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  1. 7-7!!! Got back to .500!!! I'm so thrilled! This team is hot hot hot!!
  2. Miami is playoff bound It has not been a great season by any measure for the Miami Hurricanes but it is one that could still lead to great things as Miami has beaten the Michigan Wolverines to clinch a spot in the NCAA Eastern Conference Championship Game against LSU. Miami will have to travel to Death Valley and play on the road in Baton Rouge in front of a hungry LSU fan base looking to claim their first championship in the history of the program. Miami will have a tough road to climb as road games are never easy to win especially when it comes down to playoff games and the quality of teams that are in there. The team is likely to give Julian Kash some looks in week 14 as the playoff spot is already clinched but they want to see what the young kid has as he moves forward in his development. Look for the team to prepare heavily for the various weapons that LSU has and there is no reason to believe that Miami won't be able to compete on the field in the playoffs with it all on the line.
  4. Miami is excited to welcome these fine two young players to our team and one hell of a user making his triumphant return to some $1M Redshirt scholarships! SS Atlas MacKenzie RB Gezan Banff @Bushito Welcome!
  5. We did it!!! Playoffs!!!! Now anything can happen Great job Miami!! :Miami:
  6. oh snap, Miami win and its a postseason clinch! We need this one bad!!!
  7. Miami has dropped LB Drago Masur and is signing CB Kyle Osborne @DilIsPickle Miami has dropped TE Nick Nichols and is signing QB Julian Kash @dante WELCOME TO MIAMI! PLEASE QUOTE AND ACCEPT THIS OFFER!!!!
  8. Bonzo Lluellen Wants to Play in the EFL Bonzo Lluellen is a current running back on the Miami Hurricanes and is a big body who is also fast and a capable pass catcher which should allow him to be a decent player at the next level. The biggest knock on Lluellen is whether he is actually quick enough to play in the EFL, not just at running back, but altogether as well as he is significantly behind many players in the highest league in football. What is interesting is that he both started as a tight end, and now has been still getting reps as a tight end in college as well, though mostly is being used as a running back in a triple option attack of the Hurricanes. Experts say that Lluellen can have a future in the EFL at either the fullback or tight end position and could exceed in either spot. "I think he needs to build his strength, his hands, and his blocking ability but he has the body, the power, and the drive to succeed in the EFL. I don't think he will ever have a future at the running back position unfortunately as he lacks that burst we need to see from some of the leagues' brightest backs. I do think he is fast enough to be a guy in the middle catching passes, even as a second tight end, or a fullback. I don't think he has to worry about not playing in the EFL, he has a spot, and some GM and coach will be able to utilize him in many different ways."
  9. The Miami Hurricanes stand 4-7 on the season right now and fortunately are still in the hunt for a spot in the NCAA playoffs despite their lackluster record and while it has been a tough season so far, there is a ton to play for still for these Miami Hurricanes. The offense and defense so far have been pretty average league wide though the pass defense is still a big behind currently but the running game is ahead of the pack for this team as they sit 2nd in the nation in rushing yards per game. The rushing game is what is getting Miami wins and while quarterback Jordan Jones certainly has gotten his opportunities to pass, they are carried by a mainly 3-headed rushing attack that at times can even go to 4 deep. Miami has gotten amazing production out of their main rushers in Bonzo Lluellen and Bellamy Blake and have used both of these players to the best of their abilities so far. The 2 feed off each other with Bonzo the big back with power and speed, and Blake, the shifty elusive back capable of doing many things on the field. The team also can employ freshman Joe Quick out there as well for some extra punch if any of the guys need a rest. Oh, and the quarterback Jones has some terrific legs on him as well, capable of running for long gains if the team collapses on Lluellen or Blake. While the team is not a full Option offense, there are many aspects of the Triple Option attack that coach Andrew Warren and offensive coordinator Kane Liffin have installed down in Miami. The team is capable of doing big things on the ground and a lot of that is on the decision making of Quarterback Jordan Jones and the rest of the offense. The linemen are fast and strong and whether it is a handoff or counter to Llullen up the middle or the pitch or off-tackle runs from Blake, the team can do many things, and on the fly as well. The Hurricanes throw more than a traditional Option attack and that has been able to keep opposing defenses off-balanced and allowed Miami to hang in there with many teams. While the team keeps growing, it will be interesting to see how they shift their focus on keeping an option attack or going more pro style, air raid, or spread attack. With Bonzo Lluellen graduating and likely headed to the EFL after this season, it is up to Blake and Quick to tote the rock and new incoming quarterback Julian Kash to be the guy at the most important position! While some reporters are calling for Kash to get reps earlier, with the team still fighting for the playoffs, the team certainly has decisions to make. The team is set for quarterback for a bit now with their most recent signing and the offense should mold around the young man and allowing him to use his skill set and the weapons on the team.
  10. DAMN! That was a solid game though! Great effort Miami!!
  11. Big game today! A Miami win and an LSU loss would be perfect
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