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  1. I didn't win a single statmaster this season. Sad shark noises.
  2. @HellbillyXIII come back
  3. Congrats to Wheaties and my teammates there on another championship. And to MM and the Preds: we'll be back. We are almost there. We will never surrender.
  4. Congrats to Sym and Pigsnout. Incredible careers for their players.
  5. NCAA East Championship - Combined Points Scored from LSU and Miami: 57 NCAA West Championship - Danton Howlson Rushing Attempts plus Noah Jacobs Tackles: 29 EFL East Championship - Combined Receiving Yards from Kowalski and Sabathia: 266 EFL West Championship - Combined Passing Attempts from Seattle and Los Angeles: 61 NCAA & EFL Conference Championship Round - Total Points Scored: 189
  6. NCAA East Championship - Miami @ LSU NCAA West Championship - Texas @ Oregon EFL East Championship - Miami @ Memphis EFL West Championship - Seattle @ Los Angeles Bold, but I have to. Wouldn't feel good otherwise.
  7. Eh... The better male? Because otherwise we have a new Queen in town. She already broke career punt record by a full 2 yards.
  8. Honestly? Nothing But it insinuates that Diana cheated Charlie with Bote.
  9. Tss... amateurs. Reginald can beat your career sack numbers in a single season.
  10. No, no lo está. Pero buen intento. lmao
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