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  1. apparently I remembered how to throw a football. 5 TD passes on 15 attempts.
  2. Shawn Brady is at a loss for words. First the season is not going as expected as the Fighting Irish are 1-4 which is not looking good in the Western Conference as both the Texas Longhorns and Oregon Ducks are 5-0. It almost seems certain that the team will miss the playoffs as the defending champs. Shawn Brady who was expected to break out in a huge way has been a big disappointment. Brady has thrown for just 668 yards and 3 touchdowns while also throwing 8 INT's. It was not supposed to go down this way but it is what it is. Shawn Polomalu on the other hand has been playing for the East leading Michigan Wolverines who are 4-1. He led the league in tackles last year but so far has just 29 this season with 1 forced fumble, 2 sacks and 1 safety. Not bad considering the team is pretty good. Overall, I am really disappointed in Brady but will stick it out for the rest of the year, however, I may have to look at a position switch since the leagues QB's are mostly taken. Or maybe ill just keep updating a be a backup and wait for my time to shine as one of the other leagues QB's drop out. Polomalu will have a place no matter what as he is a defensive player and defensive players always have spots.
  3. Bama Texas Michigan Oregon Bama Michigan Texas Oregon Michigan Mami Oregon Texas @Turner 9/12 = 2 TPE @Snussu 8/12 = 1 TPE @Moosecop 9/12 = 2 TPE @xsjack 8/12 = 1 TPE @124715 9/12 = 2 TPE @K1NG LINUS 8/12 = 1 TPE @LattimoreIsland 7/12 = 1 TPE @jmoney 8/12 = 1 TPE @Symmetrik 7/12 = 1 TPE @Enorama 9/12 = 2 TPE @ANTISIMPLE 8/12 = 1 TPE @Cornholio 7/12 = 1 TPE @SnapTackleDrop 8/12 = 1 TPE @TJH 9/12 = 2 TPE @bemetsz 7/12 = 1 TPE @Wally 6/8 = 1 TPE
  4. Shawn Polomalu was born in Garden Grove, California so you would assume he went to a high school somewhere in California. You would be wrong as he was a young boy about 5 years old, he and his family vacationed and visited family in Oregon. Since then, he begged and begged his mom and dad to live in Oregon with his aunt and uncle. They finally caved and then Shawn went to Douglas High School in Winston, Oregon. This high school though doesn't have much big name athletes that graduated with just punter Josh Bidwell graduating from the same HS. In his freshman season, like most young high school players, Shawn was a two way player, meaning he played on both offense and defense. Shawn would rush for a modest 500 yards but he excelled on defense with 75 tackles and 12 passes defended. In the 2nd season, Shawn was able to rush for 642 yards and 2 touchdowns but again, he showed some great potential on defense with 80 tackles and 19 passes defended and 2 interceptions. Coming into year 3, Shawn would unfortunately get injured and be forced to miss his whole season. It turns out it would be his final year as he was able to focus on his studies and move onto the NCAA. Shawn had some offers to play at a few schools but the Michigan Wolverines stood out to him because of the prestige of the school. So far it turns out it is the right choice as Shawn won a National Championship playing for the school. However, that is a story for another time.
  5. Shawn Brady grew up in San Mateo, California so he had a wealth of schools to go too. His parents enrolled him in Junipero Serra High School which is commonly known as Serra or JSHS. A few well known athletes went to this High school and they are the likes of Barry Bonds, David Bakhitari and actor Michael Trucco. It seems like a great place to go especially if you are a young male athlete in the area. Shawn Brady wasn't immediately named the starter as he was a just a freshman but the team was also 0-8 and the starter did not throw a single TD all season. After just minding his own business and working on himself, the original starter got injured and it was Brady's time to shine. He finished off the rest of the season going 2-4 which is respectable since the team was pretty bad. In year 2 and 3, the team went a combined 16-12 with Brady throwing over 50 TD's compared to just 19 interceptions. It was apparent that Shawn Brady would be a very fine QB at the next level and after his HS career ended, Shawn Brady announced that he would be going to the NCAA. Brady had a few schools wanting his services but weren't interested in him starting right away so when the Notre Dame Fighting Irish came with a offer of Brady the instant starter, Brady jumped at the idea and the rest they say is history.
  6. Things have not been going according to plan for Shawn Brady who has been struggling this season despite having all the talent to succeed. So far this season through 3 games he has thrown for just 403 yards completing just 58 percent of the time. He has also only thrown 2 touchdowns compared to 6 interceptions. It cannot be explained as to why he is struggling so bad. Maybe the Championship hangover is in full effect. Shawn Polomalu on the other hand also has a had a slowish start. He has completed just 14 tackles and 1 sack. This a pretty far cry from the league leading 110ish tackles he had last season. The two players couldn't have picked a worse time to start to struggle then their draft seasons. With the way Brady is going he would be lucky if someone drafted him since the EFL teams seem pretty set on the QB position for the time being. Which is disappointing because I think about half the teams (wild guess off the top of my head) have GM QB's. Which is disappointing because those who create QB's would want to play that position but I guess it is oone of the positions everyone wants to play because it gets the most glory.
  7. QB: Shawn Brady $5 RB: Lynch Marshawn $3 RB: Duke Starscream $6 WR: Mr.Cornholio $6 WR: The Rock Johnson $2 Flex (WR/RB/TE): Jimmy Numbers $1 K: Jasper Canmore $2 D/ST: Michigan $3
  8. Name: Shawn Brady Team: ND Fightin Irish Workout Name: 10 + 2 TPE Cost of Workout 5 Million Cash you Have: 5 Million Cash Left: 0 million Name: Shawn Polomalu Team: Michigan Wolverines Workout Name: 10 + 2 TPE Cost of Workout 5 Million Cash you Have: 5 Million Cash Left: 0 Million
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