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  1. Wow, all deserving candidates, I'm afraid I won't be able to beat them to enter the HoF. Good luck all.
  2. Holy motherfucking yoda and shit. Larkin delivered the Neptune another cup on his last kick of his career. This is so awesome!
  3. Wow I figured Shaw would be useless by now
  4. After just having signed my contract extension with the Miami Neptune and having spent all my banked TPE, I have decided this will become Larkin's final season in the league. A Neptune from beginning to start, with 2 nice cup wins, I am happy to be able to end my career here. To all my (former) teammates. Thanks for the fun ride!
  5. TTC +10 Banked: 160 Kick Distance: +76 (83>90) Kick Accuracy: +94 (83>91) Bank 160>0
  6. Accept. Not going to play for anyone else then Miami with Larkin.
  7. I'm completely lost now. What did I fuck up?
  8. Need Herd LR access (Shaw/Volkoff)
  9. TTC +16 Welfare +3 Speed +16 (80>82) Intelligence +3 (67>68)
  10. TTC +10 Welfare +3 Points available (including bank): 208 Kick Distance +36 (87>90) Kick Accuracy +12 (89>90) Points used: 48 New banked amount: 160
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