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    Few things here folks, but simple enough: @AndrewWarren13 has expressed interest in stepping away from Seattle’s GM spot this offseason, and as a result, @MMFLEX will be stepping up to the plate to take over. Obviously that opens up Oregon’s AD spot again, so why not keep it in the family as we promote @oilmandan to the job! Please give a round of applause to these two fine gentlemen and wish them luck in their new positions. We thank Andrew for his hard work and dedication to the job for the couple seasons he was a GM and as the AD of Oregon. This will give each of these guys to learn from each other for the next couple weeks until they officially take over.
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    Hello everyone! I have had the chance to give this article and event much thought and while it does make me sad, it also gives me hopefulness and joy. Now for those that know me, as a user, know that I am a GM pretty much wherever I go. I currently am a GM in 5 different leagues though they do have varying levels in my participation! I don't think it is too much, people have league jobs in a lot of places, and my preferred job is GM, it is what I like to do, it is my dream job in real life. However, there are times when things can get frustrating or overwhelming and dealing with multiple instances is never fun but manageable. Why am I saying all this? Well, at the end of this season in the EFL, I will effectively be stepping down as GM of the Seattle Predators. Why you ask? Well, it's both simple and not simple. The simple answer is because I GM everywhere and don't want to GM everywhere. That's not really the truth 100% though. The real not so simple answer is that I don't want to GM in the EFL right now. Let me explain. I joined the EFL about a year ago, and it was my first Sim league ever, ADing at Oregon was my first Sim league job ever and I had a blast! Before that, I got the chance to be recruited, be scouted, and all the fun stuff there is with being a player in the EFL. I still consider EFL as my main league, though I don't consider it my main GMing league because I don't do too much as a GM here. It sucks but it is true and it was never my intention. I have put together great teams in Seattle and managed caps just fine, something that a GM needs to do. I submit strategies and do all that, well...sometimes but I try to. I love GMing, I love teams building, but being a player and having that experience was what made me love the EFL from the first day when Faak-Nahd Gabba roamed the streets of Baton Rouge on signing day! I love my team I have in Seattle and have loved competing with all these other GMs in the EFL. It is time for me to contribute to the EFL as a player and possibly in a different light, maybe even ADing again one day, though I wouldn't try and sign my own players each time! Thank you for all people I have interacted with in the EFL so far. It has been great and thank you to the league higher ups for giving me the chance to GM here. It's time to win a championship in Seattle and go out on top, or I guess, have them win next year after I leave just like what happened with Oregon. One thing is for sure, just like Oregon, I will always be a fan of the team, even with my tenure ending as leader of the program.
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    Dude is talking trash. Something funny that rhymes with trash. ....trash Is what they are. I'm bad at this help. @CptMatt @11 Eleven @HuddleHussy @DilIsPickle @Abaddon @OnMyWings @AndrewWarren13 @Wheaties @solas @Cornholio @Jetsqb101 @chemicalfire @diamond_ace @Jmgia64 @DeathOnReddit @hedgehog337
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    Welcome back to EFL as Eternal! In this edition, we've got one new mechanic (or rather, a twist on a mechanic that was previously covered back in episode 7), and a handful of new interactions that have be added or expanded upon in the most recent set. Let's get right into it! Previous Episodes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, Championship Special, 8, Freshman Rankings Special As mentioned in the teaser, we have a new twist on an old mechanic! To review, Merchants (which I've thematically called General Managers here) allow you to trade a card from your hand for one in your Market (called Locker Room here) that corresponds to the influence of the merchant (i.e. a fire merchant can only get fire cards). As you can see here, Doak Grizzly has both fire and shadow influence, so he can trade for either a fire or a shadow card (and it doesn't have to be a single influence card; a card with say both shadow and time influence would be eligible). The catch here though is that the dual influence of the Merchant (General Manager) means that your Market (Locker Room) is changed to a Black Market (Practice Squad). The difference is that none of the cards in your Practice Squad can be in your main deck at all. You gain the versatility of drawing from 2 different influences at the cost of not being able to run the cards in your main deck. Given the number of cards that are now in the game, it's not a huge drawback for a lot of decks, though there are some that would opt to stick with the single influence ones. While trying to figure out new things to bring to these articles, I noticed a new trend that had some cards that were stronger than their costs indicate, but with a significant drawback. Matthew Stanton here is an example of this. A 3/3 for 2 cost (especially for a single influence) is already quite strong, and flying on top of that is very strong. The downside here is that without a Quarterback on the field, Stanton can't attack. Now a 3/3 flyer in the early game is still useful as a blocker if nothing else, but you're really going to want to push that tempo advantage while you have it, which makes Stanton a bit difficult to use. Much