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  1. JuOSu

    EFL S12 WEEK 7

    Seattle vs. Wisconsin is the absolute game of the week. Should be fun to watch! What a great matchup!
  2. Man, I really haven't been great yet this season. Need a good game. Come on, catch some balls!
  3. Stan Francisco is still struggling on offense. Just two catches for 10 yards again. Not a great start to the season for him. At least my cornerback actually played this time. 2 tackles for him. That is a start!
  4. JuOSu

    EFL S12 WEEK 2

    What a great game from the Mambas. After the heartbreaking loss in week 1 it was good to see them get a win here.
  5. The Mambas winning 72-17 in pre-season seems like the most shocking result to me. What a crazy score, even in preseason. Insane!
  6. JuOSu

    EFL S12 WEEK 1

    The Predators win their first game 34-17. They dominated offensively, but only really in the second half, while the game was tied 17-17 at the half. It also shows how the defense came togehter in the second half, holding their opponents to zero points. The stand-out player in my opinion was QB Connecticut who had three touchdowns and no interception. The Wolfpack absolutely dominated the Kraken in an 38-3 thrashing. QB Fox-Kemper threw for four touchdowns and 356 yards, a fantastic performance by him. Their RB Bote also had a fantastic game with over 140 yards. The Herd won their game against the Neptune 37-20 in a game that got out of hand in the second quarter especially. The Herd did well on offense and defense and managed to win this game fairly handily. RB Nydroj stood out with THREE touchdowns, what a game from him! And finally, in the game of Week 1, the Brigade beat the Mambas in an absolutely thrilling game 44-41 in overtime. What an offensive outpouring from both teams. The QBs combined for over 700 yards and 7 touchdowns. Taggert was especially great with almost 400 yards and 4 touchdowns. Toboggan, the WR, had over 100 yards and 2 touchdowns. The game actually ended the regular time with a game tying touchdown and two-point conversion to force overtime, literally with the last second of the game. And they managed to win it in overtime. What a game! Hope this was enough fucking detail now.
  7. Week 3 Texas Notre Dame USC Michigan Week 4 USC Miami Notre Dame Oregon
  8. W2 - Brigade @ Herd - combined Passing yards: 534 W3 - Total EFL Rushing TDs: 9 W3 - Neptune @ Predators - Total Sacks: 6 W4 - Total weekly EFL TD passes: 23 W4 - Reign @ Wolfpack - Total completed passes: 35
  9. Week 2 Reign Predators Herd Neptune Week 3 Predators  Reign Mambas Brigade Week 4 Predators Reign Herd  Brigade
  10. JuOSu

    EFL S12 WEEK 1

    I mean yeah. I understand that frustration. But I am willing and want to follow. But I tend to just look at boxscores in an index. That just seems easier than finding a hidden boxscore somewhere in the middle of a thread. So this is just making it hard and then restricting TPE for it? Seems harsh
  11. JuOSu

    EFL S12 WEEK 1

    Commented above, so sorry for the double post but wanted to tag you here again too. I literally dont see any results in the index, not even for preseason yet. It's been days since then. How can I leave a meaningful comment if the index is empty. I am honestly not sure what you expect.
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