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  1. well that game went like shit
  2. #TaggerttheDagger
  3. Well.....Alabama is technically a team.
  5. yeah cuz i was ranking the suggestions themselves the actual answers are irrellevent in order nobody RKG Blue, obviously above yellow and green for sadness, opportunities pissed away, and envy
  6. and then the next day almost everybody on the list underperformed compared to their pace
  7. Recently I sought o have a topic on which to do my season rankings article. Wondering what the league mgiht like to see I took to Discord and received....interesting replies. So I decided to rank them instead. Without further ado, let's make this thing happen. Bitches. #3 Teams you want to play for should you hit free agency. Plus their current records. The obvious last place among the three suggestions I got. This one requires the most work honestly. Plus, this sound suspiciously like a way to gage team interest not for the player it's inferred to be about (Suspicious Dave) but rather for Trustworthy Dan, my Senior LB form Alabama who is coming out in the upcoming draft and is currently sitting at 296 TPE (3012 after this article). I see your game sir. I see it and I grade it accordingly. Third place. Plus, implying that I intend to leave the Brigade in free agency isn't really keeping up with the goings on of the league. I'll let you figure that out if you're confused. If you can't..well...see above gif for clarity. #2 Ranking the letters in KGR Solid suggestion. It's flexible in the ways I could execute it. There's a plethora of comedic value in mounting a serious examination of the individual worth of specific letters in comparison to one another. A sort of dry, drawn out humor where I can ramp up the ridiculousness as I go along. I could also judge them by look, mouthfeel, amount of usage in important words like profanity, or by how each letter would do in a free for all letter brawl. The options are really varied. Thus, second place. It might have even gotten first if not for the best of all suggestions. #3 Gatorade colors that will never be dumped on Lattimore as he never wins a championship The clear cut favorite of the group. The one the got the most attention too in the form of emoji reactions, which as we all know are legally binding. For those who don't know Latt and I have developed something of a playful rivalry. He sees me as I rival and I play full seasons for other teams that aren't his. When he sent me his scouting for Trustworthy Dan it was headed "MR BACKSTABBING MOTHERFUCKER". When the Brigade beat the crap out of the Kraken a few days later I sent him back a response message with the box score. This is funnier if you know that thing I hinted at in the #3 breakdown. So with all that background, it's a suggestion that has a lot of ways I could go and jokes I could use to mock the Kraken and Latt and never winning a title in the EFL, by combining or flat out renaming colors and flavors to fit the theme. "Last Place Lemon Lime" for example could be such a name. Or "You Did Your Best Orange". There would be tons of opportunities to slip in pro-Brigade propaganda and subtle references to the fact that I've actually lived in both states during my lifetime and thus have some experience with their actual respective cultures. If you go back and read my articles (like you needed an excuse) you'll find that pops up here and there on a number of topics. And of course, as I said, razzing Latt is the best part of this and the main reason this suggestion is the clear cut no questions asked top suggestion for a ranking list that I received. Which is exciting for both of us, as it actually makes Latt #1 at something. Other than wearing the shit out of a bow tie, where he excels. And there you have it. This season's article, and the real people's champion ranking article, despite what snobbish articles that rank ranking articles might say. Special shout outs to @LattimoreIsland @KGR @AndrewWarren13 and @Turner for their help in this matter.
  8. I is a sad Brigade
  9. Ahh the good old shitposting easy 500 word article about stats. We know 'em, we love 'em. They're like the entertaining game thread post that was clearly for nothing but TPE purposes except longer. It's the joke that we're not only all in on, but we actually enjoy. So, with those concepts in mind, let's look at some records that might be in jeopardy this season through 6 games. Passing Touchdowns record- 51 Trent Taggert has......yes I'm writing about my own QB in an offense everyone knows I'm coaching so deal with it suckas.......anyway.....Trent Taggert has 22 touchdowns through 6 games which puts him at slightly over the line to hit 51. He'll need 29 in 8 games to match it. Can he? It looks plausible at the moment but one bad game could throw things off. It will be interesting to see if it happens. Passing Yards- 5,218 Again....Trent "Enormous Dick" Taggert is looking like he could possibly challenge the record and is currently on pace to beat it by about 60 yards. The same as the previous stat, though. A bad game can throw things off. But he hasn't had one yet and just crossing your fingers over and over doesn't make it happen. Neither does moving your own offense at an incredibly slow pace. Yes I know what you were doing and you know who you both are. How'd that work out? Completion %- 69.9 Nice. Anyway...in a weird, shocking, can't have predicted this type coincidence, Trent Taggert is currently sitting at 70.5% for the season. He may in fact be a mutant sent from the future to save us all through the power of passing. This, like the other potential record breaking stats is very tenuous. It's probably the most tenuous of the three listed thus far actually. He does already own the #7 all time percentage in this regard, too. Allright Adam Get the Fuck on With It- The Completions record is also on pace to be in danger and the QB Rating is just under the record. Kick Return Touchdowns- 3 Isaac Martin has 2 through 6 games. This is of course a very finicky stat and it's really hard to actually predict it in any way. But hey...he's right there already. This shit could happen. Recieving Yard- 1,678 With an average of 199 and change yards per game this is a tough one to crack. Sabbathia is close though through 6 games. He's averaging 117 yards per game and could actually challenge the very very tough to beat record if he keeps up his efforts. Memphis has the second most pass attempts in the league as well so there will be lots of opportunities. A few long passes that make up ground for any short days is always possible as well. Tackles- 158 San Antonio Linebacker Bonecrusher is on pace for 161 tackles. That's neat and also kind of thematically appropriate. Dude is crushing them bones. And the way the Wolfpack's defense plays (kind alike their namesake actually) it's very plausible he hits the mark. And that's about it folks. That's what we've got for the week. I'll see you all next week when I come up with some other thing to write. Hell, I don't think I've actually done a rankings article this season.
  10. Oh my god. Our feces! The bastards shit on them! How will we ever recover?
  11. great game LA. You did it. You held TaggertforMVP to 3 tds. and won.
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