like his EFL counterpart, Stanton is a great talent, but as a receiver he still lives or dies on the strength of his Quarterback. If a 2 cost 3/3 with a single influence is strong, then it follows that a 3 cost 2/2 with double influence would be weak, no? Well not exactly. Once again, Flying is a good boost to value, and Warp can give you a bit of card advantage when you can play Dewey Jackson off the top of your deck. The important line here is his ability to buff other units, which shows how Jackson's presence makes his team better around him. Alone Jackson isn't anything special, but with a good set of teammates, he can give you a big return on the value. Another theme I've noticed recently is units that have alternate forms of removal evasion. Teppei Renomitsu here has a complete immunity to any spells or curses directly played on him by the enemy, which is similar to having an Aegis that never goes away. Of course, it's not quite the same since he can still be effected by full board effect spells as well as any effects from an enemy unit. Still, much like in the EFL, Renomitsu is one tough player to take down. Finally, we come to one of the biggest things to come from this set: triple faction support. While there were a handful of 3+ faction cards before, this set really start pushing tri-factions as a standard. Theremin McCracken fits the bill here as a top end finisher. Although he's a base 3/3, it's effectively 4/4 given that he plays a curse upon summon. Flying and Aegis alone make it tough to stop him if you don't have a Flying unit yourself, and Lifesteal on top of that means that even if you do, McCracken is going to help stabilize your health regardless. Some cheap curses would help boost McCracken and other units to high stat levels in a hurry, and Poor Practice Facilities in itself is not insignificant either. If you can't stop McCracken right away, the game can get out of hand in a hurry. Champaign Harlotte is McCracken's teammate on the Brigade, and here he is with a cheap curse to help further his agenda. With the push for tri-factions, we got a line of cheap cards from each faction that grant influence from a pair of other factions (in this case, we have a primal card that can provide either justice or shadow influence when played). This makes the card useful in the early game as a form of fixing, and when you get to the end game, you can play this after McCracken hits the board to trigger his effects. As for the curse itself, giving an opposing unit Reckless is nice since you can force a unit that may not have wanted to attack into swinging into a situation where it gets blocked and killed. It's not perfect for every situation, but 1-cost psuedo-removal is nothing to sneeze at. It's also representative of how Harlotte can lure an opponent into thinking his man has him beat before coming out of nowhere to shut the pass down. Like usual, we end on a spell, this time featuring the twins Porom and Palom Mysidia. It's a fairly straight forward board sweeper, dealing 2 damage to all units on the board. The twist is that you can spend an extra 2 and exhaust a pair of units (thematically, the "twins" casting the spell) to boost the damage against the enemies. While simple, the versatility of this sweeper makes it very good as a way to stabilize against aggro decks, especially token based ones. @Wally @Sonnet @Tater_Tot @Renomitsu @chemicalfire @SwagSloth @diamond_ace
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    Don't Break. Well, those of you who have read my content before know how this goes. I get a little too into a spreadsheet and all of a sudden we've got a long-form article on our hands. It's defense. It's almost always defense - and this is no exception for either of these guidelines. Some information, like the points-per-game and player stats I was too lazy to update manually, will be current up to week 11. Everything else (rushing and passing yards per attempt (YPA), record) was calculated by spreadsheet. I won't belabor the point: let's rank ourselves some college defenses. #1 – Texas Longhorns (5-7) 15.2 ppg (#1 as of wk. 11) | Rush YPA – 4.1 (T#2) | Pass YPA – 6 (#1) Standouts LB Ekong Okafor @JaysFan26 – 68 tackles, 5 TFL, 2 sacks, 1 INT, 6 PD LB Gser @Ty3– 67 tackles, 4 TFL, 1 FF, 4 sacks, 1 INT, 3 PD FS Sanchez @Quik – 56 tackles, 3 FF/2FR (#2), 4 PD The Longhorns’ heartbreaking loss to Miami earlier today left most Texas fans with a bitter taste in their mouths; they’re just one game behind the Trojans (6-6), but a three game deficit to the Fighting Irish (8-4) saps any hope they have of winning the conference. Rest assured however, that the Texas defense will do its job. Led by a hard-hitting, grounded linebacking and safety corps, Texas pretty safely takes our first spot in the S12 NCAA defensive rankings. They had a few marquee performances this season, suffocating Miami’s offense in Week 5 by holding them to just 119 passing yards; SS Skipper Williams @ManningTypeAim picked off Jordan Jones for a touchdown, but it proved to be for naught as Miami won, 13-12. Unfortunately, this seemed to be the M.O. for the Longhorns, who suffered tight losses to Michigan [14-10, twice], Oregon [16-7], and their most recent game at Miami [20-19]. One significant blip that works against them is a strangely-awful loss to USC in Week 7, where they allowed QB Anderson Muller to hit a 124.2 QB rating with 4 passing touchdowns. Texas allowed a whopping 45 points in that game, but have very slowly returned to form over the following four weeks. They’ve managed to hold potent offenses to under 14 points multiple times this season – but inopportune turnovers and less-than-ideal offensive performances at the wrong times produced losses, especially early in the season. The Longhorns’ pass defense was a bit shaky in a Week 11 game against LSU, but for now they occupy the #1 spot for the season overall. #2 – Miami Hurricanes (9-3) 17.1 ppg (#2 as of wk. 11) | Rush YPA – 4.1 (T#2) | Pass YPA – 6.2 (T#2) Standouts LB Marques Hampton-Hill @solas – 82 tackles (#5), 8 TFL (#4), 1 sack, 2 INT, 4 PD CB McCorn @Cornholio – 57 tackles, 1 TFL, 2 INT, 14 PD (#1) It almost seems a little cruel to stick Miami right after the Longhorns – but it’s pretty hard to drop them much lower than second in the league for defense. They had a stretch of three excellent performances between weeks 9 to 11 – they allowed under 150 yards passing in each game over that stretch, in fact holding star WR Palom Mysidia to just 57 yards in a game against USC. In spite of being upset by Oregon in week 11, they held QB Hingle McCringleberry to a miserable 127 yards, 0 TDs, 2 INTs, and a 36 QB rating. Beyond that, they held Oregon RB and offensive star Jan Karol Chodkiewicz under 100 yards on 29 attempts. As heartbreaking as the week 12 Miami victory was for Texas, it was a pretty poor performance for a typically-staunch Miami defense. In fact, it was their worst run and pass defensive performance all season – they let through 5.3 yards per carry on the ground, and 8.6 yards per attempt (not completion!) through the air. QB Matt Saracen had an incredibly efficient game (20/27 for 231 yds, 1 TD) and hit TJ Hendrix for 102 yards on just 6 receptions. If Miami has another average or below-average performance this week, it’s likely they’ll drop in these rankings – but for now, one anomaly isn’t enough for me to force them down. #3 – Oregon Ducks (6-6) 17.8 ppg (#3 as of wk. 11) | Rush YPA – 4.1 (T#2) | Pass YPA – 6.9 (#5) Standouts LB Cooper Irwin @Patdatass – 78 tackles, 8 TFL (T#4), 1 FF, 5 sacks (T#6) LB Vincent van Boom @Kirby – 75 tackles, 4 TFL, 6 sacks (#4), 2 PD LB Roman Sanguszko @majesiu– 62 tackles, 8 TFL (T#4), 3 sacks, 5 PD, 1 safety With their recent winning streak, Oregon has a real shot at making the playoffs in spite of starting 0-5 – frankly, it may come down to their week 13 game at USC. On both offense and defense, Oregon’s rankings particularly benefit from their last three games – which include upset victories over Michigan and Miami. But let’s not suggest that Oregon’s wins against these two teams were complete surprises – Oregon lost to Miami in week 8 by just 1 point [20-19], and their defense held ND to just 10 points in spite of that week 9 loss. They held picked off Miami QB Jordan Jones three times in week 11 off of an immaculate performance by Tyroil Smoochie-Wallace @Homeskillet (8 tk, 2 PD, 2 INT). Their win over LSU was consistent with their improving defense, holding the ailing Tigers to just 7 points off of 221 yards of offense. Because we’re near the middle of the rankings, however, I’ll point out that Oregon’s pass defense is a little below-average, and they’ve had rushing defense lapses too. They may have held Michigan RB Ricky Razor to 91 yards in week 10 – but that doesn’t excuse that the Wolverines ran for 5.1 yards/carry; nor does it excuse the Ducks’ eyesore 8.4 yards/pass against Notre Dame in week 9. Oregon’s defense is a little above average overall, has an excellent linebacking corps, and benefits from recency bias to an extent – but it still has exploitable weaknesses and a young-ish secondary. #4 – USC Trojans (6-6) 18.6 ppg (#4 as of wk. 11) | Rush YPA – 4.9 (#5) | Pass YPA – 6.2 (T#2) Standouts LB Lukas Cold @Sova – 85 tackles, 2 TFL, 1 FF, 3 sacks, 8 PD (T#6) FS Jean Christophe @Enorama – 55 tackles, 1 FR, 6 INT (T#1), 8 PD (T#6), 1 TD FS Will Austin @Cooltruth20 – 48 tackles, 1 sack, 5 INT (T#3), 5 PD Well, the Trojans are pretty terrifying up the middle, huh? Like the Ducks, the Trojans benefit from some promising recent weeks’ performances – and even have a similar Jordan Jones 3-pick game – except it was in week 10 as opposed to week 11. They also held a potent Michigan offense to just 13 points in week 11, with Lukas Cold tacking on 9 tk, 3 PDs, and 1 forced fumble; they also forced an uncharacteristically poor performance from Notre Dame QB Shawn Brady (17/26, 224 yds, 2 TD/2 INT). The Trojans showed obvious improvement from their week 8 loss to Michigan [31-21], but didn’t do as great a job preventing large volume stats in the aforementioned Notre Dame game. While the top two defenses seemed relatively clear-cut, you could certainly make an argument for the Trojans to be in the top 3, especially with reasonable defensive performances over the past 4 weeks. Similar to the Ducks, they were gouged by Michigan’s rushing attack in week 8, allowing Ricky Razor to run wild (163 yds). We can’t exactly discount the fact that Oregon’s defense has held opponents to 10 or fewer points the last 4 weeks, so they get the very slight nod over USC. #5 – Michigan Wolverines (10-2) 19.6 ppg (#6 as of wk. 11) | Rush YPA – 4.0 (#1) | Pass YPA – 7.5 (#7) Standouts CB Jax Byrd @KGR – 63 tackles, 4 INT (#5), 11 PD (#2), 2 TD (#1) SS Shawn Polamalu @TheLastOlympian – 92 tackles (#1), 3 TFL, 3 INT, 3 PD, 2 FF, 1 FR LB Mike McBuckets @Garappogoat – 70 tackles, 7 TFL, 12 sacks (#1), 3 PD On the other end of recency bias is the Wolverines, who suffered two uncharacteristic losses to the Ducks [20-9] and Trojans [51-13] in weeks 10 and 11 before manhandling Alabama [31-7] in week 12. Now, don’t get me wrong – Michigan has an excellent offense that readily competes for top two in the league, and there’s a good reason why they have 10 wins. Their defense is a little below average, however, and the 51-13 blowout at the hands of USC QB Anderson Muller kind of makes it hard to say otherwise. Do-It-All SS Shawn Polamalu seems to glue the defense together, leading the league in tackles in addition to a nice chunk of fumble and interception involvement – but fellow DB Jax Byrd is the only player in the league with two defensive TDs. In spite of their standouts coming in the secondary, however, the Wolverines aren’t great at defending the pass overall: they’ve allowed several