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  1. I'd cry if we drafted another interior defensive lineman instead of Bosa
  2. Idk didn't really have much to write about, so for my rankings article I'm just gonna do this. Note this isn't set in stone just my opinions. Some come from like personal prefrence and some are like what is better imo. QB: 1. Intelligience 2. Accuracy 3. Arm 4. Speed 5. Agility/Strength Reasoning: This is mostly what I heard but it checks out. Intelligience is the one you want the most of because it helps with everything, accuracy helps with interceptions a bit and completion percentage a lot, and arm mostly just helps with completion percentage. Adding in some scrambling ratings too help because it can help you gain rushing yards, avoid sacks, and avoid throwing the ball away unless you have to. Ideal Spread: I think you want to get the 3 passing attributes up together with the priority in the order I listed. Like if they are all 60, get int to 70 first, then acc, and arm. Before you head to the EFL ideally you want speed at like 50 or 60 too so you are faster than the D-line bots. Agility and Strength can wait till your passing stats are in the 90s. RB: 1. Speed 2. Hands 3. Strength 4. Agility 5. Intelligence 6. Pass Block Reasoning: This one is more my oppinion. Speed is number one because it's by far the most important, that's known. After that it gets a bit foggy. I like hands second after speed to prevent fumbles and make some catches. After speed the effect on YPC isn't as strong so the next focus should be YPC. Agility/Strength are like interchangeable Ideal Spread: Speeeeeedddd. Like just get the other ratings to 50 and speed up the rest of the way. It makes the biggest difference for RBs by far WR: 1. Speed 2. Hands 3. Agility 4. Strength 5. Intelligience 6. Run Block Reasoning: lol this almost looks exactly the same as RB. I didn't mean it to be this this way. Imo speed is still the most important cause it allows you to get open the most and gives the opportunity for long catch and runs. Hands next cause you need to catch, and agility/strength after that because it helps you go for yards after catch. Ideal Spread: You kinda need to have like atleast 85-90 speed in the EFL to be succesful so that should be a priority, hands should be pretty close as well so you aren't dropping too much. Agility and Strength can lag behind it but having it at 70 while speed/hands are 90 is pretty solid. Int get it up when it is cheap for you to increase but otherwise not that big of a deal. Receiving TE/FB: 1. Speed 2. Hands 3. Strength 4. Agility 5. Blocking 6. Intelligence Reasoning: Speed is still ultra important here like it is for like every position. Hands for receiving TE/FBs follows and strength is next after that. Agility can still use some work too as it helps with yards after catch which is pretty important but not as important as it is for WRs. Ideal Spread: Speed, hands, and strength are your big 3 you want to get up. Agility can lag behind a little bit and blocking/intelligience just get it to 50 or so when it's cheap and don't worry about it that much otherwise.
  3. dam this is great work. I never knew height even mattered
  4. 1. Any specific players you want to play with in the EFL? 2. Who is the best players at your positions in the NCAA other than your own? 3. If you could pick an underdog team to make a run from now till the end of the year who would it be? 4. Whose your favorite players?
  5. J.G.10


    Fuck it, I always talk ab Michigan or John, I'll do Jack this week. Jack Smith on season so far: "It's been more of the same for me this season. Just trying to cover my man do whatever it takes to help my team win. I think I am doing a solid job at that. Not trying to do too much staying in my lane and not trying to go for the hero play. Still some more interceptions would be nice. Just one interception so far this season is really disappointing from me. Luckily Memphis is doing really well without me balling out this year. Our GM has made incredible moves and rn we are in the thick of a playoff run. I think that is all you can really ask for just 3 years into being a team. I am really excited about the future of this team and plan to stay here for a long time."
  6. Michigan is signing elite LB prospect Henry Hill to a redshirt contract @K1NG LINUS!
  7. 1. How is the first half of the NCAA looking for you? 2. What are your goals for the second half? 3. How long do you see yourself staying in the NCAA? 4. What do you think the chances are for a Natty this year?
  8. J.G.10


    Michigan AD on the second half of the season "I think we are doing a really good job so far. Obviously with a 7-0 record we are doing a lot of things right. Our defense has been top notch, we are forcing turnovers and forcing a lot of punts. This is a really good sign going forward. On offense Razor has been an absolute beast. Like it's crazy how well he is playing this year. I've rarely seen someone dominate the league like he has. Our passing offense needs work though. Idk why Rose is struggling so much despite being imo the best QB in the league but I need to figure this out. As a result much of our recievers have struggled thus far too. I honestly am not 100% sure what is wrong but I'm changing things up each week to try and figure it out. Let's see how the second half goes"
  9. @PigSnout Alr I feel like I need to apologize for the way rose is playing. No clue what’s wrong but I’ll figure this shit out
  10. damm we better not lose this
  11. Let’s goo. I’ve missed these red zone sims
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