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  1. Glad we agree on something here bud @MMFLEX
  2. LOL even to this day, Death's rotting corpse gets a PoTG. Smh
  3. As much as I hate to say it, go
  4. 5. 348 6. Michigan 7. Yes
  5. Let's close out strong Maybe one more win?
  6. The season has already started for the Byrd brothers and they are excited. Well I'd say so more for Jax than Max due to one getting playing time and the other not really seeing any at all. I talked before on Jax getting drafted in the second round as he saw himself fall all the way to New York. While he was somewhat upset, he gets to team with the highest TPE corner from that draft and hope to form the best corner back duo for several seasons to come. Max fell to the fifth round due to no demand for a starting quarterback. He knew the risk he took in moving from the tight end position over to quarterback and he took it. Now he is on a two year deal with the second being a team option. His team will decide his fate after his rookie year and he hopes that he will give them enough reason this year to keep him on board for his second year. It seems as if the season has flown by really quick. Games were here and there and things were so fast that it seemed like the season was only a few weeks long. The boys rookie seasons have been very different and they and the rest of the league knew that before the season started. Jax would be the full time starter in New York while his twin brother would wind up as the back up to last year's MVP John Smith on the Los Angeles Reign's roster. Things have been fruitful so far as Max has ended up on a competitor but it seems as if Jax landed on a huge contender from last year but the team couldn't even get a winning record. It seems as if the change in a few key positions really took a toll on them. Jax is lucky that his future is secured by the New York Herd. I already mentioned that he fell due to off field concerns but it seems he landed in a great spot. The team was coming off a pretty great season but things were different this year. Despite the Herd being one of the league's best teams last year, this year they are among the worst. The team won a total of four games so far and it seems like things have went from amazing to well disastrous. The one thing that could be attributed to that is last years NY team had more talent at the corner back spot as this years features two rookies. Despite Casey Archer already being a bonafide star in terms of production for his practice hours, it seems he will carry this team. Jax has to pick up the slack if he wants to keep up at least at some pace. Max on the other hand could end up as a free agent after this season as I have previously mentioned. He has been working around the clock trying to log as many practice hours as he can to keep himself relevant but it seems that may not be enough. The Reign are riding the coattails of current starter John Smith despite his unwillingness to show up to practice. The Reign may opt to stick with him to keep their window of competing alive. Despite Max being an option for a lower cap hit, the team may want to keep Smith due to his practice hours being around 300+ more than Max's. Right now he is playing things by ear as he hasn't heard anything from his general manager on where he will be next season. He hopes he may end up on the roster again somehow but he understands that a team can't afford to pay two quarterbacks and still expect to compete. With the playoffs coming up, Max will be watching at home from his couch as the terminology is while his brother will be riding the pine for the Reign. Right now Jax's rookie season has been successful as he has gotten to mesh with his teammates and they have gotten used to him. Max has to remain on his toes because who knows what kind of opportunity could come his way. For now he is hoping that the Reign can repeat and he at least wins a championship if he is no longer with the team next year.
  7. Render: Jalen Ramsey Team: NY Herd The rest is up to you
  8. Time to get them wins up
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