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  1. Vote Tally: Tater: 6 (OMW, Flex, Nyko, Lat, Wheaties, jhatty)
  2. Night 2 Results The vibe is a bit more gloomy than yesterday, and it doesn't take long to realize that two people have gone missing. The town heads over to @DonCutta190's place first, and it doesn't take long to find him. He's still sitting in his car with a bullet hole right in his head and a little black book in the passenger seat. He was the Escort. The town then heads to @SixersFan594's house and is dismayed to find the front door left wide open. Quickly rushing inside, you find a body severely beaten in a chair, the only recognizable feature being the 76ers hat he was wearing. There is an Ace of Hearts in the bill of the hat. Snooping the place there's tons of 76ers memorabilia, but nothing else of note. Turns out he was just a Regular Town. Reminder that since it is the weekend, the day phase will last until 10 PM EST on Sunday.
  3. I'd be down, I'll shoot you a pm later.
  4. Day 2 Results Some shade was thrown towards contract workers and their lack of loyalty, but once again the town stays pat, confident in themselves. Night actions due by 7 AM EST.
  5. I mentioned it at the beginning I think but just a reminder that the weekend will be one long day from Saturday morning through Sunday night.
  6. If you aren't sure how a particular interaction works, you can reread the rules/roles posts for clarity. Vote Tally: None?
  7. I appreciate that every team has their own story to tell, whether or not it's the most entertaining. New Orleans has kinda become the old Browns in that they struggled so much that everyone kinda wants them to win now. San Antonio used to be that way, then one off-season catapulted them to elite for a couple of seasons and suddenly they are the bad guys. New York was up there with LA in the early days but now has some blemishes of their own. Miami has always been the embodiment of defense first and has used that to great success despite never being really exciting or respected. They might be the only team ever to have the best regular season record and win the championship and yet still have more people than not overlook them for other flashier teams as who was "truly best". Seattle is probably the one franchise where nothing really stands out when I look at them (from a historical stand point). They've gone through so many GMs and never seem to stick with any particular style or anything.
  8. I'm probably a bit biased based on my player's own storyline but I went with Memphis. It's a ragtag expansion team with a bunch of... unique... personalities out for revenge over a league that did their city wrong. Wisconsin is another one high on my list. Their time as the Bandits was much maligned and they seemed to have some sort of controversy every couple of seasons. Finally they went off to rebrand to try to shed that dysfunctional label and finally managed to break through for a championship. Finally, Los Angeles is another team that always seems to have headlines around it, good or bad. They are usually one of the better teams in the league, but no matter what they always go all in with pushing the boundaries. Masters was the first QB to really put up "video game" numbers, they were the biggest contributors to the "sack meta" season, and now they have the 100% pass thing buzzing around them (they aren't the first to do it, but the other time it was done was on a team that was tanking and not winning anyway).
  9. Night 1 Results As the sun rises, everyone gathers in the town square to take count of what happened the night before. Nothing seems out of the ordinary at first, until someone realizes @Enorama is nowhere to be found. The town heads to his house and finds that the sliding glass door leading to the backyard is shattered. Running up to his bedroom, the town looks in horror as there are large glass shards implanted all over his body. In his neck next to one of the shards is an Ace of Spades. Everyone is in such shock that it's a few minutes before everyone realizes that the room is covered in Mafia insignias. Turns out he was the Janitor.
  10. Day 1 Results Some suspicion is thrown in Nykonak's direction, but ultimately nothing comes from it. The town is content letting the night play out. Remember to get your night actions in before 7 AM EST!
  11. Reminder: Don't edit your posts! Also as an aside, if there is a last minute vote, the day phase will be extended until 5 minutes after the last vote so that people can have a chance to respond.
  12. Vote Tally: Nykonax - 2 votes (Enorama, MMFlex) Less than 15 minutes to go.
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