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  1. I feel I could have done more but it will suffice @Jetsqb101
  2. Jax Byrd was approached by his General Manager and it's a newly minted GM just like his brother encountered. The only problem was that things were different. The call went something similar to this. OMD: "I am the new General Manager of the New York Herd as you may well know. I was wondering what it would take to get you to sign a long term deal?" Jax: "Well sir I am going to have to be blunt here. I am thinking of hitting free agency. See this past year I got slotted in as one of the team's safeties and while I was doing my part to help the team in any way that I could, it just didn't feel right. I know that Casey Archer and Dee Fence will be better corner backs than I will be for the team and I just don't want to be a safety anymore. I want to go back to playing as a corner back and I want to do so for a new team. Now I know what you are thinking. You drafted me and you don't want to lose me. I am open to returning to the team or at least helping in some way by way of maybe a sign and trade. That idea has crossed my mind and it could end up being the route I take. As of right now I just want to test the waters and see what kind of value that I hold and I want to see the interest that other GM's take in me." OMD: "Well I am a little disappointed in hearing that son. I was hoping that you would help this secondary flourish and that you would help us be one of the most feared secondaries in the entire league. I appreciate you saying you are open to coming back or that you could help us via sign and trade. I just want you to know that I will hold no grudge against you if you want to leave and pursue another team. I appreciate everything that you had done for this organization and I just want you to know that you will always have a spot on our roster if you ever decide to come back."
  3. The call came directly from newly minted General Manager Antisimple and he sounded kind of stern. He knew this day would come and he was prepared. He said to Max, "Son, I want you to be a part of this Los Angeles Reign team. No matter what happens during the championship game, I want you to be our guy. You are our signal caller of the future and we'd love if you would sign an extension with us." Max however responded, "It's kind of tough when you are a quarterback. I just finished my first season and after sitting out an entire year, I got my chance to shine. So when the previous General Manager called upon me to start, I was more than giddy. He said that they would be parting ties with previous incumbent starter John Smith and they were ready to move forward. I knew that I had to prove my worth. I wanted to show that when they drafted me, they made the right choice. I want to be here so what can you offer?" "Well for starters you obviously have the starting job and we want you to come back on a three year deal in which you could make five million dollars per year. We know what you can do and we think you are worth every penny. So what are your thoughts on this deal?" Max replied with "Well I honestly like the three year offer but money isn't my problem. The old GM gave me the chance to prove what I can do after he drafted me. He had faith enough in me that he wanted to bring me in but he told me I'd need a year of development. I sat behind John and I learned what he could teach me. I looked over every single play in the playbook and I expressed my interest in wanting to start. He helped make it happen and for that I will forever be grateful. So I propose that I sign the three year extension but how about I do it on a minimum deal each year?" After hearing that, new GM Anti said "I appreciate your kindness and generosity and I look forward to seeing what you can do for us moving forward."
  4. Once you get a taste, you can't resist it.
  5. That's twice in the past couple months
  6. You already know it buddy.
  7. Great presentation @PigSnout. Also we will be back next year @Jetsqb101 so I hope you can make it back again for a rematch. Also congrats.
  8. This continuing is like torture
  9. No need for further sim posting. Just post the horrid results so we can move on with our lives.
  10. I hate you now @Tater_Tot
  11. @Cornholio Dark text on dark BG is bad bud lol
  12. Sure hope not. It could be one reason I leave the SBA. Nothing is being done. He tried to bring more out.
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