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  1. EFL: Playoff vs. Playoff So, I think I did something like this last season, but if not, let me explain what I want to do. I want to look through the 4 playoff bound franchises, and see what their record was against each other. This wont be a breakdown of each matchup, just an accumulation of the record against playoff teams. This is to see who is a true contender, and who just beat up on lower level squads. I will also try to see if these games were blowouts, or tight matches, to try and further my analysis. Miami Neptune: 1-5 Clearly, the 9-5 Neptune had some trouble closing it out against tougher opponents. They were taken to the woodshed as well, with only two losses within one possession and an overall point differential of -35. One thing to note is that the one win came just last week, home against the Memphis Mambas. So while history doesn't bode well for them, a recent showing could give them enough momentum to bring home the W. Memphis Mambas: 3-3 The Mambas have had a little bit more luck when it comes to playing tough opponents. They were able to split every single season series, going 1-1 against Miami, LA, and Seattle. Almost every game was close, with 4 games coming within 10 points, and Memphis coming out of the season with a +11 point differential. One interesting thing to note is how they were better away than at home, with their losses to Seattle and LA coming inside Tennessee. This is an odd occurrence for sure, but it could bode well if they make it to the championship. Seattle Predators: 4-2 Seattle is our first team with a playoff versus record of above .500, and they did it in tight fashion. Half of their games were one possession decisions, and despite the 4-2 record, they only finished with a +22 point differential. In week 6, Seattle took the field in LA and managed a close game, but they ultimately failed to win. It will be interesting to see if they can avenge this away loss, after beating the Reign 30-10 not too long ago at home. Los Angeles Reign: 4-2 LA was also able to secure a 4-2 record against playoff teams like their division rival Seattle. They had many close encounters, with all but one game coming down to a two possession finish. They also had a shockingly low point differential, only managing a +2 despite the winning record. This is a little bit of a scary prospect to think about, especially given Seattle's stellar point differential in comparison. So, that is the breakdown of playoff teams versus their fellow playoff brethren. I'm still a little short on word count, so I will add in some predictions. Here goes nothing: Memphis will top Seattle in the Championship I hope I am reverse jinxing my Reign here, but I do have a feeling about Memphis. Their ability to win away could really help them in the championship game, and they have shown that they can hang with the best. A +11 point differential with a .500 record implies a little bit of bad luck to me, so I feel like they are better than the already good record entails. Deanderson Sabathia Jr. will win Playoff MVP Sabathia Jr. is having a great season, but why do I think he deserves MVP? Its hard to give a wide receiver playoff MVP over a QB, but this is my reasoning. Over the 3 games Memphis won against playoff opponents, Martin Isaac had a great time with 14 TDs, but also struggled with ball security, throwing 5 INTs. Sabathia Jr., however, was dominant every single game. He reached triple digits in every single game, and also managed to haul in 4 TDs. I feel like this kind of performance is too good to ignore. So, there you go. Hope you like my takes
  2. Longwell firmly planted as top kicker candidate, Drinkin shows off QB pressure skills To close out the season, Kasay Longwell finished strong. He made 13 of 13 extra points, and also went 4 for 4 on field goals. This helped to boost his XP and FG percentage up with the best at the position. While he left a little to be desired on the punting front, his aforementioned tear as one of the best runs a punter has ever had allows him to keep up on top in those categories. Now Longwell looks to the playoffs, and hopes to build on an already impressive season with another championship trophy Meanwhile, Abroham Drinkin continues to struggle a bit, but he has been able to show up in the pass rushing game lately. In the last three weeks of the season, Drinkin doubled both his tackles for loss numbers and his sack numbers, managing to get at least one sack in each game. Drinkin has always been a versatile player, but his stats have failed to show this lately. This late season showing has helped remind people that Drinkin is not a one trick pony. He also managed to have 2 pass deflection down this stretch.
  3. jk, deciding not to be lazy, yay!
