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  1. Baker Visits With Crimson Tide The highly-touted five-star recruit Bishop Baker was in attendance for two Alabama Crimson Tide practices this week and left Tuscaloosa in "good spirits", a source close to the high school Junior eluded to this morning. The Season 14 top recruit made the trip to Alabama on Monday morning and stayed through Thursday, spending time with the football program and basketball program. The trip comes as the third unofficial visit for Baker, who has vowed to take an unofficial recruiting tour to every team who recruits him during his Junior year, before narrowing his list and taking official visits next season in his final year at IMG Academy. Alabama, who are 3-5 on the season and play the Miami Hurricanes on Friday night, are hoping Baker can help the program return to its former glory. Sources close to Baker say he spent the entirety of both practices "shadowing" the teams running back coach and watching drills, taking time away only to speak with head coach Major Key. The Crimson Tide, despite another off-year, have the nation's second-best rushing attack. "Any time you walk into Tusc, you're taken aback," said Baker in the summer during a 7on7 camp. He was unable to be reached for comment following the unofficial visit. "The team has so much history, tradition and culture. It really makes you think hard if you're even worthy enough to play for such a prestigious program." Baker left the University on Thursday in time to take mandatory attendance quizzes at IMG Academy on Friday morning and is expected to get a sideline pass to the hometown Miami Hurricane's game against Alabama. Despite spending a week with the Crimson Tide, soaking in their game plan and getting a lay for the team's culture, Baker is expected to be on the Miami sidelines as a condition of his free recruitment pass. Despite the game being a near must-win for both teams, Miami sitting second in the Eastern Conference with a 4-4 record and Alabama a game behind at 3-5, neither team expects this to be a conflict of interest. @ANTISIMPLE
  2. Bishop Baker Attending Game Sources close to Bishop Baker say the five-star recruit is in attendance today. The Miami native spent the week in Tuscaloosa with the Crimson Tide and rumors say he'll be visiting Miami in the coming weeks. News broke earlier this morning that Andrew Warren is in talks to become the next Miami Hurricanes Athletic Director. Could his collegiate and professional success sway Miami's native son to stay local? How will this game impact his recruitment?
  3. I'm fascinated with African history. Shaka Zulu is one of the most impressive military leaders in human history. His ability to unite the south African tribes under his banner, his tactical advancements and his training process for his soldiers are impressive as hell considering the entire region was cut off from civilization until his reign. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shaka
  4. Hey EFL, Do you have an incoming Freshman that you will be creating this offseason for Season 14? If so, would you like to be included in the first edition of what will be an annual recruiting column? If you answered yes to both of those questions, please post here that you're interested and PM me any pertinent information regarding your player so that I can begin tracking his transition from high-school to the NCAA. Thank you.
  5. Stops running back for a -1-yard loss. Team never runs the ball again, all game. Still lose.
  6. Shaka

    Welcome Jeff

    Hey man. It has been. How are things? As you see, sim leagues have kept on keeping on. The EFL is in Season 13. We'd love to have you. The gist is your guy will be recruited by all of the NCAA teams and you can pick one to play for. Once you pass 200 TPE, you're eligible for the EFL Draft and the rest is pretty easy to pick up. Not a very different structure than the old leagues, except no more Madden. We've found stability in the simulation engine Draft Day. There is a partnership among the leagues, as well, so you can partake in those very easily. The SBA is in it's 39th season and, if you're not already back there, the VHL is nearing Season 70!. Let me know if you need any help.
  7. I'd like everyone's opinion on who you believe is the EFL's most entertaining team. That can mean something different from one member to the next. Maybe you like to follow a team because they have an active cast of characters. Maybe a team's storyline has been really fascinating in the last two years. Maybe one of the coaches is really interesting. It's up to you decide what entertaining means to you and then cast your vote. Thank you.
  9. Damn. We needed that win.
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