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  1. Harlotte Resigns with Wisconsin Earlier today, CB Champagne Harlotte signed a new 3-year deal with Wisconsin that will see him continue to stay with the team through what many consider to be the possible final years of his career. Harlotte started with the Wisconsin Brigade prior to their rebrand and has stayed with the organization for all of his career, so it makes sense that he would want to stick around. Harlotte has had some breakout games throughout his career, including a 2 interception game this season, but he has struggled to find consistency. While Harlotte remains one of the fastest defensive backs in the league, reports behind the scenes are that injuries have taken their toll and he is finding it more difficult to bounce back from tougher games. However, this deal seems to indicate that Harlotte isn’t ready to give up just yet. While Harlotte is facing some challenges physically, he appears to have improved drastically as a team player and has adopted a brand new attitude since first entering the league. He entered the EFL with a chip on his shoulder, but sources close to the team say that Harlotte has become more quiet and subdued over time, saving his trash talk for the field and leaving his outlandish media interviews behind him. Wisconsin officials to be grateful for the decreased drama and have encouraged Harlotte to continue to keep his focus on playing the best that he can. 238 Words
  2. Accept! Good to be back.
  3. Leaving old sig in signature for comparison. I kept a lot of elements from the original, but went for an image overlay to give the sig a more active feeling. I also switched to a new divider as the lightning bolt felt like it was taking up too much space.
  4. Loth Haunted by B2B Losses Against the Reign After riding high for most of the season, the Miami Neptune hit an obstacle as they encountered back-to-back losses to the Los Angeles Reign, the current defending S13 champions that defeated them in the at the end of title game last season. For TE Stephen Loth, this loss is particularly haunting as he came to the Neptune from the Reign. Reports stated that Loth wasn’t unhappy with the Reign, but was looking for a change of pace and saw a chance to make a difference in Miami. The Neptune have certainly thrived since he joined their ranks, but the one constant thorn in their side seems to be Loth’s former team. “Of course, it’s something that I dwell on from time to time”, Loth said. ““You always look back and question. It’s hard not to. In theory, if I had stayed with Los Angeles, I’d have been a champion last season. However, I feel like I’ve made a difference here and I’m proud of what the Neptune have accomplished these last 2 seasons. I just regret that we can’t seem to get the Reign’s number. As my former team, I wish them well. They always treated me right and I have no ill will toward them, but after constantly coming up short against them, it would be nice to be able to turn things around and get a win over them.” 231 Words
  5. Miami Looking to Return to the Championship Game So far this season, the Miami Neptune are off to a hot start, currently sitting at 5-2 as they find themselves tied with the Memphis Mambas for the #1 seed in the Eastern Conference. The team made waves last season as they came off a losing a season and were able to not only make it into the play-offs, but also made it to the EFL Championship Game. They would ultimately lose to the LA Reign, but it was a massive step forward for the team. They seem to be determined to repeat that success this season even if the Mambas are giving them heavy competition. Talking to the press, Miami Tight End Stephen Loth said that the team was really energized by their performance last season. “Everything is headed in the right direction so far. I see a real commitment from all of the guys across the board. They’ve been close to the top of the mountain now and they know what it feels like, but they also know what it feels like to get that far and fall short. We have the capability to be a championship team, but you can’t just be good most of the time; you have to be good all the time. And, right now, our focus is on closing those gaps, so that we can perform the way we need to when we make it back into the Championship.” 236 Words
  6. Accept! I'm in for the long haul.
  7. The Top TE in the League? It’s been an incredible ride for Stephen Loth since joining the Miami Neptune. The team has made him a focal point of their offense and used him to help catapult them into success, making it all the way to the SBA Championship Finals last season. The team did not bring him the trophy, but the season was a huge step up from previous seasons and, while one player alone can’t propel a team into winning status, Loth’s presence has clearly been beneficial. So far this season, the success continues as Loth find himself with 375 yards and 4 Touchdowns in 5 games. Those are startling numbers for the position and illustrate why Loth was in high demand as a free agent during the previous offseason. Loth put up 964 yards and 8 Touchdowns in S13 and looks to be on pace to exceed both numbers this season. Undoubtedly, after a season with the team, Loth has become more accustomed to the Neptune offense and should continue to build on the impact that he had in S13. It’s been exciting to watch this star player continue to shine at a position that often gets overlooked. Miami fans are proud to count Loth as one of their own and, so far, his move to the team seemed to have done a lot for his career. 223 Words
  8. Name: Champagne Harlotte Team: Wisconsin Brigade Workout Name: Equipment - Nike Vapor Untouchables (+2 Speed), 2 TPE Workout Cost of Workout: $7m (nike) + $1m (workout) Cash you Have: $8m Cash Left: $0 Name: Stephen Loth Team: Miami Neptune Workout Name: Equipment - Under Armour Highlight MC Cost of Workout: $5m Cash you Have: $5m Cash Left: $0
  9. Possession TE +22 (6 x 3 = 18 +4 = 22)
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