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    Have you ever looked around the league and thought to yourself, “I wonder where they came up with that username?” That’s me constantly. I think that with most users. Some names are just flat out obvious. Yes, okay, that guy’s name must be Tanner. This rankings article will be my most curious case of usernames, and maybe if I’m lucky they’ll share how it was derived. I’ll start with my username. It all dates back to a high school nickname. You guys remember Funkmaster Flex? The homies just replaced funk with my name. I shortened it to MMFLEX for gaming purposes. 12. @TacticalHammer Sounds pretty bad ass. Is hammer referring to what’s below the belt? Is there some tactics involved with it? I gotta know where this bad boy come from. 11. @Sharkstrong I just recently learned of all your player names having to do with sharks. But what’s the fascination with sharks? Are you a marine biologist or something? Does your family own Loro Parque? And why the strong at the end? 10. @Wheaties Alright, bro you couldn’t have named yourself after a fucking box of cereal, right? Nothing unique about this one to me. I just need to know you didn’t name yourself after some plain ass cereal. 9. @Symmetrik This one I think could have some cleverness to it. Does the k have anything to do with anything? Is there anything to do with the actual meaning of symmetric? 8. @ANTISIMPLE Is it really as simple as it not being simple? Is your true username an antonym of simple? So, you’re actually complex or elaborate? Tell me more. 7. @OnMyWings Maybe one of the usernames I ponder the most. Is this anything related to text talk omw? Were you dumb and thought omw meant on my wings? I mean we all know it means on my wang. You text the ladies that all the time, right? 6. @Snussu What the fuck is this? 5. @KGR Maybe nothing fancy. Could just be your initials. Could be something fantastic too. I need to know. 4. @Shaka The first name I ever saw when joining the league. Honestly, the name itself is something I’ll always relate back to the EFL now. I see Shaka Smart on the sidelines coaching and I think of the EFL. What’s so special about Shaka? 3. @aCrypticPancake Probably the most unique username on my list. Are you like me and think there is something mysterious about every fucking pancake you order from IHOP? Is it cryptic because it’s actually a waffle disguised as a pancake? French toast, perhaps? 2. @Nykonax I’m curious about this username’s meaning. I’m curious about the pronunciation. I’m curious about what you prefer to be called, because I’ve seen people shorten it to “Nyk” and “Nyko.” I’m just curious. 1. @124715 There has got to be a reason behind the numbers, numbers. Is it part of your SSN? If so, can I have the missing digits, your date of birth, and your mother’s maiden name? I could go on and list 90% of the users in this league, but these are some of the more recently active users that I often ponder the meaning of their name. Also, word count mumbo jumbo to wrap up.
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    MMFlex making an entire rankings article just to try to steal Numbers' identity smh
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    Los Angeles, CA - It has been a long season for the Trojans as they continue on without a win to show for it, 0-10 to be exact. Many knew coming in to the S13 season that it would be a bit of a rebuilding season, but no one expected what has unfolded to this point. With stagnant offense and a porous defense, things in Southern California could look much more bleak than they already are... but is that a bad thing? "We have had alot of change. A new system... a new Athletic Director... and a batch of freshman new to this speed of play. It will take time... and that we have. We have time... We have pieces in place... and we have a plan." Doak Grizzly explained to local boosters. "The team is developing and each of the players finding their identities as they become an asset to this storied program. In order to succeed we must re-establish a work ethic and an understanding that we aren't given championships. Those aren't just signed... they are fought for... they are won. Our resurgence will take this freshman class wanting to be leaders and most of all, wanting to instill consistency." With thirteen out of the eighteen scholarships in the hands of freshman, it isn't a surprise to see the young squad struggling so early on. With youth, comes the need to develop and as long as improvement is present the future is bright. With red shirt season upon us, we also are starting to hear about the next class of incoming freshman taking shape. But with only one graduating senior, there isn't much space on the ever growing roster. "We want to be known for our hard work... We want to be rewarded for buying into a plan and sticking to it. No