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  1. Los Angeles, CA - It has been a long season for the Trojans as they continue on without a win to show for it, 0-10 to be exact. Many knew coming in to the S13 season that it would be a bit of a rebuilding season, but no one expected what has unfolded to this point. With stagnant offense and a porous defense, things in Southern California could look much more bleak than they already are... but is that a bad thing? "We have had alot of change. A new system... a new Athletic Director... and a batch of freshman new to this speed of play. It will take time... and that we have. We have time... We have pieces in place... and we have a plan." Doak Grizzly explained to local boosters. "The team is developing and each of the players finding their identities as they become an asset to this storied program. In order to succeed we must re-establish a work ethic and an understanding that we aren't given championships. Those aren't just signed... they are fought for... they are won. Our resurgence will take this freshman class wanting to be leaders and most of all, wanting to instill consistency." With thirteen out of the eighteen scholarships in the hands of freshman, it isn't a surprise to see the young squad struggling so early on. With youth, comes the need to develop and as long as improvement is present the future is bright. With red shirt season upon us, we also are starting to hear about the next class of incoming freshman taking shape. But with only one graduating senior, there isn't much space on the ever growing roster. "We want to be known for our hard work... We want to be rewarded for buying into a plan and sticking to it. No shortcuts. We aren't after players who only want a one- or two-year experience. We are after the pedigree of loyalty that will construct long term success and season after season competitiveness. We not only want to win games... But we want to win titles. As I said... It will just take time." Some wonder if the Trojans will be able to end this daunting streak this season. With only four games remaining, we can take a look at the possibilities: Week 11: Home vs. Miami Week 12: Home vs. Alabama Week 13: Away at Notre Dame Week 14: Home vs. LSU While many look at the schedule and see three out of four at home, the Trojans are on the short end of a combined score of 180-16 against the same four teams earlier this season. With home field advantage, it may be a possibility that lightning could strike... but fans aren't holding their breath. "All we continue to push for is improvement... Score... Win a quarter... Win your battles. These lessons learned will make bigger goals that much more enjoyable. In many seasons we will look back and remember this as a learning experience. In order to have sustained greatness you need a plan to allow for it... What we have now is a destiny. Those who believe will be rewarded." @PigSnout@Fizzy@124715@ccecilletsplay@okochastar@Deity of Ice@Radcow@Rockstar@Cooltruth20@SingingHades@Anthony Ouellet@Ptyrell@TotallyNotGus @Rayzor_7
  2. Rock Lemington - ATH - will be in the S14 recruiting class
  3. 14 points less than I thought would be scored at this point
  4. Oh fuck. Stop the game! Blow the whistle!
  5. Lets fucking score a goal! #StayFocused @Sova@VanCanWin@PigSnout@Fizzy@124715@ccecilletsplay@okochastar@Deity of Ice@Radcow@Rockstar@Cooltruth20@SingingHades@Anthony Ouellet@Ptyrell@Enorama@TotallyNotGus @Rayzor_7
  6. USC Announces the signing of FS- Cosmo Kramer to a $2,000,000 scholarship @TotallyNotGus
  7. If we can’t score in their end zone we will score in ours. 3-2 offense beating defense.
  8. USC Announces the signing of Frank Funk - WR to a $2,000,000 scholarship @Rayzor_7 *USC Releases Tyrell De Vil - IA
  9. USC announces the Signing of Rayz Funk - LB to a $5,000,000 scholarship. @Rayzor_7 *We release Biggs Backer - LB due to inactivity, also noting Backer did not spend the $5,000,000 scholarship.
  10. Just score points USC... I don't even care about a dub.
  11. Fixed that @TacticalHammer My way of supporting both teams lol
  12. C'mon boys... lets turn this shit around!!
  13. [Insert Doak Non-Sense here once we win a game] #StayFocused @Sova@VanCanWin@PigSnout@Fizzy@124715@ccecilletsplay@okochastar@Deity of Ice@Radcow@Rockstar@Cooltruth20@SingingHades@Anthony Ouellet@Ptyrell@Enorama@TotallyNotGus
  14. Week 2 Claim: @TacticalHammer @AndrewWarren13 @Sharkstrong @okochastar @Alecbama @LittleRiDog @chemicalfire @Cornholio @OnMyWings @DonCutta190 @Turner @Symmetrik @Jetsqb101 @Nykonax @MMFLEX @PigSnout @xsjack @HuddleHussy @Wheaties @SnapTackleDrop @K1NG LINUS @Patdatass @ADwyer87 Claim 1 TPE. +1 Uncapped for Questions: @MMFLEX @HuddleHussy
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