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    GG @oilmandan!!! Great season for you guys and you will be right back in it again next year. GG Neptune, we overcame a lot of early turnovers but it shows the true toughness of this team. I am proud of all of you guys. Now let’s go win the Championship!!!
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    With the curtains drawn and the lights turned off on Tyson Kelly’s college career, the star Alabama running back had one word to describe how he was feeling: Thankful “I obviously need to thank both my ADs @ANTISIMPLE and @cody73 for the support they’ve shown and faith they’ve shown in me. Anti was the one that brought me here when there were few else wiling to give me a shot and helped me grow and develop my game. Then once Cody took over, he put a lot of trust in me to carry the load on offence for us and saw a chance for me to really break out and display my talents as a runner I can’t forget my teammates. It’s been a tough season but you guys really fought hard and left nothing in the tank and I’m proud to have played alongside each and every one of you. The fans as well have really supported me, especially this season. In spite of how our record was looking, they always came out and willed us on. It’s been a privilege to play in front of you all” the running back said in his farewell address to the Alabama media With the thank you’s all out of the way, the focus turned to the EFL draft, where Kelly will no doubt have plenty of suitors following his impressive final campaign. The star back finished with 2,009 rushing yards to sit second behind LSU’s Dale Cooper for rushing yards, with those yards coming at a healthy 5.1 yards per carry average and including 7 rushing touchdowns. Of course Kelly’s receiving abilities, although not on display in his final season, will not be lost in the minds of EFL teams when they evaluate him and make Kelly a versatile threat. While some critics would question whether Kelly’s numbers this season were a product of his talent alone or a case of being leaned on so heavily, the running back says he’s done all he can to show what he can do “I thought I showed what I can do on the ground and that I can handle being that workhorse back that you can rely upon to get you some yards. I fully understand that I was utilized a little more often than a typical running back would, but it also speaks to my conditioning and stamina that I was able to keep churning out the yards deep into games when others might be too gassed” Kelly said “I pride myself in being able to run all day and I proved I can do that. I showed I can fight to get those tough yards when needed, but that I can also pull off longer runs to really spark the offence. Don’t get me wrong, I’m far from perfect and far from a finished and complete product but I like to think I’ve showcased all of my talents as a runner this season” As for the draft and which team he’d like to play for, Kelly’s response was emphatic “I’d be happy to play for any EFL team that wants to give me the opportunity. I think I have the skillset to really contribute right away but ultimately, I’ll just be happy to play whatever role the team that takes me on wants me to play. There are some great running backs already in the EFL and I’m excited to be able to join them and to prove to the team that drafts me that drafting me was the best decision they could’ve made” For now though, Kelly is happy to sit back and be caught up in all the excitement associated with the draft…but first, there’s a National Championship game that Kelly will be watching keenly. He offered his prediction for the game: “Tough to go past USC but it’ll be a close one, should be a great game”
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    Interesting logic, can't wait to see if it plays out like this!
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    To start off, congratulations to @MMFLEX and the Seattle Predators. In my opinion most of the championships that we see on this site are a few seasons in the making, and the Predators were definitely overdue for a championship with the work that Flex has put in on this site and building that team. It's a terrific roster with some awesome users on it, and the S17 Preds are definitely worthy of joining the ranks of EFL champions. With that being said, I think that there are some good lessons to learn from these EFL playoffs for the users that are newer to the site, and I want to use my media week article to highlight some of these 1) The best team doesn't always win No this isn't a shot at Seattle, but more so Miami as they got the huge upset over New York that put them into the championship game and almost resulted in another title for Miami. Miami is a very good team and @Wheaties is a terrific GM that has built a roster that is likely to continue competing for championships in the coming seasons, but I do believe that New York wins the matchup against them at home a significant portion of the time. This is a good thing that upsets happen though, because otherwise the league would be dull with users believing that strategies don't matter and luck can't happen. Miami went on to prove in the title game that they were in the elite group of EFL teams this year despite the loss as they played Seattle very well, and it's a good lesson to understand that in this league most of the teams are very talented and capable of beating anyone else. There's a good reason why no EFL team has ever gone 14-0 before. 