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  2. S16 is behind us. Congrats to @PigSnout for taking home the most props last year. Are you all ready for S17? I have made all of our props for week 2 to give you maximum time before Friday's games. We are doing the same bonus system as last year. I will tally up everyone's prop wins for the year and the person with the most will get a 2 TPE bonus for the year, and those finishing 2nd and 3rd will get a 1 TPE bonus. In the unlikely even that 4 or more people tie for first, then those player will all get 1 TPE instead of the 2. Let's get to our week 2 props: EFL Week 2 - Total passing yards for week 2 passing leader: EFL Week 2 - Predators vs Mambas total tackles between both teams: NCAA Week 2 - Total rushing yards for week 2 rushing leader: NCAA Week 2 - Oregon vs Texas total rushing yards between both teams: Week 2 - Total return yards for all EFL and NCAA games: Good luck!
  3. @MMFLEX @Jetsqb101 @Renomitsu @11 Eleven get your alls tiebreaker guesses in bu Wednesday if you want a chance at the 1 TPE!
  4. House hunting more important than the EFL............please!
  5. Wow humbled to be nominated for the community service award. Lot of more deserving people but appreciate the support at congrats to @MMFLEX on the win. The BOD has really created a great league here that is a fun way for me and many others to spend some of our down time. Cheers!
  6. Miami Neptune linebacker, Ian Kelley, is entering his ninth season in the EFL and continues to be one of the top defensive players in the league despite his age. The Louisvillian has been a mainstay in the Neptune’s defense and from all accounts has been an upstanding citizen in Miami. He also continues to be involved in his hometown community here in Louisville. “I’m so excited to get to work here soon for another promising season with this amazing franchise,” said Kelley when talking about his future. “Miami has become a 2nd home for me and my family and the support around this community and locker-room is unmatched in this league. @Wheaties is a true leader and has created an environment that I want to be a part of until I retire.” Spending an entire career with the same franchise isn’t too common in this league, but it sounds like it is something Kelley is passionate about. The evidence is there that Ian is about family and a close knit culture. Ian lost his father to cancer when he was playing high school ball and it brought him and his twin brother Patrick closer together. When it came time to make their college decision, the brothers chose to both go out West to Oregon because of the family atmosphere that Oregon’s coach @AW13 (now GM/coach of the San Antonio Wolfpack) preached to them. Ian then left Oregon after his sophomore year to help support his new family that included wife Savannah and new born Dash (now 9). It’s no wonder that Kelley has become a leader and supporter of the community and is cherished by both football and non-football fans. His family first attitude and community involvement are not the only reasons that Kelley has become a popular face in the EFL. His skill and ability to get to the quarterback, stop the run, and also defend in coverage has made Ian one of the most feared defensive players in the league. He meets the eye test and the statistics back it up. Through eight EFL seasons, Ian has racked up 753 tackles, 109 sacks, 7 forced fumbles. 6 interceptions, and 65 passes defended. Kelley won Linebacker of the Year and Defensive Player of the Year in S14, and currently ranks 5th all-time in career sacks. It is likely that he’ll finish his career in the top 10 in all time tackles, sacks, forced fumbles, and possibly tackles for loss. The work that Ian has put in on and off the field in Miami will hopefully someday lead to a spot in the hall of fame. We know his hometown would be just as excited about this as his fans in Miami.
  7. Man was hoping for some trade news in this draft
  8. Welcome to the squad @LittleRiDog
  9. Figured I'd take those individuals that have been important figures in Patrick's career. @AW13 @Latti @Alecbama @ANTISIMPLE. Thanks for everything guys! Local DuPont Manual High School product, Patrick Kelley is coming off his 6th season in the EFL and looking to keep things rolling as a professional football player. Kelley went all the way out to Eugene, Oregon and pledged his services to the University of Oregon Ducks out of high school. He left the University after an amazing four year career and was the all-time NCAA career leader in receptions, receiving yards, and receiving touchdowns. He still holds the mark for yards and touchdowns, but was surpassed by Mr. Cornholio @Cornholio for career receptions. “My time at Oregon included some of the best moments of my NCAA career,” said Kelley at a recent Oregon football luncheon. “I’m proud of what I accomplished here and the NCAA records that have my name as an Oregon Duck next to them.” Kelley was drafted 3rd overall by the New Orleans Kraken in the S11 draft. A few games into the season, he was then traded to Los Angeles. He has played for the Reign ever since. Along with winning as many Super Bowls as possible, one of Kelley’s personal goals was to break some career receiving records in the EFL to go along with his NCAA records. Kelley’s first 5 years in Los Angeles were extremely productive and promising for his career goals. The Reign made the postseason in all 5 years and won it all in S13. Patrick meanwhile was producing at an unbelievable level, always finishing in the top 2 in receiving yards for the year and often finding himself up for receiver of the year. If it wasn’t for future Hall of Famer, Deanderson Sabathia Jr. @omgitshim, he probably would have taken home a couple of those awards for the top receiver. During those 5 years, Kelley amassed 399 receptions, 7,892 yards, and 59 touchdowns. He was well on his way to his goal of breaking an EFL career record or two. Unfortunately for Kelley and the Reign, the S16 season happened. The Reign finished 4-10 and missed the playoffs for the first time in Kelley’s career. That wasn’t the worst of it though, Kelley finished with a career worst 55 receptions for 998 yards and no touchdowns. You read that right “0 TDs”. It was a sobering season for Kelley and has led to speculation that he’s past his prime. Kelley however refutes that fact. “It was just a bad season overall,” said Kelley in a recent interview. “I played like crap, the offensive scheme changed, and things just didn’t click. I’m going to work my tail off this offseason to get back to the production you saw in my first 5 years.” There is some speculation that Kelley may be moved this offseason. It is a known fact that he wants to end his career playing with his brother, Miami linebacker Ian. Knowing this it is believed that Los Angeles will look to get some value for him before he becomes a free agent at the end of the year. No matter what ends up happening, we hope that Kelley finds a situation that will help him rejuvenate a potential Hall of Fame Career.
  10. @Turner if we are being regressed can we still do an update and just bank the TPE? Only reason I ask is that there is a lot of stuff to claim and keep track of.
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