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  1. It's a TPE reward, not tokens. So you win 2 TPE because Texas won the ship, but USC lost in the semis.
  2. Since Texas has won two out of the last three championships. Convenient. #Bamadethroned
  3. Finish your Historic and Prestigious NCAA Schools update you coward.
  4. Filler QBs are tricky because you need 100 TPE at absolute minimum to be functional, and even then most teams would probably only use a filler QB as a last resort. Every other idea here is solid - WRs and CBs can serve as #3 on the depth chart as they slowly develop, and even a 50TPE kicker or FB is valuable. Side note - when you do eventually do a full recreate, Texas would definitely have interest in your QB
  5. Excellent idea for an article and writing. Carswell -> Vorschlaghammer is going to terrorize the NCAA next season.
  6. dunno what your talking about Oops that's on me. Was playing Smash at the time. I meant Oregon.
  7. I like this podcast. Really good insight on awards, and given the benefit of hindsight, playoff talk wasn't too far off. @LittleRiDog Vince getting some awards love!
  8. Awesome presentation @PigSnout. One of the best I've ever seen.
  9. Congrats to the Mambas! First expansion team to win a 'ship!
  10. Just gonna throw out there for GMs that Vorschlaghammer is heavy/tall enough to play TE...
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