2) When you lose, lose gracefully To the last point made, huge credit to @oilmandan for how he handled the loss in the Eastern Conference championship and then @Wheaties again for how he handles losing the title game. It's the GM's responsibility to take ownership in those moments and keep the team close knit, and I think they both did a very good job of congratulating their opponent while acknowledging the way that the sim went against them. The more experience you get in these sims the more you do realize that you're relying on randomness to favor you, but it was nice to see in the big upset of the playoffs and the title game loss that both GMs didn't try to make the thread about their team anyway. 3) Keep pushing until you achieve the goal We can meme about teams that always lose the big game, but the GMs/ADs that continuously get their teams close to the championship game need to give themselves some credit for building a contender from season to season. I think this championship does support the notion that if you build a championship contender with a wide enough window that the odds will be in your favor that you'll get that title in one of those years, and when you do earn the title it ends up being well deserved. The Preds dealt with a lot of memes and even seemed to be actively trying to un-curse themselves in this media week, but this time everything turned out alright for them. That's all I've got, it was a fun playoffs to follow and I look forward to S18 when we all get to re-set and follow the new storylines as they unfold. Great season everyone
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    Elation... Cigars... and ass slaps galore. With the recent crowning of National Champions, the USC Trojans enjoy the ride at the top for a few hours. Recently defeating Miami 30-13, the Trojans brought the title back to Southern California for the first time since S2. "Unbelievable season... Amazing team... Such chemistry. I'm proud of all these guys I got to play alongside. We all worked towards the ultimate goal and we finally achieved what we set out to get done." - Rock Lemington, Senior LB of the Trojans. Hours is all that it lasted for the Athletic Director, Doak Grizzly, as he was spotted climbing into his vehicle earlier than most. Not a surprise by many as he has a penchant for focusing on the next goal. Luckily a media outlet was able to catch up with him the next morning following his morning job. "Coach, Coach... Any comments on last night?" A reporter blurted out hoping to get a quick word. "Sure Dodge... It was a quick celebration for me last night. I'm not at the same energy level as our players... They bring it. They sure as hell brought it last night. They will definitely be bringing the same tenacity next season." Doak explained pretty simply. "First, I obviously wish the best to my boys heading off to the EFL. Mikey, Mo, Nano, Gonzalez, Milly and Rock... was a great ride. Mikey @Molholt , Nano @TheNano74 and Anderson @stevo were essential to halting that passing game of both Texas and Miami, while Rock kept both Oscar and Brian at bay with the run focus. Biggest plays of the title game had to have been Gonzalez connecting on a long third down and Nan's pick six. It ignited our momentum." Just as Doak ended celebrations quickly, the media was quick to pivot and focus on what is to be expected in S18 out of USC. Usually championship teams have drastic turnover... however, while USC loses some key contributors the future looks just as bright. Projected Offense QB: Handsome Jack - @emidas - Jr.* Backup QB: Invigorated Dijon - @124715 - Fr.^ RB1: Clap Trap - @Beowoof - Jr* RB2: Cheet Anh - @LefLop - Sr* FB1: Doctor Dog - @chillzone - Fr WR1: Lance Swift V - @Wally - So* WR2: Booker Thomas - @SwagSloth - Sr* WR3: Steven Prezzy - @prezzys - Fr TE1: Ay Pee E - @Goliathus - Jr ** Projected Defense LB: Jabari Spalding - @TotallyNotGus - So* LB: Vacant LB: Violent E - @emidas - Jr* LB Tee Pee E - @Goliathus - Jr** CB1: Marcus Winters - @MWHazard - So* CB2: Willy Stroker - @jhatty8 - So** CB3: Melvin Striker - @prezzys - Fr CB4: El Barto - @chillzone - Fr^ FS: Jugga Beo - @Beowoof - Jr* SS: Rhine Ceros - @LefLop - Sr* - Returnees - Offensive Starters: 5 Defensive Starters: 5 - Transfer In - Ay Pee E, TE, Miami - 199 TPE Tee Pee E, LB, Alabama - 199 TPE Willy Stroker, DB, Michigan - 100 TPE - Walkons - El Barto, CB, Fr Invigorated Dijon, QB, Fr As we turn to the S18 season, look for the Trojans to find another LB to finalize their focus on defense. On offense, the biggest question mark will be their depth at receiver. Possibly finding another option? Short on space... but you never know with Wally.
