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  1. Feels good for Harlotte to be recognized at this stage of his career. Congrats to all the winners!
  2. Name: Champagne Harlotte Team: Miami Neptune Workout Name: 6 TPE Workout Cost of Workout $2,500,000 Cash you Have: $2,750,000 Cash Left: $250,000 Name: Stephen Loth Team: Miami Neptune Workout Name: 10 TPE Workout + 1 TPE Workout Cost of Workout $4,000,000 + $500,000 Cash you Have: $4,500,000 Cash Left: $0
  3. CB Champagne Harlotte (Man to Man) 9 + 4 = 13 TPE TE Stephen Loth (Possession) 18 (6 x 3) + 4 = 22 TPE
  4. A Call from an Old Friend It’s been a busy off-season for Champagne Harlotte as he was reportedly unhappy in Wisconsin, which led to a trade to the Miami Neptune. In an interview talking about the move, Harlotte mentioned a conversation to his old Texas Longhorns teammate and current Neptune TE Stephen Loth, who helped put him at ease with the move. “Right after the trade was announced, I got a call I didn’t expect”, Harlotte mentioned in a follow-up interview with another media source. “ It wasn’t from a GM. It was from my old Longhorns teammate Stephen Loth. He’s been dominating the league as a TE for several seasons and, given that we’re now teammates again, he was happy to see me heading to the Neptune. He quickly sold me on the team’s direction and said he’d love to see me help hold things down on defense the way he does on offense. We’ve always been great counterparts and the chance to share a locker room with him in the EFL has been something that’s always eluded me. He’s jumped teams a few times, but I stayed in Wisconsin and our paths never crossed. Of course, I still needed to talk to the higher-ups once I arrived, but my discussion with Loth really set the right mood for everything and it’s all been smooth sailing since that. I feel like they’re an organization that is doing a lot of things right and, after talking with them today, I’m really excited to call Miami my new home.” 252 Words
  5. Harlotte Discusses Trade to Miami S15 was a big season for CB Champagne Harlotte. Despite many experts accusing him of being out of his prime going into this season, it turned out to be his best season yet. Currently leading the league in Interceptions (8) and tied with Memphis CB Issac Martin for most Pass Deflections (19), Harlotte is a sure-fire candidate for S15 Defensive Back of the Year. Unfortunately, the season was not as kind to the Wisconsin Brigade, who find themselves rebuilding as Harlotte contemplates the final years of his career. Despite the big step forward, age catches up with everyone and rumors began to swirl going into the off-season that Harlotte’s agent had stumbled across a way to get the veteran CB out of his contract. That turned out to be false, but word going around was that Harlotte did want out and was asking to be traded to another team. This resulted in a big trade being announced as the Wisconsin Brigade would send Harlotte to the Miami Neptune in exchange for a 2nd Round Pick. The breakout CB sat down with an interviewer earlier today to talk about the past season and this surprising move in the off-season. Q: Let’s start off with the question on everyone’s minds.. Did you request a trade from the Brigade? And, if so, why? A: Being perfectly honest, I did. While I did not want this to become the public spectacle that it did, I did feel that staying in Wisconsin was a bad move for me. My understanding was that my agent had built the potential for an option into my contract when I signed it at the beginning of S15, but that did not trigger. I never meant to disparage the team. I just thought I had a way to move on and I was ready to make that move. As far as the team goes, I had a great run with those guys. I wouldn’t have stayed as long as I did if I didn’t believe in them. Unfortunately, though, it gets to a point where you have to look at the big picture and I just didn’t think we were the right fit for one another anymore. Obviously, there’s temptation to stay and I know they were open to letting me keep my spot, but that’s not the best move for them long-term and it’s not the best move for me, either. At this point, I’m playing as well as I’ve ever played in my career, but the injuries and hits all add up. I feel them every day. I might be able to play in this league for a long time, but just because you can doesn’t mean you should and I need to make sure I’m in a position to get the most out of my final years in the league. I regret the circumstances of my exit, but unfortunately, it had to be done. Q: Was the change in management a factor in your decision to ask for a trade? A: Not really. If anything, I