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  1. https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/38112-reviewing-the-s38-draft-midway-through-the-season-part-3/
  2. Name: Thormund Jakobsen Team: Oregon Ducks Workout Name: 10 TPE + 2 TPE Cost of Workout: $4,000,000 + $1,000,000 = $5,000,000 Cash I Have: $5,000,000 Cash Left: $0
  3. JaysFan26

    S13 Prompt #1

    I am most looking forward to the offseason being over to be honest. I’ve been sitting around at 199 TPE with my players for a while now to help out Oregon and Texas as much as I could, and I can’t wait to get going on my players’ senior years. The draft and preseason should be kinda cool, but they aren’t huge things of interest for me at the moment, mostly because being gone for 2 seasons means I have no idea who most of the people getting drafted are. With my players being in the draft next season, it should be a lot more engaging for me. I think that the Longhorns are going to be mostly staying put for now, as we have a solid roster full of actives and it looks like we are full up on scholarship signings. I wouldn’t mind another good linebacker to support me more than already, but that is no big deal at all cause I know there are already a could good ones on the squad. As for Oregon, the lineup looks solid, but I’m not quite sure who the QB is planned to be, and that could be a problem if we don’t have one obviously, especially cause I have to block for him and having a subpar QB could mean a lot of time that I need to hold people off for.
  4. Name: Ekong Okafor Team: Texas Longhorns Workout Name: Gain Weight, 2 TPE Cost of Workout: $2,000,000 + $1,000,000 = $3,000,000 Cash I Have: $3,000,000 Cash Left: $0
  5. https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/38037-reviewing-the-s38-draft-midway-through-the-season-part-2/ +6
  6. Welfare - 6 TPE (Only Claiming 5) TPE Earned: 5 Intelligence 44 > 49 TPE: 199
  7. Welfare - 6 TPE (Only Claiming 4) TPE Earned: 4 Tackling 65 > 66 BANK 1 TPE TPE: 199
  8. https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/36530-how-much-does-height-matter-in-the-sba/ +6
  9. Welfare - 6 TPE TPE Earned: 6 Intelligence 38 > 44 TPE: 194
  10. Welfare - 6 TPE TPE Earned: 6 Tackling 63 > 65 TPE: 195
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