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  1. Plz don't blow this lead wolfpack..
  2. I'm down to do it again if MSU ever becomes apart of the NCAA in EFL (; I wanna see that UofM MSU rivalry.
  4. Wow the Mamba special teams needs some serious help on Kickoff defense...
  5. #TOLDYOUALL Yall don't listen to me. It's fine.
  6. I don't have much details as my role does not allow me to do much. Since I have 2 lives essentially, I have no issue revealing that I am a Knight. I still think @TacticalHammer is full of it. He is bluffing as tracker for his own sake, because I never visited @Sharkstrong. We all know now that @Symmetrik was the lookout as indicated earlier. Earlier in the game I put a vote on Symmetrik because he wasn't talking much and it made me suspicious he was mafia. @TacticalHammer pointed out that Symmetrik hadnt been on site in awhile (which was true) but he still said and I quote " I'm fine putting pressure on people." IDK I just have a bad feeling about it. 2nd VOTE for @TacticalHammer
  7. Oh crap. Looks like a trap game to me. LETS GO MAMBAS. STAY STRONG!
  8. Man our ND defense really needs to step it up. Hoping we can grow in the off-season.
  9. Agreed. At this rate game is gonna be over for us quick. Looks like Symmetrik was being honest. Just need to decide if @Nykonax is.
  10. Crap. Was hoping for a ND pbp.
  11. Nice work @Nykonax! VOTE @Symmetrik - guy hasn't said anything in here yet. Just gives me a weird feeling that he might be mafia.
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