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  1. https://vhlforum.com/topic/67684-made-of-glass/ +6
  2. we have our QB as Strike has joined us, but thanks for thinking of us
  3. https://vhlforum.com/topic/2451-vhl-donation-index/?do=findComment&comment=650292 did a free week in VHL, only claiming this as +6 obviously for the TPE portion of the free week, cheers.
  4. Yikes.. this was not good
  5. ONE TEAM! ONE DREAM! LETS DO THIS THING NOTRE DAME! @OwlStrike13 @Snussu @xsjack @11 Eleven @evryday @Reality96 @Tanner0512 @Beerfridge
  6. ONE TEAM! ONE DREAM! LETS DO THIS THING NOTRE DAME! @OwlStrike13 @Snussu @xsjack @11 Eleven @evryday @Reality96 @Tanner0512 @Beerfridge
  7. https://vhlforum.com/topic/66612-in-the-sea/ +6
  8. hey, don't take away the fact I finally won a game as AD okay LOL, good read though in all hilariousness.
  9. @xsjack@OwlStrike13@evryday@11 Eleven@Reality96@Snussu@Beerfridge SMALL TEAM, BIG HEARTS, LETS GO WEEK 4!
  10. omg plz give me the fucking win
  11. damn LSU slow down let us little guys have a shot!
  12. @xsjack @Snussu @Reality96 @OwlStrike13 @11 Eleven @evryday @JuOSu @Beerfridge LETS GET THIS THING NOTRE DAME!
  13. one way to help your team eh @Uphillmoss lol
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