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  1. Issues with league documents It are some long weeks for the Michigan Front Office. Ever since they had signed alien creatures to play football on earth they have had meeting with the league offices to make sure they would receive working permits. But so far, to no avail. This causes Mum O Killowe and High Priestess Richfield to still not having played a single game this season. This is a major disappointment for the players who came here to eat some quarterbacks for dinner or to praise them into oblivion as they would be worthy to catch their passes. We have no idea how much longer it will take for the work permissions to finally be handled. But with the Wolverines being on a four game losing streaks it seems that they could use some extra players on the pitch. Lets hope @Uphillmoss will be able to get the paperwork done so the alien players can finally make their NCAA debuts.
  2. Week 12 Texas v Miami Alabama v Michigan USC v Notre Dame LSU v Oregon Week 13 Oregon v USC LSU v Alabama Michigan v Miami Notre Dame v Texas Week 14 Oregon v Alabama Michigan v LSU Miami v Notre Dame USC v Texas
  3. Week 12 Neptune @ Mambas Herd @ Wolfpack Reign @ Kraken Predators @ Brigade Week 13 Brigade @ Mambas Reign @ Predators Kraken @ Wolfpack Herd @ Neptune Week 14 Brigade @ Predators Kraken @ Reign Wolfpack @ Herd Mambas @ Neptune
  4. Link Affiliate Media Spt/Graphic/Podcast for +6, or claim +3 for free (Capped TPE is a max of 6 with free welfare)
  5. Week 9 LSU v USC Miami v Alabama Michigan v Texas Notre Dame v Oregon Week 10 USC v Miami Michigan v Oregon Alabama v texas LSU v Notre Dame Week 11 Michigan v USC Notre Dame v Alabama Texas v LSU Miami v Oregon
  6. Green

    Welfare 8/4 - 8/10

    Link Affiliate Media Spt/Graphic/Podcast for +6, or claim +3 for free (Capped TPE is a max of 6 with free welfare)
  7. Never bet against Miami
  8. +9 for both Mum-O-Killowe and Richfield
  9. Week 6 Predators @ Reign Wolfpack @ Kraken Neptune @ Herd  Mambas @ Brigade Week 7 Neptune @ Wolfpack Predators @ Kraken Mambas @ Herd Reign @ Brigade Week 8 Mambas @ Predators Reign @ Wolfpack  Kraken @ Herd  Brigade @ Neptune
  10. Week 6 Alabama v LSU Miami v Michigan Texas v Notre Dame USC v Oregon Week 7 Texas v USC Notre Dame v Miami LSU v Michigan Alabama v Oregon Week 8 USC v Alabama LSU v Miami Michigan v Notre Dame Oregon v Texas
  11. @Rockstar @oilmandan @Uphillmoss Hello everyone, it’s your favourite dolphin again, that’s right, it’s me Danny Lundy! After I was talking to a strong shark, he informed me we wouldn’t have to delay our decision until next week, but that we could post our decision as soon as it was made and still claim the player training points for this in the week that follows. So after some incidents during registration and getting some hatemails from the league officials about how the lack of a first name breaks the sim engine, my clients have officially changed their in-league names, Mum-O-Killowe dropped one character and becomes Mum-O Killowe, while Richfield has added her title as leader of the Church of Quentin Barnes and will now be known as High Priestess Richfield. Her holyness and our lovely looking Killowe have looked at the offers they received and they had three options to choose from. Notre Dame offered 3 Million Earth Dollars for both of them, a starting spot in the line up and a chance for 5 Million Earth Dollars next year. Oregon offered 1st team reps for Mum-O-Killowe, and a 3rd of 4th receiver spot for Richfield, with room to move up when we improve. But both offers really seemed to Earth centered for my clients, especially when they noticed Michigan offered all the alive animals Mum-O-Killowe could devour for free, they would bribe the referees to look away when he crippled opposing players, while they also offered a great quarterback to worship for Richfield, so that she could become a devout follower of him. This convinced both of my clients that there only was one real option for them, and that is why they have decided to join the Michigan Wolverines. (As discussed with Sharkstrong, due to this being a time-based event, it was okay to place this brand now and claim it for next week as an exception)
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