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  1. TGIF. NUFF SAID. #GEAUXTIGERS @Renomitsu @Kdang @Jeland43 @Shaka @Nykonax @Wally @TheNano74 @ShouldHaveRanIt @emidas @Sonnet @Kirby @Psanchez55 @Sokatre
  2. #GEAUXTIGERS! GOING TO BE A TOUGH ONE BUT WE GOT THIS! @Renomitsu @Kdang @Jeland43 @Shaka @Nykonax @Wally @TheNano74 @ShouldHaveRanIt @emidas @Sonnet @Kirby @Psanchez55 @Sokatre
  3. 3 and 16 and we run? #thanksshitsim
  4. @Wally Judge with the Pick 6!
  5. EASY WIN? I SURE HOPE SO! LETS GO DUCK HUNTING. #GEAUXTIGERS @Renomitsu @Kdang @Jeland43 @Shaka @Nykonax @Wally @TheNano74 @ShouldHaveRanIt @emidas @Sonnet @Kirby @Psanchez55 @Sokatre
  6. 42 points?! Am I seeing this right! All around great team effort! @Kirby had a phenomenal game. Our wide receiver corps in @Sonnet and @Nykonax had great games. @ShouldHaveRanIt Marcus king with 3tds today! And the defense was outstanding @Wally @TheNano74 @Kdang @Sokatre @Psanchez55. Also shot out to @Renomitsu his first career receptions today! Great win team!
  7. As an MSU fan, this was one of the happiest moments in my life.... #GOGREEN
  8. What ya talking about! Meanwhile at LSU.....
  9. There we go boys! @ShouldHaveRanIt having himself a day! Also way to go @Psanchez55 with the pick 6~!
  10. Great win for the PACK! #howlgang
  11. LETS GO LETS GO! ITS A BEAUTIFUL DAY FOR FOOTBALL! @Renomitsu @Kdang @Jeland43 @Shaka @Nykonax @Wally @TheNano74 @ShouldHaveRanIt @emidas @Sonnet @Kirby @Psanchez55 @Sokatre
  12. Name: Sunshine Titan Team: San Antonio Workout Name: 6tpe + 2tpe Cost of Workout $2,500,000 + $1,000,000 Cash you Have: $3,500,000 Cash Left: $0
  13. Name: Jackson Hothands Team: San Antonio Workout Name: 10 TPE + 1 TPE Cost of Workout $4,000,000 + $500,000 Cash you Have: $4,500,000 Cash Left: $0
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