receivers, like Alabama wideouts Trotzki and Karter, to catch for over 100 yards. Offensive standards like USC’s Palom Mysidia and Notre Dame’s Dewey Jackson are regular offenders, and ultimately Michigan’s pass defense has led to some closer-than-expected wins over their 9-game win streak starting in week 2. Where the Michigan defense excels is in the box, where they’ve allowed barely more than 100 rushing yards a game for a league-leading 4 yards per rush. That’s thanks in large part to Mike McBuckets, who has a startling 12 sacks and 7 TFLs – it’s clear he gets into the backfield more-or-less at will, and is a big contributor to the league-best rushing defense. If the Wolverines make it to the championship game, it’ll be because of a high-quality, consistent offense and a staunch run defense with plenty of chances for turnovers. #6 – Notre Dame Fighting Irish (8-4) 18.7 ppg (#5 as of wk. 11) | Rush YPA – 5.1 (#8) | Pass YPA – 6.8 (#4) Standouts FS Lamarcus Oshiomogho @brenstl– 85 tackles, 1 FF, 2 sacks, 6 INT (T#1), 6 PD, 1 TD CB Djibril Kabore @Pandar– 68 tackles, 2 FF/1 FR, 1 sack, 5 INT (T#3), 9 PD (T#4) Like Michigan, Notre Dame’s standouts are at defensive back positions – but these two defenses couldn’t be different enough from a rushing defense standpoint. It’s not unusual to see backs run for >5.5 yds/carry against Notre Dame – in fact, it’s happened in a third of the Fighting Irish’s games thus far. Strangely, it hasn’t led to many losses (victories vs. USC, Miami, Oregon in weeks 5, 7, and 9, respectively) – so the coach seems content to follow a ‘bend but don’t break’ philosophy to defense. The two above standouts – Oshiomogho and Kabore – are the biggest defensive contributors to Notre Dame’s record, and they’re the reason why the team led the NCAA in interceptions (16) through 11 weeks. The Fighting Irish are ostensibly the league’s best turnover machines in general, as they’ve forced and recovered (9 and 8, respectively) more fumbles than anyone in the league and have the most overall passes deflected of any defense in the league, too. This team’s yardage numbers aren’t great all around – as they’re third in passing and a paltry seventh in rushing on offense – but the turnover game seems to be what clinches Notre Dame’s wins. An anomalous 34-31 loss to LSU in week 10 was a big cause for concern – especially provided the Tigers’ offensive struggles this season – but the Notre Dame defense is just volatile and unpredictable enough to give them what they need. They’ll need to step it up against the Trojans – who have the best pass offense in the league – and the Hurricanes if they want any momentum going into the playoffs. #7 – LSU Tigers (3-9) 26.3 ppg (#7 up to wk. 11) | Rush YPA – 4.9 (#5) | Pass YPA – 7.0 (#6) Standouts LB Lawrence King @ShouldHaveRanIt– 79 tackles, 7 TFLs (T#7), 2 FF, 1 FR, 1 INT, 1 PD CB David Marino @TheNano74 – 63 tackles, 3 INT, 9 PD (T#3), 1 TD CB Ja’fron Judge @Wally – 56 tackles, 3 TFL, 3 FF/3 FR (#1), 1 INT, 1 PD, 1 TD There’s a legitimate argument for the Tigers’ defense to be a spot or two higher, but a lack of consistency ultimately dooms this defensive unit to the seventh spot. There was a five-week stretch where LSU allowed a 100-yard rusher, broken only by USC’s runningback-by-committee approach in week 9. They’ve also allowed multiple games with 100+ QB rating, including outings by Notre Dame’s Shawn Brady and USC’s Anderson Muller. Oregon RB Jan Karol Chodkiewicz ran amok in both LSU-Oregon games, hitting 125 yards in one game and 160 in this week’s game. There are some glimpses of excellence in the Tigers’ defense – particularly Marino’s 6 tackle, 2 PD, 2 INT game with a pick-six in the close loss to Notre Dame, and a penchant for turnovers similar to Notre Dame’s defense. But unfortunately, LSU’s defense is most certainly in the bottom half of the league; this leaves only… #8 – Alabama Crimson Tide (1-11) 27.0 ppg (#8 up to wk. 11) | Rush YPA – 5.0 (#7) | Pass YPA – 8.0 (#8) Standouts LB Trustworthy Dan @AdamS– 65 tackles, 5 TFL, 8 sacks (#2) CB D’Quez Farquaad @KG21 – 68 tackles, 1 FF, 1 INT, 9 PD (T#3) Well, someone’s got to bring up the rear – and this season, Alabama seems to be the league’s whipping boy. The Tide have a few players to be excited about going pro this season – and the top among them might very well be aptly-named Trustworthy Dan, as well as the Lord himself D’Quez Farquaad – who may very well go in the first couple of rounds in the draft. Unfortunately, defense is very much a team effort, and as a unit, the Tide just haven’t performed. They were basically eaten alive by Michigan back Ricky Razor (178 yds) in Week 5, allowed 40 points with 5 pass TDs against USC in week 6, and allowed over 10 yards per attempt from Texas QB Matt Saracen – not completion, attempt. It’s pretty hard to be inspired by a defense that ranks dead-last or second-to-last in pass and rush defense, and that’s why they occupy the bottom of our ranking here today. So, did I get it right? NCAA ADs - how offended are you by your defense's spot in the rankings? Let me know down below. [Claiming as ranking + MS]
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    Today's the day we get back to even Today's the day we smack our demons Let's take it to these kitty cubs And end the day with titty rubs! @Bushito @Homeskillet @JaysFan26 @majesiu @Patdatass @Sonnet @Kirby @Renomitsu @Smarch @DilIsPickle @duckberg @LattimoreIsland @xsjack @DonCutta190 @deadshot @Esso2264 @HarDRaiL @oilmandan
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    Turner, Turner in the sky Dropped some white stuff in my eye I'm a big boy and I won't cry I'm just glad that Punk can't fly @CptMatt @Turner @hedgehog337 @Pandar @chemicalfire @cosbornballboy @AdamS @SwagSloth @ADwyer87 @Dangles13 @street @124715 #FullBattleRattle
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    And the heart breaking final box score.
