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  1. yay we won. too bad i didnt get that pick 6! not a bad 15th overall pick by MMFLEX
  2. Shawn Lawrence Taylor was taken with the 15th overall pick in the Season 17 EFL Entry Draft. I'm not surprised because Taylor lost interest in the league before the draft even happen. He stated outside reasons due to personal life such as family members passing away and spousal issue were the reasons but now after putting that behind him and moving forward, Taylor is back and ready to practice again. Lately, Taylor has just showed up to games, did his thing then went home and not talked to no one nor did he practice. Just games and that is it. However, going forward it will be changing. Taylor says the life he was living was not a healthy one and now vows to change for the Seattle Predators who believed in the linebacker. He wants to give the Predators everything he has to show that drafting him was not a mistake. Taylor believes he is a first round talent, and he will show that he is. Shawn Vinatieri on the other hand, I don't think was drafted, but he will continue to workout like he was and hopefully a team picks him up. Maybe if he works hard enough, he will get a tryout. If not then maybe we will see a retirement from Vinateri. Either way, look for both players to come back stronger than ever. They have something to prove to the EFL. They have chips on their shoulders.
  3. if only i didnt witch don into huddle. if only i found siddhaus.
  4. obviously he was in jail but i still saw bash go there, i thought this was known knowledge he was in jail
  5. yea sorry it was a tough weekend for me, ive been busy, wedding and stuff, im the Lookout. first night I watched Symm, bash went to visit, then 2nd night i watched uphill and don went to visit. the last two nights ive been too busy to check in, but it looks as if jhatty is the jani vote jhatty
  6. i missed the fucking point after kick. well fuck me there goes the kicker of the year award
  7. i can confirm i was not jailed night 1, I think what happened since you said you were witched is you got witched into symm who was jailed. which led to your confusion. unless im just wrong and confused as well.
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