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  1. To think Levesque and Park came from the same college.
  2. That's what happens when you get married.
  3. I wonder how trash Park will be this season.
  4. Couldn't agree more.
  5. I do love me a scone with some clotted cream.
  6. Hoping that seals the deal.
  7. Oh I was too late.
  8. EFL Predictions Champion: Miami East Finalist: (New York, Miami, Memphis, Wisconsin) Miami West Finalist: (Los Angeles, Seattle, San Antonio, New Orleans) Los Angeles MVP: Logan Crawford Offensive Player of the Year: Logan Crawford Defensive Player of the Year: Ian Kelley GMotY: Bushito QBotY: Logan Crawford RBotY: Tugg Bote FBotY: A.A. Goat WRotY: Mantis Toboggan TEotY: Joplo Crittenden LBoftY: Ian Kelley CBotY: Chocolate Thunder SotY: Matt Hunter KoftY: Adam Winesorcery Returner of the Year: DeAnderson Sabathia Jr. Offensive Rookie of the Year: Drew McPewPewPewPew Defensive Rookie of the Year: Perrin Night NCAA Predictions Champion: USC East Finalist: (LSU, MIA, MICH, ALA) MIA West Finalist: (USC, ORE, ND, TEX) USC Heisman Trophy - MVP Anderson Muller Chuck Bednarik Award - Defensive Player OTY Roman Sanguszko Tim Tebow Award - Offensive Player OTY Jan Karol Chodkiewicz Lance Swift IV Award - Top Freshman Amina Gunner Davey O'Brien Award -QB Anderson Muller Doak Walker Award - RB Jan Karol Chodkiewicz  Biletnikoff Award - WR Palom Mysidia John Mackey Award - TE Hassan Halafula Dick Butkus Award - LB Roman Sanguszko Jim Thorpe Award - DB Jean Christophe Groza Guy Award - K/P Johnny Greg Dante Pettis Award-K/P Returner: Jan Karol Chodkiewicz Wuerffel Trophy - Community Service cptMatt Coach of the Year Award - AD Sova
  9. Anyone else watch volleyball videos in middle school gym class and it was always Pepperdine players?
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