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  1. Eurocap

    S5 NCAA Week 8

    Squeaked by today.
  2. Eurocap

    S5 NCAA Week 6

    Hope this W means we are getting our shit together.
  3. Eurocap

    S5 NCAA Week 3

    Finally got a W, time to build on that.
  4. Week 2 +1 Week 3 +1 Welfare +3 +5 Speed: 73 > 74 TPE (week): 5/9 TPE: 123 APE: 122
  5. Eurocap

    S5 NCAA Week 2

    ... sim is broke...
  6. Eurocap

    S5 NCAA Week 2

    Time to turn things around.
  7. Eurocap

    S5 NCAA Week 1

    Well... that fucking sucks...
  8. Let's get this preseason going!
  9. EFL Predictions Champion: Los Angeles East Finalist: (New York, Miami, Memphis) Memphis West Finalist: (Los Angeles, Seattle, San Antonio) Los Angeles MVP: Marcus Johnson Offensive Player of the Year: Marcus Johnson Defensive Player of the Year: Quentin Harrison GMotY: Symmetrik QBotY: Trey Masters RBotY: Marcus Johnson FBotY: Vestards Mordzinsh Jr. WRotY: Colt Cream TEotY: Commander Warsmoke LBoftY: Quentin Harrison CBotY: Ivan Zamora SotY: Matt Hunter KoftY: Matt Wolfe Returner of the Year: Marcus Johnson Rookie of the Year: Kai Wang NCAA Predictions Champion: Texas East Finalist: (OSU, MIA, MICH, ALA) Michigan West Finalist: (USC, ORE, ND, TEX) Texas Heisman Trophy - MVP: Eddie George Jr. Chuck Bednarik Award - Defensive Player: Carl Lemington Davey O'Brien Award - QB: Jordan Star Doak Walker Award - RB: Eddie George Jr. Biletnikoff Award - WR: Chris Parker John Mackey Award - TE: Joplo Crittenden Dick Butkus Award - LB: Carl Lemington Jim Thorpe Award - DB: X-Wing @aliciousness Groza Guy Award - K/P: John Hanson Wuerffel Trophy - Community Service: CptMatt Coach of the Year Award - AD: Wally
  10. S5 Mock Draft +5 Welfare +3 Preseason 1 Participation +1 Week 1 +1 +5 Speed: 72 > 73 +2 Hands 38 > 40 +2 Tackle 50 > 51 TPE (week): 5/9 TPE: 118 APE: 117
  11. Player Name: X-wing @aliciousness Team: Texas Workout Name: +10 TPE Cost of Workout: $4M Cash you Have: $4M Cash Left: $0M
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