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  1. The EFL’s Patrick and Ian Kelley had different paths to the EFL despite being twins and playing together through their sophomore years of college. Ian with a son on the way, decided to forgo his last two years of college and enter the draft after his Sophomore year at Oregon. He was selected number 2 overall by the Miami Neptune and has been with the team ever since. Patrick on the other hand loved the college experience and wanted to make sure he got his accounting degree. He decided to stay all four years at Oregon and graduate with a master’s in accounting. He then entered the draft and went 3rd overall to New Orleans, but was traded to L.A. during his rookie year. Despite the fact that their paths were different, when Ian left Oregon for the EFL it was the first time either had played for a team without the other in the locker room. “It was definitely an adjustment,” said Ian in a recent SI Interview. “Whenever I was frustrated with myself on or off the field, Patrick was always around to talk to. He could keep me leveled, not having him on the sideline or in the locker room after the game took some getting used to.” “I mean that guy is my best friend in the world,” said Patrick in the same interview. “Being twins you have a special connection. I was looking forward to spending a career with him dominating on the other side of the ball. Circumstances changed and we knew that it was unlikely we’d be picked by the same team in the EFL even if we went in the draft with each other. I was sad to see him leave Oregon when he did but was so happy for his future in the league.” Both players have had great starts to their careers for their respective EFL teams. Patrick has been near the top of the receiving charts in each of his first two years and is there again in year 3. Ian has been a force and leader of the Miami defense and has consistently been in the thick of the EFL Defensive Player of the Year Award in his first 4 years in the league and figures to be in the mix again here in year 5. In part because of their talent, both of the Kelley brother teams are in a prime position to get to the postseason and possibly the EFL Championship game. It was just two years ago in S11 when they matched up in the Super Bowl. Ian came away with the win then, but both are looking forward to a possible rematch this year. “I’m definitely always checking ESPN when we don’t play them,” said Patrick. “Obviously I’m always hoping that Ian has had a monster game, but I’m rooting for the Neptune too. I want to get to the ship again and want Ian there waiting for me. I need to even the series up.” “Of course, I hope the Reign get to the championship game,” said Ian when asked about his L.A. rooting interest. “If we get there, it would be fun to have a rematch and if we don’t, I want my bro to take home a trophy.” A Kelley championship game rematch would be a big storyline in the sports world and is something the Louisville community is rooting for. But what does the mother of the two EFL stars want? “Here in a few years I want to see them where they started, back on the same sideline with each other.”
  2. Available to ALL players 50% will net you 1 Uncapped tpe. 75% will net you 2 Uncapped tpe. 100% will net you 3 Uncapped tpe. Week 11 Kraken @ Predators Wolfpack @ Mambas Reign @ Brigade Neptune @ Herd Week 12 Predators @ Mambas Brigade @ Kraken Herd @ Wolfpack Neptune @ Reign Week 13 Brigade @ Predators Mambas @ Herd Kraken @ Neptune Wolfpack @ Reign
  3. Week 4 of S13 Statmaster run by someone who sucks at guessing the props himself. If your guess is the closest for a prop, you'll get a TPE for that prop. This year I have started a bonus program. If in a week you are the winner on 3 props you will get an extra TPE (4 TPE total), if you are the winner on 4 props you will get 3 extra TPE (7 TPE total), and if you are the winner on all 5 props you will get 5 extra TPE (10 TPE total).  Time for our props for weeks 11 through 13: NCAA Week 11 Total Pancakes: EFL Week 11 Patrick Kelley Receiving Yards: EFL Week 12 Miami vs Los Angeles Total Passing Yards: NCAA Week 12 Matt Saracen Pass Attempts: Week 13 Total Interceptions for All EFL and NCAA Games: Good Luck!
  4. EFL Week 8 Total Passing TDs: Actual - 22, Closest Guess - 22 @Symmetrik EFL Week 9 Logan Crawford Pass Completions: Actual - 27, Closest Guess - 27 @TacticalHammer @Enorama NCAA Week 9 Mr. Cornholio Receiving Yards: Actual - 105, Closest Guess - 104 @TacticalHammer @Enorama NCAA Week 10 Alabama vs. Miami Total Tackles: Actual - 96, Closest Guess - 90 @Rayzor_7 Week 10 Total Field Goals for All EFL and NCAA Games: Actual - 23, Closest Guess - 23 @Sharkstrong, @Cornholio
  5. Claim the following: 1 TPE @Snussu @Cornholio @chemicalfire 2 TPE @Sharkstrong @MMFLEX @oilmandan @Acydburn @Enorama @Shaka @Rayzor_7@SnapTackleDrop @LittleRiDog @HuddleHussy @KGR 3 TPE @Alecbama@TacticalHammer @Moosecop @Patdatass
  6. The following may claim 1 TPE: @SnapTackleDrop @TacticalHammer @Enorama @LittleRiDog @KGR @Tater_Tot @Symmetrik @MMFLEX @oilmandan @K1NG LINUS @HuddleHussy @Turner @Sharkstrong @Jetsqb101 @okochastar @xsjack @chemicalfire @PigSnout @Wally @jmoney @Garappogoat
  7. Go Neptune. A third straight 2-0 week!
  9. Another 2-0 week. Another big time game from Patrick and 2 sacks from Ian.
  10. Not my usual job, but didn't want everyone to miss a week of pick'em so I'm putting it up for Week 10 exclusively. 50% will net you 1 Uncapped tpe. 75% will net you 2 Uncapped tpe. 100% will net you 3 Uncapped tpe. Week 10 SEATTLE @ SAN ANTONIO NEW ORLEANS @ LOS ANGELES MEMPHIS @ MIAMI WISCONSIN @ NEW YORK
  11. Not my usual job, but didn't want everyone to miss a week of pick'em so I'm putting it up for Week 10 exclusively. This is only available to NCAA players. 50% will net you 1 Uncapped tpe. 75% will net you 2 Uncapped tpe. 100% will net you 3 Uncapped tpe. Week 10 ALABAMA @ MIAMI MICHIGAN @ LSU USC @ TEXAS OREGON @ NOTRE DAME
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