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  1. Double win for my teams. Sweet!
  2. Sorry for being mia a bit the last weeks. Life is life I guess. Thanks for playing anyway, you are the best! @Jetsqb101 3TPE @TacticalHammer 4TPE @Ty3 1TPE @ADwyer87 4TPE @PigSnout 4 TPE @Gilgamesh 1 TPE @Sharkstrong 4TPE @MMFLEX 4TPE @Jmgia64 2TPE @cosbornballboy 1TPE @duckberg 3TPE @Symmetrik 4TPE @omgitshim 3TPE @Patdatass 4TPE @Quik 1TPE @Alecbama 3TPE @DWill 3TPE @124715 1TPE @oilmandan 1TPE @LattimoreIsland 1TPE @SingingHades 2TPE @ShouldHaveRanIt 1TPE @Homeskillet 2TPE @Garappogoat 3TPE @Bushito 1TPE @DonCutta190 1TPE avg: 2,3 -> @Benni 2TPE
  3. The following may claim 1 uncapped TPE: @Jetsqb101 @PigSnout @ADwyer87 @Symmetrik @duckberg @Patdatass @omgitshim @MMFLEX @Sharkstrong @TacticalHammer @DWill @DonCutta190 @Alecbama
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