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  1. $2,000,000 Ekong Okafor- LB @JaysFan26 Lester McCorn- CB @Cornholio Johnny Greg- K @brenstl Desmond King- WR @solas $1,500,000 JBL- RB @Pandar McCracken- WR @chemicalfire Champagne Harlotte- CB @SwagSloth Abroham Drinkin- LB @ADwyer87 $1,000,000 Trent Taggert- QB @Wally $250,000 Matt Hunter- S @CptMatt Total of $15,250,000
  2. Champagne Harlotte, CB and team leader in TMZ coverage S15- $4,000,000 S16- $2,000,000* S17- $2,000,000* @SwagSloth The man who would be King, RB turned speed demon WR, Desmond King S15- $2,000,000 S16- $2,000,000* S17- $2,000,000* @solas Trustworthy Dan, Linebacker and stuff S15- $2,000,000* S16- $2,000,000* S17- $2,000,000* @Me *or minimum if minimum is above this
  3. "It starts and ends with me." Phil Urr, Wisconsin Brigade GM, is sitting in his midtown Madison office. The team is having another losing season and the championship win of two seasons ago seems like a distant memory. One that many fans are quick to remind people came with Urr not officially in charge yet. Each of the past two seasons the team has lost a major veteran player that affected the team greatly. Star Linebacker Carl Lemington was given away for the draft pick that became Trustworthy Dan. Then following year, star WR Dr. Mantis Toboggan retired (as did Lemington). "Some things can't be helped. Sometimes people you want to stay forever can't. Sometimes things that help the team in the long run can hurt in the short term. I know that. My biggest issue...I think.....is that I tend to maybe undersell how big of an impact these things can have. I really shouldn't expect that we can just lose people like them and still be in top level contention. But I see the rest of this roster and I have a hard time not believing. I see our coaches and I buy in. I'm sure there have been a few times this seaosn when a couple guys on the team have rolled their eyes a little bit at my optimism. I get it. I also know that our time is coming. In the long run we're going to be contenders again. We have so much talent and especially young talent. Put that all behind Trent, who's hitting that point of his carer where he has that leadership and I think we're a real threat. Plus I think we just got plain unlucky a few times this season, but nobody wants ot hear that from the GM. So all I can really do is keep building. Keep this train moving down the tracks." The Brigade will finish their season with two road games against Memphis and Seattle in what looks likely to be a 5-9 result for the year. They currently sit in position for the 4th overall pick in the upcoming draft and they have numerous contracts to work out. To achieve the kind of growth Urr believes in they will need to recapture that high level offense they previously had and continue the growth of a defense that did notably improve this season. Urr's dream of building is perhaps not as far off as the records may indicate. "It's all part of the process. The bumps, the bruises, the lows. All of it. The only thing you can do as an organization is to just keep going forward. We're losing Richard this season. Like we lost before. But we have to keep going. It's what we do. Look at the positives too. We're scoring more. We're giving up a lot less points. We've made significant strides on defense actually. More sacks, more interceptions, more TFLs. Trent is having a better seaosn than he did last year as well. McCracken has had a breakout year. Our rookies are having really promising seasons. We just have to be steady. Stay the course. Shake off the dents and bruises we get on the way and...Just. Keep. Going. That's what we do in the Brigade. One play, one game, one person, one moment does not define us. We define us. And we define ourselves as fighters. What we won't be defines as is losers. Flukes. Failures. And the truth is, for as rough as these past two seasons have been, no one is selling us short. No one is taking us lightly. We're not surprising anyone when we rise up. We're walking into the stadium, going directly at the other team and walking out. As a team. A unit. A Brigade. And I'm going to keep building this Brigade into the powerhouse I know it can be. Those guys on the field are going to bring their best every game. It's my job to make sure that our best can beat the other team's best. It starts and ends with me."
  4. Week 9 Mambas @ Reign Predators @ Wolfpack Neptune @ Kraken Herd @ Brigade Week 10 Brigade @ Wolfpack Mambas @ Kraken Predators @ Herd Reign @ Neptune Week 11 Kraken @ Mambas Herd @ Predators Neptune @ Reign Wolfpack @ Brigade
  5. Here come them snek boys. Let's show 'em zombie warriors are immune to bites. @Wally@ADwyer87@SwagSloth@124715@brenstl@solas@Cornholio@CptMatt@Dangles13@Pandar@chemicalfire@hedgehog337@JaysFan26
  6. The Wisconsin Brigade would like to offer Preston Gunnar-Hudson a free agent contract for S34.
  7. "Never Broken" A loss is only a failure if you let it define your future Brigade won't get it twisted cuz we're gonna come back Everybody falls a bit but you gotta keep on going We will never fret in fear we always go on the attack Taggert's still the man with that rocket golden arm Crack and Dave and King will still fly through the air JBL's the savvy vet who mows down peeps like blades of grass Johnny Greg has got that leg that nails the ball way over there You want tackles? We got tackles. Get 'em here while they're hot Good luck contending with Drinkin, D'attoria, Dan, and Okafor If you wanna let it air, just go ahead and try us out though Zub, Harlotte, Hunter, and Lester would love to leave you broke and sore We kneel to no would be kings or wet Gods or force of nature in our path Battles we may lose but yet we fight and scratch and claw We will rise we will strike we will crush we will conquer Anyway who's out opponent next week? Oh. HAHAHAHAHA @Wally@ADwyer87@SwagSloth@124715@brenstl@solas@Cornholio@CptMatt@Dangles13@Pandar@chemicalfire@hedgehog337@JaysFan26
  8. ours either obviously we should double check and replay the game
  9. EFL Week 3 Tugg Bote and Charlies Hudson Combined Total Rushing Yards: 205 NCAA Week 3 Danton Howlson Total Rushing Yards: 65 EFL Week 4 New York vs Memphis Total Passing Yards: 590 NCAA Week 4 LSU vs Texas Total Combined Tackles: 54 Week 5 Total Passing Touchdowns for All EFL and NCAA Games: 41
  10. WE WASTE NO LYRICAL EFFORT ON RIPOFF GODS. @Wally@ADwyer87@SwagSloth@124715@brenstl@solas@Cornholio@CptMatt@Dangles13@Pandar@chemicalfire@hedgehog337@JaysFan26
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