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  1. Longwell's latest foray into the playoffs The Reign are pretty much a constant in the playoff picture now, and as such, our ADwyer player Kasay Longwell has gotten plenty of playoff experience. This S15 season, Longwell got to add two more playoff games to his resume. this is how they went: The first game was a showdown between the Reign and the Seattle Predators, and it would end up as Longwell versus arguably the best kicker in EFL history, Adam Winesorcery. Both of these players would end the night perfect, but while Winesorcery would not attempt a field goal, Longwell would sink a 21, 29, and 36 yarder to put the team over the top 30-21. Longwell would also win the punting battle, with a punt pinned inside the 20 and a booming 57 yard punt. Moving on to the EFL championship game against the Memphis Mambas, and he would get the scoring started with a 41 yard field goal, but sadly those would be his only real points of the night. He would go 2/2 on extra points, but would never get much of a chance to score as the Mambas rolled to a 41-17 victory. Longwell would at least win the field position battle with his excellent punting, finishing with a 52.7 yards per punt, one pinned inside the 20, and a long of 68 yards. Longwells overall stats: 5/5 XP, 4/4 FG, 46.5 yards per punt, 2 pinned inside 20
  2. +3 for hurt hands
  3. Longwell loses his punting touch, Drinkin slows down a bit Longwell has been good at placekicking this season, a welcome surprise. He is one of two players with a perfect 100% extra point percentage, and is doing great with field goals as well, with only a recent blip miss from short range. This is all very impressive, and sets him as a truly talented kicker, but his usually solid punting has lately come under fire. in 26 punts he has managed only a 45 yards per punt average, and has only added one more punts inside the 20 since we last spoke. This is definitely an interesting trend, since punting seems to have been the one thing that Longwell has been consistently good at all this time. Hopefully he rebounds soon. Drinkin has also taken a few steps back in his tackles production. In the last three games he has only ammased 12 tackles, a far cry from his pace the rest of the season. He still is on pace to set a career best, and has also been productive in other ways in this three game stretch, with him doubling his TFL and sack total down this stretch, but it still is a bit of a step back in an otherwise positive season
  4. EFL Records Watch Hello all, I decided to try and check up this season to see if any records are on track to be broken, and as a matter of fact many are, and one already has been! Lets dive into them Passing Records: Passing Yards - Harlon Connecticut, 5924 yards The current leaderboards are filled with recent entries, with 6 of the top 10 passing yards in a season have come in the last two seasons thanks to the passing revolution. The current record was set by John Smith in S13 with 5942 yards. If Connecticut keeps on his current path, he will very much threaten to break this record, and possibly become the first 6000 yard passer in EFL history. Completion Percentage - Harlon Connecticut, 72% Another record Connecticut is in the running for is the completion percentage record. In his rookie season Logan Crawford set the high mark with a 69.9%, just barely missing out on 70%. Now through 8 games Connecticut has kept a sparkling 72% completion percentage, which would shatter a record that sees only 3.3% of a difference between the other top 10 QBs. Passer Rating - Logan Crawford, 120.7 Last season Martin Isaac's absurd 62 TD campaign saw him set the single season passer rating record with 121.2 passer rating, becoming the first QB to cross the 120 mark. Now, Logan Crawford seems to be on track to be the second. He is not quite on track to pass the record, but the small 0.5 difference is something that could easily be made up, and is worth keeping track of. Receiving Records: Receiving Yards - Deanderson Sabathia Jr., 1755 yards With the passing revolution taking the league by storm, and league passing record books are being covered in new ink, its no surprise that we are seeing a very good candidate to break receiving records as well. Deanderson Sabathia Jr. has already passed 1000 yards receiving n 8 games, and is on track to handily defeat the past receiving yard record set by Alton Taylor back in S5 Receiving TDs - Hunter Slade, 25 TDs Hunter Slade is having one of the craziest seasons i have ever seen in simulation football. His yards are ok, but they are nothing spectacular, and he is not getting many catches, as he is only the 4th highest targeted receiver on his own team. Despite that, he is on a torrid TD pace that could smash the previous record. His 14 TD performace with just 37 receptions in 8 games (an absurd 37.8% TD conversion rate) has him on pace to become the third receiver ever to catch 20 TDs Kicking Records: FG% - Evenging Chong, Adam Winesorcery, and Johnny Greg, 100% 5 seasons in EFL history have ended in perfect field goal kicking. We currently have 3 people trying to add into the ranks. The most notable of these kickers is Adam Winesorcery. He has already gathered 3 of the 5 perfect seasons, and is threatening a 4th, which would likely solidify his Hall of Fame status Longest FG - Diana Gunner, 62 yards The EFL Record for longest field goal was set by Jeremiah Johnson at 57 yards in S8. This feat was matched by Rencis Basais in S13. This season, Diana Gunner smashed that record by 5 yards, sinking a 62 yarder to immortalize herself in EFL legend XPs made - Evenging Chong, 63 XPs made Rookie kicker Evenging Chong is looking to set a record for efficiency on point after attempts. Two players have passed 60 extra points, and Chong threatens to be the third. The current pace of 63 extra points would fall just one short of the record set by Basais two seasons ago, but in a high scoring era, finding that extra PAT shouldn't be too hard. Hope you enjoy, and sorry in advance for jinxing you all
