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  1. EFL Predictions Champion: Los Angeles East Finalist: Memphis West Finalist: Los Angeles MVP: John Smith Offensive Player of the Year: John Smith Defensive Player of the Year: Ray Ray Foster (shoot your shot I guess?) GMotY: Wheaties QBotY: John Smith RBotY: Reggie Sharkstrong FBotY: VMo Jr WRotY: Patrick Kelley TEotY: Joplo Crittenden LBoftY: BigHuge McLarge CBotY: Bo Clerk SotY: Chike Umonkalo KoftY: Kasay Longwell Returner of the Year: Mantis Toboggan Offensive Rookie of the Year: Gavin Rose Defensive Rookie of the Year: Mike McBuckets   NCAA Predictions Champion: Texas East Finalist: Mami West Finalist: Texas Heisman Trophy - Boaty McBoatface Chuck Bednarik Award - Defensive Player OTY Lester McCorn Tim Tebow Award - Offensive Player OTY Boaty McBoatface Lance Swift IV Award - Top Freshman Devin Schwaibold Davey O'Brien Award -QB Max Byrd Doak Walker Award - RB Duke Starscream Biletnikoff Award - WR Mr. Cornholio John Mackey Award - TE Hassan Halafula Dick Butkus Award - LB Jackson Gser Jim Thorpe Award - DB Leser McCorn Groza Guy Award - K/P Diana Gunner Dante Pettis Award-K/P Returner: Boaty McBoatface Wuerffel Trophy - Community Service omgitshim Coach of the Year Award - AD TacticalHammer
  2. The big Machuga returns. J.J. is back in this b*tch and ready to tbag all y'all skunk @$$ mfers. This long dick gonna clap them cheeks boi. Best be ready when the pain train comes a-chuggin. It's high time y'all skidaddled up out of here lest you catch these nuts on yo forehead. Jk jk, John Jerry Machuga III is a cornerback out of Pontiac, Michigan looking for a home in the NCAA. He can play any of the defensive back positions and is working his way towards being able to also be eligible at linebacker once he gets into the weight room. J.J. Machuga is a vertical threat receiving tight end (wink wink) who will also be trying to gain some mfing weight. Both Machugas are renowned for their dinner plate sized hands. Think Giannis or Kawhi, and then add a couple inches. We're the Ron Jeremys of hands. Big, meaty, and in your face. We'll see if we have time to really update throughout the season, but hopefully I'll be able to be more consistent this time around. I don't know if I can commit to updating every week, but I'll try to do welfare as much as possible. Looking for any NCAA team that is really bad and just needs players to fill holes. Peace and love, out
  3. Week of 2/26- 3/4 Article +6 TPE= 117 APE= 116 Banked TPE= 1 Speed= 64 --> 66 (-6 TPE) Player Attributes Strength: 40Agility: 40 (MAX: 80)Arm: 35Intelligence: 35 Accuracy: 35Tackling: 35Speed: 66 (MAX: 90)Hands: 66Run Blocking: 35Pass Blocking: 35Kick Distance: 35Kick Accuracy: 35Endurance: 100
  4. A little late to the party, but as they say, we leave the best for last. Another season is at the doorstep alas, and what better feeling in the air then the revival of the college football season. We look upon the young bucks coming into the season ready to experience college football, and the "old" gritty veterans ready for a championship run with their respective teams. Last season there was a surprise as the Wolverines upended the Trojans for a title, and the Wolverines look locked and ready to go this season. We see a lot of roster turnover for the majority of the league, except the Wolverines. Tugg Bote and Xavier Hamlett are now onto the EFL, where they shall thrive, however leaving their former team with huge holes to fill. Okolocha is gone out of USC, and we will see how their predecessor can handle the huge expectations of their offense. Notre Dame returns top threat Eddie George Jr. EGJ is a heisman front runner, depending who you ask. Ohio State loses a lot on the defensive side of the ball. Oregon and Alabama were relatively irrelevant last year, unless for a bevy of high talent they shall remain constant. The Miami Wolverines return starting QB Houston, but are missing the key to their offense in Tugg Bote. They should still be a force in the east but with the Wolverines it will be tough to take the top spot. This team should finish second though and contend for a title. Ohio State looks to build upon last year. Losing a lot from a stingy defense will impede that. They do have a returning QB in Krenzel, and he will look to guide this team to a playoff birth. As previously mentioned, Alabama might be in for a rough season. Although, I hope they brought in the talent to be highly competitive this season. USC was the runner up in last years championship game. Losing star QB Okolocha to the EFL will make it tough to repeat, let alone become champions. USC graduated a lot of talent on the offensive side of the ball, but I look to them to keep up the aggressive attack. If the defense can hold up, they can be another deadly team. Look for the west to be another grind out for a champion. ND is my pick to win the west. They bring back the EGJ who should be a force for the offense. At QB we have the Oregon transer J. Star, who looks to use the upgrades around him to be more productive than he was at Oregon. Look for a well rounded, high powered offense. Hamlett is gone at Texas, and JFK looks to lead the offense to victory this year. I would expect a heavy passing attack this year from the Longhorns, opposite from last year. They should rival ND for the title, and it should be an exciting one at that. Oregon. Same story as Alabama, however I hope they prove me wrong. The Michigan Wolverines look like the favorite to repeat. The Wolverines return their whole offensive starting unit. Charlie Hudson looks like another heisman front runner along with Duke Hazard. Duke will be throwing to top receivers Malphur and Machuga. After a year in the offense Machuga looks to blossom into a top wide receiver this year. With the whole defensive unit coming back this year, it will be tough to score on the Wolverines. If the Wolverines play like they should it will be a historical season.
