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  1. As Season 15 comes to a conclusion, the Memphis Mambas bring championship home for the first time in team history. Let's take a look at what players from both teams how to say earlier this week about the season leading up to now and the upcoming game. We actually weren't able to get hold of any players from LA, as GM @ANTISIMPLE said they weren't going to give any words until after Friday, saying that he wanted the team to focus solely on the big game. So, I guess we're only going to be seeing quotes from the Mambas. Don't worry though, there are some amazing quotes from the champions. @Jetsqb101 gave us a lot to work from, so we'll just pick from our favorite parts of what he said. Jets really emphasized that the team has been together for a long time, which help them develop a great amount of chemistry: "13 of the 16 players on the roster were either here since the Mambas' inaugural season or have been drafted and remained a Mamba ever since. That part of this team is really important to me, because the team I've put together to get here has really put in their work since they joined the Memphis locker room. I've been surprised by lots of new people who I didn't know well before sending them a scouting email pre-draft, and we're lucky to have such a solid group of users that don't start drama and update reliably. " He noted on some of the great players around the team, adding "Sabathia Jr is the best WR in the league even in regression, Sunshine is an elite deep threat in regression as well, and Mr Cornholio has to be the best #3 option in the league. Guys like Bobsky, Orion, ASS, Oshio, Smith, and Gser who just do their job and do it well. I don't think we're the sexiest defense in terms of getting sacks or forcing turnovers, but we're pretty damn tough to score against and are a well-balanced unit. I also think our kicking game has seriously improved, and I've felt much more confident in our special teams ever since we added Chong to our roster in the S14 draft. " Overall, he was a wonderful person to talk and see how proud he was of his team to compete for a championship this early into their existence. Waffler Godpancake @Sharkstrong also gave a high amount of praise to Evening Chong, emotionally expressing "I think the addition of Chong gave us that little something we needed. He came to the locker room and infused us with a spark of youth and energy that made us forget that horrible loss. He also improved our FG% and Yards per Punt. Dude is a baller. And we all saw how having a franchise kicker can net Championships." Waffler closed out his interview by adding "We have to do it for Sunshine. We have to do it for Cameron. And we have to do it for DeAnderson. They are the soul of this team and they won't be with us next season. But they will be at home with their families looking at their championship ring and smiling. I have no doubt about it." Speaking of Sabathia @omgitshim, he had some strong feelings about the chance to win a championship for his city: "I've worked so hard over these past 10 seasons, and finally I get a shot at the title game. Returning to Memphis has been everything I wanted it to be and more. I personally like to thank my GM and quarterback Isaac Martin for finally unlocking my true potential after I squandered part of my prime in Seattle. Everybody on this team has put in work for a long time, and we're all salivating at this game. There's no doubt in my mind that we will be victorious." One of the backbones of the Memphis D, Jamie Orion @DonCutta190, gushed that "It's honestly been a real roundabout journey we've had here. I'm happy we made this far and that I've been able to show that I still got it together in terms of my game. I highly hope that me and the team have enough steampower to bring this all home and bring a title to the city that time forgot, maybe make up for all that time that was left to rot too. " ASS @Rockstar, the jokester of the team, reassured us "It's been a ride, I've been here my whole career and I have absolutely no regrets on my career with the Mambas. We fought, tooth and nail for this position and this honor to be in the championship game, we've been close, we've been far, but this year...this is our year. We are a team that has it all, we're probably the most well-rounded team in the league, and now is our time to bring the championship home. I won my first ever award here, now it's time to win my first ever championship here too!" Mr. Cornholio @Cornholio, arguably the best 3rd reciever in the league, had no doubt in his team's ability to win the game: "I'm excited for this game. It's our time, I've been telling you guys ever since Day 1. We got robbed last year, but this year... we weren't going to repeat the same mistakes as last year. I don't care what Los Angeles has or what they've done... we're the team to beat here and nothing's going to get in our way." He also had high praise for @Jetsqb101, saying "Our GM has been wonderful at what he does, and I'm extremely fortunate to be a part of this wonderful organization as opposed to going to one of the three other teams that could have picked me in the S14 Draft. God bless his soul and I look forward to bringing home that shiny trophy." There is not a more deserving team to have won the Season 15 title! Congrats to all, and here's to another successful season in the EFL!
  2. Good game boys, almaot fucked over town at the end tho
  3. You're right, I'm missing the right word there
  4. Suck my schlong @AW13. Revenge does taste sweet
  5. Calvin Parker Season 16 - $2,000,000 Ongo Gabblogian Season 16 - $2,000,000 Jeff Sanchez Season 16 - $1,500,000 Cooper Irwin Season 16 - $1,500,000 Sans Skeleton Season 16 - $1,500,000 AJ Bermuda Season 16 - $1,500,000
  6. Imagine being the Wisconsin GM and saying someone else drew the shirt stick
  7. Great article @MMFLEX@Renomitsu@Snussu@HuddleHussy@okochastar@SnapTackleDrop@cody73, I like getting to see the more personal side of you guys that I don't usually get to see in draft pms
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