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    @Alecbama do you really think I'd do this to you if you lost? Two missed PATs weren't enough to slow LA down as they finally pulled away from Miami in the 4th. You can have a look at the offensive numbers for yourself, but I don't think @DWill or @Patdatass will be complaining too much, and John Smith @J.G.10 threw for a casual 500 yards. BigHuge McLarge led the way on defense with a complete game - 11 tackles, a TFL, sack, and 3 PDs.
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    Entries are CLOSED! Our answers this week were as follows: 1) What was the longest-distance successful field goal in the EFL in Season 6? 55 yards by Zane! The Season 6 EFL Index stat page tells you what the longest field goals were. 2) Which GM of the Year (GMotY) award winner had the best regular season record? Doc. Our GM of the Year awards page tells us that he had a 13-1 record, the best of any GM winning the award. These users answered both correctly and can claim 1 TPE (and get a point for the leaderboard): @ADwyer87 @Bengals1fan @DonCutta190 @HarDRaiL @Jetsqb101 @K1NG LINUS @MMFLEX @oilmandan @omgitshim @Patdatass @PigSnout @Nykonax @Snussu @Symmetrik @TacticalHammer @TJH @Turner @Wheaties @xsjack These users answered one correctly and get 0.5 points for the leaderboard, but no TPE: @Enorama @LattimoreIsland I'll post Week 4's trivia sometime early tomorrow. Thanks to all participants!
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    New York wins this bet. Extra lotto entries awarded to: @Enorama @Tater_Tot @MMFLEX @xsjack @omgitshim @SixersFan594 @TJH @oilmandan @Smarch @Sharkstrong @11 Eleven @Snussu @Renomitsu @Wheaties @PigSnout @LattimoreIsland
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    Undefeated is a thing of the past The Ducks are flying in to bust that ass The play of Rose has been pretty shitty Only thing you're good at is smelling pretty Don't even get me started on retarded retired Ricky Razor Taming that cub is easy with a creamy shot from our sticky laser @Bushito @Homeskillet @JaysFan26 @majesiu @Patdatass @Sonnet @Kirby @Renomitsu @Smarch @DilIsPickle @duckberg @LattimoreIsland @xsjack @DonCutta190 @deadshot @Esso2264 @oilmandan
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    What freshmen are killing it this year? If they're on your team you probably already know about them. If they're not on your team they could be flying under the radar and shouldn't be slept on. I'll give you my top six right now - most of them on the defensive end. #6 - Will Austin @Cooltruth20 Will Austin, FS for USC, is leading all freshmen in interceptions with five and is tied for 2nd in that category amongst the entire league. He has 48 tackles which is 5th best for freshman and has also recorded a sack. It's likely Austin is playing CB for the Trojans with Pioveson and Christophe uncapping at the safety positions. Austin ranks in the top three in four statistical categories for freshmen. #5 - Diana Gunner @HuddleHussy & Evenging Chong @Snussu You damn crazy if you think I'm going to have separate rankings for kickers. I mean... They're kickers! First up, let's talk about Princess Diana. She's making 80% of her FGs and 90% of her XPs. What's really impressive though is her league-leading longest field goal of 56 yards. She's pretty accurate from deep too, having made both 50+ yard attempts and going 4/5 from 40-49. Now, Chong, on the other hand, is perfect on the season when kicking extra points. His 75% on FGs, though, is near the bottom of the league. #4 - Amina Gunner @HuddleHussy Of the three defensive freshmen on the Hurricane's squad, Gunner has stood out the most. She is 2nd among freshmen in tackles with 58. She's also 2nd in TFL and sacks with two apiece. After Hampton-Hill in the Miami linebacking core, each of them are close in APE so they should be getting their fair crack at tackles and Amina has made the most of it. #3 - Donald Steward @Kdang I had a hard time with Steward at Holmes Jr .at #2 and #3. Stewart is top three among freshman in four statistical categories. He has recorded 54 tackles which is 3rd best, he is tops in TFL with 5 and sacks with 3, and he ranks 2nd in FF/FR with two forced fumbles. #2 - Nik Holmes Jr. @SixersFan594 What Bobsky and McBuckets don't clean up in the middle, Holmes Jr. is cleaning up in the secondary. Nik leads all freshmen with 65 tackles. He is also tied for 1st place in pass deflections. NHJ has two interceptions on the season and has even found his way to the endzone, the only freshmen to do so. Nik leads the freshmen in three statistical categories and is top three in four. #1 - TJ Hendrix - @TJH TJ Hendrix is really the only offensive skill position that is even worth looking at to win freshman of the year. He leads all freshman in total yards which is 712 receiving yards. He is the leader in receiving touchdowns with 7, and that also ranks 3rd in the league. We should see Hendrix surpass the 1,000 yard mark by the end of the season. If he has a couple more solid games he could even see double-digit touchdowns. Honorable Mention: Quinton Reeves @xsjack Jay Jackson III @Bengals1fan Nick Vandal @xsjack Lee Chong @Snussu Hiroki Renomitsu @Renomitsu Danton Howlson @DonCutta190 Keep up the good work S12 freshmen! You're on your way to outstanding careers.
