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  1. Is Derek really about to do this again? My man, this is the third time this summer. Can he just give it a rest already? He's not going to do it. He knows it's not going to work. I know it's not going to work. His roommate knows it's not going to work. But damned if he doesn't keep trying. Alright I guess we're doing this. First bite, second bite....oh shit he's moving too fast...last time he went this fast he was puking within 5 minutes. Fifth bite...one burger down. Not bad, but I know how this is going to end already. Second burger up. One, two, three, four...damn he got that one in four bites, this is too fast. Third one, done. Okay he's up, he's running. 25 yards. Back. 50 yards. Back. 75 yards. Back. 100 yards. Back. Pretty quick, I think he's beating his previous time, it's kind of hard to tell. Alright next three burgers up. Five bites again, pacing himself...number five, 6 bites this time...ohhhh man he's getting the meat sweats. Number 6, just barely got it. The guys know it, they're grinning right now. And that damn look he has on his face, nobody is taking you that seriously dude, definitely not me. Not that'd you'd know. Alright he's back on his feet. There, and back, and there, and back, and there, and back....man that was slow, he looks like he's about to lose it. You about to roll tide right out that hole in your face. He's turning about as green as a brown man can get. Still trying, he's back to the burgers, grabbing number 7. One bite....annnnd there it is....puking in the trash can. You lost. Again. You're never going to beat 12 burgers in 5 minutes, just give up already. No, they aren't laughing with you.... (for those wondering no I have no clue wtf I'm writing about either....)
  2. Name: Bobby Collins Team: Wolfpack Workout Name: 20 TPE Cost of Workout $7m Cash you Have: $17.75m Cash Left: $10.75m Name: Bobby Collins Team: Wolfpack Workout Name: 20 TPE Cost of Workout $7m Cash you Have: $10.75m Cash Left: $3.75m Name: Bobby Collins Team: Wolfpack Workout Name: Double Predictions S13 Cost of Workout $2m Cash you Have: $3.75m Cash Left: $1.75m
  3. Name: Derek Bigblack Team: Bama Workout Name: 10 TPE + 2 TPE Cost of Workout $5m Cash you Have: $5m Cash Left: $0m
  4. EFL Predictions Champion: East Finalist: West Finalist: Los Angeles MVP: Trent Taggert Offensive Player of the Year: Trent Taggert Defensive Player of the Year: Carl Lemington GMotY: Jetsqb101 QBotY: Trent Taggert RBotY: JBL FBotY: VMo Jr WRotY: Sabathia Jr TEotY: Suspicious Dave LBoftY: Carl Lemington CBotY: Hudson Abbott SotY: Matt Hunter KoftY: Adam Winesorcery Returner of the Year: Mantis Toboggan Offensive Rookie of the Year: Gavin Rose Defensive Rookie of the Year: Mike McBuckets   NCAA Predictions Champion: Michigan East Finalist: Michigan West Finalist: Texas Heisman Trophy - Max Byrd Chuck Bednarik Award - Defensive Player OTY Lester McCorn Tim Tebow Award - Offensive Player OTY Max Byrd Lance Swift IV Award - Top Freshman Devin Schwaibold Davey O'Brien Award -QB Max Byrd Doak Walker Award - RB Duke Starscream Biletnikoff Award - WR Mr. Cornholio John Mackey Award - TE Hassan Halafula Dick Butkus Award - LB Jackson Gser Jim Thorpe Award - DB Leser McCorn Groza Guy Award - K/P Diana Gunner Dante Pettis Award-K/P Returner: Boaty McBoatface Wuerffel Trophy - Community Service omgitshim Coach of the Year Award - AD TacticalHammer
  5. What is dead may never die
  6. Lost the game. but Collins was a boss
  7. Record the presentation like a radio broadcast. Break it up into a few different segments and post the next segment every 15 minutes or so. Have some fun with it, add some commercials. Make it feel like I'm listening to a game on AM radio on a roadtrip.
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