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  1. I accept this offer of booze and fruit!
  2. https://vhlforum.com/topic/61606-draft-thoughts/
  3. Week 2 Mambas Predators Brigade Neptune Week 3 Predators Reign Mambas Brigade Week 4 Mambas Reign Herd Brigade
  4. W2 - Brigade @ Herd - combined Passing yards: 578 W3 - Total EFL Rushing TDs: 6 W3 - Neptune @ Predators - Total Sacks: 3 W4 - Total weekly EFL TD passes: 26 W4 - Reign @ Wolfpack - Total completed passes: 38
  5. Dangles13

    Zuberi Update

    It isn't easy watching your friends win when you're stuck on the sidelines. I had hoped to see Wisconsin as a top team in my rookie season but we ended up not making the playoffs at all. My good buddy, Julius Isola of the Miami Neptune was on the team that won the Championship and while I'm happy he won I am lowkey jealous as shit. I sent him a text and congratulated him but after that, I cracked open a beer and sat in misery. I know that I have my whole career to come back and win one or more championships but it sucks watching a guy I played with last season, go on and bring home a ring. After a few months, I plan to mercilessly mock Isola for riding the bench all the way through the playoffs but for now, I know I will let him have it. I don't really have a leg to stand on. We made a big trade in the offseason to bring in stud defensive back, Matt Hunter. Hunter was on the same championship squad as Isola and his defensive range will help us in our bid to chase down a ring. I have only seen him on the practice field so far but I have been blown away by what he brings to the table. Hunter has impressive speed and his smarts are evident all over the field, his pre-snap reads are legendary. I cannot wait to see what this squad is capable of now that we've had another season to gel. I have been trying to emulate Hunter and his habits and learn to see the game the way he does so I can make bigger plays. I'd like to get a few more picks and swats this upcoming season to help the team get to the big dance. Being able to pick up on audibles and read the quarterback's eyes better will make me a dangerous player, the player that I know I can be. Wisconsin has been good to me and I would love to reward that with some key plays and playoff success. We made some changes to the way we do things on the coaching side and I think that these changes will bring positive results to the field and I am excited to see our new tactics in play during the preseason. I don't know what the future holds for Wisconsin but I'd like to think we have all the pieces we need and Miami isn't likely to repeat so the league is wide open right now. I know I mentioned that I'd love to rib Isola later on but truth be told, I want him to succeed badly. The kid has a heart of gold and I think he has the tools to become a top tier wide receiver in this league. It's hard to root against those you played college with; you enter as boys and leave as slightly older boys and that bond is so special.
  6. Dangles13


    When I look back on my rookie season I won't reflect on my personal stats, even if I did it would only take me thirty seconds, instead, I will look back fondly on the giants I played with. The legendary players who carried this Miami squad to a Championship victory who I will idolize and respect for the rest of my playing days. Playing for a guy like Wheaties has been a real treat, he's a guy who you want to run through a brick wall for. Wheaties came to me, a complete scrub of a wideout, and asked if I would be comfortable with taking a lesser role if he were to trade for another wide receiver. I gained a lot of respect for him at that moment, he went out of his way to make me feel like I was a part of the future and that I was valued in my current role. I didn't have to think twice, I told him yes on the spot, I want to win and Asipi deserved a better option than me. I knew I had to get better and it wasn't going to happen overnight, I needed time to add strength and speed and learn my routes. Playing with players like Kowalski, Redman and Hood as a rookie was really an ideal situation for a rookie like myself. I learned more in the past several months then I did in my entire college career. I don't think my time at Michigan prepared for professional football at all; I felt like it was so natural there and I didn't have to worry about my opponents so much, I just used my size and strength to push guys around. Kowalski was a true professional and seeing him rack up a league-leading 19 touchdowns was awe-inspiring, I want to be that kind of dominant one day. Watching a guy like that showed me that I have to work harder, a lot harder if I want to get to that next level and I hope to take a big step this upcoming season. Losing Asipi to retirement makes for an interesting dynamic next season, will his replacement have more or less rapport with me? I guess I should circle back to the beginning, my most memorable part of this season will be our Championship run and eventual victory. My first game will always be special, my first touchdown will, of course, be forever in my heart but winning a ring in my first season is an amazing feat and one that likely will not be trumped. I didn't catch a single pass in either of our playoff games, I didn't record a tackle and I don't even know if I was listed on the game sheet truth be told but I loved it all the same. Watching Larkin nail that tying field goal in the two minutes sent my blood racing. Watching him line up for a forty-one yarder in overtime... I don't even know if my heart was beating at that point. Time stood still for me, there was no noise, I couldn't feel anything and I definitely wasn't breathing as he launched that thing through the uprights and crowned us, Champions!
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