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  1. Agreed, they should trade back, no trades in this mock though. They very well could be.
  2. Round 2 will come later, also this is with no trades... i expect some trades that will shake this up between 7-9 or 12-14 But let me hear it....
  3. Notre Dame looks towards playoffs as season nears end As the season slows down and plummets towards the post season, the Fighting Irish have climbed their way to the top of the Western Conference. At 5-3, the Irish are at the top, but are not far and beyond the leaders. Both the USC Trojans and the Texas Longhorns sit only one game behind the Irish with six games left on the slate. The next three games for Jay Jackson III and the Irish will be against three opponents with losing records, but their final three are against both Texas, USC and the Miami Hurricanes. These should provide significant challenges for the Irish down the stretch. "It's our time to get going. We have the upperhand, but we need to push and find a way to figure it out. We have to win the games down the stretch, because if we don't we're gonna miss out on a major opportunity. As a Freshman, it's really inspiring to play with some of these guys who have been fighting hard and doing their thing in the NCAA for a while. It just shows me I gotta really step up to the plate and contribute every day for the guys that way we can not only reach my goals, but theres. You gotta put on for the Seniors and show out ya know?"
  4. Week 8 Ducks at Hurricanes Trojans at Wolverines Tide at Irish Tigers at Longhorns Week 9 Trojans at Tigers Tide at Hurricanes Longhorns at Wolverines Irish at Ducks Week 10 Hurricanes at Trojans Ducks at Wolverines Tigers at Irish Tide at Longhorns
  5. Week 8 Brigade @ Wolfpack Mambas @ Krakken Predators @ Herd Reign @ Neptune Week 9 Mambas @ Reign Predators @ Wolfpack Neptune @ Krakken Herd @ Brigade Week 10 Wolfpack @ Mambas Brigade @ Krakken Reign @ Herd Predators @ Neptune
  6. Jay Jackson III suffering from case of Drops True Freshman wide receiver Jay Jackson III struggled in the Fighting Irish's most recent game, dealing with quite a few dropped passes. As the Irish lost late in the game, fans were left to wonder whether more catches from Jackson could've helped the Irish down the stretch to perform better and win the game. Notre Dame currently is very much in the playoff conversation, but needs the best out of their younger players in order to compete at a high level. "I've got to get better. It's plain and simple in my book. I've got tog et on Dewey's level and really elevate the other side of the field. When defensive backs don't respect you the same as the guy across the line, it makes it much easier for them to play defense because they feel like they might don't gotta play you the same way that they play the other guy, might let the ball get to you a few more times because they expect you to get anxious and drop it. I gotta hit the machines and make them pay for disrespecting me and letting me get open like that." Jackson and Notre Dame have a tough stretch of games coming down the line at one of the most important points in the season. If the Irish expect to get better, Jay Jackson III will have to improve his game.
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