think it’s good for them. It helps create the atmosphere for a fresh start. Honestly, my interactions with them were top-notch and I truly wish them the best. It’s a great destination for a young player with a bright future ahead of them. I’m just not that player. Q: Was Miami one of the teams that you had in mind as a destination? A: Well, to be fair, I think you only get two choices at this point. You can either play out the rest of your deal or ask for a trade. And, if you ask for a trade, then you don’t get to pick where you go. My hope, though, was that I would end up on a team with the ability to compete. And I think Miami is a team that’s still in their competitive window. And my interactions with the team so far have all been very positive. This feels like a good change and it’s one that I welcome with open arms. Q: At this point, you have to be looking for another championship? Do you feel that the Neptune are ready to take that step forward? A: So, keep in mind that this is a team that won the Championship in S14. The EFL East is just a monster division. We saw how stiff the competition was for the Brigade after winning the Championship in S12 and I think they hit that same wall. But as easy as it is for teams to drop off, it’s also possible for them to bounce back and I think bringing in a good free agent or two could help them out a lot. Hopefully, I’m the guy that can help get them back to the top. Now, of course, it would have been easier if I had been traded to an already dominant team like the Mambas, but that’s not who I am as a competitor. I don’t want an easy championship handed to me. I just want an opportunity to contend again. Q: Do you have any idea if you’ll be playing CB1 or CB2 this upcoming season? A: Honestly, I don’t even believe in CB1 or CB2. Yeah, one guy lines up right and one guy lines up left, but at the end of the day, you just got to make plays no matter who you’re matching up with. No one expected me to play the way I did last season. I wasn’t handed an opportunity. I took one for myself because that’s who I am as a player. And I want whoever I’m lining up with at the other side of the field to have that same mindset. There’s no reason we can’t both succeed in our roles. We just have to stay hungry and determined. I’ll co-exist with any other CB in this league, but they’re not willing to put the work in, then I’m going leave them in the dust. Q: Based on your interactions so far with the team, what would you say to Free Agents who may be looking at the Neptune as a new destination? A: One thing that’s unique for me is that my former Longhorns teammate Stephen Loth plays here and he put them over big time. For me, that was enough. I respect his judgment that much. He was always a locker room leader back at the University of Texas and, if I’m honest, he kept me out of a lot of trouble. I had a bit of a big head back then and tended to bite off more than I could chew. I’m proud of the man I’ve become since entering the EFL, but it meant a lot to me that he stuck his neck out for me back then and I think he speaks a lot about who he is as a person. My talk with the GM and coaches also set me at ease. I think this is a team that’s ready to bounce back and hopefully my presence there will raise their profile for potential free agents. I’d like to think that my addition is a big one and, if that helps attract others to the team, then that’s even better. The right moves can really shake the league at its core and it sounds to me like Miami has big plans for S16. 1231 Words
  6. Farewell to the Brigade? It was an emotional exit for Champagne Harlotte earlier this week as he packed up his belongings, said goodbye to teammates, and left the Wisconsin Brigade facility for what apparently may be the last time. Rumors have been going around that Harlotte was looking to exercise a hidden clause in his contract that his agent believed would allow him to become a free agent. The potential for Harlotte to move onto a new team along with his outstanding performance last season created a major opportunity for the veteran Cornerback to make a huge payday. Harlotte was apparently intent on leaving to Free Agency and, even the path that his agent was investigating turned out to be a dead end, the tension with Wisconsin management has reportedly escalated after Harlotte told management that his talents were being wasted and that he wanted to be traded. Harlotte spent 8 seasons with the team, joining them back in S8 when they were still branded as the Memphis Bandits. It’s been a long journey that saw Harlotte and his teammates win the EFL Championship in S12, but the team fell off following