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  1. Nice win for Michigan, it's going to be a big matchup next week against Miami
  2. Big win by the Wolfpack to keep the playoff hopes alive, though it will be tough with the Predators and the Reign both winning. The Neptune were a longshot to make the playoffs coming into this week, but are now officially eliminated with this loss
  3. EFL EFL Season 12 Playoff Picture __________ PigSnout | @PigSnout 04.23.19 The Brigade will look to remain on top of the competitive Eastern Conference in the final weeks of the regular season. __________ With four weeks left to play in the EFL regular season, the playoff picture is becoming more defined but there are still some close races going on. Let's look at the current playoff picture and the outlook for the rest of the season. __________ Eastern Conference __________ #1 - Wisconsin Brigade (7-3) The Brigade are currently in first place in the Eastern Conference thanks to holding the tiebreaker over the Herd. It's going to be a very competitive race in the Eastern Conference to close the season with the Brigade and the Herd tied and the Mambas behind them by a single game. Only two of these teams can make the playoffs, so every game will matter for them in the final four weeks of the season. The Brigade will have a tough path ahead of them with three of their final four games being against teams with winning records and two of those games being on the road. On the bright side, the Brigade are in a favorable position in terms of tiebreakers right now as their 4-1 conference record is the best among the Eastern Conference teams so they will at least tie either other team in the conference record tiebreaker and they have also secured the head to head tiebreaker over the Herd. The Brigade will close the season with a tough stretch, but they have managed to earn first place in the Eastern Conference so far and will try to hold on to that position in the final four games of the season. __________ #2 - New York Herd (7-3) The Herd are tied for first place in the Eastern Conference but are currently rank second due to tiebreakers. However, they will have the chance to break this tie and take sole possession of first place. The Brigade have already clinched the tiebreaker over them, so the Herd will need to finish with an outright better record in order to finish in first place in the standings. The Herd will also have to be wary of the Mambas who are only one game behind them and will be looking to take their playoff spot. The remaining schedule for the Herd doesn't look too tough with only one road game against an opponent with a winning record remaining, so they will have a good chance to finish the season strong and remain high in the standings. They have tough competition on both sides, but the Herd will look to close the season strong and rise to the top spot in the Eastern Conference. __________ In The Hunt - Memphis Mambas (6-4) Though they are currently outside the playoff picture, the Mambas still have a good shot to make the playoffs in their second season of existence. The Mambas are just one game behind both of the current Eastern Conference playoff teams and will have the chance overtake either or both of them in the final four weeks of the season. They still have head to head games remaining against both the Herd and the Brigade which could give them a chance to quickly move up in the standings if they can win. Their other two remaining games should be winnable as they play against the Kraken and the Neptune, who have the two worst records in the league right now. It's hard to determine their tiebreaker situation right now as they currently trail behind the other top Eastern Conference teams with a 1-2 conference record but this could change as three of their final four games are conference games so their fate in tiebreakers will rely on how well they perform in those games. It should be an exciting finish to the season for the Mambas as they look to break into the playoff picture and make their first trip to the EFL playoffs. __________ In The Hunt - Miami Neptune (3-7) The Neptune haven't been eliminated from the playoffs yet, but they're going to need a miracle over the final four weeks of the season in order to make it. In a best case scenario, they can win out and finish with a 7-7 record. In this case, they would finish with a 3-3 conference record so they would still be behind the Brigade who already have 7 wins and would win the tiebreaker as they already have 4 conference wins. However, the Neptune could overtake the Herd if the Herd lose the rest of their games and finish 7-7 as that would result in them finishing with a 2-4 conference record and losing the tiebreaker to the Neptune. This would mean that the Mambas would also finish with at least 7 wins as they would need to pick up a win against the Herd. If the Mambas lost the rest of their other games, they would finish 7-7 with a 3-3 conference record. In this case, their tiebreaker with the Neptune would go to points scored, where the Mambas currently lead by 84 points. So in order to make the playoffs as the #2 seed in the Eastern Conference, the Neptune need: to win all of their remaining games, the Herd to lose all of their remaining games, the Mambas to lose all of their remaining games excluding their game against the Herd, and to outscore the Mambas by 85 points over the final four games of the season. While there is still a scenario for them to make the playoffs, it looks unlikely that the Neptune will have the chance to defend their championship this season. __________ Western Conference __________ #1 - Seattle Predators (7-3) The Predators are currently in sole