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  1. + 3 Brand +3 Payroll +6 Graphic Allocation : Accuracy +10 (55-> 60) 2 TPE Banked
  2. Strength: 35 Agility: 35Arm: 35Intelligence: 35 Accuracy: 35Tackling: 35 (MAX: 80)Speed: 35Hands: 35 +1 (35 -> 36) (MAX: 90)Run Blocking: 35Pass Blocking: 35Kick Distance: 35Kick Accuracy: 35Endurance: 100 +30 starting + 3 Brand +3 Payroll +6 Graphic Allocation :: Intelligence +35 (35 -->60) Hands +6 (35 --> 41 )
  3. Player Update Scale: 35-50: 1 Point 51-60: 2 Points 61-70: 3 Points 71-80: 5 Points 81-85: 8 Points 86-90: 12 points 91-95: 18 points 96-99: 24 points Starting TPE +30 High School Review +8 College Spotlight +8 Draft Declaration +8 College Review +8 Path to the Draft +8 Showtime Harrison Pic +6 league payroll +3 Brand +3 TPE : 81 Banked : 0 Allocations: Speed + 41 ( 35 -> 62 ) Accuracy +25 (35-> 55) Arm +15 ( 35-> 50 )
  4. Ray Cobaine - QB University of Oregon Player Information Name: Ray Cobaine Position: QB Archetype: Dual-Threat Height: 6"2 Weight: 210 Number: 8 Recruited By: Waka Shaka Player Attributes Strength: 35 Agility: 35 (MAX: 90) Arm: 35 Intelligence: 35 (MAX: 80) Accuracy: 35(MAX: 90) Tackling: 35 Speed: 35 Hands: 35 (MAX: 80) Run Blocking: 35 PassBlocking: 35 KickDistance: 35 KickAccuracy: 35 Endurance: 100
  5. (ESPN.com) Grading Ray Cobaine This report card was compiled by ESPN NCAA analysts to grade draft prospect Ray Cobaine college career. Arm Strength : C - This has been the biggest knock again Cobaine. I'm not sure I've ever seen him complete anything longer than a 20 yard pass, and that's against college defense. I'm worried about him at the pro level if he's not able to take the top off the defense, make the other team respect the long ball, and open up the field. Accuracy : B Cobaine has a surprising level of accuracy on his passes, which is only surprising because while he seems to lack the strength to complete a deep pass, he can certainly put enough velocity on the ball to zip passes through traffic, even when throwing on the run (which he does often). Decision Making: C + This may be the biggest red flag on Cobaine's resume. He makes ridiculous decisions at times. He will pass into double coverage when check down options are wide open. He will run for a 4 yard gain when a man is open 10 yards away. He will push the envelope and force the defense to adjust, but once the defense adjusts he can become an INT machine. Cobaine is going to HAVE to improve his decision making skills to be successful against professional level defense. Speed: A Ray Cobaine is going to be the fastest quarterback in the EFL from the moment that he is drafted, and I don't think it will be close. This former track star is faster than many "skill position" players and is not afraid to display his speed in the game. He is a dangerous and willing runner of the football, and throws well on the run. He is also durable enough to take a hit and run it back down your throat on the next play. If a coach wants to run a read option spread type of offense, this guys would be perfect. Agility: A What else can be said about this guys foot speed ? Fast, agile, quick, whatever word you is to describe a sports car. Cobaine runs so gracefully that sometimes you don't realize how fast he's moving, until he's dancing in the endzone. Intangibles: B - Cobaine is going to have to improve his pocket passing at the next level, and there are doubts on his ability to be effective in a pro style offense. However, this young man is the epitome of having a "nose for the endzone." He will score if he's put in the right system. -----------
  6. As Ray Cobaine walks up to the podium, a hush falls over the crowd. This crowd, made up of Oregon football donors, invited media members, and representatives from the Oregon athletics department, had been waiting for almost 20 minutes for the young man to take the stage. Now journalists start thier tape recorders and pull out thier pencils as Cobaine walks up to the microphone and taps it a few times. tap tap tap "Hey what's going on everybody. Sorry for the wait, this is a big moment for me." Ray looks at the crowd, the sea of familiar faces with some strangers sprinkled in. He takes a deep breath and continues. "Over the past 3 years, I have been so proud to call myself an Oregon Duck. We worked hard everyday, never gave up, never showed weakness, and never played with less than 100%. We left it all on the field every Saturday ! I love each and every person who wore an Oregon Ducks jersey, hoody, sweatshirt, or cap during my time here. The support I felt from my classmates, teammates, coaches, fans, and the community at large was overwhelming as hell. "Can I say hell, Coach ?" "Overwhelming as hell. And this is why it's so hard to do this. But I've decided to take my talents to the next level. I know you guys know about the SBA. Some of you media guys even cover the SBA, and know all about what I'm about to say." The board of directors at the SBA have announced that they are starting a professional football league, called THE EFL. The inaugural EFL draft has been announced and today I am here to make the announcement that my services will be available in that draft." Shutters flick and camera lights flash as pictures start being taken. "Now, while I'm sure that might be devastating for some fans, this is not a time to be sad. We still have a great young nucleus in place that will make a quick turnover and I assure you, you won't even know I'm gone. And hopefully you all continue to support me by watching me on the EFL Network. Thank you !"
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