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  1. Alex and Andreas have been on their respective teams now for almost 8 weeks in the EFL and both of them have been adjusting nicely, one more-so than the other but regardless, both of them seem happy where they are at. Alex is with the Kraken, an expansion team that seemed to have some promise for them coming out the gate, however their losing record with no wins deems to be a little bit of a letdown for the team, their fans and possibly even management who did at least expect them to have some wins this deep into the season. However hope is not lost, while the team is very unlikely to make the playoffs in this season, it is at least possible for them to rally together to get some wins and really show people what they are made of. Andreas on the other hand has been having an excellent rookie season as CB, been showing people what he's made of with the Mambas and despite a potentially rocky start, the the team has really taken flight recently and has shown the league what it is capable of. Andreas was not expecting to be the teams best defensive player right out of the gate however he is showing promise and that is what counts the most, we'll see how his season goes as the season progresses.
  2. least one of my guys is on a winning team lol.
  3. do we even have a d-core in NO?
  4. For absolutely no reason, and with no set criteria in mind, I am pointing out my top five favorite rankings on the first page of this rankings forum. They will be in no particular "order" and they will be absolutely random from one to the other. Each one will have a reason I like it, and my "analysis" so to speak, or maybe like a TL;DR version of the article, spare you the reading, you know? So I'm not going to waste words on the opening, let's just get down to business. [url=http://efl.network/topic/9241-funniest-player-ideas/I think this guy meant names? No idea, but the way he talks in his article, it speaks to that presumption. I do like this, however to this day he did not tell us his top three so RIP to the cliff-hanger that kept on...hanging. Regardless of the neverending heartbreak this meme-worthy article provides, it actually does give us very small glimpses into some odd names around the league, including some that are sport related, some that are just reversals of one another (Isaac/Isaac scenario) and more. Overall, a fairly good read, kinda short but sweet feel to it, again, heartbreaking to not be finished but it is what it is. [url=http://efl.network/topic/9848-ranking-the-best-defensive-ncaa-players-not-named-christophe/A pretty good look at some NCAA defensive players if you care about the NCAA, or defense of course. This newb (fuck Eno amirite?) decided to make a defensive player and to be courteous to the other defensive players, he made an article specifically pointing out five other players he liked that weren't his own. He named some pretty good names, none as good as me (who am I kidding, I was awful...) but regardless, some nice names. I'd recommend checking it out, it's not overly long that it'll bore you, plus if you're mentioned, you'll feel good. [url=http://efl.network/topic/10083-top-5-traits-to-up-for-your-line-backer-as-seen-by-a-total-noob/]3. Top 5 Traits To Up For Your Line Backer - As Seen By A Total Noob[/url] If you're a linebacker, and want some noob-ish advise, this would be the place to come. I do not know if this guy knows anything about the sim engine, but presenting themselves as a noob at least gives us some confidence that if this guy lied to you, he's a noob, so it's alright. If he's some super sim god genius well then you can likely send all of your thanks and praises to his inbox and I'm sure they wouldn't say no. Overall, it's a fairly 'easy' article to skim over, get an idea of how to build a successful linebacker, and yeah, it's straight to the point, no bs. 2. Favorite moments as a GM so far We all know at one point we've potentially wanted to be a GM, or have been a GM in our sim league days. Jets is an expansion GM so not only does he get the fun experience of being a GM, but he also gets to call himself the first of his team, in this case Memphis, which I have the honor of being on. I think he went into great detail explaining not only the fun aspects of being a GM but all of the procedures and accomplishments that come along the way. I feel like every expansion team is always underestimated but Jets has done a great job at just conquering that stupid cliche and is making something his own, kudos. 1. Ranking EFL GM's by their GOT characters I love me some GOT (rip, last season, god hates me) and so this article was a super fun read, kinda made me wish I was a GM just so I could be categorized here. If you're a GOT fan like me, you can appreciate this article a lot and if you know the GM's at all or the GOT series, then you can kind of relate to the article and also see the fun in it. If you're not a fan, then this isn't for you and you can just click away now. Overall, some good articles, there was actually more I liked but I didn't care to write them all out, or I'd be here all night. Thanks for reading, enjoy, hopefully this brings some more eyes to their articles as well, all cool people.
  5. good lord jesus, so many ups and downs!
  6. Yep. Got blown out. Fucking lovely man.
  7. any updates on the other games>
  8. well hopefully it didn't cost us our first win >.<
  9. was it you who forgot or Matt? or miscommunication? Could've cost us our first win of the season whosever fault it was.
  10. I...I was going to get my first EFL win and I hadn't been picked off 50 times either. @LattimoreIsland explain yourself.
  11. Give me the reigns
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