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  1. Season 6 - Oregon Ducks 7-7, LSU Tigers 5-9 Season 7 - Oregon Ducks 8-6 (15-13), LSU Tigers 9-5 (14-14) Season 8 - Oregon Ducks 11-3 (26-16), LSU Tigers 6-8 (20-22) Season 9 - Oregon Ducks 11-3 (37-19), LSU Tigers 4-10 (24-32) Season 10 - Oregon Ducks 10-4 (47-23), LSU Tigers 1-13 (25-45) Season 11 - Oregon Ducks 13-1 (60-24), LSU Tigers 2-12 (27-57) Season 12 - Oregon Ducks 6-8 (66-32), LSU Tigers 3-11 (30-68) Season 13 - Oregon Ducks 10-4 (76-36), LSU Tigers 5-9 (35-77) Season 14 - Oregon Ducks 11-3 (87-39), LSU Tigers 10-4 (45-81) As you can see, the Oregon Ducks hold the overall record with 87 wins since S6 when LSU came to the NCAA. The Tigers on the other hand have just 45 meaning the Ducks have almost won twice as many games as the Tigers. In Season 6, the Ducks won both games against the Tigers by a combined score of 45-24. In Season 7, the Ducks and Tigers split the games each winning at home. The combined score was 31-31 so no team seemed to have the upper hand in this one. Season 8 saw the Ducks sweep the series winning both by a combined score of 34-17. Season 9 saw more of the same as the Ducks won both games by a combined score of 64-20. For those counting at home the series is at 7-1 in favor of the Ducks with them scoring 174 points and the Tigers scoring just 92. In Season 10, the Ducks won both games by a combined score of 76-9. These games were massacres. Season 11 saw more of the same as the Ducks won 2 more games by a combined score of 68-17. Despite a downish year in S12, the Ducks wound up winning 2 more games by a combined score of 53-34. S13 it was the same song and dance which saw Oregon win 2 games by a combined score of 66-54 which was the closest these two games were since S7. This season, LSU finally broke through and won both games for the first time in franchise history. LSU won by a combined score of 37-27. For those counting at home though, the Oregon Ducks have won 8 of the past 10 games and 15 of 18 total. It is a one sided rivalry but the Tigers have momentum at the moment from winning the last two games. I guess we will see what happens this weekend in the Championship Game. I hope LSU wins personally, I love a good underdog story.
  2. can i write something next week or can i just unclaim my welfare. i was thinking itd be media week but nothing was announced so i went and did welfare
  3. i think its just the way the game goes. kill tact first night im also in
  4. is this some kind of sick joke. 0/11 qb who obviously wasnt supposed to start. with what turner said he didnt even start the game he was supposed too.
  5. welp that was a sad way to end the USC season. however Miami looks to go to the playoffs
  6. The Miami Hurricanes have climbed to 2nd in the East and look to hold that spot as they play the 4-8 Michigan Wolverines and the 2-10 Notre Dame Fighting Irish. The Hurricanes are 5-1 at home but 0-6 away from Miami. This doesn't bode well for the playoffs as the LSU Tigers are also 5-1 at home and hold the 1st seed. The USC Trojans look to finish the season strong and maybe make the playoffs as the 2 seed. However it will be tough as the Trojans play the 1st seeded Oregon Ducks who are 10-2 as well as the 2nd seeded Texas Longhorns who are 9-3. It looks like unless a miracle happens. Shawn Taylor is having himself a nice season with 64 tackles, 5 tackles for loss, 1 forced fumble, 1 fumble recovery and 2 pass deflections. He is the 2nd best linebacker on the team behind Rayz Funk. Shawn Vinatieri has made 33 of 35 extra point kicks for a 94.3 completion rate. Shawn V has also made 11 of 12 field goals including 1 from 50+, 4 from 40-49, 3 from 30-39, 2 from 20-29 and 1 from under 20. The only miss was from 30-39 yards. Overall, the freshman season from my two players have been a lot of fun.
  7. i wouldnt say im pushing for a lynch. however, im always a fan of them. id rather make the mistake of lynching someone who hasntt posted yet than lynch someone who gets framed for something. this is the safest lynch option at the moment. and the pros of lynching him are it brings majority down to vote and if hes good then makes it harder for his role to be fake claimed. cons are obviously if we lose a townie. thats just my two cents.
  8. ok. lets get picked off by neutrals and maf. sit around and wait for info that isnt going to come around. we need lynches. we get info for lynches. it is hard to call him IA but in a smaller game like this we need to lynch. plus wanting to lynch starts activity. all yall who dont want to lynch are sus. in SBA TOS the town did not lynch anybody until it was too late. like a 7 days the town got 1 lynch in. 1.
  9. flex is a slacker at work/thread
  10. 1. yea playing soccer, i was the goalie. saved a bullet that bent my wrist to the back of my arm. 2. ok 3. im a righty. luckily it was my left. 4. im a fan of lynching inactives. yes its hard to label him an inactive but hes has more than enough time to come into the game and contribute. the last few games some inactives who dont post or people who dont post in general have held some important roles mostly bad. either we lynch him and hes town. that sucks but he didnt contribute anyway. we learn his role and it makes it harder for those to fake claim. it also brings the majority vote down. if hes bad then its a win.
  11. Week 12 Texas v Miami Alabama v Michigan USC v Notre Dame LSU v Oregon Week 13 Oregon v USC LSU v Alabama Michigan v Miami Notre Dame v Texas Week 14 Oregon v Alabama Michigan v LSU Miami v Notre Dame USC v Texas
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