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  1. The season is well started for both of my teams, currently first in the NCAA with the Texas Longhorns with a 10-1 start. For the Miami, after a tough stretch, we were able to upset the USC Trojans in last week sim. I love the lockerroom of both of my team and I'm looking forward for the rest of the season. However, my players have a weak early season. I'll type a little on both of my player. First thing first, let's talk about Micheal Laurent Levine. I can't say for now I'm satisfied with Micheal Laurent Levine season. But I understand why. First thing first, we got a stacked defense in Texas and it's one of the reason why MLL doesn't do much. We got Jackie Bands doing so great that we don't need much others cornerbacks ! Also, Micheal Laurent Levine is good against air raid, but in the NCAA, a lot of teams run the balls 30+ times per game. Also, I'm biased with the career of his brother JPL, John was a monster every sim but I need to realise that there a grinding process behind a defensive player. My plan with MLL is still the same, I want to uncap him at his sophomore season to be in the EFL the faster as possible. I think we will see the real face of this player when I uncap. MLL Stats so far in 11 games : 16 Tackles 1 Forced Fumble and 2 Interceptions Secondly, Jadeveon Pierre Creek Jadeveon is doing fine at this point, I never thought I would like to have a receiver but with the build I'm trying, JPC should be decent. My plan with JPC is to play three season in Miami and uncap with our QuarterBack. Since I want him to be versatile so GM's can use him at TE and WR, I need to give more time and more scholarship money to his build. He is not the reason why Miami wins game, but I think is contribution is valuable. However, I expect more from him when he will hit the 199 mark. JPC stats so far in 11 games : 22 catches for 303 yards and 2 Touchdowns. Anyway, I'm glad to be back for real in the EFL. I love the competition right now in the NCAA and the hype behind everygame, let's hope we continue our great season for TEXAS and I also hope we can take the 2nd seed in the east for Miami. I once went in the NCAA Championship with the first year LSU Tigers. Everything is possible.
  2. doppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ty @jhatty8
  3. two big games for both of my players
  4. still undefeated for Texas, that’s crazy
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