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    whoever loses this, just know, i'm here drinking with you
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    And will be committing to Miami
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    7:241st and 10USC - 26Rush by Anh, C. for 7 yds. Tackle by Kepley, D.. 7:022nd and 3USC - 33Rush by Anh, C. for 1 yds. Tackle by DT 13, B.. 6:363rd and 2USC - 34Pass by Jack, H. to Swift V, L. is incomplete. Broken up by Fleck, J.. 6:304th and 2MIA - 34Punt by Bad, M. of 34 yards. 6:30Returned by Gesicki, B. for 15 yards. Miami defence comes up big for a 3 and out to USC.
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    12:292nd and 10USC - 48Rush by Anh, C. for 11 yds. Tackle by Taylor, J.. 12:071st and 10MIA - 41Rush by Trap, C. for 6 yds. Tackle by Kepley, D.. 11:422nd and 4MIA - 35Rush by Trap, C. for a short gain. Tackle by DT 13, B.. 11:183rd and 4MIA - 35Rush by Trap, C. for 3 yds. Tackle by Kepley, D..
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    Congratulations to the Predators and good luck in the next round! Even though it wasn't the result they wanted, congratulations as well to the Wolfpack on a great season and on making it to the playoffs this year! Sorry it wasn't a better game, but hopefully everyone still enjoyed it. Be sure to check back on Friday to watch the Seattle Predators host the Miami Neptune in the EFL Championship game. Thanks for attending and have a good night!
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    Even when something good happens it's not me and I only care about myself
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    Yeah what is this garbage. It's like this is the Eastern Conference Championship.
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    Congratulations Vince Carswell @LittleRiDog on your induction into the Longhorns Ring of Honour!
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    Congrats to Seattle for winning and ending their long drought. Let’s get next season started already
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    That is my girl!! WOOOOOOOOO!! Hell ya Diana
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    QB - Gavin Rose @PigSnout Season 18: Minimum Season 19: Minimum Season 20: Minimum TE - Stephen Loth @SwagSloth Season 18: Minimum WR - Calle Colt @SnapTackleDrop Season 18: Minimum Season 19: Minimum Season 20: Minimum WR - Khobe karter @Ty3 Season 18: Minimum LB - Demetrius Sharkstrong @Sharkstrong Season 18: Minimum Season 19: Minimum Season 20: Minimum CB - Brian Strong @Wheaties Season 18: Minimum CB - Champagne Harlotte @SwagSloth Season 18: Minimum CB - Djibril Kabore @Pandar Season 18: Minimum SS - Porom Mysidia @diamond_ace Season 18: Minimum
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    There's nothing I love more than relying on sim clock management in a tense end-of-game situation. FML
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    Our first post, r/madden, has been added!
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    Man, we just can’t stop these long passes. I’m not very confident in 2nd half if we keep giving up those big gains.
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    Congrats to USC, too bad you couldn't have done this before I left
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    this is insane...
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    12 yard pass, goal line rush gif
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    0:481st and 15USC - 20Hurricanes Penalty on OT 5, B.: Illegal Substitution 0:481st and 15USC - 20Rush by Gesicki, B. for 10 yds. Tackle by Nano, J.. 0:242nd and 5USC - 10Rush by King, A. for 1 yds. Tackle by Lemington, R.. 0:133rd and 4USC - 9Rush by Gesicki, B. for 1 yds. Tackle by DT 7, B.. And welp Miami can't get a TD and will take ther FG, an easy 25 yard FG.
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    I won't be here for this, good luck teams!
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    lol I like writing also goated name
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    11:001st and 10TEX - 33Pass by Jack, H. to Anh, C. falls incomplete. 10:562nd and 10TEX - 33Rush by Trap, C. for 3 yds. Tackle by King, C.. After an incompletion and a short gain by Trap here comes ANOTHER 3rd and long can the Longhorns defense get off the field this time
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    OUT COME YOUR USC TROJANS! The Trojans led by Mikey 2 Dope ( @Molholt) walk out onto the field with a swagger as they are ready to go!
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    Accept! Three more in Miami!
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