  4. when he punts, he will quite literally be dropkick murphy
  5. i guess i was looking at S12 index instead of the S13 one
  6. NCAA All-Underclassmen Offensive Team I have decided that I should try to branch out a little and cover some NCAA stuff as well. It's normal to look at the guys who are about to end their NCAA careers and start on the road to EFL glory, but it's perhaps a little less common to look at the young freshman and sophomores that are lighting up the league already. Its no telling how these players go. They could become elite talent, or they could fade into obscurity, but for now they are campus legends. Lets look at the best of the youngsters. QB - Vince Carswell - Texas - @LittleRiDog Its a tight race for who the best freshman QB in the league is right now, but the edge goes to Vince Carswell. After missing the college football playoffs last season, Texas is right on track with an 8-2 record, thanks in no small part to their new QB. Carswell has the best passer rating outside of the LSU quarterback duo, and currently paces the league with 15 touchdown passes. Runner Up: Dropstar Fromtable, LSU RB - Asahel - LSU - @Psanchez55 The man with only one name, its a little odd that the NCAA folks didn't set his player in the sim with his one name as his last name. Anyways, Asahel is a force to be reckoned with as a second year starter. As one half of the most lethal rushing attack in college football, Asahel has already amassed over 3000 rushing yards in his short career. He looks to enter the draft this season, and could very well be a top draft pick given his production. Runner Up: Devin Schwaibold, LSU WR - Calle Colt - Miami - @SnapTackleDrop You might think of this one as an odd choice, given that there is another sophomore wide receiver leading the league in receptions, but let me explain my choice. Colt has very impressive numbers per catch. His 15 yards per catch are second among players with 20+ receptions. His 6 touchdowns are also no small feat, tying him for second place there as well. He is a consistent and efficient producer in the pass game, despite being in a Miami offense that has the second lowest pass/rush attempt ratio. That is impressive, and it is what pushes Colt over the top for me Runner Up: Frank Funk, USC TE - Alex Adler - Michigan - @aCrypticPancake Tight end is often a rather thankless and much less flashy position. However, sophomore TE Alex Adler deserves some recognition for his work so far. He leads the nation in receiving yards among tight ends, and also is an exceptional blocker. He averages both 11 yards per catch, and has tallied 11 pancakes all season, all while not allowing any sacks. Runner Up: Jordan Sterling, LSU K - Lionel Bands - Texas - @goat like meat When I say kicker, I'm purely looking at kicking. If I do a defensive team, I will address punting there. With kicking, the best young face seems to be Lionel Bands. In his freshman season he has gotten a lot of work in, making the second most extra points and the most field goals among all kickers. What really sets him apart is his distance, however. He has attempted the most field goals from 40+ yards among his peers, and remains the only kicker with one form 50+ yards out, draining a 53 yarder Runner Up: Cody Smith, Alabama
  7. Kasay Longwell cements self as top punter, searches for Kicker of the Year recognition It may not be a flashy stat, but punting is a crucial element to football. Bad punting doesn't usually hurt a team, but good punting very literally changes the game plan in your teams favor. for this reason, it's very important to point out how Kasay Longwell has been on one of the best punting stints over the last 3 weeks, boosting his numbers to rank him as the best punter in the EFL. Through three games that were all very close, 6 of his 13 punts were pinned inside the 20, averaging 46.9 yards per punt. This brings his number of punts inside the 20 to first in the league, despite having the second least number of punts out of all full time punters. He also has the second highest yards per punt out of all full time punters with 46.8 yards per punt. This success has brought him right back into the Kicker of the Year discussion that he was previously on the outside looking in on. He is still tied with the most XPs made in the league, and has only missed two so far this season. Where his case might go wrong is in his field goal stats. his 14 of 17 field goal clip is rather suspect, placing him third worst in the league. However, what may help him out here is that all of his missed kicks have been difficult ones of 47, 50, and 52 yards out.
