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  1. Week 11 Kraken @ Mambas Herd @ Predators Neptune @ Reign Wolfpack @ Brigade Week 12 Neptune @ Wolfpack Predators @ Kraken Mambas @ Herd Reign @ Brigade Week 13  Brigade @ Mambas Reign @ Predators Kraken @ Wolfpack Herd @ Neptune
  2. Week 11 Herd @ Predators Total Tackles: 93 Week 12 Neptune @ Wolfpack total passes deflected: 4 Week 12 Reign @ Brigade total return yards: 400 Week 13 Kraken @ Wofpack total points scored by the kickers in the game: 20  Week 13 Brigade @ Mambas total rush yards in the game: 169
  3. You only have one team and it's Texas my dude.
  4. EFL WORKSHOP   Height At player creation we have the option to adjust the weight and height of our player. Most of us set them to max by default just to satisfy our unfulfilled dreams, but is that the correct thing to do if you want max performance? We already covered weight in the Episode 5, and we are about to discover something about height. Fos this chapter I adjusted a team to have a global height of 5 feet. Every player was exactly 5 feet. Thank god they weren't a volleyball team. I simmed 400 games (200 home and 200 away) against the same opponent, and then I changed their height to 6'5 feet and simmed again. Same players, same opponent, same strategies, same number of games. Everything was the same but height. Result? Both teams won the exact same number of home games, 110, but the tall team outplayed the short one when playing away with 98 wins against just 73. This is a very significant difference that boosts global win% by more than 6 points. I’ve tried to understand what players are the best when you set them to 6’5, and although the test haven’t been exhaustive I think the conclusion is that all players are slightly better when tall, and If you consider that little advantage through all the players that participate in the team, the result is significant. Perhaps the player that has seen the bigger difference is the QB. An increase in completion % by 4 points and a turnaround in TD/INT ratio (0,835/0,945 to 0,89/0,85) is enough to position your team way better and increase your winning chance. While looking at this I noticed that the WRs drops per game went down from 2 to 1.6, which could be another important factor. There’s also a difference in CB interceptions per game: .15 to .225, which equals to an extra interception every 13 games. If you consider an interception can win you a game, it could be worth up to a game per season. To sum up, if you are a GM you should build the team with the highest players, and if you are about to create a player looking for success, create him the tallest possible. -------------------------------------------------------------- All stats are available here. All episodes available here.
  5. ffs Reginald wake up
  6. only one can win but at least try to do something bois
  7. Ugh what a shitty week it's being for my players. At least Miami won today.
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