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  1. S17 USC Trojan Scholarships Accept offers by quoting your scholarship. $5,000,000 Full Benefit Scholarships (4/4) CB - Mikey 2 Dope, SO @Molholt FS - Jugga Nano, SO @TheNano74 K - Miguel Mohendano, SO @Molholt CB - Anderson Millwall, SR @stevo $3,000,000 Full Tuition Scholarships (7/7) LB - Jabari Spalding, FR @TotallyNotGus WR - Evan Clayton, FR @Maasa QB - Handsome Jack, SO @emidas RB - Cheet Anh, JR @LefLop RB - Clap Trap, SO @Beowoof CB - Marcus Winters, FR @MWHazard TE - Antonio Gonzalez, SO @TheNano74 $2,000,000 Partial Tuition Scholarships (7/7) LB - Violent E, SO @emidas LB - Rock Lemington, SR @Wally SS - Jugga Beo, SO @Beowoof RB - Lance Swift V, FR @Wally FB - Carryover Waste, FR @stevo LB - Rhine Ceros, JR @LefLop WR - Booker Thomas, SO @SwagSloth
  2. You bout to have some phat thighs boi
  3. Another season opens for USC... Hard work... Determination... Grit. Get it boys. We start here. No sleep. Claim 9 uncapped TPE for Spring Training and then an additional 4 TPE if your archetype matches the teams style below: OFFENSE QB: Pocket Passer - @emidas RB: One-Cut - @Wally @LefLop @Beowoof WR: Deep Threat - @Maasa @SwagSloth TE: Vertical Threat (S18) - @TheNano74 FB: Running - @stevo P/K: Kicker - @Molholt DEFENSE OLB: Pass Rushing - @Wally @TotallyNotGus @emidas @LefLop ILB: Coverage FS: Zone Cover - @TheNano74 SS: Zone Cover - @Beowoof CB: Man Cover @MWHazard @stevo @Molholt
  4. Tac... I’m trying to forget how we lost that title damn it.
  5. I have had many moments across all leagues that I have been a part of. It really is hard to pick out the top five or ten... but I do think following this last season and losing in the WCF again, I think I have a for sure top three. I guess in perspective of the countdown aspect, I will go from bottom to top. It may not surprise many... but it is what it is and well... I need the TPE. So here goes: 3. S13 USC Trojans - What a memorable season this was. While I did take over mid way through the season, so I can't take full accountability for the 0-14 season. What I can take responsibility for is fostering a team that endured losses and built towards success. I got to know alot of members I hadn't met before and we successfully rebuilt the tattered image of what the Trojans have done. It really served as a catalyst of what we became and definitely looking back I cherish the season even if we never won a game. 2. S10 Wisconsin Brigade - Personally from a player perspective, this season we won the EFL Eastern Championship in the first season of relocation with a wide receiver turned quarterback. Controversially turning to an all-out air attack, we marched thru to the EFL Championship just to get stomped by the San Antonio Wolfpack. Definitely a weight off my shoulders from a GM perspective, yet still came with questionable calls that I still carry with me and effects many of my standpoints in where I want to see this league go in the future. 1. S12 Wisconsin Brigade - Between the team... my experience as a GM... my player... this was all-around one of my favorite experiences on the site. Every week we pushed the locker room and every week everyone responded. Between non-sensical pre-game hype and Adam's wonderful hash tagging presence... we knew people hated us for the path and the fact that we re-located to Wisconsin. So why not win the damn thing?! It was every form of the word awesome and more as we marched to the playoffs. Many called us various forms of lucky... in the end we really didn't give a shit, we just loved winning. Then to tie it all into one... We wound up winning... in overtime. Putting the icing on what many hated in our season... but it was fitting all the same. There are definitely honorable mentions... One definitely not being Memphis S9... That was so much fun. It was hard not listing this last season for USC, but I also feel like we have so much more to accomplish this next season. Every facet of having the best record means very little when you don't have a championship to show for it. This season, I look to place this team up on the mantle of best teams to have brought together at the NCAA level. We have alot on our plate and I look forward to the challenge.
  6. Look here Huss... you know where to find me.
  7. An unfortunate ending, to what was an amazing regular season. Ample high notes to be proud of this season. To finish 13-1 with only four uncapped players and eight freshman... It is a dedication to the determination of our entire team to step to the plate and build with efficiency. First, I want to say thank you to the Funk ( @Rayzor_7 ) brothers for your time here with USC... you two committed when we were at the bottom. Along with Zane ( @PigSnout ) , the testament to stick out the tough times goes noticed and is very appreciated. Hunter ( @TotallyNotGus ) ... our unsung hero that led the way for our record setting rushing attack that we lived and unfortunately died by. Lastly, Numbers ( @124715 ) ... We always have the thoughts of what could've been after wrapping up his senior season with one of the most monstrous seasons this league has seen. So, now we continue to move forward. We have established expectations for next season and we will come back better... and bigger than ever. We will continue to build with efficiency as we strengthen our strategy. We will have the likes of ten, yes ten uncapping players with a couple holes yet to fill. -- Offense -- QB - Handsome Jack - Uncapping @emidas RB - Clap Trap - Uncapping @Beowoof RB - Lance Swift V - Freshman @Wally RB - Cheet Anh - Sophomore @LefLop FB - Carryover Waste - Freshman @stevo TE - Antonio Gonzalez - Uncapping @TheNano74 WR - Booker Thomas - Junior @SwagSloth WR - Evan Clayton - Freshman @Maasa K/P - Miguel Mohendano- Uncapping @Molholt One Scholarship Remaining - USC will most likely be in the hunt to find our next quarterback to take over from Jack once he moves on to the EFL after this season. However, not tied necessarily to committing to the QB replacement as it can be utilized at the red shirt time frame in S17 and look for another option at WR to open up the playbook a bit more next season. -- Defense -- LB - Violent E - Uncapping @emidas LB - Rock Lemington - Uncapping @Wally CB - Mikey 2 Dope - Uncapping @Molholt CB - Marcus Winters - Freshman @MWHazard CB - Anderson Millwall - Uncapping @stevo FS - Jugga Nano - Uncapping @TheNano74 SS - Jugga Beo - Uncapping @Beowoof Two Scholarships Remaining - The utmost task of this off-season will be finding our next LB... Even with all of the uncaps on the defensive side of the ball, we will be looking for a big earner who can solidify our defensive package and play huge minutes. Another task will be finding our relief in the secondary who will pair with Winters for seasons to come. Lastly, I want to thank every single member of this team. For buying into the system. To disregarding some shit slung our way throughout the season. Whether auto 12s, to general 9s... We started 8 freshman this season. Our seniors paved the way for our youth to mold into what will be one of the best all-around teams to play in USC in many seasons. It has been a pleasure to get to know our outgoing seniors and best of luck in the EFL!
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