shortcuts. We aren't after players who only want a one- or two-year experience. We are after the pedigree of loyalty that will construct long term success and season after season competitiveness. We not only want to win games... But we want to win titles. As I said... It will just take time." Some wonder if the Trojans will be able to end this daunting streak this season. With only four games remaining, we can take a look at the possibilities: Week 11: Home vs. Miami Week 12: Home vs. Alabama Week 13: Away at Notre Dame Week 14: Home vs. LSU While many look at the schedule and see three out of four at home, the Trojans are on the short end of a combined score of 180-16 against the same four teams earlier this season. With home field advantage, it may be a possibility that lightning could strike... but fans aren't holding their breath. "All we continue to push for is improvement... Score... Win a quarter... Win your battles. These lessons learned will make bigger goals that much more enjoyable. In many seasons we will look back and remember this as a learning experience. In order to have sustained greatness you need a plan to allow for it... What we have now is a destiny. Those who believe will be rewarded." @PigSnout@Fizzy@124715@ccecilletsplay@okochastar@Deity of Ice@Radcow@Rockstar@Cooltruth20@SingingHades@Anthony Ouellet@Ptyrell@TotallyNotGus @Rayzor_7
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    S13: The Year of the Quarterback Yes, it has been spoken about time after time and will probably to continue to be a main focal point for years to come, but there has never been the quarterback talent that we are seeing in the EFL right now. I wrote about the changes in some of the teams' quarterback situations here and outlined the next quarterback up for that team, I now think that I won't be writing any of those articles for awhile until potential talks of expansion are here. Each and every team in the EFL right now has a quarterback with enough talent to win a lot of games for that franchise and at this point, it is hard to decipher them all or say one stands above the rest. It comes down to building the team around those signal callers now and whichever team does that the best, should come out on top in the end. Let's look at the overall numbers amongst all passers right now in our league, about to head into week 10 in both the NCAA and EFL today. LAST SEASON: THIS SEASON (Through 9 Games): Pass Attempts (Per Game): 4233 (37.79) 2749 (38.18) Pass Completions (Per Game): 2619 (23.38) 1786 (24.8) Completion Percentage: 61.87% 64.969% Passing Yards (Per Game): 32853 (293.33) 23161 (321.68) Yards Per Completion: 12.544 12.968 Passing Touchdowns (Per Game): 224 (2) 187 (2.597) Interceptions (Per Game): 92 (.8214) 62 (.8611) Let's also look at the numbers this season, when dividing by 8 to give us a QB average: Pass Attempts: 343.625 Pass Completions: 223.25 Completion Percentage: 64.969% Passing Yards: 2895.125 Yards Per Completion: 12.968 Passing Touchdowns: 23.375 Passing Interceptions: 7.75 LET'S ANALYZE! The league appears to be trending up in terms of overall passing statistics and while some could be skewed, mostly from people looking at things and saying people are passing too much. If we look, however, there is only about a half a pass more on average in the league right now than there was last season. Where we see our more telling results is the Completions and Completion Percentage, because only increasing the pass attempts by .5 or even less than that, we have an extra 1.5 completions per game and a 3% raise in our completion percentage as a league. We are seeing the QBs throw it about the same amount of times but are doing so more efficiently now and interceptions, while up a bit, have not raised by much, only increasing in .04 more interceptions per game. We also are just 9 games through so things could definitely change but the trend is up in almost every passing category so far, and while Los Angeles has pretty much abandoned the running game, they definitely help skew the numbers a little bit, but, without them, we actually might be seeing less attempts per game than we did last season in terms of league total and league average. In terms of per QB numbers, it is pretty impressive, as to be considered above average at this point you need to complete around 65% of your passes, throw for almost 3,000 yards and 24 touchdowns, and only have 8 interceptions to your name at most, the standards are extremely high right now in the EFL passing game. Let's look at the QBs and who hits or misses the mark in terms of QB average statistics and try and come up with which QBs are average, or either better or worse than, using Yards, Completion %, Total Passing Touchdowns, and Touchdowns to Interception Ration which will be around 3.016 right now: IN THE EAST! Martin Isaac (MEM): 2953 yards (+), 67.2% completions (+), 32 TDs (+), 4.57 TD/INT% (+) = ++++ Trent Taggert (WIS): 2897 yards (+), 66.1% completions (+), 23 TDs (-), 4.6 TD/INT% (+) = ++ Logan Crawford (NYH): 3630 yards (+), 69.7% completions (+), 32 TDS (+), 2.46 TD/INT% (-) = ++ Harlon Connecticut (MIA): 3048 yards (+), 63.6% completions (-), 24 TDS (+), 4 TD/INT% (+) = ++ IN THE WEST! John Smith (LAR): 3718 yards (+), 66.8% completions (+), 37 TDs (+), 7.4 TD/INT% (+) = ++++ Drew McPewPewPew (SEA): 1929 yards (-), 64.8% completions (-), 13 TDs (-), 2.6 TD/INT% (-) = ---- Gavin Rose (SAN): 2670 yards (-), 59.4% completions (-), 15 TDs (-), 1.36 TD/INT% (-) = ---- Alexander Saint-Sebastien (NOK): 2316 yards (-), 60.7% completions (-), 11 TDs (-), 1.1 TD/INT% (-) = ---- Crazy right? Well, maybe. It is not a perfect science and some of the teams in the west are much more adept to running rather than passing as well as having the 4 lowest TPE quarterbacks as well currently in the EFL. It also does not take into affect the quality of the secondaries in the game also which you could debate that the West is usually the more defensive conference. That being said, it does seem like the top 2 are easy here in Isaac and Smith and while Smith is aided by the Air Raid attack from Los Angeles, you can't fault him on 66.8% completions and a massive 7.4 in Touchdown to Interception Ratio. Taggert, Crawford, and Connecticut all miss out barely on a few stats which brings them down a little but are still above average. McPewPewPew is hurt by the Seattle rushing attack in his yards and total touchdowns but JUST missed out on completion percentage. Rose is a rookie so it is hard to fault him on a rebuilding San Antonio Wolfpack and Sebastien players for the Kraken, who are very young and once their weapons develop more, he should also improve with them. While it is hard to look into it too much because we can't factor in weapons, gameplans or opposing secondaries, I think we do see into potential QB of the Year races which Smith and Isaac are currently the guys to beat based on these preliminary findings. Hope you all enjoyed ~~PLEASE COMMENT BELOW~~
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    Looks like this janny... Just got cleaned up...
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    This is good timing. It'll be nice to occasionally have some simulation football to distract us on our Mafia game site.
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    One last gasp for the Tide. Moran looks all over, great protection. He only finds McBoatface in the flat. He'll have to beat 8 guys to score. 0:062nd and 10Texas - 44Pass by Moran, A., complete to McBoatface, B. for 4 yds. Tackle by Gser, J.. That's the ball game. Alabama puts up a great fight, but can't beat out the Longhorns. Two straight close games, but Texas still stands unbeaten. F*@% those guys
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    Holy crap team we broke the game. @jmoney and @TJH lethal as always, and @Ty3 got in on the fun. But the story of the day is those RBs. Holy s#@! @Gilgamesh @Sharkstrong. No words. Defense no slouches either. @Snussu and @jhatty8 the standouts.
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    Oh, you thought that was it?
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    I used to play League of Legends a lot back in the day and the first champion I played a lot of was Anivia. "On my wings" was a voice line that was spammed a lot since there weren't very many lines so it became a meme within my friends that I played league with. Just kinda stuck
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    @Tate @LittleRiDog @DameHoops. Not sure if it counts since you already created, but worth a shot. I'll be recreating soon, but it's not really a mystery where my players will be going.
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    Can you spell domination? Hot damn team! Running game lethal again @Gilgamesh @Sharkstrong, and @jmoney is making plays on both sides of the ball. Carswell with a big game on D @LittleRiDog, and sacks for @Ty3 and @JaysFan26! Nice to see the guys that get less snaps with some plays too @jhatty8 @okochastar! Oh shit how did I miss @brenstl with the roboleg. A 56 yard FG and 62 yard punt??
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    @Enorama @Big Mac @SixersFan594 @lostbow @Alecbama @cody73 @oramuda @Splat @OGSteele @timeconsumer @LargeTuna @KG21 @Crittenden @Uphillmoss @LIL V O D AK
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    Lets fucking score a goal! #StayFocused @Sova@VanCanWin@PigSnout@Fizzy@124715@ccecilletsplay@okochastar@Deity of Ice@Radcow@Rockstar@Cooltruth20@SingingHades@Anthony Ouellet@Ptyrell@Enorama@TotallyNotGus @Rayzor_7
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    I was unreasonably nervous IRL there. Hell of a game Bama, gave us a scare. 8-0 boys!
