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  1. NCAA East Championship - Combined Yards from LSU and Miami: 620 NCAA West Championship - Jimmy Numbers Rushing Attempts plus Vince Carswell Passing Attempts: 54 EFL East Championship - Combined Passing Yards from Memphis and New York: 705 EFL West Championship - Combined Passing Attempts from Seattle and Los Angeles: 60 NCAA & EFL Conference Championship Round - Total Points Scored: 190
  2. Mikey 2 Dope Michael Walter Green, known more commonly as Mikey 2 Dope, is a cornerback that is currently being recruited to the NCAA level of college football. Mikey has been playing defensive back, usually at cornerback, for the Wayne Memorial High School’s Zebras. In Mikey’s freshman season, he didn’t see the field very much. He was the team’s 3rd string running back, having played the position in junior high and middle school due to his top end speed and agility. Being so deep on the depth chart hindered Mikey’s game time, which is why he sought a position change for his sophomore year. The Zebras lost a couple of receivers, so Mikey slid over to that position and moved up the depth chart. In his sophomore season, Mikey was 2nd on the team in catches with 52, trailing the team’s leader by 24. At 12.6 yards per catch, Mikey raked in 655 yards on the season and converted 6 of his catches into touchdowns. The main trouble for Mikey was his 14 drops during the season. Though the numbers weren’t drastically high, they were coming off of very catchable balls thrown his way. In Mikey’s junior season, the team added two highliy touted receiver prospects to the team and the position became crowded. The team approached Mikey about a move to the other side of the ball, to play in the team’s secondary. It was there that Mikey began to thrive. His speed helped him blanket receivers, and he was often able to break coverage to deflect passes to other parts of the field. He led the district in passes deflected and snagged 6 interceptions on the season. His team made a decent run in the playoffs, but ultimately fell short of the grand prize. Mikey’s senior season began with a bang, when he intercepted two passes and returned one for a touchdown, which drew some attention from scouts across the nation. Over the rest of the season, Mikey once again racked up enough deflections to lead the league and totaled 9 interceptions, of which 3 of them were returned for touchdowns. His ability after intercepting a pass apparent, the team tried him as a return man as well, where he had the highest yards per return on kick returns and secured two punt return touchdowns. Mikey helped the Zebras into the playoffs once more and this year helped them claim a state championship by returning an interception for a touchdown in the closing effort. Mikey finished the season as a top defensive back prospect for the EFL’s NCAA.
  3. Miguel Mohedano grew up in Buenos Aires and, unsurprisingly, didn't grow up playing American football. He instead grew up on the streets playing futbol, which is where he natural talent as a kicker would develop, unbeknownst to him. When Miguel was a teen, his family moved to the states, spending his junior high and high school years in the state of Texas. Texas loves it's high school football, and despite not playing in his first two years of school, his talent was apparent on the soccer pitch. For his junior year, Miguel was recruited to the football team in Odessa, suiting up for the Odessa-Permian Panthers. Mohedano filled a need for the team as its primary place kicker, which, due to the strong offensive nature of the team, rarely relied on his field goal kicking and primarily utilized him for extra points. Miguel struggled slightly at first, but as his confidence grew, so did his accuracy. In his senior season, Mohedano never missed an extra point. As Miguel improved on the field, his role became more prominent on the team due to their success. The Odessa-Permian Panthers made the state finals in Miguel's junior season, but due to trailing heavily in their state playoff games, Miguel actually never saw the field as a place kicker and only handled kickoffs. In Miguel's senior season, he helped secure two regular season wins for the Panthers, nailing a go-ahead field goal from 23 yards out in the first game of the season, and in the sixth game of the season he connected from 35 as time expired to give his team the victory. When the playoffs rolled around, Miguel's confidence was at an all-time high, as he had only missed three field goals all season and two of those had come from beyond 50 yards. Miguel was called upon in the second game of the playoffs and connected on a game-tying 39 yard field goal! Unfortunately for Miguel and the Panthers, their opponent scored on a last second Hail Mary to send the Panthers home. A heartbreaking loss for the Panthers and a sudden end to the season Despite never coming out on top in high school, it was a good time for Miguel in improving his draft stock. Miguel was constantly reliable from inside 40 yards, but struggled from beyond that distance. Despite this, he drew some interest from top college schools due to his consistency from inside that marker.
