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  1. Sullvino

    S2 NCAA Week #10

    almost a 4th quarter comeback, damn
  2. Checking in on the Sullvino Agency Mason Dixon Jr. Sophomore receiver Mason Dixon Jr. is having a “decent” season so far. His Alabama Crimson Tide hold the top spot in the Eastern Conference with a 6-3 record. On a personal note for Dixon, he had very high expectations coming into this season after how his freshman year went last year. He currently has 36 receptions for 495 yards and 5 touchdowns. His fellow receiver DaJuan Cook stole some of his shine early in the season, but Dixon has been coming on as of late. The pre-season first team all-american is very happy with the team holding the first place slot, but wants to see more out of himself and the passing game: “First off, the team has been playing great team football over the past few weeks. We are bonding very well on and off the field and we are seeing that translate to victories. The offense clearly is running through Bucko, and rightfully so. He is the backbone of our offense. Kai and I put in a lot of time this off-season to try and become one of those top tier duo’s around the league. We are making good strides headed into the post-season but I think if you ask either of us, we would both tell you that we expected a lot more from the passing attack. With that being said, there are 5 games remaining in this season and we look forward to transforming this passing attack into a more lethal weapon on offense.” Aston Martin Rookie safety Aston Martin, the 6th overall pick in the inaugural EFL Entry Draft has been a pleasant surpise for the Predators defense this early in his professional career. The first place Predators selected Martin in the first round with the intentions of having him eventually develop into a strong defensive prescence on the backend. Through eight games of football, he has 38 tackles, 1 forced fumble, 2 sacks and 1 interception. These may not seem like jaw-dropping numbers, but from the strong safety position he is making an impact all-around the field. “I feel very comfortable out there now. At first, it took a few games to get acclimated to the speed of the game compared to college, but right now I feel like I fit. Forcing turnovers is something I came into this season wanting to do more of and having three through eight games is a good start. It still is something I want to do a lot more of. The defending champions got off to a blazing 5-0 start, but have cooled down in the past four games posting only one win and three losses. The team will look to get back to that early season form as they head down the home stretch of the season.
  3. last week was hectic for me so I wasnt on as much. Back now and ready to roll into the playoffs
  4. can MDJ get his head out of his ass today..
  5. lol yep - edited to a nice peyton manning image..enjoy
  6. Sullvino

    S2 EFL Week 4

    Aston Martin for DPOY
  7. +6 Article Article +3 SIm Attendance #1 #2 #3 Speed 83+8(@8)=84 Agility 55+2(@2)=56 used 1 banked tpe from prior week TPE: 206+9=215
  8. +6 Article Article +3 SIm Attendance #1 #2 #3 Speed 83+8(@8)=84 1 banked TPE: 220+9=229
  9. Sullvino

    S2 NCAA Week 4

    pass by who ? edit: oh thats a different game
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