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  1. QB: Vince Carswell (7) RB: Jimmy Numbers (6) WR: Zamora Jr (4) WR: Dale Cooper (6) FLEX: Cheet Ahn (1) TE: Bobby Melvin (2) K: Shawn Vinatieri (3) DST: Michigan (1)
  2. Shawn Vinatieri is gearing up for his final NCAA season and currently has 252 TPE soon to be 255 TPE after this is done. He will have 81 kicking power and 81 kicking accuracy which might be 82 kicking power after this is completed. Not too bad for the player who has the most TPE ever for me in the EFL. While that is not saying much, it is a small victory for me since I find it hard to stay active and interested in the EFL since I care so little for football. However, it is fun now because I am so close to reaching the EFL. Shawn Taylor isn't far behind with 247 TPE which will be 250 TPE by the end of this. I wasn't very happy that Taylor didnt get the full 5 mil scholarship and it instead went to Emidas and Molholtp plus the two other uncaps in the Funk brothers. AD Wally was going to talk to one of the Funkz to take a paycut but I figure its just 2 mil difference and a 5 tpe difference so it wasn't worth that much trouble. Luckily Im a laidback guy. Another thing that keeps my interest in the EFL going is the TOS games. It is a lot of fun to play those and thank to OMG for keeping them going for the most part. I think we are 6 games done and he gets a well deserved break from them but is dealing with EFL offseason stuff so he is still very busy. So thank you for doing the TOS stuff on top of all the work you do for EFL. I can't wait for this to happen and me to finally be drafted into the EFL. I wonder where I will go. Last time i played i was with the Seattle Predators and Los Angeles Reign.
  3. i dont like change. im old. this is not good for the site. change is bad
  4. Name: Shawn Taylor Team: USC Workout/Equipment Name: 2.5 mil and 500k (7 tpe) Equipment Gain(If applicable): Cost of Workout: 3 mill Cash you Have: 3 mill Cash Left: 0 mil
  5. Name: Shawn Vinatieri Team: Miami Workout/Equipment Name: 4 mil + 1 mil (12 TPE total) Equipment Gain(If applicable): Cost of Workout: 5 mil Cash you Have: 5 mil Cash Left: 0 mil
  6. Shawn Taylor announces today that he will be entering to Season 17 EFL Entry Draft. Shawn Taylor has spent the last two season in USC and will be leaving win or lose after his 3rd. Taylor made the playoffs last season with USC but lost to the eventual NCAA champion Texas Longhorns. Shawn Taylor says "School just isn't for me anymore. The professors and school just aren't my lifestyle anymore. I have little to no interest in going to classes nor do I care about getting my degree." Shawn Taylor's family urged the young man to complete his studies because scholarships just aren't handed out everyday but his mind is made up. Taylor wants to leave USC after this season. I think I can make more money playing in the EFL than I could with any degree. Football is my life and I think I am a pretty good Linebacker. I expect to go in the first round and get paid. I don't expect anything less than a Hall of Fame career for myself in the EFL playing for whoever. I just want to go to a team that will pay me says Taylor. Shawn Taylor wants to win the NCAA Championship before he leaves so does this mean he will stay another year if the Trojans don't pull it off this season? Maybe, maybe not. Taylor just wants to be a winner every where he goes so making the finals this season is a must as is winning the title. However, it will be tough as the Longhorns will only get better on the backs of their championship season. However, Taylor will have no doubt in his mind that himself and Funkz can shut down that offense.
  7. Shawn Vinatieri has declared that this upcoming season in the NCAA with the Miami Hurricanes will be his last. He says that he is looking forward to the EFL. Shawn V says, that this past season, was fun but if he were to stay past this season that he might lose interest in a football career. He is closing in on passing his classes for his degree and he is working very hard to help translate his game from NCAA to the Elite Football League. Miami made it to the NCAA finals, Shawn V was hoping it would have ended in a win but the Hurricanes just fell short. While he hopes to win this season, he won't exactly be heartbroken and want to come back for a next season like one Zion Williamson had said once upon a time. Going to the finals once is good enough for me and twice would be amazing and to win would be the best. But there are bigger and better things to come like making a EFL team then winning the Championship. Kicking that EFL winning has always been a dream of mine and doing this brings me one step closer to making it a dream come true. Being a kicker is a little underrated as someone who can make kicks with precision and power while also punting will help any team. Punting on defense is helpful because if you can get a good punt away despite your offense not being able to muster much you can help that defense with a good punt. On the flip side if you can make a long field goal, to help your offense that is another help and kickers will continue to be underrated imo. Shawn V is looking to change that narrative as he plans to play a long long long time in the EFL. They'll have to cart me off the field because the only way I will stop kicking is when my leg falls off.
  8. Both my players have made the NCAA playoffs and both didn't end up winning the Championship which was quite disappointing. However, I can't complain too much since both players are set to make another run at the playoffs next season. My last season in the NCAA with my uncapped players for the first time in about 14 seasons. It has been a long time coming for Shawn V and Shawn T. I am quite excited to see the new the EFL since it has changed a lot since I was apart of the inaugural season. Shawn V is my offensive player and looks to have a long successful career as a kicker. Shawn T looks to emulate the career of Lawrence Taylor who was one of the most feared defensive players ever. It will be a lot of fun looking forward in my EFL career for the first time in a long time. Shawn Brady and Shawn Polomalu were killed for a lack of interest from staying the full 4 seasons where I lost interest in both players as well as lack luster Sr seasons. However, I have stayed on top of things for these two players careers so it should be a lot better in Year 3 here.
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