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  1. Letting go of Unkhippie and John Smith. All other players who have contracts up and are inactive are re-signed. All actives with contracts up will be negotiated in the near future. @Patdatass you can exercise your team option here with an acceptance Mazel Tov
  2. Great games by both and another shocking upset
  3. I can’t retire after the game until the game ends, so get on with it
  4. Which, of course, we did last year and could’ve done this year as well. I foolishly thought we could win without it though. Oh well
  5. Seattle is doing RBBC with 100% pass so it’s not really the secondary’s fault, just a game exploit
  6. THANK CHRIST Idegaf if they use the rest of the game clock to score now I just wanted one special teams play that kind of went our way
  7. Oh and now a safety coming after a punt to our 2 yard line? Please keep the streak of #FuckingBullshit coming!!!!
  8. Oh excellent and now a 14 yard punt instead of a 51 yard field goal! I love this song!
  9. Getting more yards in any of your 4 individual returns than the opponent gets in all 3 of theirs combined>>> Must be nice???
  10. 38, 46, and 107 yard returns so far Meanwhile we got a touchback and 23 yards Nice
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