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  1. I’ve had the pleasure of not paying attention, that would certainly put UT up there though, I would think
  2. Almost two calendar years ago, damn. Time really flies
  3. Much-deserved title for Jets!
  4. When (Benni)AntiJets is the title game matchup:
  5. About halfway through @ANTISIMPLE's episode now and I would like to clarify that James was primary for S8 and S9 on Bama, and was the primary for his first two years in LA as well (until Kelley passed him in TPE) James is the guy that I feel like I promised most to being a number 1 guy from the get-go with Bama, but I could never really quite solve the strats for making a WR great. Even @Patdatass has struggled to be consistently the top guy that he should be once he maxed out his TPE with John Smith TL;DR Alecbama is very much not a WRs coach :(((
  6. Thanks to all for the well-wishes. Hope to eventually contribute as I have in the past to a great group of people.
  7. Mmm yeah. Unretired then, and I’ll play it out from here
  8. If I care enough to undo it within 24 hours then I guess I can stay. If not, oh well I guess.
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