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  1. https://i.imgur.com/PSiiyZA.gifv Ahead of the first preseason game, only a week before starting the regular season, The Media is reporting that San Antonio has a problem in the horizon. It looks like Harlon Connecticut has been struggling through camp and that rookie QB Peter La Fleur is pushing for the starter position. Harlon was the first cyborg to play in the EFL, but could this be his end? Can a mortal man overpower his robotic arm? Here we have Wolfpack's GM @AW13 to answer all this questions.
  2. wrong team tho. Bandwagoner
  3. @11 Eleven 3 @ANTISIMPLE 5 @AW13 2 @Benni 5 BMillz quoted @brenstl 4 @Cornholio 5 @DollarAndADream 5 @denns 5 @DWill 5 @Enorama 4 @hedgehog337 3 @Jeff 4 @Jetsqb101 WINNER 7 @jhatty8 5 @KC15 (Submitted twice, will honor the second one considering it an edit) 5 @KillaScrilla 5 @Latti 5 @LittleRiDog 4 @MMFLEX 5 Moatzburger quoted @Molholt 4 @TheNano74 4 @Nykonax 5 @oilmandan 3 @okochastar 5 @omgitshim 5 @OnMyWings 5 @Patdatass 5 @PigSnout 5 @Rayzor_7 2 @Renomitsu 4 Shark 6 @Siddhus 5 @Snussu 6 @StamkosFan 3 @SnapTackleDrop 4 @stevo 5 @SwagSloth 6 @Symmetrik 3 @TacticalHammer 5 @TheLastOlympian 4 @Trifecta 5 @Turner 4 @Uphillmoss 5 @Wheaties 5
  4. the value is not there for Seattle. The BoD has agreed to take this down due to "basketball reasons".
  5. You ********* had me for a second... I demand a trade, a real trade!
  6. OK, this is a sensitive topic because I have to look for a way to say what I want to say without disclosing private information. Also, disclaimer, this is not a in intent to educate my beloved GMs. The changes are minimal and have very little impact on how I do my job. Keep doing you :3 For those who don't know once you become an AD or a GM you have to send a DM at the beginning of the season to your respective simmer with your Depth Chart for the different formations and your Strategies, usually referred to as "DCs and Strats ". After that initial DM don't have to send another one if you want to keep the same strats. Some keep their strats for the season, some send weekly updates, and all they use different formats. Here is my ranking of some of the top of those formats for the time I've been EFL simmer: 5 - @Jetsqb101 Formatting: Single thread Consistency He has the record of most DMs in a single thread for DCs and Strats. Our conversation is 76 messages deep and still going strong. I don't have a preference between a single thread and a different thread for every update, but maybe it's easier for the GMs to keep track of their changes this way? One thing I like from Jets' updates, as I mentioned in the Mambas LR, is that he is extremely consistent in them, to the point that I would message him if I notice he hasn't sent me an update for some particular weeks. 4 -@AW13 Formatting: Single thread Bold changes Andrew hasn't had a lot of time to send me updates, only one season, but he has earned the 4th spot based on one thing that helps a lot, and I think Wheaties will agree with me here: bolding changes. Sometimes it's easy to commit a mistake when all the lines in a Strat are very similar, for example: First and Ten - West Coast - 90%First and Short - West Coast - 95%First and Long - Vertical - 92%Second and Short - Balanced - 95%Second and Long - Power - 85%Third and Short - West Coast - 95% ... It's easy to fail in one of those numbers. Bolding helps to spot the changes that have to be made faster and with more accuracy. 3 - @Latti Formatting: Single thread Bold changes Coloured changes Latti uses pretty much the same format as AW. Same thread for some seasons and bolded changes. In fact his thread has remain the same since before I was his simmer. Talk about history in that thread! We could recompose the Kraken lineup through history. He has also used a different colour to highlight his changes to the Depth Chart, which is even better than bolding, and that's why Latti (also known as Lattimore_Island) is in the top three. 2 - @MMFLEX Formatting: Multiple threads Bold changes (sometimes lol) League commentary Flex is in second place because he has a very unique format of updating his DCs and Strats. For example he starts a new thread every time. I already stated that I have no preference between single thread and multiple threads, but If I have to make a distinction multiple threads save clicks. But the major difference and what gives him the second place is that, from time to time, he shares some insight on how the league is, how the next week could alter the status quo, why the changes he makes or just crying to me and the RNGods. It makes the simming more interesting, but I usually end up thinking "I'm sorry, Flex". 1 - @ANTISIMPLE Formatting: Single Season Thread Bold changes Spoiler tags No changes message ANTI is the winner here. He starts a new thread for his changes every season, wich could possible be the superior strategy, since it has the best from both worlds. He also bolds his changes and makes use of spoiler tags to separate Offense, Defense and Special Teams, and to make sure that the DCs are not a km long. His update DMs just look clean, and I like it. Another thing that puts him ahead of the other GMs is that he sends a DM every week. Sometimes with updated DCs or Strats, and sometimes only to tell me that he has no changes for the week. I know, I know. It's a useless message. But it's not. It sends a message that he cares about his team and that he is active and vigilant.
