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  1. I have unilaterally decided to promote @omgitshim to a site admin, with myself having less time for the site since the new job and Turner having to take a step back for a while the site would be left with two inconsistent administrators. So I just picked one of our BOD to be promoted. Congratulations omg. We'll see what will come in the future but I'm sure you'll all agree I made a good decision. Carry on.
  2. Apex PRedator isn't a freshman. he just went awol.
  3. Amina Blojo on the horizon?
  4. My bad you're in now. Forgot to add you sorry
  5. Howdy folks. Since starting my new job (once again thank you for annoying me with the awful updating systems to force me to learn to program to fix it) I've been kinda swamped and not super active here due to it. Unfortunately all goods things must come at the cost of another, so while I am super pumped for what I'm doing at work I no longer have the time to invest here as I used to. Pretty much everything I've done for this site has been on work time. Anyhu. I'm stepping down as EFL simmer for the time being until my work settles down, so @Turner will be taking over as the EFL simmer. To the GMs, any DCs and Strats need to go to Turner as he is taking over immediately. @Jetsqb101 @Wheaties @Symmetrik @AdamS @Alecbama @LattimoreIsland @OnMyWings @MMFLEX It's been a pleasure serving ya'll some kickass football games, and I'm sure I'll be back in the future to offer some more Captain Matticus out.
  6. CptMatt


    Should we be concerned they're grouping all the Brits together? Much easier to cull our numbers if we're all in the same place
  7. As if anyone has been doing that for the last 6 seasons. C'mon Maaaaaaaan.
  8. Would you like to join Miami?
  9. Can only apply after the draft - and if you earnt 250 in your freshman and softmore season and then decide to go into the draft in your junior then you have 50 more TPE than you were alloweda s a filler already to apply and shit. there are reasons. I have questioned it before
  10. Mainly just so fillers don't be just as good as uncappers in the NCAA but aren't totally shit in the EFL.
  11. You also can't apply the last 51 until after the draft. so you won't get better for us only for whoever decides to draft you as 250 TPE filler in the EFL.
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