name : Purchase TPE 6 +1 cost of workout : $3,000,000 cash you have : $3,000,000 cash left: $0
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    Wow I love LSU and money, i accept
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    L.A. is excited to announce the signing of Jax Byrd to a 3 year contract agreement! CB - Jax Byrd @KGR s16: $3,500,000 s17: $minimum s18: $minimum
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    Thanks for the praise in my career with the Ducks. I feel I have much to prove as I rode the coattails of yourself and @MMFLEX
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    Filler for now. Possible recreate
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    Yo when are we getting our next podcast?
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    This will not be allowed since it’s after the deadline. See our discord chat for your options.
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    SEASON 16 Longhorns SCHOLARSHIPS Please Quote and Accept! If you have concerns, message me! $5,000,000 Full Benefit Scholarships (x4) Jr - QB Vince Carswell @LittleRiDog Jr - TE Kip Silver @Tate Sr - CB Richaun Hamilton @okochastar Sr - LB Steven Stiffland @jhatty8 $3,000,000 Full Tuition Scholarships (x7) So - FS Alex Zouzouambe @BigZouzou So - RB Oscar Jebaseelan @OscarDaSwagDude So - RB Kim Chi @BigZouzou Jr - WR Taktischer Vorschlaghammer @TacticalHammer Sr - CB Riley Carswell @LittleRiDog Fr - LB Drue Tranquill Jr @Bhughes39 Jr - WR Mat Tocco @Matmenzinger $2,000,000 Partial Tuition Scholarships (x7) Sr - TE Jebediah Cromwell @K1NG LINUS Jr - LB Easton West @Tate Jr - LB Justin McAvoy @Beerfridge Jr - WR Lorrence Longfingers @jhatty8 Jr - K Lionel Bands @goat like meat Jr - LB Jackie Bands @goat like meat So - FS Thornforg @TacticalHammer
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    Better idea: Black Market. Buy steroids and PEDs that give you +3 to any attribute for one season. The following season you lose that +3 and suffer a 1% regression on all stats.
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    The Wisconsin Brigade would like to offer Preston Gunnar-Hudson a free agent contract for S34.
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