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    Can confirm C9K has been coaxed out of his storage container with the promise of a whole crate of AAA batteries. He will be handling commentary duties tonight.
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    EFL EFL Season 12 Playoff Picture __________ PigSnout | @PigSnout 04.23.19 The Brigade will look to remain on top of the competitive Eastern Conference in the final weeks of the regular season. __________ With four weeks left to play in the EFL regular season, the playoff picture is becoming more defined but there are still some close races going on. Let's look at the current playoff picture and the outlook for the rest of the season. __________ Eastern Conference __________ #1 - Wisconsin Brigade (7-3) The Brigade are currently in first place in the Eastern Conference thanks to holding the tiebreaker over the Herd. It's going to be a very competitive race in the Eastern Conference to close the season with the Brigade and the Herd tied and the Mambas behind them by a single game. Only two of these teams can make the playoffs, so every game will matter for them in the final four weeks of the season. The Brigade will have a tough path ahead of them with three of their final four games being against teams with winning records and two of those games being on the road. On the bright side, the Brigade are in a favorable position in terms of tiebreakers right now as their 4-1 conference record is the best among the Eastern Conference teams so they will at least tie either other team in the conference record tiebreaker and they have also secured the head to head tiebreaker over the Herd. The Brigade will close the season with a tough stretch, but they have managed to earn first place in the Eastern Conference so far and will try to hold on to that position in the final four games of the season. __________ #2 - New York Herd (7-3) The Herd are tied for first place in the Eastern Conference but are currently rank second due to tiebreakers. However, they will have the chance to break this tie and take sole possession of first place. The Brigade have already clinched the tiebreaker over them, so the Herd will need to finish with an outright better record in order to finish in first place in the standings. The Herd will also have to be wary of the Mambas who are only one game behind them and will be looking to take their playoff spot. The remaining schedule for the Herd doesn't look too tough with only one road game against an opponent with a winning record remaining, so they will have a good chance to finish the season strong and remain high in the standings. They have tough competition on both sides, but the Herd will look to close the season strong and rise to the top spot in the Eastern Conference. __________ In The Hunt - Memphis Mambas (6-4) Though they are currently outside the playoff picture, the Mambas still have a good shot to make the playoffs in their second season of existence. The Mambas are just one game behind both of the current Eastern Conference playoff teams and will have the chance overtake either or both of them in the final four weeks of the season. They still have head to head games remaining against both the Herd and the Brigade which could give them a chance to quickly move up in the standings if they can win. Their other two remaining games should be winnable as they play against the Kraken and the Neptune, who have the two worst records in the league right now. It's hard to determine their tiebreaker situation right now as they currently trail behind the other top Eastern Conference teams with a 1-2 conference record but this could change as three of their final four games are conference games so their fate in tiebreakers will rely on how well they perform in those games. It should be an exciting finish to the season for the Mambas as they look to break into the playoff picture and make their first trip to the EFL playoffs. __________ In The Hunt - Miami Neptune (3-7) The Neptune haven't been eliminated from the playoffs yet, but they're going to need a miracle over the final four weeks of the season in order to make it. In a best case scenario, they can win out and finish with a 7-7 record. In this case, they would finish with a 3-3 conference record so they would still be behind the Brigade who already have 7 wins and would win the tiebreaker as they already have 4 conference wins. However, the Neptune could overtake the Herd if the Herd lose the rest of their games and finish 7-7 as that would result in them finishing with a 2-4 conference record and losing the tiebreaker to the Neptune. This would mean that the Mambas would also finish with at least 7 wins as they would need to pick up a win against the Herd. If the Mambas lost the rest of their other games, they would finish 7-7 with a 3-3 conference record. In this case, their tiebreaker with the Neptune would go to points scored, where the Mambas currently lead by 84 points. So in order to make the playoffs as the #2 seed in the Eastern Conference, the Neptune need: to win all of their remaining games, the Herd to lose all of their remaining games, the Mambas to lose all of their remaining games excluding their game against the Herd, and to outscore the Mambas by 85 points over the final four games of the season. While there is still a scenario for them to make the playoffs, it looks unlikely that the Neptune will have the chance to defend their championship this season. __________ Western Conference __________ #1 - Seattle Predators (7-3) The Predators are currently in sole possession of first place in the Western Conference. Their playoff spot should be safe with the Wolfpack three games behind them, so their main focus will be on staying ahead of the Reign to hold on to the top seed in their conference so that they can have home field advantage in the conference championship game. The Predators' remaining schedule does look fairly favorable with 3 of their last 4 games being home games and their only remaining road game coming against the winless Kraken, but their home games will still be tough as they are against the three other current playoff teams. The most important game will be in Week 13 when they play the Reign. Not only would a win give them some more cushion over the Reign in the standings, but it would secure them the tiebreaker over the Reign as they would clinch at least an equal conference record and they would have a better head to head record after beating the Reign in both regular season match ups. The Predators are in the driver's seat in the Western Conference right now and will look to stay in that position in the final few weeks of the season. __________ #2 - Los Angeles Reign (6-4) The Reign hold the second playoff spot in the Western Conference as they sit one game back from first place. They face some pressure from behind with the