possession of first place in the Western Conference. Their playoff spot should be safe with the Wolfpack three games behind them, so their main focus will be on staying ahead of the Reign to hold on to the top seed in their conference so that they can have home field advantage in the conference championship game. The Predators' remaining schedule does look fairly favorable with 3 of their last 4 games being home games and their only remaining road game coming against the winless Kraken, but their home games will still be tough as they are against the three other current playoff teams. The most important game will be in Week 13 when they play the Reign. Not only would a win give them some more cushion over the Reign in the standings, but it would secure them the tiebreaker over the Reign as they would clinch at least an equal conference record and they would have a better head to head record after beating the Reign in both regular season match ups. The Predators are in the driver's seat in the Western Conference right now and will look to stay in that position in the final few weeks of the season. __________ #2 - Los Angeles Reign (6-4) The Reign hold the second playoff spot in the Western Conference as they sit one game back from first place. They face some pressure from behind with the Wolfpack now only two games behind them, but they will hold the tiebreaker against the Wolfpack as they have clinched at least an equal conference record and have a better head to head record with a sweep of the Wolfpack this season. The Reign's bigger challenge will be trying to overtake the Predators within the final weeks of the season. They need to win one more game than the Predators over the final four games in order to tie them and at least two more games in order to finish ahead of them. The Reign will have a big opportunity in Week 13 when they travel to Seattle as they will get to play the Predators head to head. The winner of that game will likely hold the tiebreaker with both teams currently having equal conference records so a win could put the Reign atop the conference standings while a loss would likely put the Predators out of reach unless the Predators lose all of their other remaining games and the Reign win all of their other remaining games. The Reign are holding onto the Western Conference's second playoff spot and they will have their chance in the next few weeks to move up to #1. __________ In The Hunt - San Antonio Wolfpack (4-6) The Wolfpack still have a chance to make the playoffs but they have a lot of ground to cover in the final four games of the season. They are currently two games behind the Reign and three games behind the Predators, which means they will need to perform well in their final games while one of the current playoff teams falters. They don't have any head to head games remaining against either team, so they will need other teams to help them out by beating their conference rivals. The Wolfpack also have a tough road ahead themselves as they have two road games against playoff teams as they will be traveling to Wisconsin and New York within their final four games. The tiebreaker situation isn't looking good for them as they have a 2-3 conference record while the two Western Conference playoff teams both have 3-1 conference records and would likely win the tiebreaker against the Wolfpack. The Wolfpack still have a shot at the playoffs but they will likely need to be perfect down the stretch and get some help from other teams as well. __________ Eliminated - New Orleans Kraken (0-10) The Kraken are the only team who won't be fighting for playoff positioning in the final few weeks as they have already been eliminated from playoff contention. In a best case scenario, they can finish 4-10, but the Predators and the Reign already have more than 4 wins so the Kraken won't be able to catch up to either of them in the remaining time. It was a rebuilding year for the Kraken, but they will get the chance to load up over the offseason with their stockpile of draft picks and will look to bounce back next year. __________ COMMENT BELOW
  4. Week 11 Herd @ Predators Total Tackles: 96 Week 12 Neptune @ Wolfpack total passes deflected: 9 Week 12 Reign @ Brigade total return yards: 267 Week 13 Kraken @ Wofpack total points scored by the kickers in the game: 11 Week 13 Brigade @ Mambas total rush yards in the game: 200
  5. Week 11 Kraken @ Mambas Herd @ Predators Neptune @ Reign Wolfpack @ Brigade Week 12 Neptune @ Wolfpack Predators @ Kraken Mambas @ Herd Reign @ Brigade Week 13 Brigade @ Mambas Reign @ Predators Kraken @ Wolfpack Herd @ Neptune
  6. First losing streak of the season for Michigan, hopefully we can turn things around quickly and get back on track for the final stretch of the season
  7. Week 11 Michigan at USC Notre Dame at Alabama Texas at LSU Miami at Oregon Week 12 Texas at Miami Alabama at Michigan USC at Notre Dame LSU at Oregon Week 13 Oregon at USC LSU at Alabama Michigan at Miami Notre Dame at Texas
  8. Good week for the Neptune and the Wolfpack, both got wins to keep their playoff hopes alive
  9. Nice win for Michigan, the defense came up big for us in this one
