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  1. Blanko did well. Maybe if I was more active he'd actually have won the game.
  2. Bad miss for Bama this game. Don't make me regret bringing my new player here!
  3. Steely's first game as a Red too - even if he doesn't play.
  4. I can't' see the boxscores because of internet so I'm just gonna say that both WIS and LA both played games today.
  5. chemicalfire


    This actually sounds cool AF. I dunno if I've got time for it at the moment, but it's certainly pretty cool.
  6. Cre'yon dropping to the 4th round. Ouch.
  7. Great start for both LA and WIS. Let's go. Can I go three years with a championship? Let's find out.
  8. LA defense is straight beastly. A championship for Blanko at last.
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