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  1. Man, Shark and Park were supposed to tear it up again.
  2. Do I have to accept since I can't use it? LOL
  3. Zamora, Jr. is transferring. Please contact me with your best offer. I'm entering my Junior season and will be uncapping my Senior season.
  4. Today was a bad day. Two title game losses.
  5. Park was garbage that game.
  6. Be interesting to see which offense the Preds are bringing today.
  7. High School Junior, Derby McClelland, is turning heads at Holy Cross High School in Covington, KY. Derby McClelland - Cornerback Player Information Name: Derby McClelland Position: CB Archetype: Man Cover Height: 6'0" Weight: 188 Number: 21 High School & Hometown: Holy Cross High School, Covington, KY
  8. Since I am involved with both teams I was just hoping for a good game.
  9. This is what I've been expecting from Zamora all season.
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