  10. EFL EFL Season 12 Midseason Review __________ PigSnout | @PigSnout 04.16.19 The Mambas are in a close playoff race as they hope to make their first playoff appearance in franchise history. __________ No Clear Favorite This is looking to be a pretty balanced season at the top of the EFL. There are currently five top teams all within two games of each other. The Seattle Predators are at the top of the pack right now with a 6-1 record, but the Los Angeles Reign are in close pursuit of them in the Western Conference as they have won five straight after an 0-2 start. The New York Herd have a similar streak going in the Eastern Conference as they have risen to the top of the conference with their current four game winning streak. The Wisconsin Brigade are currently struggling with a three game losing streak, but they showed that they have the potential to be contenders with their 4-0 start to the season. The Memphis Mambas are also a threat in the Eastern Conference as their league best offense has propelled them to a 4-3 record and they recently handed the previously unbeaten Predators their first loss of the season. It looks like any of these teams could be a legitimate threat to win the championship this season. There are going to be some close playoff races in the second half of the season as home field advantage could be crucial in the playoffs this year with how many strong teams there are. There doesn't seem to be a clear cut favorite right now and it will be interesting to see who rises to the top in the second half of the season. __________ Shift In Power With the number of strong teams in the league this season, two teams who are surprisingly not in the playoff picture right now are the Miami Neptune and the San Antonio Wolfpack. Both teams finished at the top of their respective conferences last season and have been very successful over the last few years as those teams account for five of the EFL's last six champions. However, both teams will need to come on strong in the second half of the season to even make the playoffs this year as they both have a 2-5 record at this point in the season. The Wolfpack's defense is still playing strong this season as they rank second in the league in points allowed, but their offense has taken a big step back as they rank seventh in the league in points scored. The Neptune have been struggling on both sides of the ball as they rank sixth in the league in both points scored and points allowed. Both teams were able to mostly keep their teams intact from last season, so they still have the talent to get back on track this season if they can turn things around quickly and have a strong second half. However, the struggles of the traditional powers also opens the door for some new blood to win the championship this season. Teams like the Brigade and the Mambas may have the chance to win their franchise's first championship this season if they make the playoffs. Other teams have the chance to break long droughts such as the Herd, who have the chance to win their first championship since Season 4, and the Predators, who have the chance to win their first championship since Season 1. The Reign are the only team currently in the playoff picture that has won a championship within the last seven seasons. If the current trends keep up over the second half of the season, we could see some fresh faces in the championship game this year with the chance to see a new champion. __________ Passing Explosion One of the interesting story lines to follow this season is the success of passing attacks around the league. There are currently four quarterbacks in the league with a passer rating of 100 or better. Season 11 was the only time in EFL history that more than one quarterback finished with a passer rating of 100 or better, and even then, only two did. Passing numbers around the league have been great as seven of the league's eight quarterbacks have a passer rating of 92 or better. One of the main factors in this is the developing young quarterback talent around the league. The last few drafts have been loaded with quarterback talent and it is starting to show as these quarterbacks are beginning to develop. Of the league's starting quarterbacks, seven of them are only in their third year or younger. This trend of big passing numbers is likely to only continue over the next few years as the young quarterbacks develop further and reach their primes. It will be interesting to see if these passing numbers continue over the second half of the season as it could be a historic offensive season for the EFL. __________ Another Kind of History On the other side of the spectrum, the New Orleans Kraken are looking to avoid making history this season. After starting the season 0-7, they are looking to avoid becoming the first EFL team to finish a season winless. It's been a rough season for them as they rank last in the league in both points scored and points allowed and six of their seven losses have been by double digits. There is light at the end of the tunnel as they will be able to rebuild quickly with four first round picks and two second round picks in the upcoming draft, but for now their focus is on trying to turn this season around. Despite their struggles, they've still shown some fight this season as they fell just 1 point short of the undefeated Predators on the road in Week 5. They're still eager to get their first win and they have the potential to shake the playoff picture up a bit if they pull off an upset or two. It will be interesting to see if the Kraken can turn things around during the second half of the season and break out of this winless streak before the season is over. __________ COMMENT BELOW
  11. W8: Sabathia Jr. Total Receiving Yards: 117 W9: Total number of FG and XP combined on the week: 32 W9: Mambas @ Reign Combined Total Passes: 70 W10: Predators @ Neptune Combined Rushing Yards: 243 W10 Total number of points scored league-wide: 225
  12. Week 8 Brigade @ Wolfpack Mambas @ Krakken Predators @ Herd Reign @ Neptune Week 9 Mambas @ Reign Predators @ Wolfpack Neptune @ Krakken Herd @ Brigade Week 10 Wolfpack @ Mambas Brigade @ Krakken Reign @ Herd  Predators @ Neptune
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