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  1. Shaka

    EFL S11 WEEK 4

    6 tackles, a sack, a pick and the win. That's a good night.
  2. Underrated title.
  3. Bro I'm going to almost catch sooooo many passes today It's gona be lit.
  4. I'm doing an SSN article on the upcoming S12 Recruiting Class. I'd like to include as many next-gen recreates or fillers that I can. If you will be a Freshman in any capacity next season will you please share your name, position and anything else you want here. Everyone who shares will be part of the article. Thanks.
  5. Especially over that TFC guy. Another snub!
  6. Me before pressing send:
  7. Seeing ASS #1 here, after eating his lunch for his entire career with Lawal, is startling. I always thought he was some inactive, filler QB thrown to the wolves again and again. Turns out, he's active af and uncapping. Ok then. I should pay better attention.
  8. Well, shit lol. Inadvertent shade.
  9. That's a pretty strong argument tbh. I'm surprised more didn't agree.
  10. Excuse me as I jump off a cliff after a filler player wins DPOTY. I mentioned this some to Wally. Some of us will always value the way the Alex Smith's play. Most of the country will value the Brett Favre's more. If Taggert becomes Drew Brees, where he can add volume but maintain his efficiency, he'll do just fine.
  11. Congrats @Patdatass that's a legendary career right there.
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