their big moment, slowly moving into rebuild mode. After securing 8 interceptions and 19 PDs in S15, Harlotte seems to believe that he deserves to be on a contender as his career winds down. After speaking with Wisconsin management, Harlotte's agent arranged a conference call with a limited number of media outlets. “It’s just the nature of things”, Harlotte told reporters moments ago. “It’s nothing anyone did right or wrong. They need to focus on the future and, unfortunately for them, my best moments are right in front of me. I need to be somewhere that I can make a difference right now. Part of me wants to stay. I always wanted to retire with the Brigade. And, maybe if I didn’t have the season I had in S15, I’d be making that retirement right now. But the truth is I feel good enough to keep playing and I’m playing well enough to warrant sticking around. I feel the hits I’ve taken every morning when I wake up. I‘m not 25 anymore. Even though I don’t feel great, I do feel good enough to keep going. But if I’m going to continue to put myself through that wear and tear, it has to mean something. Staying in Wisconsin might get me stats and it might get me close to the Hall of Fame if I can put out another season or two like my last one, but this is my health I'm putting on the line. So, if I'm going to stick around, I need to look for a team that can win now. It doesn't make sense for either side to keep me here. The Brigade needs young talent and, to be perfectly honestly, they should be able to get a nice return for me. I'm one of the top CBs in the league. This last season, there was no one who could touch me. I just don't understand the logic of sitting on a talent like that if they can't make a run for a title.” Harlotte's agent was quick to clarify that Harlotte's most recent physical check-up went very well and that he expects the CB to be around long enough to honor the rest of his current contract. Both Harlotte and his agent made it clear that the player will report to training camp as expected if he is not traded to another team. 586 Words
  7. Swag’s EFL Championship Game Review VS Last Friday, the Los Angeles Reign met the Memphis Mambas in a battle for the EFL Championship. Memphis came into the match-up as the clear favorite, touting a 12-2 regular season record and homefield advantage. The Reign, on the other hand, were 7-7 and many considered their Western Conference victory over the Seattle Predators to be an upset. However, this was still a game that needed to be played and the Reign were clearly looking to build on that momentum and shock the league with an underdog victory. The Reign were one of only two teams to defeat the Mambas (alongside the Neptune) and it was the only time they met during the season. However, that victory came on homefield advantage, which was not an edge they would have coming into this game. Scoring Breakdown The Reign were the first team to put points up on the scoreboard, picking up 3 points with a field goal only minutes into the game. However, Memphis would retaliate with a rushing touchdown from RB Tragedy Helmsly, taking the lead 7-3. They would continue to build on that lead with an astonishing THREE passing touchdowns in the Second Quarter that saw QB Martin Issac throw the ball once to WR Mr. Cornholio and twice to WR Deanderson Sabathia. This was clearly steering the game into the type of blowout that one might expect based on the two teams’ records, but there was still half a game left to be played. The Reign entered the third quarter on a mission and managed to move the ball down the field, where QB Max Byrd would throw a passing TD to WR Donovan Sayers, bringing the score to 10-28. However, the Mambas were not content to let them bridge the gap and brought RB Waffler Goodpancake into range for a rushing Touchdown with a precise 4-minute drive. This moves the score to 35-10 in favor of the Mambas, leaving the Reign down by a intimidating 25 points. That makes this one a 4-possession game with only a single quarter left to play. If there were much hope left for Las Angeles fans at the start of the fourth quarter, those hopes were quickly dashed as the Mambas scored yet again, calling once more on Goodpancake to pick up his second rushing Touchdown of the day. With only 15 seconds left, Los Angeles would regain some dignity with another passing Touchdown from Max Byrd, this time to WR Patrick Kelley. However, it was a futile effort as this game had clearly spiraled out of control in the second quarter and the Mambas were far from willing to relinquish that lead at any point once they scored their first Touchdown. Awards MVP /Offensive Player of the Game – QB