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  1. Pfff. Gg lsu. I guess.
  2. Ah i just meant itd be a way for me to get my football game fix lol
  3. Im just waiting for madden to come back out on pc at this point im afraid
  4. Get screwed by sim. Very frustrated. Spike the ball on 1st down w/ 2 minutes left. Sheesh.
  5. We pass 3x more than what i have it set to on 1st down, tracked over a span of almost 4 games now. Whats the point of setting strats when the sim does whatever it wants anyways ?
  6. The sim makes being an ad not very fun
  7. Wow. Ive been tracking 1st downs last few games. We deviate from our strats at a rate of 35-40 % difference conpared to what i input for our strats. At this point i really dont even know why we bother putting them in.
  8. Now i hope im not the only person whos asked lol
  9. Week 9 Reign Neptune Predators Week 10 Reign Herd Neptune Week 11 Predators Reign Herd 
  10. Week 9 Bandits @ Neptune - Ball or Drake, who has the most rushing yardage? Drake Week 10 Reign @ Predators - Which team has the most passing yards? Reign  Week 11 Herd @ Bandits - Which team finishes with the higher combined tackle total? Bandits
  11. Well excuse me, I guess I didnt know Candians HATED FREEDOM, BABY!
  12. We came out passing right at the start.
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