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  1. So close, but good last game with the guys. Glad to have played here
  2. Week 11 Michigan Notre Dame Texas Miami Week 12 Miami Alabama Notre Dame Oregon Week 13 USC LSU  Miami Texas
  3. Close game, glad we pulled it off
  4. Finally able to get back on. Glad to see we still doing good.
  5. At least I got a long punt return td
  6. It caps at 90 for me so I wouldn’t mind spending a bit to just cap it out
  7. So speed would mean I get more tackles right? Cuz that was two games we just played and I still only got two tackles. The diffference between EFL and NCAA is real
  8. Mami defense holding it down
  9. You’re putting in work also. Another week with the highest avg yards for passing.
  10. My first my first play by play in the EFL and I get two tackles
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