Martin Issac: With a 81.4% passing completion rating, Issac threw 35 passes for 409 yards and simply carved up the opposing secondary. He also threw for 4 Touchdowns with a 137.3 QB Rating. It was the type of performance that legends were made of and, with a passing game this good, it’s not hard to see why the Mambas were so dominant in the regular season. Defensive Player of the Game – Issac Martin: With 2 Pass Deflections and 2 Interceptions, it’s not hard to see why the Los Angeles offense struggled in the first half. Martin is one of the top CBs in the league and, without his efforts in this game, it would have likely been a much closer contest. Fortunately for Memphis fans, Martin worked hard to keep their stress levels under control as this game remained far from competitive coming out of the second quarter. He also put up 10 tackles, which is rather impressive for a Cornerback and showcased his ability to limit the Reign’s passing attack. Final Thoughts This was a seemingly easy game to predict based on the regular season records. Sometimes, games can take an unexpected turn, but today, this one seemed to simply follow the dots, rolling out exactly as predicted by many. If anything, fans were probably surprised by how quickly Memphis established themselves early into the game. Los Angeles worked hard to get here and deserve much acclaim for getting this far, but their boom-or-bust nature this season proved to be no match for the sheer consistency of the Mambas. 719 Words
  8. Congrats to the Mambas!
  9. On a Mission to Repeat It has been a whirlwind of a ride for Stephen Loth since joining the Miami Neptune. The team took a huge step forward in S13 and ultimately fell to the Los Angeles Reign in the Championship game. However, they bounced back in S14 and put together another run for the title, this time succeeding in their quest with a victory over the San Antonio Predators. Loth could now call himself a champion. Not only that, but he had risen to become one of the top TEs in the league, playing at an elite level for several seasons. Not unexpectedly, that success continued through S15. With one game left in the regular season, Loth holds claim to 95 catches for 1041 yards and 4 Touchdowns. He leads the league in catches and is once again the TE with the most yards, but his inability to score in the red zone has left something to be desired, averaging only 1 Touchdown every 3 games. Loth is perhaps a victim of his own success in that area as 20 of Miami's 53 Touchdowns have come on the ground, supported by Loth's often-praised blocking skills. Loth may find himself out of the running for TEotY for that stat alone, but his true aim remains to bring another title to Miami. And, if they can win it all, then he has no problem taking a backseat. Miami is tied for the #2 seed with the New York Herd, but a win next week keeps them in the play-offs... and back in contention to defend their title. 261 Words
  10. Harlotte Encourages a Positive Team Focus Despite many people expecting him to take a step back, Champagne Harlotte continues to be one of the top Cornerbacks in the league, currently tied for 1st in Interceptions (5) and for 3rd in Pass Deflections (11). After an impressive game in week 5, Harlotte earned another Defensive Player of the Game award with 5 tackles, 2 Interceptions, and 2 Pass Deflections. The Brigade have struggled so far this season and now find themselves 2-7, but Harlotte seems determined to lead by example, constantly looking for ways to make big plays and fire up his teammates. The surprising resurgence by a CB with an inconsistent career has proven to be a boon for the Brigade when they need it the most. Talking to reporters after the team's week 9 win over the San Anotion Wolfpack, Harlotte was determined to stay focused on the positive. "You can't let yourself get caught up in the negative", he said. "The fans are here to see us play. It doesn't matter if we're 2-7 or 7-2. This game, today, they showed up to support us and they deserve our best effort. The guys in the locker room know that. We can't go back and change the past. We can't win the games we've already lost. But there are still games we've yet to play and we can't walk into those games with a losing attitude. The fans that show up every week to support us deserve better than that and we're gonna play our hearts out each and every time we step out on that field." 262 Words
  11. Made a new sig to mesh better with the design of my other player sigs. Originally posted last week, but I did not realize SBA was doing ASW when I made this. Please use for week of 9/30.
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