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  1. 2 interceptions isn’t ideal but nothing to complain about otherwise
  2. Me taking off for an early weekend after seeing the first quarter scores:
  3. I’m no longer having fun
  4. Wow great research and I had no idea the top 4 QBs TPE-wise were in the East. Makes sense now why the East is better I suppose
  5. Huge week for San Antonio. If they lose, playoffs are pretty much out of the question. If they win, just one game back of Seattle for the 2nd spot in the West. Memphis really needs to win this one as well for a realistic shot at the playoffs. A loss wouldn’t eliminate them necessarily, but a win would thrust them firmly into the mix for a spot in the East. A loss to Miami would really cement the Neptune as back to being legit contender after a brief lull. Wisconsin is in true do or die territory, and Memphis would appreciate a win out of the Brigade as well against New York, who’s trying to hold on to the number 1 overall seed. GLHF to New Orleans, who doesn’t really care what happens at this point since they didn’t get shut out of the win column this season. But, if they pull this one out on the road and San Antonio beats Seattle, they’ll be just one game back of the playoffs as well. All that being said, if every result today goes chalk then the playoffs will pretty much be set with 4 weeks left.
  6. Same strats for same team: Loth last 4 games last season at ~770 TPE: 12/89/1 Hudson first 9 this season at ~900 TPE: 10/84/1.3 (and was 9/78/1 before this monster week) If anything, it could be argued that the RB at TE is a weakness.
  7. Wolfpack 0/9 on 3rd and 0/3 on 4th...that’s gotta be a record
  8. RB at TE has no bonus, we tested it and allowed Drake to play there one season with no ill effects. TEs do catch a lot of passes when you throw it 60 times a game though, whether it’s Loth or Hudson
  9. Check out Loth from week 14 last season, same deal Use your TE more lol
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