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    13:251st and 10Texas - 19Pass by Saracen, M., complete to Hendrix, T. for 79 yds. Tackle by Castle, K.. Hendrix is WIIIIIDDDEEE open again! Saracen finds the strength for another bomb and sets Texas up 1st and goal from the 2
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    7-0 21-3 13-0 10-3
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    It's the road to 8-0. Lets roll over the Tide! @jmoney @Gilgamesh @Sharkstrong @Noah @K1NG LINUS @TJH @Ty3 @Quik @brenstl @JaysFan26 @Snussu @jhatty8 @Tate @LittleRiDog @okochastar @Esso2264 @Nykonax
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    I'm in efl guys don't know that the greatest town bookkeeper is right here
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    my roommate in college was a big proponent of "the simple life" to the point where he would describe EVERYTHING he did as 'simple'. It was funny at first, but ultimately it got annoying AF. To troll his ass I started taking the opposing view of his simplicity... and ANTISIMPLE was born.
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    So if @xsjack didn't use his ability, which he is claiming as the Uber Driver then we could have a few options on how Enorama died: 1) Witch controlled Mafioso. Neither of them would come out and say they are these roles so we won't know if there is really a witch until more people start claiming being controlled. 2) Enorama was killed by either a SK or Assassin. 3) Mafioso was roleblocked. 4) Mafioso attacked someone immune to being killed at night I know some of these have already been covered. Highlighting them again with jack saying he didn't transport anyone. I also want to get out in front of this now. I was role blocked last night. I was debating on revealing this info right now anyway because if the consort RBed me it wouldn't really matter. However, if our escort RBed me I look awfully suspect as Mafioso right now if they in fact got RBed. I think our escort should remain hidden and not claim unless pressed super hard. Takeaways from me being RBed: -If there is an escort or consort there is likely both. I doubt omg would have given us one without the other. -The other mafia role is likely Consigliere with Janitor confirmed. I think consig balances out the mafia more with janitor being such a risky role. -4 Mafia left (Godfather, Mafioso, Consort, maybe Consigliere) - Could have a Turncoat disguised as town number too...
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    15:00MEM - 30Inmahbewt, S. kicks off. 15:00---MIA - 16Kickoff of 70 yards. Returned by Moriarty, D. for 16 yards. 14:581st and 10MIA - 16Pass by Connecticut, H., to Isola, J.. INTERCEPTION by Saint Sebastian, A. at the MIA - 22 yard line and returned for 22 yards. 14:58TOUCHDOWN! (Inmahbewt kick good) My work internet sucks and GIFs are not working today. I don't know what @Jetsqb101 said to his team in the locker room, but it paid off quickly!
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    Ladies and gentlemen, it's time for the Memphis Sneks to face off against the Miami Mermaids in what certainly promises to be a game of football. Memphis will be receiving the opening kick, and we'll be getting started shortly here!
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    SCORE UPDATE: Charlie Hudson is having himself a game in this one. John Smith finds the former overweight RB for his 3rd TD of the game from the 1 yard line, Smith’s 4th passing TD so far. 28 - 7
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    SCORE UPDATE: The longest completion in the EFL this season! Gavin Rose finds Marlon Grey for an 80 yard TD pass, and an explosive play pulls the Wolfpack right back into this game! 17 - 28
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    SCORE UPDATE: A huge play, John Smith with a 45 yard pass launched to Patrick Kelley and the Reign have a 2 score lead! 21 - 7
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    SCORE UPDATE: Moriarty punches it in from 5 yards out, and Miami’s offense is looking unstoppable early in this one. 3 - 28
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    BTW. For y'all still hanging on tenterhooks about whether I got my PS2 working on my monitor... I did. I now have a NFL Street problem.
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    LSU 14 – 7 ALA USC 10 – 10 ORE ND 10 – 31 MIC MIA 0 – 10 TEX   HSG: Miami struggling to get much done as the Texas Longhorn’s are able to take a ten point lead. The new Doak Grizzley team over in USC is keeping it tied in Oregon.   RT: Looks like they scored a touchdown. They’ve got to be happy there.   HSG: I can imagine so. Join us in a couple of minutes as we return to our game here. Right now on EFL Network.
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    If you are inactive on any site, or you’ve wanted to join the others, and you’re still on the fence, you can go back now and claim 5 TPE. If you are a new player, you will get an extra 5 tpe to start your career with from the second you sign up. This is not 5 TPE for each site, it is 5 TPE ONLY. And it ONLY applies to new creates and inactive players. @Tater_Tot @Cornholio you guys are neither inactive nor new players. The rest of you guys are all freshmen you can get the 5, BUT ONLY 5.
