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  1. Drinkin's Brigade and Longwell's Reign two very different stories Drinkin and the Brigade have had a rough middle stretch of the season. After starting strong, winning 3 of their first 4, Wisconsin has now lost 6 straight games. Drinkin has played well, but has not quite posted the same stat lines that marked his breakout season. Since last update, he has dropped to 15th in tackles in the league. He did manage to break 10 Pass Deflections on the season, a very big accomplishment, but he has fallen down to tied for 9th in the league and 3rd among linebackers now. Longwell and the Reign have been a totally different story. They also had a rough middle patch, but have rebounded out of it recently with a 3 game winning streak. Longwell is still struggling to adjust to the pro game, but he had a crucial clutch moment this season. Playing against the New York Herd, Longwell made 4 for 4 extra points in a tight 28-27 win. With extra points being an issue since he joined the pros, making sure to hit all of his extra points, especially in crunch time, shows some marked improvement in his performance up to this point.
  2. Drinkin keeps up pace, Longwell good everywhere except extra points After three more weeks, Drinkin has continued to be a very quality linebacker. He still sits as 10th in the league with 47 tackles. This is third on his team, but he is the highest linebacker on his team, and overall is 6th among linebackers. He has slowed down on Pass Deflections as of late, but he still remains first in the league and tied for 4th in the league with 8 on the season. One linebacker has more than him, and the closest to him after that is still two PDs away, so its clear that Drinkin is one of the best coverage linebackers in the game. Longwell has looked good as the season progresses. After an abysmal showing last season, Longwell now only has one missed field goal, which was from over 50 yards out. His punting has also stayed elite. He has the second best yards per punt average in the league, and has pinned 4 inside the 20, despite being tied for the second least punts in the league. One area he is still struggling in is extra points. After being one of the best ever in college in extra points, a miss in week 5 has brought him to 9 extra point misses already in his short pro career.
  3. Drinkin takes massive step, Longwell still off and on but improving After a great playoffs, Drinkin has shown that performance wasn't a fluke. Drinkin opened up the season with 3 straight games with 7+ tackles, a total he had only reached once before in the regular season. To make things better, one of his performances was an absolute monster of a game, where he registered 11 tackles, a sack, and 4 pass defenses in Week 3. His next game was a little rough, with only 2 tackles, but he still was dominant in coverage with 3 PDs. So far, he is 10th in tackles, and tied for the league lead in PDs with 7. Longwell has still looked a bit rough so far this season. This is shown with a Week 3 where he missed 2 of his 6 extra point attempts. As a college player, he only ever missed one XP, and now has already registered 5 in less than 2 full seasons. However, he has been solid in field goals. He missed one from deep, 52 yards, but outside of that he has hit one from every distance so far. His punting is also very strong. While he has not gotten many chances, he still leads the league in punt yards average.
  4. media week in SBA means only welfare for me
  5. The Two ADwyer Agency Players Get To Work In The Preseason and Week 1 Longwell was fresh from a disappointing season overall by his standards, and went into the preseason with zeal. In the preseason he drilled both his extra point attempts, but he truly shined in punting, with an insane 57 yards per punt average on his three punts. In week one he was less impressive in his punts, with just a 38.3 average, but he made up for it by going 4 for 4 on extra points, and hitting his only field goal attempt of the game, a 38 yarder that put the game firmly in LA hands. Drinkin has looked much better so far in this short season. He had a decent preseason. He only secured 5 tackles, but that was more than his average last year. In week 1, however, he lit it up. Drinkin was third on the team with 7 tackles and forced a fumble in a dominating win over the Wolfpack. This shows marked improvement from last year, and if he can keep this pace up for the rest of the year, we could see a pro bowl appearance out of him in the near future.
  6. +3 again, graduation week 2 busy
  7. bitch betta have my money
  8. A little confusing on the wording of Q1, are you saying to include the AD they had in S1, or just the ones after S1?
  9. Longwell blows it in key moment, Drinkin rises to the occasion The LA Reign played a hard fought Western Conference Finals against the Seattle Predators. After taking an early lead, the team allowed the Predators to come back in the game, but with 6 minutes left in the 4th, Longwell had the chance to put the Reign on top with a 46 yard field goal. He missed the FG wide right, and the game went to overtime, where the Predators ended up winning off a field goal themselves. After an up and down rookie season, this was definitely the biggest down of the year. It will be interesting to see if Longwell is kept around after this playoff costing gaffe Drinkin had a very different playoffs. In the Eastern Conference Finals, he grabbed his first career interception to go along with 5 tackles. In the championship, Drinkin really shined. He put together a sparkling stat line of 5 tackles, 1 sack, 1 TFL, 2 PDs, and 1 INT, good enough to be named the Defensive Player of the Game. Considering he has only won this award once before, this was a great example of how Drinkin was able to elevate his game when needed most, and the Brigade won the championship in overtime.
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