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  1. Name: Donald Stewart Workout Name: Individual Work Out (6 TPE) + Individual Workout (1 TPE) Cost of Workout: $2,500,000 + $500,000 Cash you Have: $3,000,000 Cash Left: $0
  2. Let my beautiful defense down, sorry boys!
  3. And I officially lead the league in INTs oof
  4. I'm still out here throwing picks smh
  5. Holy shit we tied Michigan with this W. Thing is our final game is vs Notre Dame and theirs is LSU. Lets get them Tigers
  6. God bless this Miami team always keeping me in here.
  7. Interceptions everywhere smfh We needed that win
  8. Michigan finally gets stopped. I'm giving out free picks to every1. LSU won a a game.
  9. I need to chill with these interceptions lol, but at least the team around me pulled it off. #Blessed
  10. I'm out here with those negative IQ plays, but at least we win.
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