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  1. Yeah, but at the same time, we don't know if he's gonna be truly neutral or if he's gonna be biased when the late game comes where it becomes a game of "Who's actually this?" and that's a chance that can't be taken when trying to live.
  2. I mean, that's a 50/50 chance there. Maybe I'm right and jack is lying, maybe I'm wrong and jack just screwed himself by revealing himself.
  3. Well then. Option B is out of the question. Moving on.
  4. Judging by the death text, I can only assume that it was the SK who killed Eno. Because if Jack (assuming that he is the uber driver) says that he never drove anyone, then that can only mean that either A. The mafia killer got blocked and the SK got the chance to kill off the Janny on random picking. or B. Jack is the SK and he's claiming Uber Driver to cover up his tracks knowing that he can't get fucked at night unless burnt, trapped, or JFK'ed. That's at least what I can gather/theorize.
  5. Maybe. Or it could just be that the killer is a gambler of the game and gambler of life. Or maybe it's just flavor text. I don't fuckin know.
  6. Let's just hope that the SK doesn't decide to turn it on back.
  7. Looks like this janny... Just got cleaned up...
  8. Now that the first day has begun. We now wait for the info to come to us.
  9. Oh shit, I didn't expect for this to kick off so early
  10. We're getting close to finishing off the mafia, but at the same time we're far from winning just yet.
  11. Now our doc is gone. This isn't good.
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