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  1. Tough L for oregon - Dayne with back to back touchdown games though!
  2. Was that a 96 yard kickoff return for the win lmao
  3. 3 points of offensive, not good boys
  4. This likely means I'm not in for Oregon..sad face
  5. That out of town scoreboard is a nice touch!
  6. Week 1 Herd @ Mambas Krakens @ Predators Brigade @ Reign Wolfpack @ Neptune Week 2 Mambas @ Predators Reign @ Wolfpack Krakens @ Herd Brigade @ Neptune
  7. Dayne Devine Jr. RB | High School Review --------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Early Days Devine grew up in a high-school football hotbed in New Jersey, home of some of the strongest programs across the nation. His family was also a massive football family; after all he was named after the great Wisconsin running back Ron Dayne. Dayne Sr. enrolled his son into the most prestigous HS program in the state and one that competes for national titles. His freshman year was essentially a redshirt year as the backfield was filled with star upperclassmen. He saw the field only in two games when the team was up by multiple touchdowns and really didn't do much with those carries. His role was one that was expected, but he was determined to keep grinding to gain a starting role. The sophomore campaign was slightly better, but still was buried on the depth chart behind two Seniors who were receiving big-time scholarship offers. Dayne's one brightspot on the season was at the end of the season when he came in to play the second half due to injuries and put up an impressive 150 yards on 15 carries in just the second half. With the upperclassmen all moving on to the NCAA, this was time for Dayne to really make a name for himself as the lead back A Star Is Born Dayne started junior year training camp as the bellcow, one-cut style running back and never gave up that role for the rest of his high school career. His junior year stats were impressive, eclipsing 1500 rushing yards and 2000 all-purpose yards; one of the most dynamic backs in high school football. The team went on to win the state championship for the fourth straight year and also competed in the national high school champsionship, finishing in second. After his junior year, Dayne began to receive many offers to play on a full scholarship at the next level. He didnt let this distract him though, as he knew he wanted to do something special his senior year. His goal going into his senior year was to shatter all New Jersey rushing totals for high school football. Well, he did just that and more. He had over 2,200 rushing yards, 25 touchdowns and nearly 3,000 all-purpose yards. These video game like numbers had never been seen before at this level of football. To cap it off, the team won both the state championship and national championship led by their superstar back in Dayne Devine Jr. He accomplished everything he set out to do in high school football and now is taking his talents to the University of Oregon to be a part of their dynamic, high tempo offense in the NCAA.
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