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  1. Stephen Loth Speaks Out on Going to Miami In a shocking move, Stephen Loth opted to move on from the LA Reign this past offseason after spending several seasons with the team. Loth spent several seasons with the Reign and became an important element in their offense as both a run blocker and a pass catcher. Known for his hands, Loth exceled in the red zone and short-yardage conversions, leading the league in catches last season with 104. He also compiled 901 yards and 5 Touchdowns. There was some buzz early on that Loth was undecided on resigning with the team, though experts expected him to ultimately make the decision to stay in LA as the team remained a strong contender. After remaining silent on the signing, Loth finally spoke out in a recent interview. Q: What was the biggest factor in your decision to leave LA? A: First off, I want to express my thanks to the Reign for the way they treated me and the faith they put in me. I’ve said this to management already in private, but I want to be very complimentary of the organization because I really enjoyed my time there and they took good care of me. For me, it was really just a gut feeling that it was time to try something new. This was a chance for me to be part of a new locker room and take on a new challenge. I’ve enjoyed being part of LA’s rise to their place as a top team and I think they’ll continue to thrive, but I know what my role is there and I think I’ve done all that I can do there at this point. Q: What about Miami made them the right choice for you? A: The level of commitment that Miami showed me was beyond anything else that was out there. I spoke to several times, but Miami was the first to reach out and they remained engaged at every level of the discussion. They saw me as a big asset and they were easy to deal with from a negotiating standpoint. I tried to be gracious with every team I dealt with and I hope I was able to convey how much I appreciated the interest that the other teams showed me. At the end of the day, I think it came down to returning to LA or going to Miami. Leaving LA behind was never a given. I knew I needed something really special to lure me away. Fortunately, I think I did manage to find it. Q: You received a very impressive contract. That had to be part of the decision, right? A: Of course, everyone wants to get paid well. I’ve always been a team player and I try to take team-friendly deals. In talking to management, we believed that this was a deal that wouldn’t set the team back long-term, but would reward me and send the message to the rest of this league that this was a big move for both sides. And I’m happy we were able to make it all work out. Q: A lot of people were shocked to see you join the Neptune and see it as a possible gamechanger. Do you see the team becoming a contender now? A: I think a lot of the right pieces are in place… at least for the long-term. I’m not expecting us to turn around and win a championship right away, though to be fair, I know what it’s like to be on a team that people have counted out and we took a lot of people by surprise. But the team is trending in the right direction. They had a great draft and I’m impressed with the type of strategy I’m seeing from management. They’re not content to stay behind the competition and I think there’s real drive inside the organization to create positive change. It’s differently a team that I would encourage current and future Free Agents to take a closer look at when they’re scouting the landscape. 671 Words
  2. SwagSloth

    S13 Prompt #1

    What are you looking forward to this offseason? The thing I was looking forward to the most was Free Agency! For the first time, Stephen Loth is a free agent. It’s been an interesting journey for Loth. He was traded to the LA Reign soon before his contract came up and I resigned to help give them the best value out of the trade; I liked that they believed in me enough to trade for me and wanted to reward that. And it’s been a great several seasons with the team. But the timing feels right for a fresh start and this is an opportunity to try something new. It was definitely nothing against the Reign as I enjoyed being part of their team, but careers can be short and it’s important to keep things fresh. (128 Words) What do you want your team(s) to do this season? For the Brigade, I’d love to see us chase another title. Wally is moving on as GM (and has earned a rest), but he’s put together an amazing squad and I’d love to see us win back-to-back titles. After the last few seasons, it feels really good to be on top. On the other hand, I am excited to be part of the Neptune with Stephen Loth joining them in Free Agency and I think they have the tools to catch a lot of people by surprise. I’d like to see them improve on their record and maybe even break even. My goals for them are more long-term, so if’s not a problem if it takes a season or two to get there, but I like the new influx of talent from the draft and that means good things down the road. (142 Words)
  3. Champions S12 was a thrilling season for Wisconsin as they put together a 10-4 record and won the EFL Championship after defeating the Seattle Predators 29-23. CB Champagne Harlotte wasn’t heavily involved in the big game from a stat perspective, but he was a solid performer for the Brigade this year, picking up 3 Interceptions, 15 Pass Deflections, and a Forced Fumble. Despite a rough start in the league, he has ascended to become one of the most consistent CBs in the league and can now call himself a champion. Talking to reporters after the game, Harlotte was understandably emotional. “It took a lot for us to get here”, he said. “We fought the whole way. We’ve come close before, but each time, it was denied. You work hard every day. You do all the right things. And you can still miss the mark. Being able to pull it off this time means everything to us. This isn’t just a team; this is a family.” Asked about what this means to the fan base, Harlotte told reporters: “Wisconsin has embraced us and we just want to make them proud. This season, we did. We really did. And we’re grateful for the faith and support… and the passion that they have shown us on this journey.” 214 Words
  4. EFL Predictions Champion: East Finalist: West Finalist: Los Angeles MVP: Trent Taggert Offensive Player of the Year: Trent Taggert Defensive Player of the Year: Carl Lemington GMotY: Jetsqb101 QBotY: Trent Taggert RBotY: JBL FBotY: VMo Jr WRotY: Sabathia Jr TEotY: Suspicious Dave LBoftY: Carl Lemington CBotY: Hudson Abbott SotY: Matt Hunter KoftY: Adam Winesorcery Returner of the Year: Mantis Toboggan Offensive Rookie of the Year: Gavin Rose Defensive Rookie of the Year: Mike McBuckets   NCAA Predictions Champion: Michigan East Finalist: Michigan West Finalist: Texas Heisman Trophy - Max Byrd Chuck Bednarik Award - Defensive Player OTY Lester McCorn Tim Tebow Award - Offensive Player OTY Max Byrd Lance Swift IV Award - Top Freshman Devin Schwaibold Davey O'Brien Award -QB Max Byrd Doak Walker Award - RB Duke Starscream Biletnikoff Award - WR Mr. Cornholio John Mackey Award - TE Hassan Halafula Dick Butkus Award - LB Jackson Gser Jim Thorpe Award - DB Leser McCorn Groza Guy Award - K/P Diana Gunner Dante Pettis Award-K/P Returner: Boaty McBoatface Wuerffel Trophy - Community Service omgitshim Coach of the Year Award - AD TacticalHammer
  5. +22 (TE coach bonus tripled)
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