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  1. Yes on one hand I have a CB who is shaping up pretty well. On the other hand, I have a TE who hasn't seen a touchdown in one season and 12 games. Here's to not having a TD for 2 seasons bud
  2. @SixersFan594 Now Nik Holmes Jr. is a beast.
  3. Not welcome bud, nice meme lol
  4. The University of Spoiled Children should have never won.
  5. LMFAO about that game. #RigIsIn
  6. Height really makes a difference with WR/CB. NSFL does it right where CB's max height is 6'3 and WR can be I think 6'6 is the tallest.
  7. I just can't justify Jacksonville taking a tight end that early on. If they were to do that, they could move down in the teen's and still grab him. I'd say Taylor if he falls or hope they move back to add some much needed picks.
  8. Getting tackles isn't good bud, unless your a LB or a safety.
  9. How in the actual F did we lose?
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