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  1. Great game @MMFLEX you will be right back there next year. Miami we did it !!! What a hard fought season and I am so proud of everyone on this team.
  2. CB - Kion Terra @Green Season 15: Minimum
  3. What a strange ending. Good game @Jetsqb101. You will be right back in it for sure. We are back boys!!! Back to the championship!!! Lets now go and win this!!!
  4. Miami must be the biggest heel in the business. No one likes us lol
  5. Great game to end the season. Lets ride this into the playoffs now
  6. A much needed win, now lets beat Memphis to end the season
  7. SIM IS IN!!! Game of the Week is... vs.
  8. Neptune can’t buy a win right now
  9. Im here and I dont have much other than I was put in jail last night.
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