  5. Longwell and Gunner battle for Kicker of the Year, Drinkin continues to take over as face of the Wisconsin defense Longwell and Gunner seem to be embroiled in a fight to win the only thing that matters for kickers in terms of awards, the prestigious kicker of the year. Longwell and Gunner both have only missed one kick all season, with Longwell being 16 for 17, and Gunner being 13 for 14, with both misses fro these kickers coming from over 50 yards. Diana Gunner has been lethal from deep, already making 3 kicks from 50 yards out. In comparison, the rest of the league combined has 3 made between them all. While Gunner's 3 for 4 from 50+ is great, Gunner has no other kicks attempted from past 40 yards, while Longwell leads the league in kicks made from 40+ with 7 of 8 made. In punting, these guys are both are the cream of the crop. Longwell has a 48.2 YPP and 3 pins inside the 20 on 17 punts, while Gunner has an insane 52.5 YPP and 5 pins inside the 20 on 18 punts. Meanwhile, Drinkin has become Wisconsin's leading tackler for the first time in his career. He is currently sitting at 4th in the league with 58 tackles. He is on track to hit triple digit tackle numbers, which would well surpass his previous high of 87. Longwell has taken a much different role in the Wisconsin offense, switching from a more coverage role to a main linebacker, and it clearly has fit him well
  6. Evaluation of S11 QB Class So Far Take a random pick of an S11 first round pick, and theres a 50% chance that you'll select a quarterback. S11 grades out overall as a pretty solid class all around, but the story of the class will always start and end with the signal callers taken in that year. Lets take a look back at the 4 guys taken in the first round, judge their stats, and see if they underachieved or overachieved. 1st overall - New York selects Logan Crawford 1408 TPE, Currently in New York, S11 Offensive Player of the Year, S11 QB of the Year, S11 Offensive Rookie of the Year The first overall pick in the draft has the most TPE out of any of our members. We're starting off this list with a real softball, as Crawford is the best player in the bunch. He led the league in passer rating his first two seasons in the league, and finished the third one in 3rd place with a still impressive 113 passer rating. Lately, Crawford has struggled, finishing below a 100 passer rating for the first time in his career in S4, but he still has an impressive resume built up 2nd overall - Los Angeles selects John Smith 853 TPE, Currently Free Agent, S13 QB of the Year, S13 Playoff MVP, S13 EFL Championship, S13 Offensive Player of the Year, S13 MVP Its hard to believe, but the only guy on this list to have won an MVP is likely also the worst one here. Smith got off to a slow start to his career, pumping out some average to mediocre seasons for his first two seasons. In S13, he burst onto the scene strong, winning both the regular season and playoff MVP to go along with a championship ring. He followed that up with another great season, his efforts only overshadowed by Martin Isaac's insane 62 TD performance. However, after that season, he found himself unemployed. John Smith seems likely out of football already, just 4 seasons into his career, marking him safely in the bust category. 6th overall - Seattle selects Harlon Connecticut 1101 TPE, Currently Miami, S13 Comeback Player of the Year, S14 EFL Championship Connecticut had a solid start to his career, finishing second in the league in passer rating behind Crawford in their rookie season. He followed that season up with a real stinker, but after that won comeback player of the year and pieced together two solid but average campaigns. However, the latest of these campaigns ended with a championship. This was not with Seattle, however, but with Miami. Quality wise, he is currently leading the league in passer rating and has been a quality contributor. However, his best success has been away from the team that drafted him. Overall worth the pick, but seems like a failure from a team perspective 7th overall - Wisconsin selects Trent Taggert 1133 TPE, Currently Wisconsin, S12 Playoff MVP, S12 EFL Championship The last QB taken here, Taggert has been a bit of an enigma in his time in the EFL. Taggert is the most consistent QB in this group. His only year with a QBR under 100 was his rookie campaign, and he looks to keep that streak alive this season. He also has a great S12 playoff campaign that led to a Wisconsin championship. However, Taggert has yet to truly have an elite season. He seems like the Joe Flacco of the EFL almost, consistently good enough, with a flash of playoff brilliance, but not truly elite.
  7. A Great Year So Far For ADwyer Agency Players Finally, it seems like all the stars have aligned, and both Kasay Longwell and Abroham Drinkin are having great seasons in the same year, even if their respective teams dont seem to be able to do that. Longwell has put on a clinic so far this season. He is perfect on extra point attempts, and has only one field goal miss, which was from past 50 yards out. On the punting end, he has surprisingly not gotten a lot of reps, and has split time with a fellow kicker for the first time in his career. However, He has been very good in his limited action. In 8 punts, Longwell has managed to put together the second best yards per punt, as well as 3 punts downed inside the 20, an impressive 37.5% clip. Next, Drinkin has finally had his coming out party. Currently he sits 5th in the league with 36 tackles. He has been making his name not in the coverage game, but as a run stopper. He's managed a sack, two tackles for loss, and one forced fumble. Him and Trustworthy Dan have formed a fearsome linebacker duo
  8. would think you would want the Bulin Wall on defense
  9. wow, best punter not even in the running for the kicker award. OFFENSE TAKEN
  10. Longwell reacts to BigHuge McLarge retirement and trade This week was a sad one for the Reign faithful. First, the Reign had to sit and watch from home as the Neptune won the EFL Championship. Now, they have to deal with the departure of long time defensive stalwart BigHuge McLarge. McLarge was a force for the Reign: over the last 3 seasons he has been top 6 in the league in tackles, and was able to make plays both in the backfield and in coverage. There's no question that he is a major part of how this team was able to stay a true contender for so long. Since Longwell has gotten here, McLarge has been a great leader on the team. When he was told of the linebacker's retiring, Longwell stated "Its going to be different with him not around anymore. The locker room was always a lot more lively with him in it. He is leaving behind some very big shoes to fill." However, McLarge didn't just retire, the Reign have traded him to the New Orleans Kraken for his final season in the league. "Thats cold, man." said Longwell, "i mean, I get that it's a business and everything, but to trade someone who has been a mainstay for you and given his heart and soul to the team? Its hard to see."
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