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  1. A herd of whatever the fuck the Herd are can't stop a pit of Mambas.
  2. We may not make playoffs at this rate, but at the very least the one thing I want to do is get a win against my old college team.
  3. We dropped another game again? God fucking damn it man, I'm sick of this shit.
  4. We gotta light up Norte Dame... No not in that way you fuck!
  5. Week 9 Mambas @ Reign Predators @ Wolfpack Neptune @ Krakken Herd @ Brigade Week 10 Wolfpack @ Mambas Brigade @ Krakken Reign @ Herd Predators @ Neptune
  6. Yeah baby, what did I tell ya about breaking the streak? When I'm on the field, the game hits it's highest climax
  7. It's time to tip the scale and break the streak!
  8. Gotta wear down the defense with speed and skill.
  9. God damn it, we ate shit in a closeable game again.
  10. Gotta run the defense hard into the ground. Speed is the key to everything.
  11. Then my apologies. Winning games just makes me very happy, and I don't mean to come off as an arrogant ass.
  12. @Turner @Alecbama what did I tell you two about how the Reign wasn't a threat?
  13. The Reign shouldn't be a big problem. We just gotta shut them down.
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