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  1. Tbh I think Sharkstrong has a much stronger argument than Sharkstrong.
  2. 1 TPE per category. So 1 for you.
  3. I had the same question. @Renomitsu told me either would be accepted.
  4. I generally agree, and would argue against expanding public voting beyond this award.
  5. Genuinely curious - why not? I definitely understand concerns about turning awards into a popularity contest, but we figured that Playoff MVP was a bit lower-stakes and folks could have fun with it.
  6. In the seventh edition of this recurring feature, we look at the the college careers of graduating Longhorns. Season 8: http://efl.network/topic/7726-congratulations-s8-longhorns-graduands/ Season 9: http://efl.network/topic/8702-congratulations-s9-longhorns-graduands/ Season 10: http://efl.network/topic/9374-congratulations-s10-longhorns-graduands/ Season 11: http://efl.network/topic/9915-congratulations-s11-longhorns-graduands Season 12: http://efl.network/topic/10851-congratulations-s12-longhorns-graduands/ Season 13: http://efl.network/topic/11384-congratulations-s13-longhorns-graduands/ Photo not available RB Tachyon Luminosity @Gilgamesh Signature Stat: 5.4 career ypc and 47 TDs in 3 seasons Luminosity came in hoping to follow in the shoes of Xavier Hamlett, Cameron Millwall, Reginald Sharkstrong, and Crowbar Theeks, as the next in line of Texas league-defining running backs. His dedication in practice wasn't quite on the level of these previous luminaries, but with Texas' strong scheme and blocking, this didn't stop him from tearing up the league, breaking 2000 yards in his final season as the engine of the offense. With better luck and dedication, Luminosity could've been an all-time great, but even so his numbers are nothing to sneeze at. With his graduation, the sudden retirement of redshirt recruit Johnathan Dextrious and the disappearance of high school star Bishop Baker, for the first time in nearly 10 seasons, this position is unsettled. Rumours are circulating that the Longhorns are in conversation with star high school tight end Kim Chi @BigZouzou about a position switch as he looks to break into the NCAA. WR Terry Fitzgerald-Crews @Quik Signature Stat: 2nd in league in receiving yards in S14 Most receivers leave college behind when they graduate to the EFL, but not TFC. Under the moniker TFC2, he obtained under-the-table permission from college authorities to continue playing for the Longhorns even as he began his EFL career. His production suffered initially due to his divided focus, but in his second senior season, he exploded, putting up over 1000 yards as the primary target in Texas' passing game. Now somehow entering the EFL draft for a second time, it remains to be seen what the EFL's ruling will be in this unique case. Texas' remaining corps of WRs will have to step in his absence, with Lorrence Longfingers @jhatty8 and Mat Tocco @Matmenzinger in particular likely to take on bigger roles. FS Noah Jacobs @Nykonax Signature Stat: Led all DBs in tackles, interceptions and TDs in S14 Jacobs was a solid, if not, flashy, contributor for the Longhorns in his first three seasons with the team, before exploding in his senior season as perhaps the best defensive player in the country. He doubled his previous career INT total and led both his team and all defensive backs in the country in tackles, serving as both the first and last line of defense in a group that had plenty of solid players, but otherwise lacked star power. Jacobs was a main driver between Texas' dominant S14 defense, having massive game during several of the defense's shutout performances. His graduation will leave a massive hole in the Longhorns secondary that sought-after recruit Alex Zouzouambe @BigZouzou will hope to fill.
  7. Sharkstrong having himself a game.
  8. Congrats LSU! Excellent team-building work @Psanchez55.
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