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  1. Lattimore's Seance to Rockstar:
  2. I'm sorry, I misread my notes. He was PRETENDING to be a Bodyguard, but he was actually THE GODFATHER! TOWN WINS! JESTER WINS! Role List Actual Role Player Jailor Jailor TacticalHammer Town Investigative Sheriff Uphillmoss Town Investigative Investigator Bushito Town Support Medium LattimoreIsland Town Protective Doctor jcole194 Town Killing Vigilante Turner Random Town Escort Rockstar Random Town Lookout Symmetrik Random Town Bodyguard rjfryman Random Town Spy LefLop Godfather Godfather Wheaties Mafioso Mafioso HuddleHussy Random Mafia Forger TheLastOlympian Random Mafia Consigliere jhatty8 Neutral Killing Serial Killer DonCutta190 Random Neutral Plaguebearer MMFLEX Random Neutral Jester Nykonax
  3. Day 7 Results The Town squabbles with each other, accusing everyone of being the Godfather. Slowly they begin to check their alibis, and everything seems to check out before they notice a quiet person standing the corner. @Wheaties perks up and says, "I'm just a regular townie, don't mind me." The rest of the Town looks at each, then nods in agreement. Wheaties is sent up to the stand without a fight. He was.... a Bodyguard. Night actions due by 7 AM EST.
  4. Current Votes (3 to lynch): Wheaties: 4 (everyone)
  5. Also has a 20% chance of getting caught during the week 8 random drug test and getting suspended for 4 games.
  6. Better idea: Black Market. Buy steroids and PEDs that give you +3 to any attribute for one season. The following season you lose that +3 and suffer a 1% regression on all stats.
  7. Night 6 Results All five remaining citizens are still alive. Day ends 10 PM EST; 3 votes to lynch
  8. Day 6 Results With the Jailor's will ratting him out, the Town agrees it's time for @MMFLEX to go. He's loud, he's rambunctious, and he's still insisting he's the tracker as he goes up the stairs to the gallows. His last words are "I'm the tracker you gd idiots!" He was... Night actions due by 7 AM EST
  9. Current Votes (4 to lynch) Flex: 4 (turner, rock, bush, jcole)
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