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    thanks, I actually love presenting haha, its fun to throw in some commentary lol
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    MEM TD - Isaac to Millwall 16 yard touchdown (14-0) MEM TD - Park 9 yard running touchdown (20-0) NY FG - Basais 27 yard FG (17-0) NY FG - Basais 23 yard FG (20-0) WIS TD - Taggert to Toboggan M.D 17 yard touchdown (21-7) SAN TD - Rose to Grey 26 yard touchdown (21-14)
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    Cornerbacks in the EFL Draft Will these be the ones to slow down the incredible EFL passing numbers? Notre Dame Fighting Irish: CB Casey Archer: @Symmetrik 379 TPE Representing the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, CB Casey Archer is the top defensive prospect in the draft. He is showing out in his final season with 7 interceptions and 11 PDs. Casey is a well rounded corner back. He does not posses potential speed (83), but he has decent agility (73), and hands (70). A strength of Archer is his impressive IQ (75 rating, perhaps a 115 IQ). Casey Archer is a very talented athlete represented by a well respected agent. He will likely be the first CB and perhaps the first player off the board. Michigan Wolverines: CB Jax Byrd: @KGR: 331 TPE Jax Byrd isn't going to let a receiver burn him. With a speed rating off 85, he's got the burners. Byrd has soft hands that allow him to easily grab pick after pick. His agility and intelligence are lacking when compared to Archer, but they compare well to the rest of the class. Byrd makes good use of his talents. His 6 interceptions and 10 PDs trail only Archer. Byrd's agent may have been involved in some controversy in the past, but that is behind him now. Jax Byrd is deserving of an early pick. Miami Hurricanes: CB Lester McCorn: @Cornholio: 329 TPE The Hurricanes star corner, Lester McCorn is one of the fastest players in the draft. Coming in with a blazing 87 speed, (I mention speed a whole lot. It's the most important attribute in the sim by far) McCorn will be well able to hold his own on the field. This young athlete has good hands, (these CBs aren't very original.) along with decent agility and intelligence. Three interceptions and 6 PDs aren't bad numbers at all. McCorn is represented by a strong agent, and I'd be surprised if he wasnt the 2nd corner off the board. Texas Longhorns: CB Luke Cafferty: @Jmoney: 293 TPE Describing CB builds has gotten very boring at this point. I cannot really think of anything to spice this up a bit. Cafferty plays a role in the undefeated Longhorns defense. He possesses speed, intelligence, agility, and hands just like every other corner on the list. The user behind Cafferty is known from other leagues and has shown to be a consistent updater. Cafferty might not be a superstar, (few corners are in this sim) but any team should be satisfied with what he brings. LSU Tigers: CB Maverick Arceneaux III: @me: 283 TPE Sitting last among active corners in TPE we have my player MA3. He is very fast, and intelligent with alright agility. Arceneaux can't catch... Perhaps that's why he rarely gets any relevant CB stats. Arceneaux has given the possibility of retirement before the draft, which obviously would hurt his stock. If Arceneaux commits to being drafted and playing a full career, I expect GMs to look at the hardworking Arceneaux of today, and to understand he was set back by the Arceneaux of yesterday.
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    8:35 1st and 10Alabama - 20Pass by Saracen, M., complete to Hendrix, T. for 12 yds. Tackle by Farquaad, D.. 7:57 1st and GoalAlabama - 8Pass by Saracen, M., complete to Karter, K. for 8 yds. 7:32 TOUCHDOWN! (Greg kick good)  Saracen keeps up the aerial assault and find Karter for the easy score. The Texas O looking unstoppable on that drive. 7-0
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    Also the worst witch
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    The Miami Hurricanes are Let's get back on that winning track Ducks! @JaysFan26 @Sonnet @Kirby @Renomitsu @Esso2264 @DilIsPickle @Homeskillet @duckberg @ccecilletsplay @Smarch @HarDRaiL @DonCutta190 @xsjack @LattimoreIsland 
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    from the description it sounds like SK killed enorama, so I'm assuming it wasn't a witch, unless SK was witched. 3 is possible, the only people with night immunity would be SK, Arso, vested Survivor, or someone healed by doc. No one has come out saying they were healed (would be a smart thing to do), and a survivor vest n1 would be kind of weird. So my best guess is mafia hit SK since there hasn't been any douses claimed. Also possible consort blocked you and escort blocked mafioso. Also kind of weird that jack is claiming uber driver.
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    Way to go boys, holding them to 3.... now let's go put some points on the board!
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