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  1. Green

    Bryce Larkin

    Hall of Fame ‘Wow, just wow’, these where the words of Bryce Larkin when he heard the announcement. He knew he was nominated, but there was no special teams category so he knew he would have to get in by a jury of experts. With players like Brady Stropko, Nnamdi Okolocha on the offensive side and Ivan Zamora and Vontae Peterson Jr. on the defensive side he felt like he would not stand a chance. But here he stands today, as usual with a pack of chocolate covered Oreo’s in his hand (a lifetime deal with Oreo due to his achievements, so something good came out of his career for sure) as a Hall of Famer in the EFL. The first HoF class ever and he is part of it. It is an unbelievable feeling. With it being legends week in the EFL as well, he already noticed somebody futuring him as the legend of choice. It is unbelievable what kicking a damn ball can give you. I am just so honored by all of this and then to think I wasn’t even supposed to play in the EFL, but was just convinced by Daniel Shaw to join up with him here. I’m sorry for Shaw, but this time the true athlete lost from the slacker. Thanks all for selecting Larkin in the Hall of Fame, this was truly an honor.
  2. Awesome :) Congrats to Boss and Harrison as well. Proud to be inducted <3 Thanks @Wheaties for bringing and keeping me in Miami, love you!
  3. Even though I'm not allowed to use Terra as it's a filler, I still accept on his behalf
  4. Wow, all deserving candidates, I'm afraid I won't be able to beat them to enter the HoF. Good luck all.
  5. Holy motherfucking yoda and shit. Larkin delivered the Neptune another cup on his last kick of his career. This is so awesome!
  6. Wow I figured Shaw would be useless by now
  7. After just having signed my contract extension with the Miami Neptune and having spent all my banked TPE, I have decided this will become Larkin's final season in the league. A Neptune from beginning to start, with 2 nice cup wins, I am happy to be able to end my career here. To all my (former) teammates. Thanks for the fun ride!
  8. TTC +10 Banked: 160 Kick Distance: +76 (83>90) Kick Accuracy: +94 (83>91) Bank 160>0
  9. Accept. Not going to play for anyone else then Miami with Larkin.
  10. I'm completely lost now. What did I fuck up?
  11. Need Herd LR access (Shaw/Volkoff)
  12. TTC +16 Welfare +3 Speed +16 (80>82) Intelligence +3 (67>68)
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