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    Memphis sends: S16 1st round pick S Jack Smith @J.G.10 Los Angeles sends: S17 1st round pick S17 3rd round pick S17 3rd round pick (New Orleans) FB Thormund Jakobson @JaysFan26 @ANTISIMPLE to accept
  2. announcement here: Martin Isaac will play out S16, but Dale Cooper is now my offensive player
  3. QB Martin Isaac I've been blessed to be given all of the opportunities that I have. Football has changed my life forever, and I will always be grateful towards this game for the opportunities that it has given me. It was my dream to be that guy, the man who was in the huddle and calling the plays, the man who caused the touchdown, and I feel like I've lived out that dream by now. I don't want to be the man who played for too long and tarnished his legacy due to it, and even now as I enter my 7th season in the league I feel my body starting to ache more and more. It's not worth it to me to chase the career records, especially when I want to be able to contribute to this game after I'm done with it. There's enough proof out there that I was an elite quarterback in this league, and if it isn't enough for me to be in the Hall of Fame then I can live with that. The goal was never MVP or HoF, the goal was to win. After a discussion with the GM of the Memphis Mambas, I have decided that S16 will be my last year as a quarterback in the EFL. This decision was not easy but I am confident that it is right for me. I'm going to focus on coaching moving forward with the Memphis Mambas, so I can help to pave the way for the new line of EFL stars to take over this game. I'd like to thank the Memphis Mambas for bringing me in as a QB and for their incredible willingness to hear my input on how our offense should be addressed. I'd like to thank the fans who supported us in our inaugural season, and to let you all know that you deserved our championship more than any other fan base in the league. And I'd like to thank my teammates in Memphis. There's still some old-timers in that locker room with me, but the young talent on that team is ready for their shot to lead. Bobsky, Cornholio, and ASS are the new-wave for Memphis, you wouldn't believe how many jerseys we're selling with ASS on them now. And for whatever QB Memphis get to replace me, I'll be there with him to try and prepare him for the moment.
  4. QB Martin Isaac This game has meant the world to me. I have just completed my sixth season in the EFL and won my first championship at the highest level, and I was able to show everyone that I am still one of the biggest talents in the league in the process. I've been reading the media articles about how the game has changed recently with teams giving up on the run and focusing heavily on the pass, and how this ruins the game of football that people grew to love. I don't agree with it. The difference between the talent in the league now and your grandfather's S2 New York Herd is that they couldn't afford to take the risks we take. Passing the ball is the most aggressive form of offense, with every pass having the potential to be intercepted or result in a sack. The answer to winning football games isn't just to throw the ball a lot, but to throw it well, and we've got people playing quarterback now that are doing it better than ever. The generation of kids that grew up watching Nnamdi Okolocha, Nathan Lee, and Trey Masters. And now we've got kids that are refining their game after us, and looking at our weaknesses that they want to be able to overcome when they get their shot. My ultimate point here is that we're still playing football, the football that you did grow to love, but right now we're in an era where the coaches and players are evolving. The game evolving is good. For some of the older players, like my former teammate De'Anderson Sabathia Jr., it meant that they got a chance to show just how skilled they really were. It gave scat backs like Emery Park and Tragedy Helmsley a real role in the league, one that could utilize their versatility fully to showcase why they belonged in this league as well. And wouldn't you know it, the top two rushers in the EFL this year were both rookies as the league prepares to maybe evolve again. That's what happens when you play in this league for long enough, the game changes, but if you're good enough to belong then you'll change with it. And if you're great? You'll be the one causing the change.