Wolfpack now only two games behind them, but they will hold the tiebreaker against the Wolfpack as they have clinched at least an equal conference record and have a better head to head record with a sweep of the Wolfpack this season. The Reign's bigger challenge will be trying to overtake the Predators within the final weeks of the season. They need to win one more game than the Predators over the final four games in order to tie them and at least two more games in order to finish ahead of them. The Reign will have a big opportunity in Week 13 when they travel to Seattle as they will get to play the Predators head to head. The winner of that game will likely hold the tiebreaker with both teams currently having equal conference records so a win could put the Reign atop the conference standings while a loss would likely put the Predators out of reach unless the Predators lose all of their other remaining games and the Reign win all of their other remaining games. The Reign are holding onto the Western Conference's second playoff spot and they will have their chance in the next few weeks to move up to #1. __________ In The Hunt - San Antonio Wolfpack (4-6) The Wolfpack still have a chance to make the playoffs but they have a lot of ground to cover in the final four games of the season. They are currently two games behind the Reign and three games behind the Predators, which means they will need to perform well in their final games while one of the current playoff teams falters. They don't have any head to head games remaining against either team, so they will need other teams to help them out by beating their conference rivals. The Wolfpack also have a tough road ahead themselves as they have two road games against playoff teams as they will be traveling to Wisconsin and New York within their final four games. The tiebreaker situation isn't looking good for them as they have a 2-3 conference record while the two Western Conference playoff teams both have 3-1 conference records and would likely win the tiebreaker against the Wolfpack. The Wolfpack still have a shot at the playoffs but they will likely need to be perfect down the stretch and get some help from other teams as well. __________ Eliminated - New Orleans Kraken (0-10) The Kraken are the only team who won't be fighting for playoff positioning in the final few weeks as they have already been eliminated from playoff contention. In a best case scenario, they can finish 4-10, but the Predators and the Reign already have more than 4 wins so the Kraken won't be able to catch up to either of them in the remaining time. It was a rebuilding year for the Kraken, but they will get the chance to load up over the offseason with their stockpile of draft picks and will look to bounce back next year. __________ COMMENT BELOW
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    Missed XPs in four year college career - 1 Missed XPs in less than one year in the pros - 4 I'm the EFL Aguayo
  17. 4 points
    @OnMyWings Marlon Grey with the game of his career, as Wisconsin just didn't have an answer for him. Colt Cream had a big day as well @CptMatt, and Tugg Bote quietly put up over 250 combined yards! On defense, Ian Ferguson was a big-play magnet, with a sack, forced fumble, 2 PDs, and an interception. Lemington matched him stride for stride with 13 tackles, including a TFL, sack, and forced fumble @Wally.
  18. 4 points
    Hell of a game from @Sharkstrong today, as he paced Seattle's offense. That plus a backbreaking pick-6 from @AndrewWarren13 was just too much for New York to overcome.
  19. 4 points
    0:46 3rd and 10 NY - 36 Pass by Crawford, L., to Slade, H.. INTERCEPTION by Clerk, B. at the NY - 41 yard line and returned for 41 yards. 0:22 TOUCHDOWN! (Winesorcery kick good) Crawford tries to force the ball to his top target on 3rd-and-long, and @AndrewWarren13 makes him pay with the pick-6! 7-0
  20. 4 points
    New Orleans draft requirements: Has pulse? If yes, then hired
  21. 4 points
    Another competent AD in the West gone. Good, good.
  22. 4 points
    Meanwhile in the African EFL... Herd vs Predators... will be same result on this side of the pond
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    More EFL POP Action! Last week my sister found some amazing Herd EFL POP Figures, went digging around my local stores and was able to find this new beauty. Apparently this Limited edition Brian Strong from the Miami Neptunes is just flying off the shelves. I'm not surprised these little guys are selling quickly, when a guy has that much game his merchandise is sure to sell! Take a look for yourselves: @Wheaties -Diana Gunner, Wolverines Kicker Extraordinaire
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    EFL WORKSHOP   Height At player creation we have the option to adjust the weight and height of our player. Most of us set them to max by default just to satisfy our unfulfilled dreams, but is that the correct thing to do if you want max performance? We already covered weight in the Episode 5, and we are about to discover something about height. Fos this chapter I adjusted a team to have a global height of 5 feet. Every player was exactly 5 feet. Thank god they weren't a volleyball team. I simmed 400 games (200 home and 200 away) against the same opponent, and then I changed their height to 6'5 feet and simmed again. Same players, same opponent, same strategies, same number of games. Everything was the same but height. Result? Both teams won the exact same number of home games, 110, but the tall team outplayed the short one when playing away with 98 wins against just 73. This is a very significant difference that boosts global win% by more than 6 points. I’ve tried to understand what players are the best when you set them to 6’5, and although the test haven’t been exhaustive I think the conclusion is that all players are slightly better when tall, and If you consider that little advantage through all the players that participate in the team, the result is significant. Perhaps the player that has seen the bigger difference is the QB. An increase in completion % by 4 points and a turnaround in TD/INT ratio (0,835/0,945 to 0,89/0,85) is enough to position your team way better and increase your winning chance. While looking at this I noticed that the WRs drops per game went down from 2 to 1.6, which could be another important factor. There’s also a difference in CB interceptions per game: .15 to .225, which equals to an extra interception every 13 games. If you consider an interception can win you a game, it could be worth up to a game per season. To sum up, if you are a GM you should build the team with the highest players, and if you are about to create a player looking for success, create him the tallest possible. -------------------------------------------------------------- All stats are available here. All episodes available here.
