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  1. wow, I won an award with my QB ASS? thank you EFL GM's and whoever else voted for the honor its very much appreciated.
  2. HELLO ALL, BY DEFAULT YOU GET +9 TPE JUST FOR SHOWING UP, I'VE TRIED GIVING EVERYONE THEIR RESPECTIVE +4 BONUS SO YOU LIKELY CAN ALL CLAIM +13! QB: Field General RB: One-Cut FB: Runner WR: Deep Threat TE: Vertical Threat ILB: Balanced OLB: Pass Rushing CB: Man Cover FS: Run Support SS: Man Cover K: Kicker
  3. SEASON 16 Scholarship Pos. Name Username 5 MILLION LB Justin Luck @FANH00D 5 MILLION TE Buff Beav @Beaviss 5 MILLION LB Honey Bear Lainer @KC Philip 5 MILLION 3 MILLION QB Siddhus Sarvepally @Siddhus 3 MILLION WR Colin Moore @thekillamon 3 MILLION CB Will Tarpin @thekillamon 3 MILLION RB Hobo Jackson @KillaScrilla 3 MILLION WR Sticky Hands @KC Philip 3 MILLION K Kevin Reegsman @dexman76 3 MILLION CB Prime Time @KillaScrilla 2 MILLION FS Leon Riviera INACTIVE 2 MILLION LB Dennis Taylor INACTIVE 2 MILLION RB Raequan Bell @Tanner0512 2 MILLION CB Layne Bachie @Tanner0512 2 MILLION LB Kelvin Coleman INACTIVE 2 MILLION 2 MILLION SS Abraham Saint Sebastian @Rockstar REDSHIRT(O) REDSHIRT(D)
  4. cause I was told by someone you were bad, I apparently need to stop listening to every fucking person in this game
  5. using my PO to stay with New Orleans.
  6. unvote Turner vote Wheaties lets hope JCole isn't throwing, and Turner is right. Cause again, we're gonna have to fight the town if they lied to me, fucking cockheads lol
  7. well this is either one of two things. 1. I am being lied to by the town, which IDK why they'd do that, but hey...you never know. Could be a bunch of throwers... 2. you're lying, which I mean is hard to tell cause jcole is saying he healed you today... so like no clue? so yeah...
  8. @Turner you literally KNOW my role though... so to ask me days later, I'm confirmed town, because the random mafia is gone, so I can't be consort, and I'm RBing you, I did 2 days ago, did again today, I RB'd Sym which he confirmed, I RB'd MM which he confirmed, so everything about what I've been doing has been 100% confirmed, Vig is literally the oldest trick in the book so unless Bash is a terrible (or spectacular GF?) and is somehow throwing then idk what to tell ya.
  9. well then the town are throwing the game? IDK What to tell you, why they'd all tell me this from the dead, idk, but I can tell you, that's what they told me. He's also calling me the GF and doesn't remember my role that was confirmed days ago when I RB'd him? and then I RB'd him again tonight and he asks me if I performed my role?...
  10. seriously? I was confirmed Escort days ago, and you even KNEW that, you KNEW I RB'd you and you admitted it in the thread 2 days ago or so, don't backpedal GF @Bushito @Wheaties lets get this mothafucka
  11. well unless all of the dead town are throwing the game, the dead say otherwise. So either you're ALSO evil... or they all lied? I have to go with the majority on this one... Edit: @jcole194 ALSO, Turner knows my role, and I RB'd him, but he asked me earlier like above, if I used my role... SO... leads me to believe that buddy is fibbin'
  12. GUYS! The dead have spoken to me, Latt seanced me, and everyone has told me @Turner is evil. I RB'd him last night, and no kills, so I say we listen to the dead, and get this show on the road. Vote Turner
  13. well I did block his role, so let's see what happens? VOTE MM
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