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  1. You're right, I'm going here regardless, so wait however long you need
  2. That's why I did the Wonderlic myself and submitted it, because I knew I'd score well enough for it to mostly cross over. To be fair, I actually got a 45, so it didn't fully cross over since neither twin got that high, but it makes sense that they had to make the QBs best at it.
  3. Wanting to play for 6 of the teams, and the other 2 are among those who can't really get me, doesn't change anything which is nice
  4. So with Palom and Porom both entering the EFL draft, officially signalling the end of their time at USC and Miami respectively, it will surely be an exciting next few days for both of them. Palom, of course, is letting that excitement get to his head and partying nonstop as is his way - and where better to do so than in California on the beach? Porom, on the other hand, is calmly researching the potential draft destinations, and discovering which locations might be the best fit for them both. Quite typical of her as well, doing all the work for her brother. Primarily, this research has been done with regards to which teams Porom feels are most likely to take them, rather than which teams they would most like to go to; while there are certainly preferences as to which teams they'd like to go to, Porom has always been the dutiful one who will give the typical media response in that regard, saying that they'll both be happy to play wherever they're drafted. Palom likely wouldn't say the same, but good luck getting Palom to actually stop long enough to sit down with the media in the first place. According to Porom's research, the teams least likely to draft them are the Los Angeles Reign and Seattle Predators. Seattle has no pick in the draft at all, and Los Angeles has no pick in the appropriate range with which to select either of the twins. 21st overall won't quite cut it, and so barring some sort of trade, neither of them will end up in either of these locations. The next least likely team to draft them is the Wisconsin Brigade, who until recently would have been down at the bottom with the other two, but they have acquired the 6th overall pick in this draft just a day ago. Technically, one of them could be drafted with this pick since it's right in the prime range where they're likely to be selected, so the Brigade have a slightly higher than 0 chance to take one of them, which puts them as more likely than Seattle and Los Angeles. However, it is widely believed that the acquisition of this pick was a means to facilitate bringing linebacker Trustworthy Dan to the team, to coincide with the new GM taking over who has a connection with Trustworthy Dan from prior playing time. It is very similar to the NFL, where Kyler Murray was known to be the first overall pick because Kliff Kingsbury had taken over in Arizona and had a prior connection with Murray; the relation between Kingsbury and Murray is similar in this regard to that of the new Wisconsin GM and Trustworthy Dan. Therefore, it seems likely that Wisconsin can be written off as a potential destination. When a trade increases the chances of one team, it also decreases the chances of another, and this decrease is a big one. It is now very unlikely that either player ends up with the Memphis Mambas. This is a shame, because the twins' agent, the mysterious Fusoya the Lunarian, had been in talks with the Mambas from pretty much the minute they were formed. The identity was nice, the color scheme was nice, the team was just across the board a place Fusoya could easily have seen either of the twins. Ultimately, Palom is probably happy about it, since Memphis isn't exactly the party destination, but Porom would have liked it quite a lot. Nonetheless, this is not about that, this is about how likely it is that the players end up there, and after the trade it's simply not likely at all. Neither one will go as early as 2 (there's a better WR in Dewey Jackson and a better safety in Jean Christophe) and neither one will fall to 14 (where the next Memphis pick now is after 2). Speaking of teams that definitely have picks, but in all likelihood don't line up quite right, the San Antonio Wolfpack select at 3 and 11. Since it's already been covered that neither player is likely to go as high as 2, it's not much of a stretch to say that neither player is likely to go as high as 3. On the other hand, 11 is a little higher than 14. It wouldn't be unreasonable to see one of the two fall to 11, and Porom's research indicates that perhaps they're more suited for this mid-2nd round than people realize, but the general consensus among pundits (*cough @omgitshim's big 3 round mock cough*) seems to place them as both being gone by then. While on pure value, 11 would be about right for the twins, relationships with most of the remaining GMs probably see them taken earlier than this, plus the late retirements of two of the other draftees who were listed above them by the pundits. Any of the remaining three teams, the New Orleans Kraken, Miami Neptune, and New York Herd, seem very likely to take the twins. All picks between 4 and 10 belong to these three teams, with the exception of pick 6, which will likely be used to select Trustworthy Dan as stated earlier. Frankly, 4 and 5 would probably be a reach for the twins, so it's likely to be two of the selections among 7 through 10 that are used on these players. This would be two picks from Miami, one from New Orleans, and one from New York. However, with the fact that New Orleans is looking to stockpile as much talent as they are, and the fact that they have 1, 4, 5, 8, 13, and 15, perhaps a desire to spread out among different positions will bring them to select a twin at 4 or 5 anyway (and 8 is definitely in range). Regardless of the exact numbers, it's a near certainty that these two players will be among these three teams in some capacity come draft night.
  5. Christophe will be dboty at least 3 times over his career
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