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  1. I'm trying not to because technically it's "outside" the game.
  2. *10-0 @TJH @Ty3 @JaysFan26 @brenstl
  3. He's claiming Jester. Could be a bluff though.
  4. I mean that half day was over the course of Saturday night haha. Agreed that it's a little odd. Maybe he hasn't been online?
  5. Holy crap team we broke the game. @jmoney and @TJH lethal as always, and @Ty3 got in on the fun. But the story of the day is those RBs. Holy s#@! @Gilgamesh @Sharkstrong. No words. Defense no slouches either. @Snussu and @jhatty8 the standouts.
  6. @CptMatt @Tate to the Texas LR please. Also occurs to me with Turner and Duck afk and you on intermittently, we probably need more people authorized to do this.
  7. Pending the end of the Week 10 game Texas is excited to sign two A+ prospects to $1million redshirt scholarships! Welcome to the team QB Vince Carswell @LittleRiDog and LB Easton West @Tate!
  8. Actually, given our games against them, I'd much rather face Miami in the playoffs, so go Miami!
  9. I am indifferent about the results of this game.
  10. Ty for the explanation on Uber driver. I hadn't seen omg's rules post and was very, very confused. So do we want to lynch tonight?
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