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  1. Seattle Re-signs Mr. Harlon Connecticut to a 3-year deal S12: $4,500,000 S13: $4,500,000 S14: $4,500,000 I accept it
  2. Damn. ASS and Helmsley looking really good though
  4. AYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! @oilmandan super glad to have you leading Oregon! @MMFLEX here we go again with a hostile takeover jk congrats good buddy
  6. It was noted before in one of the latest articles for the league and we here at the AW13 brand are here to confirm that it is true. Andrew Warren, the general manager of the Seattle Predators and former Athletic Director of the Oregon Ducks will be stepping down from leading a franchise or a program for the time being. "I want to be able to focus on my family and my life outside of football. I know it has not been a long run and I had planned for it to be longer but I feel like now is the time to hang it up and be a fan of the game rather than being so involved. I am sure I will have some kind of role in the league as it continues to run but for now, I step back and watch, well...after this season of course, right now I am all in. I think we have a tremendous amount of talent and have a shot at winning a championship this season and in many future seasons. We have our dynamic lockdown corner duo of Clerk and Thunder locked up for several seasons so that should be amazing. One thing that is important to note, we are still very young and with that, have many years of being great. I will be living in Oregon but that is not very far from Seattle so of course, I will be rooting for the Predators and whoever the new GM is, I will support them 100%. I know I let ownership down with the length of my tenure but I hope they know I gave my all in Seattle, and I won't stop fighting until I am done. Let's go Preds!"
  7. Hello everyone! I have had the chance to give this article and event much thought and while it does make me sad, it also gives me hopefulness and joy. Now for those that know me, as a user, know that I am a GM pretty much wherever I go. I currently am a GM in 5 different leagues though they do have varying levels in my participation! I don't think it is too much, people have league jobs in a lot of places, and my preferred job is GM, it is what I like to do, it is my dream job in real life. However, there are times when things can get frustrating or overwhelming and dealing with multiple instances is never fun but manageable. Why am I saying all this? Well, at the end of this season in the EFL, I will effectively be stepping down as GM of the Seattle Predators. Why you ask? Well, it's both simple and not simple. The simple answer is because I GM everywhere and don't want to GM everywhere. That's not really the truth 100% though. The real not so simple answer is that I don't want to GM in the EFL right now. Let me explain. I joined the EFL about a year ago, and it was my first Sim league ever, ADing at Oregon was my first Sim league job ever and I had a blast! Before that, I got the chance to be recruited, be scouted, and all the fun stuff there is with being a player in the EFL. I still consider EFL as my main league, though I don't consider it my main GMing league because I don't do too much as a GM here. It sucks but it is true and it was never my intention. I have put together great teams in Seattle and managed caps just fine, something that a GM needs to do. I submit strategies and do all that, well...sometimes but I try to. I love GMing, I love teams building, but being a player and having that experience was what made me love the EFL from the first day when Faak-Nahd Gabba roamed the streets of Baton Rouge on signing day! I love my team I have in Seattle and have loved competing with all these other GMs in the EFL. It is time for me to contribute to the EFL as a player and possibly in a different light, maybe even ADing again one day, though I wouldn't try and sign my own players each time! Thank you for all people I have interacted with in the EFL so far. It has been great and thank you to the league higher ups for giving me the chance to GM here. It's time to win a championship in Seattle and go out on top, or I guess, have them win next year after I leave just like what happened with Oregon. One thing is for sure, just like Oregon, I will always be a fan of the team, even with my tenure ending as leader of the program.
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