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  1. go make ND and I proud! hell of a player, hell of a user, really, really going to miss you next year!
  2. WR: Deep Threat TE: Vertical Threat SS: Man Cover RB: One-Cut QB: Field General LB: Balanced K: Kicker FS: Run Support CB: Man Cover Come claim boys
  3. https://vhlforum.com/topic/2451-vhl-donation-index/?do=findComment&comment=686450 vhl free week
  4. hey guys, this is like exactly 1 year old now haha, gonna re-bump this. ask away.
  5. @HuddleHussy I'll write more, but I've been told to write a rap, and on the fly, I've officially become the whitest white boy, and this is what I've got: Yeah, yeah Ayo, NCAA, it's time. It's time, NCAA (aight, NCAA, begin). Straight out the blue dungeons of rap. The lose drops deep as does my win. I never throwing, 'cause to throwing is the teammate of chagrin. Beyond the walls of happiness, life is defined. I think of winning when I'm in a Notre Dame state of mind. Hope the in got some chagrin. My akin don't like no dirty pin. Run up to the spin and get the skin. In a Notre Dame state of mind.
  6. O H M Y G O D WE DID IT.... WE DID IT!
  7. fuck fuck fuck. No big plays, please.
  8. ok, we need this. PLEASE football gods, the penalties must be a sign... or we're POTG because Texas throws a hail mary lol
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