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  1. You lost the next three games automatically.
  2. Wally

    July Lottery

    Rock Lemington @Symmetrik
  3. Damn it @TotallyNotGus lol
  4. There is ample history between the two teams that face for the game of the week. None runs thicker than with Doak Grizzly, the conductor behind the Longhorns S6 NCAA Championship. While taking a step back to prepare for life in the EFL, Grizzly pieced together what turned out to be the Longhorns first national championship and the Uncle of one of the greatest Longhorns to ever play linebacker, Carl Lemington. Now Grizzly will look across the sidelines as the enemy to the school he helped achieve their goal with the same mission on hand at USC. "It has been a ride already. Taking over during the tumultuous season last year... We just put our heads down and started recruiting. Turning over rocks... getting commitments. That is all you can do at the end of the day. We have three more wins than we did last season and we are trending upwards." Grizzly professed. "It is about taking the next step and being competitive. The wins will come. Hard work will earn them. They have to being in the West. Between Texas and Oregon... We are the underdogs and we are a young squad. Today will serve as a stepping stone, win or loss... If we are in the game, we in. Much like last week against Oregon. Losing 10-7, means more positive for us than many think. Our turn is coming." @TheLastOlympian @124715 @TotallyNotGus @Rayzor_7 @Jogn @OnMyWings @stevo @okochastar @Turner @ccecilletsplay @PigSnout @Fizzy
  5. Wally


    Carlson, General win twin events to kick-off preseason events in SCOR As the green flag dropped on the testing sessions for SCOR, the racing finally kicked off. Weeks of preparation and anticipation finally paid off for some as the mere ability to drive in circles again relieved many. “It was good to see a solid field out there today on the track. It has almost been one full calendar year since we last had much to cheer about, but people are excited again.” CEO of Operations Trent Kvapil outlined. “Really our focus is providing an experience, providing competition and most of all… camaraderie. With our new cars and new builds, it will be interesting to see the racing teams come together. It is a new facet to the system that we are going to have fun with.” Meanwhile on the track the racing kicked off with more drama in the early practice session than anything in either two races... Read the entire article now!
  6. The L sucks... but the fact we lost 10-7 in Oregon means USC can play with anyone. We here boys.
  7. Tag boi ballin... Lem... well you have the highest attributes of your entire career and @Jetsqb101 harnesses you. Winning is all that matters. #reigningLBOTY
  8. I love this sim more than the cake that the fat kid loves.
  9. Now I don't feel bad
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