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  1. @CptMatt letting the side down.
  2. It's funny cuz the Miami defence is like 75% fillers.
  3. Damn, it's a win lose either way today.
  4. And the heart breaking final box score.
  5. 1:49 1st and 10ND - 48Rush by Starscream, D. for 3 yds. Tackle by Jones, B.. 1:15 2nd and 7USC - 49Rush by Starscream, D. for 2 yds. Tackle by Cold, L.. 0:52 3rd and 5USC - 47Rush by Starscream, D. for 8 yds. Tackle by Austin, W.. 0:16 1st and 10USC - 39Rush by Starscream, D. for 7 yds. Tackle by Jones, B.. C9K: Much as he should, Starscream is able to run out the clock with several good yardage runs. USC decide not to call any time outs. The game is over. The Notre Dame Fighting Irish win the game. 00:00 - End of Game (Notre Dame Win)
  6. 1:53 4th and 10ND - 48Pass by Muller, A. to Mowce, M. was dropped! Incomplete. 1:53 4th and 10ND - 48Turnover on downs. C9K: Mowce’s fleshy hands fail him. He drops the pass, much like a wind powered death machine wouldn’t. Call me governing body, I have ideas. The leading Notre Dame offence now take the field with under 2 minutes left in the game.
  7. 2:00 3rd and 10ND - 48Pass by Muller, A. to De Vil, T. is incomplete. Broken up by Kabore, D.. C9K: Muller’s pass is broken up. It is now fourth down. The USC offense stays on the field in an attempt to keep this game alive.
  8. 3:27 ND - 30Chong, E. kicks off. 3:27---USC - 31Kickoff of 67 yards. Returned by King, D. for 28 yards. 3:20 1st and 10USC - 31Pass by Muller, A., complete to Mysidia, P. for 21 yds. Tackle by Oshiomogho, L.. 2:16 1st and 10ND - 48Rush by King, D. for a short gain. Tackle by DT 6, B.. 2:16 2nd and 10ND - 48Muller spikes the ball to stop the clock C9K: USC decide to spike the ball instead of using one of their three remaining time outs. USC have reached midfield after a chunk yard pass to Oshiomogho.
  9. I'm gonna do the rest manually to avoid any more breakages.
  10. 4:00 1st and 10USC - 11Pass by Brady, S., complete to Jackson III, J. for 11 yds. 3:27 TOUCHDOWN! (Chong kick good) USC 17 – 24 ND C9K: Notre Dame may have missed the field goal, but their defence bails them out. Notre Dame break the tie for the second time with a touchdown pass.
  11. I stripped a bunch of code out of the HTML for the PBP. It appears to have caused... issues.
  12. 5:37 1st and 10USC - 20Pass by Muller, A., complete to Mowce, M. for 7 yds. Tackle by Oshiomogho, L.. 4:59 2nd and 3USC - 27Rush by King, D. for 8 yds. Tackle by Oshiomogho, L.. 4:28 1st and 10USC - 35Pass by Muller, A., to De Vil, T.. INTERCEPTION by Oshiomogho, L. at the USC - 41 yard line and returned for 30 yards. C9K: USC commit a major error of their own. Notre Dame intercepts Muller’s pass, giving them another opportunity to score from the USC 11.
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