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  1. There's a lot of rumbling out there that this season's draft class is pretty weak. Still, there are some strong players available that could blossom into stars in the EFL. Let's take a look at five names you need to remember come draft day. Asahel, RB, LSU @Psanchez55 LSU won the Championship this season on the strength of their running game, and Asahel was the biggest force behind that. Asahel and Devin Schwaibold @LattimoreIsland were the first teammates to ever rush for 1,500 yards in the same season, with Asahel going for 1,747 yards on a 5.6 YPC and 14 touchdowns. LSU didn't pass much, but Asahel excelled when he caught the ball, gaining 113 yards on just 6 catches. When it comes to the measurables though, one thing stands out above all else: speed. I don't believe I've ever seen someone come out of college with as much speed as he has. Of course, he needs to work on some of his other stuff, as his strength, agility, and hands are all a bit lacking compared to his peers, but if there's one thing football scouts always say, you can't teach speed. Danton Howlson, RB, Oregon @DonCutta190 It's no coincidence that the first two players mentioned were both in the Championship game. In a year where passing numbers were down compared to recent seasons, the running games bloomed in full force. Howlson was an absolute workhorse this season, ranking 2nd in the NCAA with 1,832 yards and 18 touchdowns. He also led all running backs with 36 catches, 301 receiving yards, and 6 receiving touchdowns. Add another touchdown from a kick return and his 25 total touchdowns led the entire NCAA. Similar to Asahel, Howlson is very much a speed first kind of guy, but he's a bit more well rounded overall. Howlson ranks as the prospect with the best agility rating this season, and his strength is also the best amongst offensive players. He's definitely talented enough to carve out a role as a rookie. Noah Jacobs, FS, Texas @Nykonax When it comes to elite defensive back prospects, Jacobs fits the bill. Jacobs led all defensive backs with 83 tackles, and he led the entire league with 12 interceptions, returning 3 of them for touchdowns. Those kind of numbers puts him in some elite company, and many teams will be salivating at the chance to snag him early in the draft. Jacobs in another prospect that has good speed but can do a bit of everything. In particular, his tackling techniques have been heralded as the best the draft class has to offer, which is no small feat given that he isn't even a linebacker! Goodall West, WR, LSU @Nykonax It may not be fun being the best receiving on a team that runs more than 70% of the time, but West made the best of his situation. Still, when West got the ball, he made the most of it, leading the entire NCAA with 9 receiving touchdowns and a yards per catch of 18. The sacrifices were worth it in the end though, as he helped LSU win their first NCAA Championship in league history. As a receiver, West is a bit more physical than most receivers coming out of the draft. He's still got good speed, don't get me wrong, and he's got the surest hands of anyone in the draft, but he's one of those guys who isn't afraid to block when he's not getting the ball. You don't often see that kind of grit from a wideout. Evenging Chong, K, Notre Dame @Snussu Kickers usually don't get a lot of glory when it comes to the draft, but after Diana Gunner @HuddleHussy was drafted in the first round last season and proceeded to light the league on fire, EFL scouts are already starting to look for the next hot thing. Chong fits that bill nicely as he led the NCAA with a 90.9% field goal percentage last season and was one of just three regular kickers to nail all of their extra points. Notre Dame's offense left a lot to be desired last season, so much so that Chong's opportunities may have been some of the fewest the NCAA has seen in quite a while. Make no mistake though, Chong is every bit ready to become the EFL's next star kicker!
  2. Inactives who are under 200 APE and in regression are automatically retired. Regression is currently S9 Offensive, S8 Defensive, and S7 Utility players or older. A player who hasn't updated in 28 days is considered inactive. King Death JaKobe Carter-Mobley Pall Armannson Jim Beam James Fox-Kemper Tyler Fulton O'Brien Ursacher N'Twan D'Lakor Johnny Respect Miervaldis Tripireds Montrelle Watts Jacob Stokley Pending: Bobby Collins Vestards Mordzinsh Jr. @timeconsumer @hedgehog337 please let me know asap if you want to continue your players. If I don't hear from you by the end of next week (Aug. 31st) they will be retired.
  3. I would not support any of our other current awards going to a fan vote either (aside from maybe Wuerffel). Though if response to this test pilot is good, I could see adding to the current award pool.
