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  1. S15 CHAMPIONSHIP GAME Los Angeles Reign (7-7) vs. Memphis Mambas (12-2) Another season under our belt and another finals appearance for the Reign. This time, however, they were bested by a Mambas team that has dominated all season long. Congrats to @ANTISIMPLE on reaching the Final in his first season and congrats to @Jetsqb101 because the Mambas are the first expansion team that becomes Champion of the EFL. The game resulted in a blowout by 17 to 42, with a TD by Patrick Kelley in the garbage minutes, but is this an abnormality? Was RNGesus with Jets and the Mambas? Let's find out simming a thousand times this game. Takeaways: With an average score of 20.11 to 38.72 the Mambas had an incredible winning rate of 91.0%. The highest score Los Angeles could get was 47 points, while Memphis managed to reach 74 in a crazy game that ended 6-74, with 578 total yards by the home team and a whooping 7 interceptions. Crazy thing is that they even lost a possession in a fumble. LA was held at 17 points or below in a 41.8% of the games. Memphis scored 42 points or more in a 36.7% of the games. The combination of LA scoring below 18 points and the Mambas scoring 42 or more had a chance of happening of 18%. Only 28 games needed an overtime, with none of those in need of a second one. Byrd throw 2 interceptions or more in a 54.9% of the games. Isaac throw 409 yards or better and 0 picks in just a 2% of the games, so he was definitely lucky this time. OPOG Martin Isaac had chance of becoming of 87.1%, while Max Byrd had an 10.9%, 0.7% for Deanderson Sabathia Jr., 0.6% for Tragedy Helmsley, 0.5% for Patrick kelley and an 0.2% fro Sunshine Titan. DPOG was, as always, more shared. Isaac Martin won with a 18.6% chance, followed by Bobsky with a 13.4%, Andreas Saint Sebastian with an 11%, Jaime Orion with a 9.3%, Jack Smith with a 8.6%, Feager with a 6.2%... A total of 19 players had a chance at DPOG. --------------------------------------------------------------  All stats are available here. All episodes available here.
  2. Before this starts... You all can send your complaints about the sim to this addresss: P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney Thanks for your time.
  3. omg with the inspiring quotes, dropping wisdom in his articles.
  4. Each user that wishes to participate will receive 3 tokens in which they can bet with. You May place your bet, any way you wish, on EFL and NCAA playoff teams. If your team you have bet on wins the Championship, you will double your bet. You will then turn your tokens in at the end of the playoffs for TPE. You MUST bet all 3 tokens to be eligible and you MUST post a claim within the claim thread to earn your tpe from your tokens won. Payouts will not be automatic. You, the user, must physically go “cash” in your winning ticket. The game will lock at kickoff of the first playoff game and any invalid bets will be rejected. Playoff teams: EFL - Los Angeles Reign, Seattle Predators, Memphis Mambas, New York Herd NCAA - Miami Hurricanes, LSU Tigers, Texas Longhorns, USC Trojans 6 tokens: 5 tpe 5-4: 2 tpe 3-2: 1 tpe 1-0: 0 tpe Due to this being posted late if you choose an NCAA team you can do it until the first presentation of the NCAA playoffs, but you can select an EFL team until the first presentation of the EFL playoffs.
  5. NCAA East Championship - Combined Yards from LSU and Miami: 685 NCAA West Championship - Jimmy Numbers Rushing Attempts plus Vince Carswell Passing Attempts: 59 EFL East Championship - Combined Passing Yards from Memphis and New York: 658 EFL West Championship - Combined Passing Attempts from Seattle and Los Angeles: 89 NCAA & EFL Conference Championship Round - Total Points Scored: 217
  6. Did I help you pick? I can't remember. looks like I could have used some of my own advice lmao
  7. Awesome second episode That S6 NCAA class was huge in retrospective, for real.
  8. Saw this after simming W12 so I'll just try to aim for 8/12 Week 13 Neptune @ Predators Herd @ Reign Mambas @ Wolfpack Krakens @ Brigade Week 14 Brigade @ Predators Krakens @ Reign Wolfpack @ Herd Mambas @ Neptune
  9. EFL Week 12 - How many rushing yards will the leading rusher for week 12 get: 98 NCAA Week 13 - How many pancakes will the leading pancaker for week 13 get: 6 EFL Week 13 - Neptune vs Predators total tackles: 85 NCAA Week 14 - Texas vs USC total rushing attempts: 34 Week 14 - Total Sacks plus Interceptions between NCAA and EFL: 33
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