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  1. Dinner is served for Mum-O-Killowe
  2. Mum O Killowe will eat human soon if noise keeps up
  3. Week 3 LSU Oregon Alabama Texas Week 4 Oregon Alabama USC Texas Week 5 USC Michigan LSU Oregon
  4. WEEK 3 Reign @ Mambas Wolfpack @ Predators Brigade @ Herd Kraken @ Neptune WEEK 4 Brigade @ Wolfpack Mambas @ Kraken Predators @ Herd Reign @ Neptune WEEK 5 Predators @ Mambas Wolfpack @ Reign Herd @ Kraken Neptune @ Brigade
  5. Missing in action Both High Priestess Richfield as Mum O Killowe have not been showing up to practice a lot for the Michigan Wolverines. After finally getting their papers fixed they must admit they do not enjoy life on earth as much as they love being around more on their home planets. The players do keep showing up for the Wolverines games, but training levels have gone down. The last we heard about this from coach Uphill was a fair request to both of his player to finally show up for the damned training camp (which they ended up doing), but it took them a lot of trouble of actually getting them here. ‘Pesky Krakens’ coach Uphill though, as in the meantime he noticed Orbiting Death quarterback Condor Adrienne making the VHL finals. ‘I knew I should have recruited Orbiting Death players instead of that Ionath scum’. We hope for the players that they do keep up their training, or they might be surpassed by younger recruits. It’s up to them to keep their spot, Uphill added. This is a story that needs to be continued. When we confronted their player agent about their behavior, he was not reachable for comment. Rumor has it he was counting his money that he gained from bringing these players to earth and that he was planning a nice diving vacation in the Caribbean.
  6. +13 Mum-O-Killowe +9 Richfield
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