  4. I give @MMFLEX permission to put laxatives in your coffee if you don't.
  5. The regular season is in the books, so let's break it down! First congrats to @MMFLEX for earning 1st place with an outstanding score of 2443.1! Was that the highest score possible? Let's break it down! As always, we'll start with the highest scorers: Most Points $42 2683.9 Isaac, M. $5 518.6 Moriarty, D. $6 324.3 Sabathia Jr., D. $6 355.2 Kelley, P. $6 329 Slade, H. $5 316.6 Kowalski, B. $5 313.9 Loth, S. $5 326.8 Winesorcery, A. $3 98.5 Los Angeles $1 101 2683.9 points would definitely beat MMFLEX's team, but $42 is a no go. We gotta trim a lot of fat here, but fortunately, we have a few aces up our sleeve. Let's take a quick look at the all $1 team. $1s $9 1532.15 Saint Sebastian, A. $1 206.55 Goodpancake, W. $1 132.8 Cornholio, M. $1 277.4 Starscream, D. $1 273.5 McBoatface, B. $1 190.9 Hendrix, T. $1 133.7 Saracen, M. $1 131.8 Gunner, D. $1 84.5 Los Angeles $1 101 The big standouts here are Mr. Cornholio @Cornholio and Duke Starscream @Turner, and it's a pretty good chance that those two will end up on our final roster. But I'm getting ahead of myself. First, let's take a closer look by position to see where we can make some cuts. Quarterback was dominated this season by Martin Isaac @Jetsqb101, with no one even coming within 100 points of him. Given his $5 price tag, the only quarterback you could even consider downgrading to would be Drew McPewPewPew, but even then, that's a loss of 157.7 points for just $3 saved. Safe to say Isaac is here to stay. At running back, David Moriarty @Benni led the way thanks to over 1800 total yards and 23 touchdowns. He outscored Charlie Hudson @Alecbama by 48.9 points, but at $2 less, could that 24.45 points per dollar average be enough to make the switch? The only other running back with a better scoring rate was Duke Starscream, but since he played receiver this season, his actual fantasy score is higher as a receiver or flex, so we will ignore him here. Receivers were actually pretty loaded this season, with 5 of them breaking the 300 point mark (and 4 others above 270). The king of the crop was DeAnderson Sabathia Jr. @omgitshim with 355.2 points. Patrick Kelley @Patdatass slots in next with 329, showing that our two $6 receivers actually lived up to their price. The next three are very close with Hunter Slade @street getting 316.6, Brian Kowalski @Wheaties earning 313.9, and Timothy McBuckets @Garappogoat scoring 312.8. Given that McBuckets is just 1.1 point behind Kowalski and is $1 less, that will be our first swap on our squad. After that, we have Sunshine Titan @Tanner0512 with 292.4 at $3 and the $1 rookies of Mr. Cornholio and Duke Starscream clocking in at 277.4 and 273.5, respectively. We still need to shave $11 at this point, so those two rookies are looking juicy, but we'll come back to them. Let's take a look at tight end, where Stephen Loth @SwagSloth led the way with his 13 touchdowns and 37 pancakes. Johnny Bravo @duckberg comes in 2nd, 45.8 points behind for $2 less. This makes him a slightly better swap than the running back one we mentioned earlier, but it's still looking like we'll be taking a trip back to the receivers soon. Finally, the kickers. Once again, Adam Winesorcery @Holst leads the way. And once again, we're better off going for the $1 option. Diana Gunner @HuddleHussy was just 14 points behind and saves us $2. We still need to save another $9, so finally we'll switch back to the pass catchers. Our best points per dollar swap at this point is getting rid of Hunter Slade in favor of Mr. Cornholio, saving $4 while costing us 39.2 points, less than 10 points per dollar. We just need to drop $5 more, and well we got two $6 receivers and a $1 Starscream ready for the taking. Slide out Patrick Kelley for Duke and we hit $30 on the spot! This gives us a team of: Best Team $30 2574.1 Isaac, M. $5 518.6 Moriarty, D. $6 324.3 Sabathia Jr., D. $6 355.2 McBuckets, T. $4 312.8 Cornholio, M. $1 277.4 Starscream, D. $1 273.5 Loth, S. $5 326.8 Gunner, D. $1 84.5 Los Angeles $1 101 2574.1, 131 points greater than our top scorer. Thanks to everyone for playing this season, and hope to see you again next season!
  6. Spreadsheet linked here! One person went over $30 this season. Breakdown: 1st: 6 TPE 2nd-6th: 5 TPE 7th-11th: 4 TPE 12th-16th: 3 TPE 17th-21st: 2 TPE 22nd-26th: 1 TPE 6 TPE 1st: @MMFLEX 5 TPE 2nd: @omgitshim 3rd: @Jetsqb101 4th: @Alecbama 5th: @Tanner0512 6th: @Patdatass 4 TPE 7th: @Symmetrik 8th: @HuddleHussy 9th: @Sharkstrong 10th: @PigSnout 11th-t: @AndrewWarren13 11th-t: @Wheaties 11th-t: @DWill 3 TPE 14th: @Turner 15th: @oilmandan 16th: @ANTISIMPLE 2 TPE 17th: @Snussu 18th: @KGR 19th: @TacticalHammer 20th: @jmoney 21st: @Tater_Tot 1 TPE 22nd: @xsjack 23rd: @Enorama 24th: @OnMyWings 25th: @TheLastOlympian 26th: @Rockstar -spent $32
  7. Our new updated rankings: 1.) Oregon (67%) 2.) Alabama (18%) 3.) Texas (10%) 4.) LSU (4.9%) 5.) Michigan (0.1%)
  8. That concludes our presentation for the evening! Please give a big Congratulations to our S13 Hall of Fame class! Also please give a big thanks to @HuddleHussy for the graphics this time around!
  9. Marcus Holloway, LB A long time EFL veteran, Holloway was the definition of a consummate pro. After 12 long seasons Holloway retired as the career leader in tackles, tackles for a loss, and defensive fumble recoveries. He was a two time EFL champion and finally managed to break through with a Defensive Player of the Year award in his 10th season. Stats: 1,330 Tackles (83 TFL), 113 Sacks, 15 INTs, 88 PD, 17 FF, 9 FR, 3 TD, 1 Safety Awards: 2 Time EFL Champion 1 Defensive Player of the Year 1 Linebacker of the Year
  10. Vontae Peterson Jr., DB Vontae Peterson Jr. was the first defensive player ever drafted in the EFL, and his versatility in the secondary was unmatched. VPJ started his career by co-winning the EFL's first Cornerback of the Year award, then became the first secondary player to win a Defensive Player of the Year award in his 5th season, where he won his first of two Safety of the Year awards. With his time split between Los Angeles and Miami, VPJ won an incredible 4 EFL Championships over his 9 year career. Stats: 627 Tackles (5 TFL), 8 Sacks, 31 INT, 53 PD, 11 FF, 5 FR, 5 TD Awards: 4 Time EFL Champion 1 Defensive Player of the Year 1 Cornerback of the Year 2 Safety of the Year
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