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  1. POST HERE TO CLAIM 9 TPE. YOU ARE ALSO ELIGIBLE TO CLAIM 4 MORE TPE IF YOUR PLAYER'S ARCHETYPE MATCHES THE PHILOSOPHY LISTED BELOW: QB: Pocket Passer RB: One-Cut FB: Blocker WR: Deep Threat TE: Vertical Threat (new) OLB: Pass Rushing ILB: 3/4 Tackling FS: Run Support (locked) SS: Zone Cover (locked) CB: Man Cover K/P: Kicker ALL TPE EARNED HERE IS UNCAPPED @cody73 @Big Mac @Beerfridge @Matmenzinger @Splat @ANTISIMPLE @omgitshim @Sharkstrong @Jetsqb101 @chemicalfire @Higgo4


    Accept. Pleasure doing business with you @Jetsqb101 thanks @JaysFan26 for your time in LA!
  3. LA would like to rescind their team option of Donovan Sayers, making him a free agent. @Turner
  4. LA will use their option to bring back Sayers
  5. FB - Thormund Jakobsen @JaysFan26: S16: $2,000,000
  6. Congrats @Jetsqb101 well deserved!
  7. sorry, i was just giving you a preview of our gameplan.
  8. shoutout to @MMFLEX and the rest of the Preds on a great season!
  9. Alabama is excited to announce the signing of LB Malik Jang @King_Fozto our 1mil s15 defensive redshirt scholarship! please quote and accept
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