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  1. Jogn

    Welfare 9/23 - 9/29

    It's 9/29 Somewhere (+6 SBA)
  2. +6 SBA (cleared with Evry that this is the format)
  3. I appreciate how you stuck with me through this @OnMyWings. Happy to be back!
  4. oh yeah, this is Bucko Kilroy's 2148 yards in a season (and to a lesser extent, his 2284 from scrimmage) that I was chasing
  5. TPE 98->114 (16 since last update) +1 Attendance +6 Media Spot This Week: +6 SBA Welfare +3 Brand bank it all for now (3+16=19 banked)
  6. 5 yards short of history. Read the S6 Predictions thread. 37 guys put in their guesses on who would be the best NCAA running back, and not one said Quin’Darius Furdge. In fact, it was a consensus: 37 predictions said this was Cameron Milwall’s year. And Furdge went out and almost took the single season rushing record, and fell short by 5 dang yards. “It bites right now, but it’s supposed to bite. I put a lot out there on the field, but I could have worked harder. Plenty of weeks I just coasted instead of going out and finding a way to get quicker, and so I go home with the silver medal and the feeling that I didn’t leave it all out on the field. First of all, I want to thank Coach Dimirio. It would have been easy to lay off on Prince that last game against Michigan, let me pound it a couple extra times, and get a record with a big old asterix next to it. I got 34 carries, in a season where I was averaging 34 and a bit, and Johnny got to throw it 25 times, which he earned by dragging us to the playoffs. That’s treating me like a man, and I can’t thank him enough for that. I have to go and be better. Our game against Cam will be good for me, get to go and shake his hand and congratulate him on a hell of a season. The record will still be there for me next season, and we have a couple more games to play. Texas might be getting a little better next year - hell I hear they’re on the shortlist for a new QB and we get to go and put a stop to that shit."
  7. Jogn

    Clash to Test FA

    Kevin Clash has announced today his intention to test free agency as his contract expires at the end of Season 6. “When San Antonio picked me in the 3rd round, they got the right to sign me to a 2 year deal. I took it with happiness - they put their faith in my ability to add to their linebacking corps, and I think I’ve been reasonably productive for them. They’ve offered me a raise, and I’m certainly open to returning - this has been a good home, and I love the community. Nobody does sauce like San Antonio, and it took me a while to get used to the idea, but cow head barbacoa is amazing and apparently illegal in most other states. Still, the EFLPA has given me the right to see what other teams think of me, and I’d be an idiot if I didn’t at least listen to offers.” Clash spent his first season with the Wolfpack largely playing in coverage, racking up 59 Tackles, 1 for Loss, 2 Sacks, and 3 Pass Defenses - one of which was an Interception. Thus far in his second season he has 38 Tackles and 5 Sacks, and is on pace for 53 and 7 respectively as part of a dynamic Wolfpack pass rush that has combined for 21 Sacks. “There is strength in numbers, and we have a lot of guys that can go hit the QB. I’m glad to play alongside guys like Boris Bonecrusher, Dyrus Stone, and Tiago Orton but there are plenty of great names out there who I’d be just as happy to team up with. I remember getting to play with BigHuge, and that was a blast, plus there are some guys out there I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and enjoyed the company of like Quentin Harrison” Clash is not the biggest name, among San Antonio and even former Hurricane Linebackers, to be hitting free agency and he has been dogged by the character concerns that have followed him from his days at the University of Miami - rumors that he cares more about a future career in broadcasting and is only playing in the EFL to garner legitimacy, and is the first to leave the weight room during workout days. However humble his nearly 100 career tackles and the upcoming milestone of his 10th career sack are, teams should be on the lookout for the versatile Linebacker, who has spent snaps at CB and Safety in his short career. “I haven’t got a preferred destination or a real goal - I’m just here to have the best career I can. It would be nice to get my hands on a fumble, and I’d like to be an active part of a championship run instead of being along for the ride like I was at Miami. But I understand what this is. I just hope to get a couple of offers and see that I’m worth something more than just continuing to be paid because I was drafted here. Visits and pitches are going to help me with my game.”
  8. Jogn

    S6 NCAA Week 12

    Prince emerging has slowed down Furdge's workload, but we're winning more games now 489 yards to go (and 6 TDs for that record)
  9. TPE: 98 (18 since last update) Last Week: +3 Player Brand +6 SBA PT/Welfare This Week: +6 SBA Welfare +1 Attendance +1 Attendance +1 Attendance Speed 72 -> 75 (15 TPE) bank 3
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