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  1. HARLON BABY! That YPC is awesome Clerk with a great game but very sad in the Seattle outcome
  2. BREAKING NEWS! We have heard from sources in our local Miami affiliate that former Oregon AD and Seattle GM, Andrew Warren, could be offered the Athletic Director position at the University of Miami as soon as next season. With current Athletic Director @CptMatt getting up there in age, and transitioning to more of a league operations manager and having his other business ventures as well, it is possible we see a change in the Hurricanes program. It has been a few seasons since Warren has run an athletic program in the NCAA after a brief stint with the Seattle Predators as general manager but he has said recently he would love to be back in college to help mold young minds and help create great football players and men. "I can't confirm any reports that are currently spreading around about a future possible job for any university. I have been around the campus of the University of Miami, yes, but it was just to visit our Oregon boy, Harlon Connecticut who was there for a youth camp during the week. I have said time and time again, I would love to be back as an Athletic Director though, maybe it is a little soon for me since I had retired, but I am around football every day as a media guy and such, you just get that urge, ya know? Whatever happens, I will make sure the decision is the best for my family and myself and whatever situation that I would be going into would be clearly planned out before I jump into anything." We will have more on this as it develops!
  3. S13: The Year of the Quarterback Yes, it has been spoken about time after time and will probably to continue to be a main focal point for years to come, but there has never been the quarterback talent that we are seeing in the EFL right now. I wrote about the changes in some of the teams' quarterback situations here and outlined the next quarterback up for that team, I now think that I won't be writing any of those articles for awhile until potential talks of expansion are here. Each and every team in the EFL right now has a quarterback with enough talent to win a lot of games for that franchise and at this point, it is hard to decipher them all or say one stands above the rest. It comes down to building the team around those signal callers now and whichever team does that the best, should come out on top in the end. Let's look at the overall numbers amongst all passers right now in our league, about to head into week 10 in both the NCAA and EFL today. LAST SEASON: THIS SEASON (Through 9 Games): Pass Attempts (Per Game): 4233 (37.79) 2749 (38.18) Pass Completions (Per Game): 2619 (23.38) 1786 (24.8) Completion Percentage: 61.87% 64.969% Passing Yards (Per Game): 32853 (293.33) 23161 (321.68) Yards Per Completion: 12.544 12.968 Passing Touchdowns (Per Game): 224 (2) 187 (2.597) Interceptions (Per Game): 92 (.8214) 62 (.8611) Let's also look at the numbers this season, when dividing by 8 to give us a QB average: Pass Attempts: 343.625 Pass Completions: 223.25 Completion Percentage: 64.969% Passing Yards: 2895.125 Yards Per Completion: 12.968 Passing Touchdowns: 23.375 Passing Interceptions: 7.75 LET'S ANALYZE! The league appears to be trending up in terms of overall passing statistics and while some could be skewed, mostly from people looking at things and saying people are passing too much. If we look, however, there is only about a half a pass more on average in the league right now than there was last season. Where we see our more telling results is the Completions and Completion Percentage, because only increasing the pass attempts by .5 or even less than that, we have an extra 1.5 completions per game and a 3% raise in our completion percentage as a league. We are seeing the QBs throw it about the same amount of times but are doing so more efficiently now and interceptions, while up a bit, have not raised by much, only increasing in .04 more interceptions per game. We also are just 9 games through so things could definitely change but the trend is up in almost every passing category so far, and while Los Angeles has pretty much abandoned the running game, they definitely help skew the numbers a little bit, but, without them, we actually might be seeing less attempts per game than we did last season in terms of league total and league average. In terms of per QB numbers, it is pretty impressive, as to be considered above average at this point you need to complete around 65% of your passes, throw for almost 3,000 yards and 24 touchdowns, and only have 8 interceptions to your name at most, the standards are extremely high right now in the EFL passing game. Let's look at the QBs and who hits or misses the mark in terms of QB average statistics and try and come up with which QBs are average, or either better or worse than, using Yards, Completion %, Total Passing Touchdowns, and Touchdowns to Interception Ration which will be around 3.016 right now: IN THE EAST! Martin Isaac (MEM): 2953 yards (+), 67.2% completions (+), 32 TDs (+), 4.57 TD/INT% (+) = ++++ Trent Taggert (WIS): 2897 yards (+), 66.1% completions (+), 23 TDs (-), 4.6 TD/INT% (+) = ++ Logan Crawford (NYH): 3630 yards (+), 69.7% completions (+), 32 TDS (+), 2.46 TD/INT% (-) = ++ Harlon Connecticut (MIA): 3048 yards (+), 63.6% completions (-), 24 TDS (+), 4 TD/INT% (+) = ++ IN THE WEST! John Smith (LAR): 3718 yards (+), 66.8% completions (+), 37 TDs (+), 7.4 TD/INT% (+) = ++++ Drew McPewPewPew (SEA): 1929 yards (-), 64.8% completions (-), 13 TDs (-), 2.6 TD/INT% (-) = ---- Gavin Rose (SAN): 2670 yards (-), 59.4% completions (-), 15 TDs (-), 1.36 TD/INT% (-) = ---- Alexander Saint-Sebastien (NOK): 2316 yards (-), 60.7% completions (-), 11 TDs (-), 1.1 TD/INT% (-) = ---- Crazy right? Well, maybe. It is not a perfect science and some of the teams in the west are much more adept to running rather than passing as well as having the 4 lowest TPE quarterbacks as well currently in the EFL. It also does not take into affect the quality of the secondaries in the game also which you could debate that the West is usually the more defensive conference. That being said, it does seem like the top 2 are easy here in Isaac and Smith and while Smith is aided by the Air Raid attack from Los Angeles, you can't fault him on 66.8% completions and a massive 7.4 in Touchdown to Interception Ratio. Taggert, Crawford, and Connecticut all miss out barely on a few stats which brings them down a little but are still above average. McPewPewPew is hurt by the Seattle rushing attack in his yards and total touchdowns but JUST missed out on completion percentage. Rose is a rookie so it is hard to fault him on a rebuilding San Antonio Wolfpack and Sebastien players for the Kraken, who are very young and once their weapons develop more, he should also improve with them. While it is hard to look into it too much because we can't factor in weapons, gameplans or opposing secondaries, I think we do see into potential QB of the Year races which Smith and Isaac are currently the guys to beat based on these preliminary findings. Hope you all enjoyed ~~PLEASE COMMENT BELOW~~
  4. Hudson actually is not eligible to play TE as he does not fit any TE archetype.
  5. Harlon with QB rating games of 158.3 and 157.5 this season
  6. Loth is a TE playing TE though.
  7. How is Hudson being used in the sim? investigation perhaps needed?
  8. No. The name is Harlon, but thank you haha
  9. I hope you lose twice. Love youuuuuuuuuuu
  10. Let's go Seattle! Let's go Miami!
  11. Wow. Harlon avoided Clerk. Great job Harlon. Such a tough week to have two players face off! At least it guarantees a win lol Nice job @Rockstar
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