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  1. Points against. Minus the USC game, we're just under 14 points/allowed per game.
  2. If it wasn't for that fluky USC game, Texas would be on pace for the best defense in NCAA history. Great overview!
  3. The cursed season continues. This team is so much better than its record. Perfect time for vacation, I need a break. Also LSU if you're going to beat us, at least do us the kindness of beating our competition too. @jmoney and @TJH played a hell of a game though, excited for that connection next season.
  4. So are there posts coming through for anyone else that are just giant versions of the reactions? Also why can't I unbold this text. The robot has broken the forum.
  5. This is some wholesome content right here.
  6. 1) Why did you choose Texas? 2) What are your goals for your college career? 3) Have you thought about what EFL team you want to eventually play for? 4) Woody or Buzz Lightyear?
  7. Oh no, I can tell by Lattimore's likes that he's reading through this now. Poor guy.
  8. After today's results, looking increasingly unlikely the Wolfpack make the playoffs sadly. Was hoping they and LA could both overtake Seattle.
  9. At least Wisconsin lost too! Damn, the East is an absolute logjam now. 3 teams at 7-4.
  10. @Alecbama do you really think I'd do this to you if you lost? Two missed PATs weren't enough to slow LA down as they finally pulled away from Miami in the 4th. You can have a look at the offensive numbers for yourself, but I don't think @DWill or @Patdatass will be complaining too much, and John Smith @J.G.10 threw for a casual 500 yards. BigHuge McLarge led the way on defense with a complete game - 11 tackles, a TFL, sack, and 3 PDs.
  11. Thanks for coming out everyone, have a great evening!
  12. The Kraken were so close to their first win, but after losing the lead early in the 4th quarter, they crumbled, and weren't able to slow down Memphis. This was despite great efforts from ASS, Helmsley, Parker, and Collins, @Rockstar @Evans @timeconsumer and Williams and Tripireds on the defensive side. On the Mambas side, @stevo Millwall put up a big game with 3 TDs and flashy numbers across the board and Sabathia did Sabathia things @omgitshim.
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