  5. Name: Martin Isaac Team: Memphis Mambas Workout Name: Player Coach Cost of Workout $10,000,000 Cash you Have: $20,250,000 Cash Left: $10,250,000 Name: Martin Isaac Team: Memphis Mambas Workout Name: 20 TPE Cost of Workout $7,000,000 Cash you Have: $10,250,000 Cash Left: $3,250,000 Name: Martin Isaac Team: Memphis Mambas Workout Name: 6 TPE Cost of Workout $2,500,000 Cash you Have: $3,250,000 Cash Left: $750,000 Name: Isaac Martin Team: Memphis Mambas Workout Name: Player Coach Cost of Workout $10,000,000 Cash you Have: $13,500,000 Cash Left: $3,500,000
  6. Memphis Mambas Team Finances Salary Cap: $53,500,000 Cap Allotted: $43,750,000 Cap Space: $9,750,000 Offense QB Martin Isaac S16: $6,250,000 RB Tragedy Helmsley S16: $3,500,000 S17: $3,500,000 WR Mr Cornholio S16: $4,000,000 S17: $4,000,000 S18: $4,000,000 RB Waffler Goodpancake S16: $2,000,000 FB Thormund Jakobson S16: $2,000,000 Defense LB Jamie Orion S16- $4,000,000 LB Clint Bobsky S16- $4,000,000 LB Jackson Gser S16: $2,000,000 S17: $2,000,000 LB Warren Snow S16: $1,000,000 CB Isaac Martin S16: $7,000,000 CB Andreas Saint Sebastian S16- $4,000,000 S Lamarcus Oshiomogho S16- $3,000,000 Special Teams K Evenging Chong S16- $1,000,000
  7. Jack Smith is signed, and Cameron Millwall is retired
  8. For my media week article I'm going to review how Memphis' roster got to be championship caliber. GM Players Isaac Martin - QB - 100 overall Martin Isaac - CB - 100 overall Martin Isaac is one of four 100 overall QBs in the EFL currently, and represents the trend of GMs bringing in their own player to be QB. The now-retired Trent Taggert went to Wisconsin when Wally was GM, Logan Crawford was entrenched into the New York Herd when Symmetrik was GM, and Drew McPewPewPew and Harlon Connecticut are QBs of players that are current GMs as well. For CB, I believe that 4 GMs have their GM players at safety, 3 at CB, and 1 at LB right now. CB/S can be viewed as interchangeable as most teams aren't shifting their GM safety to LB to my knowledge. These two had the highest TPE totals for the team and 2 of the top 3 tpe totals in the league, so having them locked into our roster was key for building around them. The Expansion Draft Our Expansion draft for season 11 looked like this: 1.2: Martin Isaac selected from NY 2.2: Isaac Martin selected from LA 3.2: Cameron Millwall selected from Wisconsin 4.2: Ray Scar from LA 5.2: Johnny Respect from SA 6.2: A.A. Goat from Miami 7.2: Jamie Orion from Miami 8.2 Sheriff Nash from Wisconsin 9.2 Robert Sanders from Seattle 10.2 Jeremiah Johnson from NY Most of these players ended up being stop gaps for Memphis, but there were two huge exceptions aside from my GM players Cameron Millwall - RB/TE - 87 overall Jamie Orion - LB - 92 overall Both of these players are coming up on the end of their careers now, but were terrific finds in the expansion draft. Millwall was a do-everything back for Memphis and excelled in the role, and Jamie Orion turned out to be the best pick of the expansion draft by far as he well out-performed pretty much every other player selected before him. The EFL Draft S11 1.04 Jack Smith - S - 92 overall S12 1.08 Andreas Saint Sebastian - CB - 94 overall S13 1.02 Clint Bobsky - LB - 91 overall 2.06 Lamarcus Oshiomogho - S - 77 overall S14 1.04 Mr Cornholio -WR - 89 overall 2.03 Jackson Gser - LB - 78 overall S 15 1.05 Evenging Chong - K - 75 overall 2.05 Warren Snow - LB - 65 overall 3.05 Waffler Goodpancake - RB/TE - 63 overall Overall we've drafted well in this time frame. 0 busts on 1st round picks is huge, and there were more selections made to players that contributed to Memphis but were ultimately traded away for other assets. Trades Memphis receives Sunshine Titan and pick 2.03, SA receive Terrance Fitzgerald-Cruz and pick 1.08 Sunshine Titan - WR - 88 overall I liked this trade now more than I do at the time I made it. 1.08 wasn't an appealing pick to me, which meant I needed to find a way to get value off of moving back. We took a chance on bring in Sunshine to be an upgrade to our offense over TFC, and Sunshine has really flourished in that role for Memphis. He's the only player on the Memphis roster that wasn't originally drafted by Memphis or signed through FA Free Agency S11 - DeAnderson Sabathia Jr. - WR - 92 overall S15 - Tragedy Helmsley - RB/WR - 88 overall De'Anderson Sabathia Jr. was the biggest addition to our team in Memphis Mamba history, and getting him without having to give up any assets was huge to our development as a team. Helmsley has only been on Memphis for one season so far but has been productive in the flex RB spot we play, including two huge playoff games this season. Concluding Thoughts Nothing too special happened. Every first round pick stuck around to contribute, GM players were at positions of need, and we found some diamonds in the rough that ended up panning out. I think the real strength of the team is in the WR core's depth and the balance of starting 5 defensive players who were 90+ overall.
  9. Awesome rankings! We've got to start making more Team Ring of Honors so players like King Death do end up being remembered on the site even if they don't ultimately make the EFL Hall of Fame
  10. Thanks fam, much respect to you and the Reign.
  11. We did it Memphis! Amazing season
  12. run heavy-offense tbh Great response there Mambas and nice TD @Sharkstrong!
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