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  1. of course we call timeout on 3rd and 16
  2. even though it helped us here, sim still
  3. this but no interception? sounds great
  4. oof, we'll say you were covering for other members of the secondary oshio some rookie growing pains but I'm really excited to see how he develops
  5. game is trying to rob Sabathia Jr. of TDs. Last week he had a 62 yard reception and was tackled at the 2
  6. one thing that us and Miami can agree on this week, go Wisconsin
  7. ouch, bot kicker hasn't been kind to us
  8. huge start to the 3rd! ASS has been a really great player for us
  9. god that's so disgusting, going to need some big plays of our own
  10. Our rushing game has actually been great this year, tied for the highest YPC in the league with the balanced attack
  11. Jamie and ASS with some big defensive plays there, that was a big stop for us
  12. and a 45 yard completion and long kickoff return already. whew. Nice opening drive from us though
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