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  1. Oregon was able to handle the Texas Longhorns 27 to 17 in the Western Conference Championship Game. The Longhorns threw 1 interception and turned the ball over on downs in a very crucial spot during the 4th quarter. A Solid mix of rushing and passing kept the Texas defense confused all game. Oregon had an equal amount of passing and rushing yards during this game. Jassole played a huge role for the Ducks catching 8 passes for over half of their yards. The Oregon Ducks had a disappointing end to their season after losing 14 to 10 in the National Championship Game. It was a very tough loss for the Ducks being a favorite coming into the game facing the 9 and 4 LSU Tigers. Both teams had 3 penalties and a turnover each. The Ducks had a 7 minute time of possession lead but the difference seemed to be an 0 for 2 effort on 4th down for Oregon. LSU played very conservative and didn't even run a single play on 4th. Freshman wide receiver S. Dot was seen after the game in the locker room very upset. He totaled 5 catches for 61 yards and helped as much as possible. The freshman gave a statement to the media after their loss: Speedster: "We had a great season and it sucks to lose like this when we knew we were the better team. Everybody was confident after we beat the 11 win Longhorns soundly the way we did. I'm not sure what happened at the end of the game."
  2. 5 catches for 71 diva time
  3. Week 6 Bama v LSU Miami v Michigan Texas v Notre Dame USC v Oregon Week 7 Texas v Usc Notre Dame v Miami LSU v Michigan Alabama v Oregon Week 8 USC v alabama LSU v Miami Michigan v notre dame Oregon v Texas 
  4. S Dot is one of the fastest young prospects enter the NCAA and plans to use his speed to earn playing time where ever he can see the field. Punt and kick returns could be an easy spot for S Dot to see the turf early in the NCAA. He has spent as much time as possible working on speed and the future looks like he will continue to only get faster. The plan is for S Dot to reach 80 speed before working on other skills since speed kills. He will be a keep sake to his name and plan to be one of the fastest college players. If you like players that can get past corners but might drop wide open touch downs then Speedster is your guy. Top Picks: Miami Hurricanes - I am Hurricanes fan and I would like to help turn them back from the 'Cans to the 'Canes. Notre Dame - It would be awesome to help lead the Irish to glory from the returner spot then maybe the slot wr. Oregon - They have a bunch of sweet jersey so who wouldn't want all the free cops. Alabama - They look cheeks on here but they're good in real life so why not hop on the wagon. USC/Michigan/LSU - Ehh, why not?
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