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  1. Drinkin shows some signs of consistency, Longwell shakes off long distance woes One of the Brigade LB Abroham Drinkin's problems all season has been consistent production. While that is still not fully solved, Drinkin took some notable steps forward this week. In week 8, he managed to be third on the team in tackles with 5, the highest he's ever been rated. Two weeks later, he was able to add to his special stats with a TFL, something he has not gotten a lot this season. While it seems clear that work needs to be done, Its promising that he has been able to elevate his role on the team and provide at least a more consistent play. Speaking of taking steps, Longwell finally took some this week. Through this week it seemed like more of the same, making everything, but still missing on his one attempt from 40+ yards. However, everything changed in week 10. Longwell went 2/2 on both field goals and extra points, seemingly a solid but pedestrian game. However, one of his field goals was a 50 yarder right down the uprights at the end of the first half. This was his first successful attempt from 40+ yards in his EFL career so far. While his consistency may have been annoying since going pro, he can now get that monkey off his back at least.
  2. given what he changed his thing too, quoting his post and saying that made me do a double take
  3. Drinkin picks up pace a bit, Longwell has an abysmal game Through his first two seasons in the league, the hype from college phenom Abroham Drinkin has died down significantly. While he has had a rough season so far for the Wisconsin Brigade, he has noticeably had an uptick in production. His 26 tackles is still low, and places him 6th on the team, but he has 3 PDs which ties him for 3rd on the team, and is one of just 3 players who have been able to force a fumble this season. It is not great, but it is nice to see that Drinkin has made some progress over the season. Longwell has been struggling to transition as of late as well. After at least a respectable start, the cracks have began to show for the rookie. He has been great on short attempts, but remains an abysmal 1 for 5 on kicks of 40 or more yards. His biggest mess up so far has been week 7 against the Wolfpack. His team won the game, but in the game, Longwell made just one of his three XP attempts, and missed his lone field goal try. While he has been a solid punter, his kicking has been shown to be very raw. He is just a rookie, but he will need to really show better results soon.
  4. I am glad that LA stalls out in the red zone so much to give me super easy 20-something yard field goals lol
  5. Looking at my kicker stats like
  6. bad news is that my team didnt stay undefeated... ...But good news is they lost to my other team! Longwell finally made a field goal past 30 yards! lol
  7. Drinkin still non-factor, Longwell steadies a bit Drinkin has still been having a slow start to his season thus far. With just 9 tackles and 1 PD throuhg 4 games this season, it is hard to notice him out on the field. He has not flashed the versatility that he did in his NCAA career just yet. That being said, Drinkin has plenty of time to get to that point. Until then, he will need to continue improving if he hopes to keep a starting spot on the undefeated Brigade roster. Longwell's first season is starting to look a little better. While he started off with a rather meh game, he has looked decent in action since. He is one of 5 kickers who have not yet missed an extra point, a solid start to his career. Outside of that, while his 77.7% clip is not a great one, he is currently leading the league in kicks made and kicks attempted. It could be the new hashes or just heightened nerves, but while his bulk numbers have been good, all 7 of his makes came from inside 40 yards, while he is 0/2 outside of the 40. Overall, however, the progress is promising for Longwell.
  8. plz make Paul your second player
  9. i am the king of field goals less than 30 yards
  10. Week 2 Mambas Predators Brigade Neptune Week 3 Predators Reign Mambas Brigade Week 4 Mambas Reign Herd Brigade
  11. One thing that I think would be nice to carry over from the SBA would be the training camp system. I think the training camp we have now is pretty cool, I like the whole thing where you can purchase certain coaches for your team and it gives it a cool feeling. HOWEVER I think it can really screw over a guy like me. I created a LB and am a lower TPE earner type of guy, but I dont get the boosts i really need, just because the rest of the team is a bigger focus than me, so they put the boosts somewhere else. Then, my second player is a kicker. Who is gonna waste purchases on a kicker? I would love it if that happened, but it would be silly to expect. Instead, I think a system like the SBA has, where the amount of TPE you earn is dependent on what year of your career you are in, would be a much preferred method of doing Training Camp. As a lower earner but still active, and also a guy who likes obscure positions, I think that the current system hurts me, and could make it harder for me to succeed. I know lower TPE and kickers/fullbacks arent exactly the focus of the league, but i think this system could drive some of them away, which would be no bueno.
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