  8. EFL KOTY Race Also Interesting After 8 Weeks @cody73 had a good idea, so im gonna steal it, kek So, kicker of the year is going to be a hard thing to judge. There are many things to consider with both kicking and punting. To my knowledge there are only 6 user kickers who have stats this season, but seeing as how Inca Comit has seemingly been cut by Memphis, i dont think they will be getting the award. So lets look at our 5 contenders: Diana Gunner @HuddleHussy, Kasay Longwell @me, Adam Winesorcery @Holst, Johnny Greg @brenstl, and Rencis Basais @hedgehog337 So, the first thing to look at is extra points. Here Basais has the clear advantage, making all 29 of his attempts so far. After that, we get Winsorcery with only one miss in his 30 attempts, and Longwell leads the league with 33 makes and two misses. Johnny Greg and Diana Gunner comes in last, both with 3 misses. Overall, this is just a minor difference, and extra points are a minor item in kicker valuing, but this is still worth noting. Now, field goals are the rock of judging kickers, and this judgement brings a very flipped analysis than extra points. Basais, perfect on extra points, is last in the league in field goal percentage. Meanwhile Diana Gunner and Johnny Greg are both perfect so far this season. Winesorcery has one miss on the season, and Longwell has two. What is interesting is how volume and length will play into how voters value these pure counting stats. Sure, Winesorcery is not perfect, but his 19 attempts is equal to the total of Gunner and Greg, and 18 makes leads the league by a wide margin. Gunner is a perfect 10 for 10, but her longest field goal was only of 42 yards. Misses can also be subjective. Winesorcery's lone gaff was from 55 yards, Longwell's misses have been from 47 and 50 yards, and Basais' misses were from 43 and 51 yards, all no chip shots. Looking at these stats, I think everyone is close, but Winesorcery has been the best field goal kicker of the bunch Lastly we go to punting, where the name of the game is yardage. This goes for both how far you kick it, and how much room you give the opposing team. For that reason it's important to analyze both pins inside the 20 and average yards per punt. If we look at pure yards per punt, Gunner has the clear advantage, holding nearly 2 yards per attempt over the next active punter, and also holding the longest punt of the season with an insane 77 yard boomer. Another important thing to look at is pins inside the 20. While Basais does have a very pointed lead in this category, he also leads in punt attempts, so this can be just a volume dependent stat. For that reason, I'm gonna look at how many punts per pin each kicker gets, to try and take volume out of the equation: Punts / Pins inside 20 Basais - 3.89 Longwell - 5.4 Gunner - 6 Winesorcery - 6.25 Greg - 8.75 Looking at this, it seems like we have a clear winner and loser. Basais is still far ahead of the competition, and Greg is far in the back of the pack. The middle of the pack is pretty close together, and doesnt give too much info to make a serious differentiation. From this list, I think the clear top 2 is Winesorcery and Basais. I would give the edge to Winesorcery on this one, just because Basais' 6 for 8 field goal clip is too ugly of an eyesore to overlook. Gunner is in the third position. If she can either make some longer field goals, or pin more punts inside the 20, she could work her way into a serious conversation for the award
  9. Reign stay on top, Brigade show flashes of talent The LA Reign look poised for yet another finals appearance as they sit atop the league with a 7-1 record. They are led by a great balanced attack, and one of the best pass defenses in the league. ADwyer Agency player Kasay Longwell has had an up and down season, but his latest stretch has shown some pointed improvement. He missed an extra point in this three game stretch, but it was in a blowout, and was only his second miss of the season. He still has the most XPs made this season. He also missed a 40 yard field goal, but it didn't cost the team, and he also nailed a 53 yard field goal. The Brigade are in a weird spot. They are just hovering around a .500 record, but their last 3 games have been a roller coaster. They lost crucial tight games against division leaders Miami Neptune and Memphis Mambas, but also are the only team so far to hand the LA Reign a loss for the season. This makes it hard to get a true read on the team. Another thing that is hard to get a read on is Abroham Drinkin. He has had only 10 tackles in the last 3 games, a very low amount for a linebacker, but he has supplemented these numbers with 3 pass deflections and 2 sacks.
  10. Reign rule, Brigade drool, and the respective players follow suit The Reign have continued the hot streak, staying undefeated at the top tied with Seattle. Next week the two juggernauts will square up in Los Angeles to see who stays on top of the division. While this winning streak has gone on, Longwell has had a very solid few weeks. His only miss since his initial extra point miss is a 50 yard field goal, no easy feat for any kicker. He now leads the league in extra points made. His punting has also had a turnaround. In the last 3 weeks he has went from dead last in punt average to 3rd, and pinned 4 punts inside the twenty to tie him for second. He also managed an impressive 71 yard punt, the longest of his career. The Brigade have been a different story. After a hot start, they went 1-2 over their next 3 games. However, they are still tied for first place in their division. While the Brigade have been average, so has Drinkin as well. This is nothing new, but as the season goes on with more forgettable games from Drinkin, it might be time to give up on the promise he showed in college.
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