  7. S16 CHAMPIONSHIP GAME Memphis Mambas (9-5) vs Seattle Predators (11-3) Back to back Championship appearances for @Jetsqb101and the Mambas, and second Final in three seasons for the @MMFLEXled Seattle Predators. Memphis arrived to the game as underdogs, but they were already seen as underdogs in the Eastern Conference Finals, even if it was only because they were playing away from home, against the Miami Neptune. In said game the Mambas edged the Neptune by 23-20 and earn themselves a chance to go back to back. Seattle, on the other hand, was regarded as the best team of the regular season with a 11-3 record, with their loses coming against the Herd, Mambas and Wolfpack, all winning teams and playing at home. In the Western Conference Final they managed to overcome a bad game of their QB, Drew McPewPewPew, deploying an insane rushing attack with two players over a hundred yards and 3 TDs from Emery Park @evryday. Unbeaten at home for the season, they had a great chance. However, we all know how the story ended. Memphis blew Seattle out of the game and earned their second EFL Championship in two years, with a score of 23-3. A Memphis win was, of course, possible, but the final boxscore of the game surprised many. You can re-watch the game here. I have simmed that game a thousand times to see what were the chances of what ended up happening. Let's take a look: With an average score of 27.77 to 22.26 the Predators had an winning rate of 67.5%. Unfortunately for them this marks the third time they have lost a Championship Game with a winning probability. They lost previously in the S12 CG against the Wally's Wisconsin Brigade with a 62.7 winning% and more recently in the S14 CG against the Wheaties led Miami Neptune with a 68.9 winning%. It's like the curse of AW has stayed with Seattle. The highest score Memphis could get was 56 points, while Seattle managed to reach 63. But that's not what's surprising. Memphis equaled or surpassed his CG score of 23 points in a 48.9% of the games, while Seattle scored 3 or fewer points in only... 1 game. 0.1% of probability. Curiously that game ended 24-3 Memphis. 66 of the 1000 games needed an overtime, with 5 of them needing a second overtime. To surprise of many none of the QBs, two perennial MVP candidates, were able to throw a TD pass in the game. I can't get the probability of this easily because fuck DDS, but I can tell you that McPewPewPew threw 0 Interceptions in 56.5% of the games, so he had a 43.5% probability of throwing at least one in the CG. Again the coin fell on the wrong side for Seattle. Meanwhile Martin had a 42,9% probability of avoid throwing any interceptions, and he managed to do so. OPOG Mr. Cornholio @Cornholiohad a chance of becoming so of only 5.3%. Favourites for the award were Predators' RB Reginald Sharkstrong with a 25.6%, QB Drew McPewPewPew with a 24.7%, Mambas' QB Martin Isaac with a 17.3%, favourite for WRotY Dewey Jackson @Tater_Tot with a 9.8% and RB Tragedy Helmsley with a 5.4% chance. However Cornholio bested all of them, props to him! DPOG was, as always, more shared. Bobsky was the favourite with a 23.8%, improving his chances from last year CG but coming short still. Inactive Shaka Lawal had a 14.8%, Demetrius Williams was third with 6.9% (nice) @DWill, followed by Cooper Irwin with 6.8%, Jamie Orion @DonCutta190with 6.4%, Oshiomogho @brenstl with 5.4% and finally the actual DPOG, Jackson Gser @Ty3, with a 4.8% chance. A total of 22 players would have won DPOG at some point. -------------------------------------------------------------- All stats are available here. All episodes available here.
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