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  1. EFL Predictions Champion: New York East Finalist: New York West Finalist: Los Angeles MVP: Trey Masters Offensive Player of the Year: Trey Masters Defensive Player of the Year: Chandominick Sabathia GMotY: Bengals1fan QBotY: Trey Masters RBotY: Marcus Johnson FBotY: Vestards Mordzinsh Jr. WRotY: Brady Stropko TEotY: Commander Warsmoke LBoftY: Chandominick Sabathia CBotY: Ivan Zamora SotY: Ray Ray Foster KoftY: Bryce Larkin Returner of the Year: Marcus Johnson Rookie of the Year: Chandominick Sabathia NCAA Predictions Champion: Michigan East Finalist: (OSU, MIA, MICH, ALA) Michigan West Finalist: (USC, ORE, ND, TEX) Texas Heisman Trophy - MVP: Jordan Star Chuck Bednarik Award - Defensive Player OTY: Jorvorskie Crittenden Tim Tebow Award - Offensive Player OTY: Jordan Star Lance Swift IV Award - Top Freshman: Denzel Maverick Davey O'Brien Award -QB: Jordan Star Doak Walker Award - RB: Cameron Millwall Biletnikoff Award - WR: Lynn Stallworth John Mackey Award - TE: Joplo Crittenden Dick Butkus Award - LB: Jorvorskie Crittenden Jim Thorpe Award - DB: Champagne Harlotte Groza Guy Award - K/P: Adam Winesorcery Wuerffel Trophy - Community Service: @cptmatt Coach of the Year Award - AD: @OnMyWings
  2. African theme, because why the heck not? 1 - Somalian Pirates - This one is pretty self explanatory but can you imagine the stadium on game day? Real Life Pirate ship on one side of the endzone (Which would be a small little motorboat) would be a sight to see. 2 - Sudan Warlords - I might just skip over the reasoning for this one. The logo would be dope though, as would the Stadium security. Try sneaking in your own food or drinks here and you just might die. 3 - South African Invictus - The script just writes itself for another movie to be made by Disney. I can also see the team fielding Matt Damon on a part time contract. Let's not forget the potential for Morgan Freeman playing the part of a living Nelson Mandela. Goosebumps I tell you. 4 - Western Sahara Camels - I'd just like to see the mascot on the sidelines and for the halftime show. Come on, who doesn't want to see Camels? 5 - Madagascar Zoboomafoos - Seriously, I want Zoboomafoo to be the mascot. Not just any Lemur, but Zoboomafoo. Forget Camels at this point, let's see this little guy doing tricks all over the stadium.
  3. +3 Throwback Thursday +2 Point Task #3 TPE: 102+5=107 Attributes: Strength (49+1=50) Hands (54+4=56)
  4. Adjusted according to your post. Strength is now at 49. Thanks for the catch.
  5. @OnMyWings You on this yet?!
  6. Round 1 1,1 - Seattle - Ray Ray Foster 1,2 - Memphis - DeAnderson Sabathia Jr. 1,3 - San Antonio - Dyrus Stone 1,4 - New York - Chandominick Sabathia 1,5 - Seattle (via MIA) - Chocolate Thunder 1,6 - Los Angeles - Jackson Hothands Round 2 2,7 - Los Angeles (via SEA) - Arbin Asipi 2,8 - Seattle (via MEM) - Ian Ferguson 2,9 - San Antonio - Charlie Hudson 2,10 - Los Angeles - Ismond Kingfisher 2,11 - Miami - EGJ 2,12 - New York - Chris Parker
  7. +9 Free for All Friday +9 Spring Training +1 Season 5 Totals +9 Mock Draft Predictions TPE: 74+28=102 Attributes: Speed (57+6=60) Strength (35+14=49) Hands (50+8=54) Saved TPE Events: Throwback Thursday
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