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    S3 NCAA Week 8

    go bof of mai teemz
  2. TPE Earned +9 Article +6 http://efl.network/topic/3702-one-week-in-for-petermansacamano/ Player Brand + 3 http://efl.network/topic/3524-bob-sacamano-player-brand/?do=findComment&comment=44197 Total TPE: 76 Speed 58>61 Agility: 41>43 Player Attributes Strength: 42Agility: 43 (MAX: 80)Arm: 35Intelligence: 35 Accuracy: 35Tackling: 35Speed: 61(MAX: 90)Hands: 50Run Blocking: 35Pass Blocking: 35Kick Distance: 35Kick Accuracy: 35Endurance: 100
  3. TPE Earned +9 Player Brand +3 Article +6 Total TPE: 73 Speed 65>68 Player Attributes Strength: 40Agility: 35Arm: 35Intelligence: 35 (MAX: 80)Accuracy: 35 Tackling: 49Speed: 68 (MAX: 90)Hands: 35Run Blocking: 35Pass Blocking: 35Kick Distance: 35Kick Accuracy: 35Endurance: 100
  4. Hello, my name is Amy Jennings and i'm here with two of college footballs brightest young prospects, Jacopo Peterman of the Michigan Wolverines and Bob Sacamano of the Miami Hurricanes. Good afternoon Gentlemen, hope you're both doing well. If you don't mind, Jacopo, i'd like to start with you. Now, Michigan has a lone victory on the season. Obviously that's not where you want to be right now, but would you mind going through what's going on at Michigan? Peterman: "Well, Amy, it's as simple as everyone is out there to win. There are no easy games in football, plain and simple. Every guy that lines up against you is willing to do whatever it takes to get that victory at the end of the day. Obviously we'd like to have had things go our way a little more but we are in a building process. Things are eventually going to come together. Our players are improving week after week and it's all gonna click soon. We aren't going anywhere. And Bob, your Hurricanes are sitting at 3-2 on the season amidst some controversy in that first game against the Alabama Crimson Tide. Last nights loss to the Longhorns put you guys with two losses. Aside from that loss, you've been right there in every single game. Talk about you guys' progress so far. Sacamano: "I feel like we are in a pretty good spot. Week one was something that I don't even know how to explain, so we are just going to leave that alone. *Peterman laughs* But other than that, I think we have been great. All of our guys are playing very well. Banjo, McLarge, Bote, Green. Even myself, I feel like im doing everything I can. We're in a good spot to keep winning football games. Your respective schools haven't played each other yet, obviously but do you guys look forward to competing against each other? Sacamano: "Oh, absolutely. Jac and I got to know each other a little bit over the summer. We both signed to our teams at around the same time too, I believe. I tried to get the man to come down to Miami, but you know, he's got the Yellow in his blood. But of course, I look forward to going against those guys up in Michigan, Jac in particular. He's a hell of a player. He had, what? 10 tackles in the game last night? Peterman: "Don't mean to cut you off, Bobby, but uh, I had 13." Sacamano: *laughs* "13, you're right. My bad." Peterman: "But yeah, man, you always look forward to going against other guys. Especially guys that you've gotten to know over the past few weeks. Bobby and I keep in touch all the time, help each other out with both football thing and just everyday things in life. Got a lot of respect for the guy and I can't wait to tear his ass up on the field. Gonna make it 14 tackles when we play each other in a couple weeks." For Jacopo Peterman and Bob Sacamano, I'm Amy Jennings wishing you all a good night. Thank you for your time, gentlemen.
  5. A true Michigan Man, Jacopo Peterman, completed his very first week of college football on Friday night. The Michigan Wolverine has been a very impressive tackler thus far, sealing his side of the line with ease. In 5 games he has notched 25 tackles, two of those for a loss, and has gotten to the quarterback once. 13 of those tackles came in last nights loss to Alabama. Peterman was signed right before the season started, which is not ideal. He wasn't apart of any practices, meetings or anything of the sort. "You know, our record isn't where we want it to be right now, but we are a brand new program with brand new pieces and we're playing hard man. We're coming out each week and giving everything we've got to win these football games. Balls just aren't bouncing our way right now but that's just how things work sometimes. We are building something special here, for the future. Give us a couple of seasons and this is going to be a program that no one is gonna want to see on their schedule." Peterman and his Wolverines look to get things back on track next week as they welcome the Ducks to Michigan.
  6. We are five games into this young season of college football and the Miami Hurricanes are sitting at a record of 3-2. We are here with our weekly report on Bob Sacamano, freshman receiver for the Hurricanes. Thus far he's played in all 5 games. He's notched 162 yards with an 11.0 yards per catch average and a long of 26 yards. He's yet to find the end zone but that can only be a matter of time at this point. Here is Sacamano now to review his progress to date. "It's been a damn good week, if I had to say. You know the first game, I didn't see to much come my way and that's partially my fault you know. Could have gotten open a little more but it's alright. It's all starting to come together pretty fast. My playing time has increased a pretty good bit as we go from one week to the next and im doing whatever I can do to make the most of the opportunities. I've gotten to spend a lot of time with Lucky and he's gone out of his way to make sure that im up to speed and doing what I need to be doing. He's been a tremendous help from the get go. Can't say enough good things about the guy. But yeah, man, im looking forward to next week, gonna keep things rolling as best I can and do what I gotta do to make sure we get these wins." As upbeat as ever, Bob Sacamano is looking forward to the next game on the schedule, which will see the Miami Hurricanes travel to face the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.
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    S3 NCAA Week 5

    Presentations were fine, but the outcomes were not fine.
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    S3 NCAA Week 5

    Both my teams getting worked.
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    S3 NCAA Week 4

    Yay Miami. Michigan bb what iz u doin
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    S3 NCAA Week 4

    both of my teams, plz bb
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