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  1. mafia game 3/3, F that comment will come back to bite me at some point. Ummm also anti day 1 lynch unless someone says something super stupid
  2. https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/38836-first-week-in-review/
  3. you know what to do
  4. Name: Nik Holmes Jr. Team: Michigan Workout Name: $1,000,000 - 2 TPE x 2 Cost of Workout $2,000,000 Cash you Have: $2,000,000 Cash Left:0 Name: Femidas Picante Team: Alabama Workout Name: $1,000,000 - 2 TPE + $4,000,000 - 10 TPE Cost of Workout $1,000,000 + $4,000,000 Cash you Have: $5,000,000 Cash Left:0
  5. https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/38687- sba-season-39-preview/ hello
  6. It has been a grind, Nick Holmes Jr. knows that his journey to the EFL may be different than many other players in the developmental system. His agency has also been aware of it and they have also been aware by the slower growth of the other prospect in their system: Femidas Picante. Picante has been thrown off as a player at Alabama as he was a Runningback coming out of High School however he was asked to play the slot receiver position his first year and his adjustments have been commendable. As a whole Femidas is unsure how he should continue his training in the up-coming seasons. Should he continue to train as a runningback or is his calling card being a slot receiver? Finally we go back to Nick Holmes Jr. who has left his mark on the NCAA various times. He is the more pro-ready player of the two and has already had scouts drooling about his ability being advanced per the amount of time he spends training. When asked about comparisons to his father he often says "I would love to be like him, but I know I will be better. I cannot wait to show the scouts that they are right about me."
  7. https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/38105-sba-2gm-podcast-ep-2/
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