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    VERSION 1.009 HAS BEEN RELEASED Change Log It's just bug fixes for thing to do with draft handling that went wrong last time. Also updaters can no longer leave you with minus TPE values. Also accidentally a player comparison tool that OMW was working on but I've hidden it until he is ready to launch lmao. I got one more session dedicated to programming tomorrow so if there are any issues that I have more than likely forgotten about let me know. Or tell and adminy person to put them on the trello.
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    3rd Quarter Scoreboard 13-24 13-10 13-30 13-6
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    These pre game rhymes ADs and GMs like to do are so weird
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    If it wasn't for that fluky USC game, Texas would be on pace for the best defense in NCAA history. Great overview!
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    A++ article @Renomitsu. For many people fluffing their way through rankings articles you really took the time to do your research.
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    Nice win for Michigan, it's going to be a big matchup next week against Miami
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    USC 7 – 3 ND TEX 10 – 0 MIA LSU 0 – 7 ORE ALA 0 – 10 MIC
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    The Kraken were so close to their first win, but after losing the lead early in the 4th quarter, they crumbled, and weren't able to slow down Memphis. This was despite great efforts from ASS, Helmsley, Parker, and Collins, @Rockstar @Evans @timeconsumer and Williams and Tripireds on the defensive side. On the Mambas side, @stevo Millwall put up a big game with 3 TDs and flashy numbers across the board and Sabathia did Sabathia things @omgitshim.
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    Pretty much, considering I don't think half our players have a pulse anymore because of how old they are
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    Breaking: Clint Bobsky and Dewey Jackson both have shot up to the top of New Orleans' draft board after outstanding interviews
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    Congrats to both @MMFLEX AND @oilmandan I am sure you will both be amazing!
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    I’ll do you one better...WHY IS GOMORA?
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    Todays Game of the Week features the Longhorns invading LSU. LSU continues to scuffle this season, while Texas looks to keep pace in the competitive West. Texas has won the toss and will receive to get us under way
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    Has to be. Notre Dame only beat Bama by 5. This one was almost a runaway. May have to set up a game between the 2 to be sure
  42. 3 points
    Is Oregon the best team since S9 Notre Dame?
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    Woah. upset city. If Michigan wins the championship, Oregon is gonna pull a UCF and declare themselves champs
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    Sorry for the small boxscores. That's what happens when you try to import from imgur. Have a good night and weekend. We'll see you back here next week.
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    GOTW is San Antonio vs Memphis by the way This should start around 3:30 to 3:35
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    @AndrewWarren13 you've been a great GM wherever I've encountered you. A good promoter, recruiter and manager too. Enjoy the break man!
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    @AndrewWarren13 It's been fun seeing you grow as a member of multiple sim leagues bud. From being teammates, to rivals to just members of the same community, it's been cool seeing you stick around and enjoy things. You may be rather new to leagues in general in terms of how long you been in them, but you hang around like a veteran and you are a fun person to chat with.
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    Originally I was going to do my rankings on which schools I was going to go to..but only 2 schools have contacted me and I don't think a ranking of 2 schools would be accepted so I decided to rank the schools by which I would go to if I didn't get a pitch and was just going off of "which one is coolest" so here we go. 1. USC Trojans My favorite color is red so USC was an obvious choice. They have a color scheme I really enjoy and there was a high school in my home town which had trojans as a mascot. This was tough to pick as number 1 because number 2 was really close but ultimately I like their colors more. 2. Michigan Wolverines I absolutely love Michigan's jerseys and helmets in real life, unfortunately their logo is just an M...like come on one of the best colleges in the nation couldn't come up with a better logo than a capital letter? I hate schools that have letters for logos, and that's ultimately what holds it back from the top spot. 3. LSU Tigers I live and have lived in Missouri for my whole life, so naturally I root for Mizzou. LSU gets the number 3 spot for a number of reasons, but since it shares the same name as my favorite NCAA team it won't be able to get at the top 2. However the color scheme is nice and their logo isn't a stupid letter so it earns it's spot here. 4. Alabama Crimson Tide Alabama really goes out of their way in designing their logo, they put a whole circle around a capital letter! despite this Bama has a primary color of red and nice jerseys, plus Crimson Tide is a dope name (considering half of sports teams names is an animal or variation of a human warrior it's original too). 5. Texas Longhorns Texas would be higher if their colors were more interesting..I'm really not a fan of their jerseys or color scheme but they have a cool logo and their name fits the state well. like I said the only thing that holds it back is their color scheme, the orange just feels bland. 6. Oregon Ducks green is a pretty cool color, and Ducks are complete ballers, but their logo is a goddamn capital letter. this is the stuff i'm talking about, colleges don't even try they just go "well I don't wanna pay a designer $20 for a drawing of a duck lets go with the O in Oregon. Like come on real life college people stop being cheapskates. 7. Notre Dame Nothing really stands out with Notre dame, I feel like they could be higher but they just seem bland to me. They also suffer from the capital letter for a logo except they had 2 capital letters. 8. Miami Hurricanes This team could have had such a cool logo, but instead they did the thing I absolutely hate with a passion and went with a freaking capital letter. Though not as infuriating as Oregon's logo they still could have had an awesome logo, but no, a multicolor U is the best thing they could come up with. Amazing work real life people.
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