  4. I polled the greater EFL community, and the overwhelming response was for this specific ranking (Read: I asked on Discord and one person mentioned this idea). So, if the NCAA were to expand, these are my picks for the teams that should be added. Honorable Mentions: Penn State (Good program, bad publicity recently), North Dakota State (Dominant in Division II), Clemson (Recent dominance). 5. Florida State I just like Florida State as a school for sim leagues, and they would form a natural rivalry with Miami. Despite only really having a football team since WWII, the Seminoles have pulled in 3 national titles, while also having one of the top college coaches in Bobby Bowden, who kept them in the top 5 for 14 straight seasons. They played for five titles, winning two. ESPN ranks the Seminoles at the 19th best program of all-time, across the entire history of the sport. The Associated Press, looking at modern football, ranks them 14th, but ranks them 7th in the 80s, 1st in the 90s and 8th in the 2010s. Any team good enough to secure a top ranking for a decade is good enough for me. 4. Yale All of the readers, collectively: "WHAT?!" Yeah, Yale. I think this would just be a fun pick. Walter Camp, the father of American football, played at Yale. For the first 50 years of the sport, Yale dominated the college football scene. The Ivy League schools later bowed out of scholarship football, but Yale continued to dominate in that league for awhile, though they have now ceded more-so to Harvard. I think Yale is a fun choice because it would be unexpected to have an Ivy League school in the league, but their 18 national titles speak for themselves - even if they don't exactly have much of a case in modern NCAA football. ESPN, which looks at the entire history of college football for their rankings, ranks Yale 7th all-time. No other outlet considers them worth a mention (due to a focus on modern day football). 3. Nebraska The Cornhuskers! When I think of offensive lineman, Nebraska is near the top of that list. When I think of smash-mouth, in your face football, especially in the 1990s, it's Nebraska that is undeniable. Their recent struggles aside, the Huskers were one of the most prominent teams in college football during the childhood of an entire generation of sim-league members, and I think that bond would still be prevalent. With five national titles, ESPN ranks them as the 8th best program of all-time. The Associated Press agrees, and Sports Illustrated is slightly more favorable at 7th. Only six teams have won more national titles than Nebraska, and they'd be a great fit for the EFL's system. Nebraska ranked as the 2nd best team of the 70s, the top team in the 80s and the 2nd best team in the 90s. That's a damn good stretch. 2. Ohio State Despite trying to steal my alma mater's acronym, Ohio State University has been a dominant force in the sports since the 50s. Of their six coaches in that time, five of them are in the hall of fame or are waiting for their induction (in the case of Urban Meyer) according to ESPN, which ranks the Buckeyes 3rd. The AP shares the 3rd place positioning with ESPN and Sports Illustrated slots Ohio State in at 2nd. With 8 national titles, the Buckeyes should be an obvious candidate for future expansion, with a history of success, and modern success, that a new member can recognize right away. Ohio State trails only Michigan in all-time wins in college football. If that's not reason enough, I don't know what is. Since the 1940s, the lowest the AP has ranked Ohio State on it's list of best teams of each decade is 12th - that's a dominant run 1. Oklahoma It's a true travesty that this one isn't already an option. I know that it's fun to overlook Oklahoma and that I'm essentially the only sim-league member from here, but c'mon! I'm not even a Sooner fan, in fact, my degree and paycheck are both tied to the State's university. But alas, the Sooners have seven titles to their name and are perennial contenders in the modern day NCAA structure. They've essentially been a contender since Bud Wilkinson took over in the 40s, with stretches of some of the best college coaches and players of all-time. They have sent the two most recent Heisman trophy winners to the NFL and may be cooking up a third this season. They produced one of the greatest running backs of all-time. The AP Rankings, which focus on modern NCAA football, list Oklahoma as THE best NCAA Football Program of all-time. Sports Illustrated ranked them 10th when considered the entirety of the sports existence. ESPN placed them 4th. The AP ranked Oklahoma the top team of the 50s and 70s, the 4th best team of the 80s, the 2nd best of the 2000s and the 3rd best of the 2010s. I think Oklahoma is the premiere addition to the EFL's NCAA program. There you have it, those are my picks. What teams would you like to see added in the future?
  5. Week 12 Brigade @ Mambas Reign @ Predators Krakens @ Wolfpack Herd @ Neptune Week 13 Neptune @ Predators Herd @ Reign Mambas @ Wolfpack Krakens @ Brigade Week 14 Brigade @ Predators Krakens @ Reign Wolfpack @ Herd Mambas @ Neptune
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