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  1. Another great team win! Oscar and Chi can't be stopped @Playoff Lonzo @BigZouzou! We needed our LBs to step up vs that running game, and they did! Great work from Steiner, King, West, and Hill! @Tate @Kayfabe @StackTheRacks12 @LJEra8 And Levine and Bands showing up in the pass game in a big way @Anthony Ouellet @goat like meat!
  2. Texas alumni making their presence felt!
  3. Two turnovers in two games. Not bad for a freshman.
  4. Imagine only putting up 14 points through 3 quarters against Alabama.
  5. Xavier Hamlett, Cameron Millwall, Reginald Sharkstrong, Crowbar Theeks, Tachyon Luminosity, and Oscar Jebaseelan beg to disagree.
  6. Player Name: Taktischer Vorschlaghammer Player Position: WR Filler: N Player Name: Thornforg Player Position: FS Filler: N
  7. Yoooo great start to the season boys!! Everyone got involved I love it. LongArm with a hell of a debut @denns! All our running backs put in work as well @Playoff Lonzo @BigZouzou @Inflastud. Longfingers had a massive game, and Tocco and Zamora put up numbers too @jhatty8 @Matmenzinger @evryday. 4 bot sacks is... something, but King and Levine with forced fumbles, and Jackie picking up an INT is awesome to see!! @StackTheRacks12 @goat like meat @Anthony Ouellet Let's do it again tomorrow!
  8. Oof, disappointing week 1. But Vorschlag's status as a deep threat is intact!
  9. That is a legendary sig. You took that supremely well.
  10. Not concerned about the score as it's preseason, but I like the offensive balance we had! All our weapons getting involved. Solid debut for LongArm @denns. Oscar with another ABSURD game @Playoff Lonzo. And Chi is taking to his dual role quite well @BigZouzou! And plenty of the new guys showing up on defense as well. Steiner with a PD and King a TFL @Kayfabe @StackTheRacks12! Silly preseason refs.
  11. Last night it was in the Discord. Not sure what happened. As far as cruddy ways to lose go, I'll take that in the preseason.
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