  5. Spring Training +13 Player Store Purchases +6 Total = +19 TPE= 111 APE= 110 Banked TPE= 1 Hands= 60 --> 66 (-18 TPE) Player Attributes Strength: 40Agility: 40 (MAX: 80)Arm: 35Intelligence: 35 Accuracy: 35Tackling: 35Speed: 64 (MAX: 90)Hands: 60Run Blocking: 35Pass Blocking: 35Kick Distance: 35Kick Accuracy: 35Endurance: 100
  6. Player Name: J.J Machuga Team: Michigan Workout Name: Purchase 6 TPE Cost of Workout: 2,500,000 Cash you have: 3,000,000 Cash Left: 500,000
  7. Article +6 Brand +3 +9 TPE Speed= 61--> 64 (-9 TPE) TPE= 92 APE= 92 Banked TPE= 0 Player Attributes Strength: 40Agility: 40 (MAX: 80)Arm: 35Intelligence: 35 Accuracy: 35Tackling: 35Speed: 64 (MAX: 90)Hands: 60Run Blocking: 35Pass Blocking: 35Kick Distance: 35Kick Accuracy: 35Endurance: 100
  8. "Mama we made it!!!" was posted on social media, as J.J returned after a brilliant championship game. J.J had a great game as a freshman, eventually setting up a 1 yd Charlie Hudson score that would turn the tide, giving the Wolverines it's first championship since its inception. After all the work he has been putting in, he is now reaping the rewards. After starting the season as a low level WR on the depth chart, and now with the graduation Malphur, it looks like he will move up to be the #1 receiver. When asked about this next year, his only reply is "I'm going to enjoy this title with my team right now, next season isn't until tomorrow". After a long ride home, and a night of being out with his fellow peers, it looks like he was back in Schembechler Hall getting ready for stardom. Every legend has to start somewhere, and it appears J.J had started early with a big freshman year. Although, his man Dominick has been accepted into Michigan and will be rooming with J.J. When Dom was asked about that, the only thing he had to say was "my madden record against J.J is 42-17, and I don't plan on him catching me this year". Bold words by the man, taking a jab at J.J's off field skills. Only time will tell how great this man can be. I guess we will have to find out.
  9. Well, well, well... look who's back on top. All over the world you could hear "Hail to the victors" being played throughout the night of the NCAA championship. It's music to my ears, as being a loyal Michigan fan since day one. Through the great times, and deeply rooted rough times, we have truly went from 0-100 in a short amount of time. The Michigan defense looked like a stampede of horses going against king Okolocha, making this the second time the Trojan's have played themselves in history (haha). In a 10-7 shocking 10-7 victory for the Wolverines, I think as a league we didn't see this coming. Looking at the teams all year you would expect the Trojans offense to put up 20+ points, as they did in the previous 2 games. However, the defense made some adjustments to limit the high scoring offense. Here is the highlights of the game, and what the Wolverines bring back for next year. Having seen the previous two games against Michigan, I can not say I was boasting confidence. However, we were not disappointed by the boys in blue. After looking at this hard fought, gritty game I can not say I could give Michigan a true individual MVP. I would have to say that the whole defense would be given the MVP. Michigan, generally known as a low scoring team because of its ground and pound offense needed the defense to stop Okolocha, and his high flying offense. While USC outgained Michigan by over 100+ yards, we see the bend-dont-break defense executed to perfection, and possibly some shaken confidence by the USC kicker. I wont speculate on the kicking game of USC, as we all know how a kickers career can change after missed field goals. The offense from Michigan struggled, but Duke Hazard seemed to remain confident as a game manager and keep from turning the ball over and giving the Trojans offense an easy score. Hazard completed 59% of his passes over the course of the game. The rock of the Michigan offense, Charlie Hudson, was set up for the only Michigan touchdown by a Machuga reception in the red zone. On the SC side, we see Okolocha throw a touchdown to Woodhouse. Outside of these two plays, we don't see any scoring offense outside of the early field goal. As for next year, the Wolverines look to be a front runner for back to back championships. Returning to lead the charge are Hazard and Hudson. Star receivers look to aid Hazard in progressing into the leagues top quarterback. Vogel also becomes a viable option at the tight end spot. On defense, Stone leads the charge and will have this tenacious defense back for more. If the Wolverines offense can generate a little more offense. The returning defense should be nearly as good or better, which will make it even tougher on teams. This team will be exciting to watch for next season.
  10. Week of 1/21- 1/27 College Spotlight +8 Article +6 Brand +3 Total= 17 Previously Banked= 0 Hands = 53 --> 60 (-14 TPE) Speed = 60 --> 61 (-3 TPE) Remaining Banked=0 TPE= 83 APE= 83 Player Attributes Strength: 40Agility: 40 (MAX: 80)Arm: 35Intelligence: 35 Accuracy: 35Tackling: 35Speed: 61 (MAX: 90)Hands: 60Run Blocking: 35Pass Blocking: 35Kick Distance: 35Kick Accuracy: 35Endurance: 100 I hope I fixed the error from last time, thank you @KGR for catching the error.
  11. J.J has recently gotten rid of his social media in an attempt to become more focused on football. Citing "it's all hot garbage, we are trying to win games here, not talk about them". This comes on the heels of the loss at Texas earlier today. J.J says he needs to be better, and will not stop until he becomes the top target for the Wolverines. It was a somber mood for the Wolverine knowing they have tough tasks ahead of them with USC and Texas twice. Machuga has been an energizer at practice, but it looks like he is taking it to the next level on focusing that energy on chasing down his potential. Hopefully in the upcoming week we can see a change in the future star's game and become the play maker he should be. Former Wolverines have been sending him some advice, and it looks like he will be working with some of the games best soon. He has all the support in the world right now, so there should be no drop in confidence from the young man. J.J has been seen hanging out with some female friends heavily, we will keep a check on this in the upcoming future.
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