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  1. Interceptions everywhere smfh We needed that win
  2. Michigan finally gets stopped. I'm giving out free picks to every1. LSU won a a game.
  3. I need to chill with these interceptions lol, but at least the team around me pulled it off. #Blessed
  4. I'm out here with those negative IQ plays, but at least we win.
  5. that 4th quarter uhhhhh w t f ???
  6. I ain't throwing too hot but at least the team pulled through. Good record so far, keeping up pace with Michigan.
  7. Holy shit we barely edged out Texas on some last quarter heroics. Thankfully my team hung in there despite me throwing 2 picks. Shame LSU lost that one to Oregon, I should've been better on defense.
  8. Iaquinta looking lethal again. Thankfully we held LSU down.
  9. Almost beat Notre Dame, Stewart had a beast of a game. Phew. I almost threw us out of that game with those 2 picks lol. 'Least my legs still work.
  10. 3 rushing TDs cool. Just glad we finally got 1 in the win column.
  11. For some reason I can't update Jordan Jones. I did for Donald Stewart but my APE is inflated for whatever reason. TPE: 169 APE: 184 Available -15 Trying to add 8 more, but nothing happens. No clue why my APE is up there. @CptMatt
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