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  1. Player Name: Mowanabe Bad Player Position: K Filler: Y/N N Player Name: Mikey 2 Dope Player Position: DB/CB Filler: Y/N N
  2. dang gave up two field goals so far
  3. Mikey 2 Dope: I know it was just the preseason, but three. Three. Count them. One. Two. Three. Three interceptions for Mikey 2 Dope against LSU - I thought they were good? It wasn't just me either, we had six as a team. Six! How many passes did LSU complete? Six also. That's right, USC had as many catches as LSU did - from LSU's quarterback! What a game. 80 points. We came to show the league what we are capable of and I think you can safely say we did that. We won't put that kind of beating on anyone in the regular season, it was too disrespectful, but we have one goal - championship. Well, I have lots of goals, but those are mine! Not the team's! Don't worry about those. Okay, fine, worry about them. I want to get drafted at the top of the draft, ideally first - that's where I belong, but I won't be surprised if I fall. General managers can be insane sometimes. I want to keep picking off passes, boy was it fun. Lets do that all season, shall we? I know the defense is with me. Offense better keep up the pace this season because we aren't messing around.
  4. EFL Week 2 - Total passing yards for week 2 passing leader: 402 EFL Week 2 - Predators vs Mambas total tackles between both teams: 81 NCAA Week 2 - Total rushing yards for week 2 rushing leader: 135 NCAA Week 2 - Oregon vs Texas total rushing yards between both teams: 351 Week 2 - Total return yards for all EFL and NCAA games: 1112
  5. I assumed this was over when Wally told me the score lol
  6. Two picks wish this was the real season
  7. Meaningless game. Let's do well anyway.
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